Weird Shit

As I’ve mentioned twice now, Mutual Benefits is based on events that happened to me. I was a white version of Quinn and Taylor was a popular girl I knew that asked me to be her tutor. To be honest a lot of stuff in the story is pretty faithful to our experience, even right down to “she was loudly complaining about her sex life in the car on the way to the library.” But the story between the two of us ended there – we like to imagine and fantasize about what we’d say if we were confident and blunt, but especially in high school, it doesn’t really happen.

I often base my stories on something real then veer off into the magical land of Weird Shit. To me that’s almost the joy of writing erotica. Root it in reality and go just a hair beyond, to the extent where readers will chuckle to themselves and go, “Wow, what a series of adventures, I wish I had that life.”

This is also a bit of a warning – up until now I had an idea for how Mutual Benefits was going to go, and at this point I’ll be writing whatever pops into my head. It may not be what you wanted, and it likely won’t go exactly where you expect. I’ve even had people that say “I think I’ve figured out your patterns but then you wrote <this chapter or story>, so I gave up trying to predict you.” I think that’s a kind way of saying, “You’re predictable but every so often you throw a curveball and we can’t tell exactly when.”

Weird Shit is what keeps me in writing, because oftentimes I don’t know when it’ll pop up. It is legitimately a joy to write a story, blink twice after writing a paragraph, and say aloud, “Oh my God! They did that?” As cheesy as it is to say, I’m along for the ride as much as any of the other readers are, and it’s cool to see new events unfold, especially the kind that make us all go, “Oh shiiiiit.”

The feedback for Chapter 2 has been both heartwarming and helpful, thanks to everyone that contributed and thanks to all that will; in your words, Patreon support, and emails/messages. I’m very lucky to be writing for you all. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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