[New Chapter Posted!] Adam Can Be a Jerk

One of the most difficult narrative choices I’ve found for writing a POV character is how to balance how much of an aspirational figure they should be, and how flawed they’re allowed to be. One shouldn’t write to pander to the least perceptive of readers, since the very least perceptive of readers will need every […]

Legends & Mourning

There will come a point where I finish the last chapter or piece I ever write. I genuinely hope that I only stop writing because I physically can’t. Writing gives me too much joy and inspiration to ever want to stop. It saddens and slightly scares me to think of stopping writing, because to me, […]


A recent comment on one of my stories noticed that I don’t often have clear-cut antagonists, or “baddies,” as they put it. They happened to see it in a positive light, but depending on what you want out of a story, this point can go either way. Sometimes, having a clear-cut bad guy that every […]