What Rudeness Can Teach Me About Writing

One of my biggest problems with my writing patterns, as is the case with a lot of writers, is that I am stuck in my own perspective. Every writer has their style, but oftentimes a writer’s style is just their own POV filtered through a character put in a slightly different position than them. Writers […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Cleanup

Note: If you read these blogs and have sent me an email recently, I will get to responding to it soon. My apologies; I just don’t want to say “I’ll do something” before knowing my own timetable. Double note: I wrote this blog post a few days ago, hit “save,” but never hit “publish.” Sorry […]

[New Chapter Posted] Behind Closed Doors

So, I suppose we should talk about a lot of stuff covered in this most recent chapter of Consequences, huh? Be warned, there are spoilers below. Read the chapter before reading this. I completed two commissions on top of my regular chapter this month. That’s over 30,000 words, on top of work. I should have […]