[New Chapter Posted!] Cleanup

Note: If you read these blogs and have sent me an email recently, I will get to responding to it soon. My apologies; I just don’t want to say “I’ll do something” before knowing my own timetable.

Double note: I wrote this blog post a few days ago, hit “save,” but never hit “publish.” Sorry about that. This piece has been out for a few days now.

Worlds Apart Chapter 3 has been posted! The commissioner had commissioned three chapters, so at least for now, it’s where the story ends. Some of you likely know I love me a good open ending, and this story is no exception. Introducing a world like that and making it seem real and like it existed before the main character entered it while knowing it would be a shorter story was challenging. Sometimes I like to use the fact that I use a bigger location (like Hazelwood High) to my advantage, and write a small story that operates as “one piece in a puzzle,” but I had no such luxury here. It was a fun story to write and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity.

Along with the chapter update, if you visit my stories page, you’ll notice I did a bit of an overhaul. I recategorized the stories and commissioned neat buttons that link to stories, instead of just text. I hope they look better than what I had before. I certainly like them.

The look is a little better, but the main reason why I wanted to overhaul the design was to pre-warn readers about some of the spicier content in some of my stories. Some readers have been vocally against some of the themes in my stories, which we’ve seen. I’m sure that shocks none of us. The incident that made me want to take further action was an emailer in early February from a reader who, with a very sweet tone, told me about how they stumbled upon Breathe and that it awakened some past feelings in them, and that they’d appreciate a stronger warning on stories like that in the future. Even with my disclaimer at the beginning of the story, this is a very fair criticism, and I certainly don’t want to make readers negatively affected on a grand scale. Shock value is shock value, and some stories can make us feel empathetically sad or scared, but causing a mental health crisis is decidedly too far.

So, I’ve included minor warnings on my stories, which you can see on the stories page. I don’t include kinks because readers have told me that discovering for themselves makes the story more fun, and plus, if you really wanted to find a story by kink, you can look at the tags list to the left. The content warnings are also minor spoilers I guess, but I’d rather have those kinds of spoilers than risk upsetting another reader like that. I don’t want to make my readers upset. I want them to be happy, even with the stories that have sadder and harsher themes.

Throughout the site, you’ll likely find little tidbits of change. If you think I can do better with some design aspect, feel free to email me. I may not implement every suggestion, but I do appreciate every one. I think the tag system was not my idea originally. It wouldn’t surprise me if this site is more “yours” than “mine” when it comes to how it’s been designed, which is pretty cool.

This month I want to focus on getting Mutual Benefits fully edited – I’m about five chapters in, but I’ve been working through it at a snail’s pace. I’m overworked, and I’m sorry to leave you all hanging on that. I’ll do what I can. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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