Being More Social – Chapter 13

I frantically looked around me. I was trapped, pure and simple. May was clinging to me, failing to make any kind of coherent word, as Phil tried to talk over her anyway. As I looked around us, I couldn’t help but notice the dozens of people with their eyes on us. On every face I read confusion. People knew that something had happened but they didn’t know what.

In desperation, I turned to Nicole, who was looking down at the floor, an uneasy look on her face. She wasn’t even bothering to try to make eye contact with anyone in the room. I was hoping she’d be the one to get me out of this mess. She always was in the past, but I guess it was all up to me now.

But I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t. My eyes darted around the room, going from person to person, until they landed on a noticeably curious face.

Paul’s face, to be precise. He was sitting down again, and was scanning me. I moved my eyes from him to May, back and forth, hoping he would get the message. His eyes moved to May, then Nicole, then Phil, then back to mine. He nodded and stood up.

He sauntered over to us, stopping just in front of our crowd, and turned around to face the crowd. He was conveniently within arm’s reach of the music player, and turned it down as he cleared his throat.

“Excuse me, everyone! Could I have your attention, please?” he addressed the crowd. He was met with one or two ‘shut up’s from class jokers, but aside from that, the crowd quieted down. “Could everyone please keep an eye peeled for an earring? My cousin lost one, and it’s from her grandmother so it’s kind of important to her. Now, she knows she had it when she arrived, so it’s probably on the ground somewhere. If you find it, she’ll be in the drum room. Thank you all so much in advance!” With that, he turned back up the music, covering the murmurs from the crowd, as he silently ushered the group – Phil, May, Nicole and myself – into the drum room. Luckily, there was no one in there that we would have had to shoo out.

As soon as Paul closed the door behind him, the ominously quiet group exploded again with words, most of them swear words, being flown around in all direction. When the smoke had cleared from the general venting, Nicole turned to Paul.

“What the fuck was that?” she asked him with a razor-sharp tone. “This is a private thing. Why the fuck do you always think you need to get involved and prance into every little thing?”

The playful glow that normally surrounded Paul left as he listened to Nicole. His eyes widened just a little as he cleared his throat and slowly started walking forward, his eyes never leaving Nicole. “Listen, you.” he spoke in a scarily calm, yet furious tone, speaking quickly yet articulating every word perfectly. “You all were clearly in some kind of situation back there, and I didn’t see you doing a single damn thing about it.” He jutted out a finger into her collarbone, effectively making her take a step back. With each word he got closer to her face. “I just got you all a place to talk, and prevented any gossip forming as a result of this, and you still find a reason to crawl up my ass. This is my first and only warning – get off my fucking back. I don’t even know what I did to piss you off, but you’d better let me know what it is right now or you can try to actually be a kind person, as hard as that must be for you. Which one is it going to be?”

Paul was such a goofball in most situations that I never saw this coming. He was scary. His tone was terrifying. His serious face bared no resemblance to his normal joking face. Everyone in the room stopped talking as soon as he started. His mere presence in the room made everyone shrink back, with him towering over everyone in the room despite being maybe 5’9.

Out of everyone, Nicole was clearly the most taken aback. For the first few seconds she processed what he said, her eyes fearfully darting back and forth. Her eyes slowly traced their way back up to his, then immediately went down to the floor.

“Sorry, sir.” She quickly and shakily muttered.

Holy shit. I was floored. I never thought anyone would break Nicole. I thought I was watching history unfold. The effect he left on Nicole left me feeling silly that I thought I was ‘dominating’ Nicole just a few short minutes ago.

That was good enough for Paul. He nodded and turned to Phil. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I figure it’s serious enough that you guys want your privacy. Want me to keep an eye on the door for you guys? Make sure no one comes in?” He asked him.

Phil was still visibly disturbed by this whole thing. “Nah, it’s cool.” he said to Paul. “Just enjoy the rest of the party.”

“If you insist.” Paul responded, not wishing to press the issue. “You got my number if you need anything.” Without waiting for a response, he swayed out of the room, shutting the door behind him. as soon as he was gone, the yelling continued, except for Nicole, who was clearly upset. She walked backwards over to the wall, leaning up against it and sighing. If it were any situation other than this, I would have immediately gone over to her and tried to comfort her.

“So what the hell is going on?” I tried to cut through the yelling.

May noticed me, evidently for the first time since we came in to the drum room, and ran to my side. “Keep me away from him, Adam.” she rasped, pointing an accusatory finger at him. “You want to know what’s going on? He did things to me.” She could barely finish the sentence without bursting into tears.

Phil pointed a finger right back at her. “Don’t listen to this bitch.” he told me, seething with anger. “She was the one to come onto me. She wanted it. She told me she wanted it. Five minutes later she runs out with this fake crying shit. I don’t know why but this cunt is trying to ruin me.”

“So she was drunk and didn’t consent to it halfway through?” I asked him.

“No!” May interjected. “He’s lying. I didn’t say I wanted it. He just took what he wanted. He just assumed I would go down easy and took what he wanted.”

“So you ran from him?” I asked.

She shuddered. “He did things to me first, Adam.” she told me quietly.

“I’m not denying we did stuff.” Phil pointed out. “Yeah, we had sex. But she expressly told me she wanted it.” He turned to her. “Hey. If you wanted a more convincing lie you should have told him it’s because you were drunk and… and the whole ‘halfway through’ thing.” He waved his hand around in my general direction, referencing what I had said before.

“Okay…” I said, mostly to myself. There was no way I could fairly take anyone’s side. “I guess the only way we can prove this is with medical testing. Swiping for sperm or something.”

“That won’t work.” May uneasily pointed out.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well I… I escaped halfway through, so he didn’t… you know… finish.”

I sighed into my hands. I didn’t know if that was a thing. Could medical testing for rape victims still work if the rapist hadn’t ejaculated? I didn’t know. I didn’t know a lot of shit, so I took her word for it. Shit, I was only a freshman. I should not be the mediator for shit like this, I thought to myself.

Phil, as if looking for holes in her argument in the future, nodded. “That’s kinda true. Halfway through she just got off me, grabbed her clothes and straight-up fuckin’ ran out of the room.”

I saw a ray of sunshine in the agreement. “So maybe this is a misunderstanding. Maybe you thought you consented, but you didn’t and went along with it until you couldn’t take it anymore.” I concluded, pointing to May and Phil respectively as I made my point.

“He didn’t even wait for me to object, Adam. That’s not what happened.” May timidly told me.

Phil was facing the ceiling, trying to remain calm in his building anger. “She literally fucking told me that she wanted to have sex with me. It doesn’t get more crystal-clear than that.” he told the ceiling.

“Okay.” I huffed. “I… we… um…” I eyed Nicole, who was still against the wall. “Nicole, jump in any fucking time here. We could use another opinion.”

“Shut up.” She mumbled, not looking up.

I sighed loudly. “Nicole, any other time it’s fine, but could you please put whatever it is aside and h-”

“I said shut up.” she told me firmly. I looked at Phil, who shrugged and shook his head no. I guess Nicole was out of this debate for whatever reason.

I thought to myself as tension and silence hung heavily in the air. “The only thing left I can think of would be to call the police if th-”

“No!!” both of them called out at the same time, then looked at each other with a distrusting sneer.

“Why?!” I asked exasperatedly. I was getting sick of this.

Phil was the first to voice his objections. “Word is going to get out if the police are called to my house, bro. And what do you think is going to happen to my reputation? Shit, even if the rape isn’t mentioned my life is going to be hell. And I already told you about that, remember?”

There was no malice to his voice, but a chill ran down my spine as I remembered his threat. I sighed as I realized that Phil had me by the balls. “Okay, sure, whatever.” I replied, giving less of a crap by the second, and turned to May. “Alright, why the hell don’t you-”

“Are you living in a fantasy world?!” May accused Phil, turning to him. “First of all, anything that happens to you, you fucking deserve it. Secondly, if I say you raped me and you say you didn’t, they’re never going to take me seriously. They’re going to ask me if it was actual rape or just eye contact, and they’re just going to press me for anything I may have done to ‘ask for it.’ You get off scot-free because ‘she’s probably lying’ or some shit.”

“Yeah, that never happens.” Phil dismissed May.

“Sometimes it does.” Nicole piped up, still keeping her head to the floor.

Now you choose to contribute?!” I yelled at her.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be violated! Fuck you!” May spat at Phil.

“Fuck me?! Fuck you!” Phil shouted back at her. Before long, the room had devolved once again into a series of shouts and disagreements. Not knowing what else to say, and emotionally spent, I backed up and joined Nicole by the wall.

She lazily looked over at me. Evidently, she had gotten over what was making her inconsolable, but still didn’t feel 100%. “Oh, right, you don’t like yelling.” she remarked calmly, noting how uncomfortable I looked. I nodded, so with great effort, she got up from the wall and clapped in between May’s and Phil’s faces, which were getting closer by the second.

“Alright, fuckers, listen up.” she addressed them with not a shred of emotion in her voice. “If you’re not going to call the police or do anything decisive about this, then there’s really nothing else we can do, so QED, Jimmy Carter and I are outta here.” She grabbed me by the wrist and started to lead me out. “Hope this all gets resolved.” She stopped as soon as she was in front of Phil, and looked him in the eye. “Bye, Phil. Thanks for the party.” She gave him no smile, and continued to lead me out of the room, practically dragging me. I didn’t feel it was right to leave those two alone, especially if Phil really did violate her. Leaving them alone with someone making sure no one came in would just make it… worse.

“Nicole, come on, please, wait.” Phil begged as Nicole opened the door, waited until I was past it, then slammed it after me. She was still looking back at the door as Paul walked up to us.

“Is everything resolved?” he asked warmly. Nicole, upon seeing him, gasped, bringing both hands to her mouth, letting go of me in the process. Her back hit the door as she recovered from the shock.

“Sorry.” she mumbled defeatedly, throwing her hands down to her side and walking as quickly as she could without running towards the main door.

I looked at her then back to Paul, who was watching Nicole with a cocked eyebrow. “No clue what her problem is.” he said to no one in particular. “Don’t get me wrong, she’s interesting, but she’s hated me for no reason for a long time now.”

I ignored him and pointed to the door. “They’re alone in there, and they probably shouldn’t be.” I told him. “Go back in there and ask if they’re willing to tell you what happened. You’ll be better at helping them than me.”

“Are you okay?” He asked me, noting how distressed I both looked and sounded.

I ignored him again. “Even if they don’t feel comfortable telling you, just don’t let them be alone in that room together. Hopefully this whole thing will blow over. I gotta go.” I didn’t even wait for a response as I ran out the door and to Nicole’s car, where she was waiting and idling.

As soon as I shut the door behind me she mumbled, “About time.” She started driving as silence loomed over the car.

“…Jimmy Carter?” I finally asked, hoping to cut the tension. It seemed to work, as Nicole chuckled.

“I guess not everyone pays attention to Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.” she said humorously as she kept driving. “Not your fault, squirt.” She kept driving for a few more seconds before adding, “None of this is your fault.”

“Are you okay, Nicole?” I asked, my voice reflecting real concern. She turned to me and gave a small, hesitant smile. She turned back to driving, but my gaze remained on her.

“Was it really that smart leaving those two alone? I mean, rape is a pretty serious thing.” I lamely kept up conversation.

She shrugged. “Who even fucking cares.” she told me flatly. “If it’s just a game of he said she said, more people being involved just means more bullshit.”

“If she was violated, it would have been nice for people to have comforted her and taken her side.” I pointed out.

Nicole shrugged. “Maybe. It’s the most devastating fucking thing in the world right now, but she’ll get over it. It’s just one of those things life throws at you. Give it a couple of years and she’ll realize it’s no big deal.”

I scoffed. “I bet that’s how May will justify it to herself.” I said aloud. “But I bet she’s still hurting. I’d like to do whatever I can to make that hurting go away. I like seeing her happy.”

I was no longer talking about May. Nicole, still looking at the road, bit her lower lip slowly. Her right hand came off the steering wheel and extended towards me, grabbing my left hand and bringing it in between the seats. I looked at our hands, entwined awkwardly.

“I thought you don’t l-”

“Shut the fuck up and hold my damn hand, squirt.” Nicole told me, her voice slightly quivering.

I nodded and looked forward. We didn’t say anything for the longest time, but every so often, I’d give her hand a compassionate squeeze.


There was really no indication of how word spread, but did it ever. Before first period even started, the school was abuzz. Phil raped May. No he didn’t, she was lying. Maybe both happened. How could both happen?! You’re stupid. No, you’re stupid. Etc.

I had come by bus, which meant I really only had fifteen minutes to make of the situation before I had somewhere to be. The school administration seemed to have about as much of a clue as I did as to what to do with what was passing by everyone’s lips. Just as I was sitting down in Mr. MacDonald’s geography class, the P.A. system piped up.

“Good morning, staff and students. This is Mr. Scott speaking.”

“Yeah, we know.” The class clown piped up, earning a generous two slight chuckles.

Mr. Scott’s voice sounded oddly hesitant in comparison to his normal jolly self. “Uh… could Phil Love and May Stevens please come to the main office as soon as possible? Apologies for the interruption. Morning announcements will commence in five minutes.”

An initial response of ‘ooooooh’ waved throughout the room. I looked around at everyone, almost sad. Everyone knew what was happening, but no one seemed to care. To everyone else, this was just a spectacle. Something for them to watch, not someone’s feelings. It made me uneasy.

I turned to Megan, shock evident on my face. I was about to say something, but then realized she didn’t know what was going on. For all I knew, she spent the whole night upstairs and this whole thing didn’t mean anything to her.

“What do you think that was about?” I asked her, trying to play it cool.

Megan looked at the PA box, then back to me. She shrugged. “I don’t know.” she simply responded.

For some reason, I was relieved. I think some of it was the guilt knowing that I had dragged Megan through a lot of shit, and I didn’t want to complicate things further.

“Hey.” she attempted to get my attention again. I turned back to her and nodded. “Would you like to sneak off at lunch? I think the janitor’s closet is unlocked that time of day…” she trailed off, giggling and looking at me with her trademark innocent yet mischievous face she had managed to perfect in such little time.

I’m sure a few months ago such a proposition would thrill me. Now, I had to prevent the worry from showing on my face. “I’m, uh… fine, thanks.” I managed, not bothering to hide the shock. “Boy, when you said you wanted to be like Nicole, you weren’t kidding, were you?”

She blushed. “Well, I mean, it’s… you know… fun.” she feebly responded.

“No no.” I reassured her. “Don’t worry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just didn’t expect it. I mean, we’re practically adults, there’s no reason to judge someone for sleeping around or sleeping with a lot of guys or something…” I attempted to parrot Nicole, and somehow managed to put together a worse speech than Herman Cain. Great.

Still, it appeared to satisfy her. “Really?” she beamed. “You think it’s okay?”

Whatever made her happy. “Yeah, totally. I didn’t want to stop you when you were having sex with that other guy at the party. It looked like you two were having fun.”

“So it’s okay for a girl to sleep around?” Megan concluded, as if looking for my approval.

“Um, sure…” I stumbled awkwardly. Where was she going with this?

Her smile turned blatantly mischievous. “Then it’s your loss.” she told me. “If you don’t want to sneak off, I’m going with someone else.” She playfully tossed her hair over her shoulder. “If you want to reconsider, you know how to reach me.”

Oh, great. Great. “Megan…” I began exasperatedly.

Within seconds that innocent look was back on her face. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Didn’t you mean what you said about me?”

I sighed. “Yeah, I meant it.” I admitted. At that point I was wishing my problems were only limited to Phil and May.

Without another thought, Megan turned around and started chatting up another guy. I didn’t really need to guess what she was talking about, seeing as after thirty seconds the boy’s responses went from general disinterest to hormonal excitement.

My head collapsed into my arms on the table. You know what? I thought to myself. Fine. As long as she stays out of trouble, that’s totally fine. I already had a lot of worry clouding my mind – I really didn’t have the energy to spare some of that worry for another.


I didn’t actually have to go to the washroom, I was just nosy as hell. It didn’t matter much to Mr. MacDonald, so I had a fair amount of time to look into just how events were unfolding.

And unfolding they were. As I approached the main office, the sounds of faint murmuring and some kind of occasional beep greeted my ears. As the situation came into my viewpoint, the worst case scenario came up and hit me straight in the gut.

Police. The police were called. Memories of what had been said at the party flashed through my mind as I realized that this was probably the school’s doing, not May’s or Phil’s. The beeping came from inside the office as some police officer was talking into a walkie-talkie. I looked around cautiously then tiptoed my way up to the front door of the office, peering into the door’s window.

I could faintly make out civil arguing between May and Phil. Why the school thought this would help, I had no clue, but no surprise, the officer was doing a much better job of being a mediator than I was.

“If there’s no evidence, how can you charge me with anything?” Phil asked loudly, his voice muffled by the door coming between he and I. His voice was slightly raspy and very angry. “Don’t you realize what you guys being here is even doing? I won’t be able to fucking walk around in the halls here anymore without feeling guilty for shit I didn’t do!” he shouted. I had never seen Phil so angry in my life. He attempted to calm down and added, “Suppose even for a second that this bitch is lying. Isn’t it-”

“Fuck you you stupid rotten bastard!!” May leapt up from her chair and came within millimeters of Phil’s face before the officer intervened and grabbed her, making her sit back down on the chair. If this weren’t such a serious situation, I would have laughed at how genuinely terrified Phil’s face looked when May went all bonzai on him.

I can’t imagine the use of ‘this bitch’ earned Phil any points. At any rate, it was abundantly clear they were getting nowhere fast. My guess was they had already interviewed the both of them and realized how much of a game of ‘he said she said’ it was, so they were trying to find something out while having them together in the same room. But anything was possible. I didn’t know about police proceedings and I didn’t know how they handled cases like this. Unfortunately, I knew this meant that someone was going to win, and someone was going to lose. Whether or not Phil actually did it, they were either going to charge him or not, and that meant there was a clear winner and a clear loser.

“This is a private matter, young man.” An authoritative female voice piped up from behind me. “I need to ask you to leave.”

I turned around and faced a giant of a woman with one eyebrow cocked, with most likely the most scared expression my stupid face could provide. “S-sorry.” I stammered.

She looked me up and down. “What’s your name?” she asked me.

“A-Adam.” I timidly answered. “Adam Watson. Yours?”

It was stupid of me to try to make conversation but it was a nervous reflex. I could see the woman hold back a chuckle. “Officer Dickson. I’m responsible for this school.”

“Why aren’t you in there then?” I asked.

“This is the last question you get to ask me.” she warned. “This is a serious matter, so we needed multiple officers to respond. If word gets out about this you could seriously be damaging people’s lives. You understand that?”

I chuckled nervously. “Half the school’s been talking about this since before announcements.” I told her honestly.

She sighed, and looked down the hallway. “Sounds like the Hazelwood I remember.” she remarked bitterly. “And no, before you ask, you can not know what this situation is about. Now go.”

“I already do.” I continued conducting the Train of Honesty. “May claims Phil sexually harassed her, Phil claims he didn’t.”

She folded her arms. “Is that all you know?” she asked me seriously.

“Pretty much.” I nodded. “After the fact May found me and told me what happened, then Phil told me his side. It’s probably the same stuff you guys heard.” I paused. “Isn’t there no evidence? How do you guys approach a ‘he said she said’ thing like this?”

“I can’t answer that.” she told me bluntly. “You already know too much. It’s your responsibility as – I’m going to assume you’re their friend…”

I meekly shrugged.

“…to not say anything about this situation to anyone. Not a word. This situation is only going to get worse.”

“I know.” I replied, a little offended.

She didn’t respond. She moved her lips from one side to the other in thought.

“Do I get to know what you’re thinking about?” I asked her.

“I think I’m going to need to send you home for today.” she answered. She read my face and immediately added, “Don’t worry. This isn’t a punishment. You did nothing wrong. But we need to do as much damage control as possible. You understand, you know a lot about this. We’ll make a decision and we’ll try as hard to make the right one, but anything not handled by us could have major consequences for those two.” She gestured with her head towards the office.

“I’m not going to blab about this!” I replied, a little angry. “Hell, half the school knows already.”

“I can’t know for sure that you won’t, or if you didn’t already.” she told me. “This is supposed to be need-to-know information.”

I gestured around me. “We’re having this conversation in the main freaking hallway!” I argued.

She ignored me. “Come on.” With that, she ushered me into the main hallway, where the other officer was talking to May and Phil. May had her back to me, so she didn’t see me come in, but Phil noticed immediately.

“Him! That’s him.”He energetically pointed to me. “That’s Adam. He knows.”

The male officer turned to face me, then Officer Dickson. “Is he a witness?”

“He claims Phil and May came up to him afterwards and told him everything they know.” she answered him. “He also claims we would know everything he knows.”

“Good find, sir.” the male officer responded, then turned back to Phil and May.

“Sir?” I whisper-asked Dickson. She shushed me.

“Alright, you two. We’re going to ask Adam here a couple questions to see if both of your stories check out. Can you both verify that you told Adam the truth?”

“Yes.” Phil practically beamed. For some reason he thought I was his saving grace.

“Y-yeah.” May replied, not less confident but instead shaken from the whole event.

The two were ushered out of the room by Dickson and presumably taken to some other room as the officer sat me down.

“Adam, my name is Officer Teeson,” he told me in a warm, calm voice, mildly reminiscent of Salvadore’s. “Could I please have your full name, the name of your parents, your current address and phone number?”

I complied, then used the opportunity to ask my first question. “Officer Dickson said I know too much and need to be sent home. Is that true?”

Teeson shrugged. “It may have been true about a minute ago but now you’re a witness. We’ll discuss what happens with you after this depending on the situation and if anything has changed. Please tell us the whole truth. If you were threatened or put in any other situation implying personal harm, talk to us and you will be protected. Do you understand?”

“Yeah.” I replied a little shakily. “Oh, and my geography teacher will need to be notified. He thinks I’m going to the washroom.”

His eyes trailed up from his notebook to meet mine. “Did you come down here specifically knowing you could be a witness?”

“No, I just wanted to know what was going on.” I answered.

“Under the circumstances we’re glad you did but in the future do not do that, at least without being honest to your teacher. Dickson is going to tell him what’s going on but he will know he was lied to. We are going to stress that part. Lying to people who are paid to watch over and take responsibility for you is never a good idea. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” I meekly responded. Teeson mumbled into his walky-talky, presumably telling Dickson to tell MacDonald, then clicked his pen.

For the next thirty minutes he grilled me for every detail. Who left the bedroom and came to me first, what their emotions were, who else knew (and I honestly answered Nicole and possibly Paul), how proper their clothes and May’s makeup looked – hell, even Phil’s fly. They needed a reason to trust or distrust one particular suspect, and I was the key to finding out which suspect they could trust.

At the end, Teeson clicked his pen a few times and sighed. “I think we have all of the information we need.” he informed me. “Thank you for your compliance. I am going to trust you to keep this entire thing to yourself though. If anyone asks you who did it, your only answer is ‘I don’t know.’ If anyone asks what happened over the weekend, your only answer is ‘I don’t know.’ They ask about the police in the school, where May Stevens and Phil Love are, or even where you were, your answer is ‘I don’t know.’ If you fail to keep this information private, we will find out and there will be severe consequences.”

“Aren’t I being sent home?” I asked him.

He shook his head no. “Officer Dickson talked it over with the principal and reached an agreement with him. This agreement is based on trust. Do not break it.”

“I understand.” I replied, then scratched my head. “So what happens now? Do you have enough information to make the decision?”

“I can not disclose that.” Teeson replied. “Besides, you don’t know anything about this situation to begin with.”

“Ah right, how could I forget.” I replied sarcastically. I got up from my chair and started to make my way towards the door, looking up at the clock above the door. Still another thirty minutes left in class, I realized. With that, I made the trip back to class hastily, as if that would improve the reaction I would inevitably get from MacDonald.

When I got back in the room, the class was borderline silent, working on some paper. “Ah, Adam.” Mr. MacDonald welcomed me. “You were in the washroom a long time. Are you okay?”

No malice was evident on his face. He clearly didn’t want to make a big deal of the situation, at least while others could see.

“Uh, yeah.” I lamely replied, then patted my stomach. “Just a little disagreement if you know what I’m saying.”


One uneventful Spanish class later, lunch had begun. Ever since the police interview had sucked the energy of the situation out of me, the whole thing was no longer at the forefront of my mind. I didn’t really give it much thought until I saw Phil at his locker, packing his stuff.

“Phil!” I shouted over the crowd. He didn’t hear me, so I ran up to him. “Phil.” I repeated.

“Hey, buddy.” he replied in an energy-deprived tone, not taking his eyes off of the backpack.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“May and I were asked to pack up our stuff and go home for the day.” he informed me.

“Well, yeah, I could guess that, but what was their decision?” I asked eagerly.

He faced me with dead eyes. “You know I can’t let you know that.” he told me, then gestured to the people around us. “Especially here.”

I bit my lip and stared at the ground. “Yeah, I know.” I replied bitterly. “Are you gonna be okay?”

He sighed. “I dunno.” he said. “I mean, never mind the decision the cops made, apparently half the school knows what went down. I have no clue what’s going to happen going forward. My college applications, my presidency, fuck, even just how people view me. May can preach all day about how this looks bad for her, but she clearly doesn’t remember that in her story, I was the attacker, and in mine, we consented. There’s no winning for me. There never was. The best thing I can do going forward is avoid her like the plague. I’m lucky I wasn’t relocated to a new fucking school. The absolute best case scenario for me is that everyone forgets, nothing bad happens to me and a bitch gets away with a serious false accusation.”

“What’s the worst case scenario?” I asked him, sympathy in my voice.

A small smile appeared on his otherwise lifeless face. “The worst case scenario would have been me being carried out in handcuffs, and I’m sure you’ve noticed, that ain’t happening.” His smile got bigger as what he said dawned on me. “See you later, my man. Thanks for the help.” With that, without waiting for my reaction he turned around and started to walk slowly down the hall.

So, the decision was made. I had no clue about whether Phil had actually done it, and I got the feeling that the cops didn’t know either, but my recounting of the story clearly helped in one way or another. I made my way to the cafeteria, but stopped short of entering,looking for something else.

And sure enough, I found her. Quietly, solemnly eating her lunch on her own, was May, shoulders hunched up, practically in a little ball. Sighing, I got up the courage to walk over to her and sit beside her.

“Hey,” I remarked as I slid down the wall, sitting down.

“Hey.” she softly replied. We sat in silence for a good ten minutes before I finally asked, “Shouldn’t you be packing to go home?”

“My mom is running late.” she timidly answered me.

“Ah.” I replied, not knowing what else to say.

May sighed. “I don’t blame you.” she told me.

“For what? I didn’t say anything other than the truth.” Open mouth, insert foot. I cringed as I realized what I was saying and who I was talking to. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” she replied.

“So, Phil got off free.” I remarked.

She shivered. “Yeah.”

“Now that it’s over, I want to hear it from you.” I told her. “Did Phil do what you said he did?”

She nodded quickly, tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” I repeated, not knowing how to console her. I also still didn’t know who was lying. Both of them were sticking to their story, and given how radically different their stories were, it was clear that one of them was just a really good liar. “So what happens now?”

She shrugged. “I just carry on. Avoid Phil. I was thinking of getting transferred to a new school.”

“That’s pretty extreme.” I commented.

She shrugged. “I’ll give it a few more days then decide.”

“I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.” I said, wrapping one arm around her and kissing her forehead.

She gave me a weak smile then returned to her sandwich. “Is it okay if I want to be alone now?” She asked after a bit.

“Of course.” I assured her, starting to stand up. “If you ever need anything, you have my number.”


May was lying. I had no evidence, and I sure would never say that to her face, but I couldn’t help but feel it. Was I sure? Hell no. If I thought about it too much, I’m sure I would have dismissed the thought. But a little voice was telling me she was lying.

No, May’s response to the whole thing was real. Phil was lying. He got off scot-free. It was easy for him to deny it all and play the good guy. He already had issues with consent, and I knew that. Maybe he himself didn’t know what he was doing was wrong. Maybe his mind warped the situation and he thinks he’s this good guy when in reality…

I shook my head. This situation was going to drive me bananas. Speaking of, I picked up the peel and chucked it away, all done with my lunch. I got up from the table, told Carson goodbye, and started to trek down the hallway.

A familiar camera looped around a familiar neck caught my attention as I approached the main hallway. It was Nicole, but she wasn’t alone. She was talking to… someone. I barely recognized him, but I wasn’t sure where from. As I got closer and closer, it dawned on me that it was the guy I saw making out with a dude at the party. That said, had I not known that, I would not have guessed in a million years he was gay, aside from his flamboyant posture. His body language was telling me he was flirting with her, and her body language was telling me that he would have had better luck spelunking for a pigeon.

“It was really great to see you again at the party.” he told her, smiling, as I got close enough to hear their conversation.

“Yeah.” she simply replied, avoiding eye contact and brushing her hair out of her face.

“…Have you been doing well?” he continued, noting his lack of success.

“Sure have. So well. Welly well well.” Nicole replied with no emotion. “Put me in the ground and I’ll find so much groundwater.”

“Ha!” he over-enthusiastically laughed. “I miss your sense of humor.”

As I got closer, Nicole made eye contact with me and for a millisecond, I saw the cogs turning in her head. I was on to her.

“Well, it’s been great, but I need to jet.” Nicole told him. “I need to have a chat with Adam here. It’s about yearbook stuff. Super private.”

“Ah, right.” he replied, trying really hard to hide the dejected tone in his voice. “No problem, I had stuff to do anyway. Catch you later?” He waved to her as he began to walk off.

“Why not?” she replied as he walked away. She turned to me and gave a little smile. “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.” I replied. “So am I on yearbook team now?”

“You wish.” she told me. “I just needed an excuse to get away.”

“Yeah, he was coming on to you pretty strong.” I noted. “Is he bi or something? Is he single now that the party ended?”

“How should I know?” she shrugged, then snapped her fingers. “Oh, I did have something to tell you. I need to get somewhere right after school. Is it cool if you take the bus tonight?”

“Somehow I’ll manage.” I retorted.

“Well,” Nicole replied, flipping her hair dramatically, “excuse me for asking.”

“Where do you have to go?” I asked.

“If you thought I’d give you the answer, you’d know already.” she replied, winking at me.

She had me there. “Fine.” I huffed. “Enjoy your super secret whatever.”

“And enjoy being on a loser bus. Like a loser. Loser.” she replied.

“Good one.” I told her, rolling my eyes.

“What class do you have next?” she asked.

I sighed exasperatedly. She always did this, not out of curiosity, but to test me. Today of all days, I was too exhausted from the events that transpired during first period to think straight. “I don’t even remember.” I answered honestly. “Could you please tell me?”

“Only if you beg.” Nicole’s smile got larger.

“Grow up.” I whined.

“You grow up.” she countered. “I’m childish. You’re a child. There’s a difference.”

“Nicole, what’s my God damn class today?” I asked, borderline annoyed.

“Well, if you’re gonna pout about it…” she commented, smiling in victory. “History with Mr. Anton. If he’s sticking to the same schedule of my year, given the date, you should be in your World War Two unit, and today’s lesson will be on the difference between concentration camps and internment camps. Spoiler alert, the concentration camps were worse.”

George Takei would have some choice words for her. “Alright, thanks.” I told her with a smile.

She moved in for a hug. “You’re welcome, cutie.” she responded, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hey, not in public.” I teased her.

Nicole slowly lowered her eyebrow, gesturing around her. The hallway was, at this point, empty except for us. Lunch period was over.

“You might wanna hurry to class, squirt.” Nicole remarked dryly, kicking my behind softly as she sauntered away. “Don’t wanna be late.”

Shit. “Later!” I tossed behind my shoulder as I ran like an idiot to history.


“Thanks for coming to see me.” Mr. MacDonald greeted me as I entered the room.

“No worries.” I replied less-than-confidently as I took my seat.

“Your bus comes at 3:30, right?” he checked with me. “I’ll make this quick. I understand you were visiting Officer Dickson when you were supposed to be in the washroom?”

I was diligent. “I can’t say.” I replied solemnly.

He chuckled. “Well, first off, if you hadn’t, you would have just said ‘no.’ Second of all, you can drop the act. This ‘need to know’ crap was for the students. We as teachers have to know about what goes on with our students. You know, in case there’s tensions or something.”

His raspy voice rang through the room. “Basically, anything that’s important enough for one teacher to know about students, every teacher knows. It’s for your own safety.”

“Mr. Salvador once told me that teachers aren’t there to be the student’s friend.” I replied slowly.

He chuckled again. “First of all, I’m sure you noticed, Mr. Salvador is a bit of his own character. Second of all, though, he’s right.” He re-adjusted himself in his chair. “We’re not here to be your friends. But we are here to be someone to talk to. Friendships can create bias. Remember that assignment where we looked at the bias levels in U.N. decisions?”

I nodded.

“Those countries are friends. I mean, we’re not here to get close to you, but we’re here to be here for you. Plus, what would it look like if I was showing excess favor to you? ‘Nah, it’s fine, we’re friends.’ Except it’s not fine. And if I didn’t, you might take it personally.” He sat back, pointing to me and nodding slowly like he gave the best argument ever.

Every single person in my life was a god damn preacher. “So what’s your point?” I asked, eyeing the clock.

He blinked. “Oh, sorry. I got a little off topic there.” he told mostly himself. “My point is, I wanted to ask you something. Did you go to the washroom then happen to see it, or did you straight-up lie? I’m okay with either answer as long as it’s the truth.”

“Second one.” I admitted.

“Alright, cool.” he nodded, sitting back up. “Given what happened, I understand. I can’t tell you what their decision was but your recount helped if you can believe me. In the future though, if this sort of thing happens again, ask to talk to me in the hall or something. I mean, I’m not exactly a stiff.” He gestured to his beach-themed t-shirt, covering his paunch. “I can understand stuff. And I would have let you go.”

“Really?” I asked a little skeptically.

“Well, I may have asked a few questions then got Dickson to come up here, but then yeah, I would have. Again, we’re here for you.” He sat back again in his chair and stretched. “That’s time, isn’t it? Do you have any questions for me?”

I quickly glanced at the clock. “No, I’m good. No offense, but I should really catch the bus.”

“None taken.” He waved me off. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you.” I replied less-than-enthusiastically as I walked out of the room.

It was occurring to me that in my daily life I was seeing some serious shit, and the only way people seemed to know how to respond to that was to lecture me. It was getting annoying.


The grinding sound of bus tires on suburban underdeveloped roads filled my ears as a million thoughts of nothing whirled around in my head. The whole thing was so unsatisfying. I didn’t know who lied. I may never know. Both were upset. Both were upset at each other, and it looked like neither of them were leaving my life at all. I mean, both of them were my friends… right? May seemed like my friend, although she blackmailed me. But that was in the past. Phil seemed like my friend too… although he threatened me… but that was in the past too…

Nothing. The whole situation was a pudding. And not like those nice puddings made of chocolate and happiness. The lumpy kind that make you question everything and not move from the couch. The kind that taste like their texture but nothing else. I felt like I had a problem, but everything was resolved. Well, ‘resolved.’

Luckily for me, I had a long amount of time to think about the nothing. By the time I got home, I had practically become the pudding of bleh. Still, the situation was behind me, for better or for worse. Time would take over from here and things would slowly get back to normal, the normal I missed and craved.

I gave a sideways glance to Nicole’s house and smiled to myself. Her car was in the driveway. Her errands were over and she was home. Maybe after unwinding at home I could go over to her place and talk to her about it.

A flash of her expression as she found out what happened played in my mind. Okay, talking to her about Phil’s alleged sexual assault was a terrible idea. Still, I could talk to her. I enjoyed talking to her. I liked her. A lot.

“I’m home!” I called out to mom as I shut the door behind me. I kicked off my shoes and wandered into the kitchen, where I could hear a voice.

No. Voices. There were multiple people in the kitchen. As I walked in, I saw Nicole sitting down at the kitchen table, talking to my mom. She turned to face me. “Oh, hey squirt.” she said casually.

“Uh…” I managed in response.

She chuckled warmly. “Don’t worry. I told your mom everything. Everything.” she assured me.

On cue, mom got up from the table and walked over to me, enveloping me in a tight hug. “Oh, sweetie.” she assured me in her most motherly voice. “You didn’t need to lie to us about that. We’re perfectly okay knowing the truth.”

Too shocked by everything ever to even hug my mom back, the only response I could manage was “What?” in a stupidly high voice.

“I told Marcia it all.” Nicole restated. “About how I borderline forced you into trying weed, how you didn’t like it, and how you blamed yourself. I know you already said sorry but I figure your parents deserved to know why you were acting weird for that little bit.

My mom was still hugging me so she couldn’t see my face. I took the opportunity to mouth to Nicole, Why would you lie to my parents? Don’t you think this will make stuff worse? Given Nicole could do literally everything ever I figured she could read lips.

She could. Without missing a beat, she shrugged and mouthed her response. It was at this point that I clued into the fact that unlike her, my ability to read lips wasn’t stellar. I think she may have said ‘yellow potatoes’ at one point though.

My mom broke off from the hug. “I’m going to call your father and talk it through with him, though I’m sure he’ll understand. Both of us know that you try things when you’re a teenager. You didn’t have to blame yourself for this, honey.”

“Well, who else can I blame for this whole situation?” I asked, shooting a lightning-fast look of death at Nicole afterwards.

Mom understood the question was rhetorical and picked up the phone. “Do you want to be down here while we talk about this, or do you want to be away from it?”

Nicole, of fucking course, assumed that she could answer the question as herself. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going up to Adam’s room for now. I can either talk to him about this now while you and – it’s Timothy, right? – talk this over. I know he’s a bit shy. Or I can wait for him. It’s your call, squirt.” She waited until I was looking at her dead in the eyes before finishing with a, “Bye!” and starting to bolt up the stairs. She stopped just as mom held the phone up to her ear and added, “Oh, and I’ll be true to my word, Mrs. Watson. No more weed or any shenanigans. Thanks for giving me a second chance, it means the world.” She smiled warmly at her, then continued her sprint up the stairs.

I whined incoherently, looking from mom back up to the top of the stairs back to mom again, before pointing at the stairs and telling mom, “I think I wanna stay out of this.” Mom gave me a sympathetic nod as I could out of that situation as fast as I fucking could.

My confusion turning to anger, I ran up to my door and opened it forcefully. “What the hell we-”

The room, which just this morning was akin to a garbage dump, was now spotless. On my neatly-made bet sat Nicole, reading one of my books, No Coins, Please. It looked like she was near the ending. Her eyes looked more like she was watching a tennis match than reading a book.

“Do you have an ability to warp time or something?!” I asked exasperatedly. “I was a few seconds behind you.”

“You were about 12.3.” Nicole mumbled, flipping the page for about the second time since I walked in.

I shut the door behind me. “Okay, so what the hell was with the great lie you told mom?”

“You asked for a solution, and I gave you one.” Nicole told me, not taking her eyes off the book. “It’s clever, if I may say so. It justifies your behavior, can be adequately changed to fit the specifics since it’s clear as day your parents know as much about weed as they do tax law, and gives them a reason to confirm their suspicions that I’m shady but not hate me, since they think that getting you to try weed once is a less serious offense than giving you a sexual awakening. Though I bet you were lusting after May before you even met me.” She took her eyes off the book, winked at me, then turned back as she flipped the page. “Plus, I’ve got them sniffing down the wrong trail, literally. They think they know what weed smells like, so I told you that’s the indicator if I’m lying. They told me they’re going to hide the air fresheners, not like you use them though. It wouldn’t kill you to put up a Glade Plug-in or something. Basically they’re waiting on a smell that would occur if I lied, and never will because you don’t smoke weed and won’t this year.”

“What if I start?” I asked.

“Weren’t you paying attention? You won’t.” Nicole retorted half-heartedly, nose still in the book.

“Could you at least pay attention to me when talking to me? Reading the book and carrying on a conversation is a little condescending.”

“Fair.” she replied, turning the page and pausing about seven second before closing the book. “The ending was stupid anyway. Airport security is in no way as simple as that.”

I stared incredulously at her. There’s no way someone could pick up that detail unless they read the book. “Did you seriously read the whole book while you were here?” I asked her.

“I could have taken my time with it if you hadn’t made me put it down.” She lazily stretched. “You never thank me for cleaning your room either.”

“Well, I can never find anything in my dresser now. You organized it a different way.” I defended myself.

Nicole nodded. “And I put labels on all of your drawers. You just never noticed them.” she replied. “You’re used to opening drawers and finding stuff in that mess you call a ‘different way.'”

“I noticed the labels.” I huffed. Instantly, my world went black. Nicole covered my eyes.

“Name the top label.” she ordered me.

“You’re putting me on the spot.”

“Okay, name the next one.”

“This is a lot of pressure.”

“Name any label I put on your dresser, Adam.”

“You suck, you know that?”

“Only the lucky ones.” she giggled as she lifted her hands away from me.

“Speaking of, if my parents are sniffing around, won’t they catch the smell of sex?” I asked her.

“Most likely not.” Nicole answered, getting up, wandering to one of my shelves and fiddling with something she found on it. “I’m not exactly pungent down there, and neither are you. Sex smell boils down to the smell of your sex stuff and sweat. With us particularly it’s predominantly sweat. Even if there’s sex stuff in the air if the mind is trained to look for something, it’ll find it.”

I scratched my head, looking out the window. “I don’t get it.”

“I outlined that when we weren’t up here trying out pot, we were gaming or hanging out or doing homework or, most importantly, karate. Karate is a physical activity. It makes you sweat. Given no smell of pot will occur if I train your parents to smell for sweat when we’re working out, they’ll smell it even if they’re trying to catch us.”

I chuckled. “That sounds like a really weak plan.” I said honestly.

“Yeah, it’s not my best ever, but I’m working out the details.” she agreed.

“So what, if they knock on the door we instantly start making karate shout-y noises?” I asked jokingly.

“They’re called kiais, Jackie Chan.” Nicole sarcastically retorted. I whipped my head back to her, about to spout some sarcasm of my own, when I noticed she had my model train’s engine upside down in her right hand. Her left hand was fiddling with it. She looked up at me with a neutral face. “Also, I just fixed your toy train.”

“Nicole, that thing hasn’t worked since I was twelve.” I skeptically replied.

“Yes, and now it does. Because I fixed it.” she forcefully told me. She put the engine on the floor, grabbed some train track parts from the shelf, and quickly attached them. She set them down on the ground, put my engine on top of them, then turned it on. Slowly but surely, the engine started to come to life, traveling along the tracks until they ended and the engine fell off, later to be scooped up by Nicole and turned off.

Part of me was deeply moved. My toy train was an important part of my childhood, of me. Whenever anything was going wrong, whenever I had a bad day or my parents were fighting or something, I would turn on my toy train, tune out the outside world and my troubles would melt away. I can’t count the number of hours I played with it. It practically resembled my innocence. And now Nicole just brought it back. But another part of me was kind of scared.

“Nicole, how do you do all this?” I asked her, somewhat fearfully.

“Do what?”

“The impressions, the fast reading, the cleaning. You know more about tax law than Timothy Geithner. You just fixed in a minute something my dad told me was impossible to fix, without any tools. You can drive with your fucking eyes closed. Plus, I heard about that picture of lightning above Hazelwood you took for yearbook last year. According to Eli you only needed to take one picture.”

“Jeez, you really won’t let this go, will you?” she asked me disappointedly.

“You’re like some kind of superhero. Or supervillain.” I added.

Her look turned into a grin. “Maybe I am.” she told me. The grin faded as I stared expectantly at her. “Someday, okay? Not today, but someday.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” I warned her.

“Deal.” She told me, dropping off the engine and coming closer to me. She flopped down on the bed, and I followed suit. In what felt like a few seconds time, we were spooning, and pretty soon, I was kissing her neck.

“Well, hello.” Nicole dryly commented. “Looks like someone wants to try that sweat theory on for size.”

“Do I really smell like nothing down there?” I asked her.

She laughed. “Let me just put it like this, squirt – personal hygiene goes a long way.” She adjusted herself so that she was facing me, then gave me a slow, deep kiss. “This time though, no domination play. I want to enjoy you for you.”

“Only if you let me enjoy you for you too.” I smiled.

“Deal.” she smiled back, and kissed me deeply once again. After the kiss, we kissed once more, and then again. Our mouths opened as her arms became tighter around me, passion building up within her. Her tongue wrestled with mine as our hands explored each other like long-lost lovers, even though it had only been two days.

Eventually, Nicole had enough of the kissing stage and wanted to move on. She broke off the kiss with me, giving me her signature seductive sly smile as she removed her shirt.

No bra today. Nice. Her beautiful breasts, big and beautiful, bounced up to look at me in the face. Either she was easily excited or had been anticipating this, because her nipples were clearly and delightfully erect.

I couldn’t resist, nonetheless, making a snarky remark. “So, is today one of those days when me kissing your boobs doesn’t feel like much?” I asked sarcastically.

“You’re getting better at it, so shut up and lick.” Nicole ordered, coaxing me by placing one of her hands on the back of my head, but not pulling me. I liked the way she did that. I moved forward, kissing outside her areolae at first, moving in closer and closer until I got to my target, which I at first kissed agonizingly slowly. Her nipples only got impossibly harder, a fact I enjoyed. After the kissing and teasing had clearly gotten its intended effect, I launched into her boob, hungrily sucking on her beautiful erect nipple. It felt good in my mouth. It felt very right. I couldn’t resist running my hands up and down her body as she made me feel good just by allowing her pleasure.

I looked up at her face and her expression mirrored her body language. Her eyes were adorably closed and her mouth was somewhat open, adorably curved into some kind of half-smile. She was making soft noises of approval as I sucked, only to be stopped as I moved breasts, ready to make the other one feel just as good.

As I was doing this, Nicole was working both her pants (and whatever was underneath) and mine off, and because she was freaking Nicole, she somehow succeeded. I pulled my mouth away from her breast to see she had shaved again, and her cute enlarged clit was staring me straight in the face.

I smiled up at her, ready to dive in, when she stopped me, a smile painted on her hormonally charged face. “I don’t think so, hotshot. Not today.” she told me breathily.

“Don’t you want this?” I asked her, half teasing, half concerned.

“Not today. Today, I’m craving your dick in my mouth.” she answered with a serious expression.

“Well then, why don’t we sixty-nine?” I asked her.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Why don’t we.” she seductively commented as she pushed me over onto the bed. At this point I was still wearing my shirt so I was feeling a little silly, but I sure as well wasn’t going to let that stop me.

Nicole seductively crawled on top of me, practically purring as she approached my dick. She gave it a generous lick. “It looks as fucking good as I remember.” she remarked out loud, mostly to herself.

“Well then why aren’t you digging in?” I asked her jokingly.

“Because if I don’t work out the angle perfectly you’re going to suffocate as you eat me out, squirt. That’s why.” she responded.

“I wouldn’t mind dying that way.” I replied dryly. She ignored me and placed herself down gently in a way where my tongue has complete access to her gorgeous pussy, but my nose was still above it so I could comfortably breathe.

“You alright?” she asked me.

“I’m in fucking heaven.” I replied without thinking, giving my first lick.

She gave a soft chuckle then began to lick me, at first teasingly. However, I couldn’t wait and began going at it, my tongue alternating between licking away at her folds and lightly teasing her clit. This began feeding her hormonal frenzy and before long she couldn’t take it anymore. At first she accidentally let out a loud moan while licking me, then with a clear passion she took me into her mouth and started sucking me off as she affectionately rubbed my slightly toned side.

Her reactions were feeding my lust, too. I began grabbing her ass with both hands, kneading the handfuls and occasionally giving her ass a spank, which she always rewarded with a slight moan, muffled on my cock. It was like every time her lips made contact with my cock it sent this electric wave through me, ending at my mouth, giving me more energy to lick deeper or hit the right spots, giving her the energy to start the whole process again. We were two very horny teenagers, who were very much entangled with each other.

Eventually, Nicole lifted up her head. “Stuh… stop.” she begged breathlessly. I was in some kind of groove, and found it difficult to stop easily, so out of habit I continued. “Oh my god…” she panted. “Oh fuck… A-Adam…” She started grinding her pussy into my face, enjoying this clearly as much as I was. “You’re so fuckin’ good… Buh… but stop… I want you inside me right now… I need it… please…”

I wanted it too. I stopped for as long as I could, which gave Nicole the opportunity to weakly get off me and position herself on the bed. I got up and looked at her. Eyes glazed over with lust, breathing heavily, nipples erect, a little bit of drool on her chin, legs spread, pussy wet and waiting. She looked so sexy, and yet so beautiful at the same time. She was like a Renaissance painting, but better. Better looking. And she was all mine.

“Adam… I want you in me… Take me.” she breathlessly ordered. My dick jumped at the command, and with a confident smile on my face, I got up on top of her and aligned my dick with her.

I nodded at her, and she nodded back, a smile forming on her face. Slowly, my dick snuck into her, filling her and sending a visible shockwave through her. “Yesssssss…” she hissed. “I love this feeling.” She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in close, sending the rest of my dick to suddenly fill her and capturing a small gasp from her.

“Go. Please.” she begged in that voice I always recognized when her lust took over. Who was I to argue? Slowly and lovingly at first, planting little kisses on her face, I began to pick up speed, going from slow love-making to drilling her, and watching her enjoy every second of it. I had to control myself slightly to avoid the slapping sounds of our bodies coming together, but it was still a fairly fast pace. Nicole, caught up in the sheer pleasure of it all, started lunging forward, kissing then lightly biting my neck, raking her nails down my back, trying to be cautious of the damage that could cause. It all felt amazing. I felt so happy. My body felt like it was moving on its own, and the sight of Nicole bouncing back and forth, her amazing large breasts moving along with her, her flawless skin both lovely to the eye and wonderful to touch, just made me want her more. I wanted to be like this forever with her. I wanted to feel like this always. I wanted more. I wanted to drill farther into her, make her moan my name to the stars, and see nothing but shimmering light as she climaxed, thinking of me.

Sure enough, her breathing got short and shrill after a short enough time, and she was moaning my name in short breaths. I couldn’t focus, but I think I was moaning hers too. I was too focused on what we had in this moment, with me buried inside of her, thrusting back and forth, to think of anything else.

In the end, I was the one to cum first. I had collapsed on top of her, but was still pumping away, aware I was starting without her but still wanting her to enjoy this as much as I was. About three spurts into it, my wish came true as her whole body stiffened then was enveloped in light as she accepted my gift of seed in pure bliss. We were entangled in this bliss for about thirty seconds before my collapse was fully evident as I lay on top of her.

“Holy shit,” she panted. “That was like our best one yet.”

Through my panting I chuckled. “I can’t tell. You’re getting less vocal.”

“I was too fucking enthralled to even speak, stud.” she replied, giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “You were amazing.”

“You were delightful.” I warmly responded. We lay there for a few minutes, enjoying the moment, each other’s company and the closeness of me being so close to her, until I slowly moved, already ninety percent outside of her, and flopped over beside her. I stared out the window for about ten seconds then whipped my head back to her. She was looking at the ceiling, but then at me in confusion.

“Sorry, I thought you were going to do a fast change again.” I remarked.

She chuckled. “Sorry, squirt, I can barely feel my fucking legs. I may have to do it at your speed today.”

“Aw, you have to be like the rest of us peasants.” I teased.

“I’ll manage.” she responded in turn. “Actually, I might need to go to the washroom.”

“You were holding something in as we did it?!” I asked. “You could have said something.”

“No, dummy.” she shot back, getting up and putting her underwear back on. “I just meant my mint water is in there.”

“You and your traditions.” I laughed. She responded by throwing my underwear in my face.

“I’ll be in the washroom for a little bit.” she told me as she put her pants on.

“Why?” I asked, starting to put my own clothes on reluctantly.

“Nervousness.” she simply stated. “I left you something on the computer to read. I recommend you look it over.” With that, she put on her shirt and left without another word, without even allowing me to respond.

I blinked twice, then finished getting dressed, the open door unnerving me. I walked over to my computer and shook the mouse to get the screen to turn on. It’s impressive that Nicole figured I wouldn’t have seen this when I came in, but I guess like Jigsaw, she was good at anticipating the human mind. It was a word document she had typed out for me.

Hey Squirt.            I’m typing this as you’re downstairs with your mom. I hope that’s cool. You should really make a more obscure password. I’m sorry for lying about the situation to your parents. I hope this makes your home life more bearable. I’m only trying to make you happy. ❤

            If you’re reading this, we just had sex. My guess is good sex, but if it’s bad sex that has nothing to do with what I’m going to say. You were right when you said that none of your problems would have happened if I hadn’t shown up. I have a tendency to fuck up a lot of stuff, you know. I blame myself for a lot of shit. I let people walk all over me. Yet I’m a stubborn jerk. I sometimes make the wrong decisions. I sometimes even think I was the reason Mitch died.

            Enough about that shit though. The point was, yeah you were right. I love the sex life we have but it was stupid to try to force you into a sexual awakening. Without me, you’d be every other teenager, and if you’re anything like me, you kind of wish for that. I’m not sure I can forgive myself for taking that away from you. Now you’ve got drama and it’s bleeding into your home life. That’s not okay. I want to make sure that this doesn’t continue to interfere with your life and your happiness, which is why I made up the weed story. It gives an excuse and makes your folks happy with you again. Hopefully all that other shit with people like Megan can calm down too if you’re smart about it. But… there’s another part of this plan. Warping your mind with sex got you into all this drama shit, so if I want to make you happy again, I want to take away any chance of anything interfering with it again.

            I love having sex with you. It’s great, you’re great at it, and let’s face it, I’m good at it. Plus, I feel something with you. You know this. But, I have to let all that go. Your happiness as a friend means more than this to me. This is why I wanted our time here to be so special, and I’m sure you made this sex the best thing ever, and me the happiest girl in the world. But I need to not be so selfish. I think we should stop having sex from here on in.



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