Being More Social – Chapter 3

In hindsight, my life had to be a really boring thing. One month into high school I get to second base and get voted into student council because I acted like a spineless wimp onstage, and it feels like it’s been the most important week of my entire life. Not that I was complaining. Even though I had a crush on May, this past week brought me Nicole, who was more than an easy tomboy as someone would see her on the outside – she was a friend.”So, what do ya wanna do?” Nicole asked as she stretched once I had pants on.

“I dunno, you pick.” I said absent-mindedly as I texted my mom. Hey! Hope you don’t mind, I’m spending the afternoon at a friend’s house. When do you want me home?

“Well, what do you normally like doing after school when there’s nothing to do?” she asked me, though her tone made it sound more like a test than a serious question.

“…Um…” I responded, not sure how to proceed.

“C’mon, dude. You’re a guy. You should know the answer is video games.” she said, almost annoyed with me. She hopped up from her position and walked over to her computer, booting it up. I turned my attention back to my phone, and remembered I hadn’t texted May back.

I checked the message. Hey, this is adam rite?

I typed back, Yup! This is May, I bet.

I looked back up to see Nicole, arms akimbo, facing me. “I get that you got a thing for her and all, but last time I checked you were hanging out with me.”

“I thought you said you weren’t the jealous type.” I replied, winking at her.

She smiled menacingly. “Ooh, watch it you. I’m not jealous of another girl, but don’t be rude. I could be texting someone right now too.”

“Alright, sorry.” I said, putting my phone back into my pocket.

“Great.” she beamed, as if nothing happened. “So, what should we play?” she asked, turning towards the computer and firing up some program.

“Um, I dunno.” I replied. “I don’t really play video games.”

“You what?” She turned back and stared at me. “Wow, someone here is totally missing out.” she clicked a few times, evidently browsing her library of games, and added, “Well, let’s start with a few favorites of mine.”

“What do you like?” I asked, trying to keep up conversation. “Call of Duty, or…”

“I said I play games, squirt. Not shit.” she retaliated.

“I’m sure an opinion like that doesn’t score many points with the guys.”

“Well, I don’t wanna play with those guys anyway.” she said, using ‘play’ as a double entendre, I’m sure.

“So what if I started playing it?” I challenged her, smiling. She smiled back.

“I guess I’d just have to keep you too occupied to play it, wouldn’t I?” she asked playfully. She reached forward and expertly rubbed at my jeans with her palm, right between the legs.

“I’d rather play with you any day.” I said without thinking. I’m not sure what my tone sounded like, but her eyebrows quickly shot up a little, then went back down as quickly as they came up.

“Mhm.” she agreed flatly. “Here, let’s try this one. Saints Row: The Third. Mitch said it’s really good.”

“Who’s Mitch?” I asked.

“Brother.” she replied. I noticed her mood visibly shifted. She was sadder. I put my hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

She turned and smiled at me. “What, am I thirteen?” Her smile seemed fake.

After a few rounds of the game spent in complete silence apart from slight laughter and explanations as to how the game worked, with a few choice expletives from Nicole whenever I screwed up, she suddenly pulled a bomb on me. “What would you do if I had sex with another guy?”

My eyes went straight from the game to her, my mouth slightly open in shock. “Wow, that came completely out of nowhere.”

“What, can I say, I’m unpredictable.” she replied. “So, what would you do if I had sex with another guy? After all, if you’re going to get your panties in a knot if I kiss another person, we need to lay down some ground rules.”

“Oh, shut up.” I laughed, and attempted to playfully shove her. She saw me coming and hooked my arm in hers. She pulled my arm behind my back, immobilizing me, and, being Nicole, kissed me on my neck. I think I let out an involuntary moan.

“Nice try, squirt. You’re gonna have to be quicker than that.” she replied triumphantly, going back to her seat.

“Alright, I’ll bite. How did you know that one?” I asked, rubbing my arm.

“Nuh-uh. I asked a question too. You first.” she replied with a wink.

“I guess I wouldn’t mind… It would be kinda unfair if I did.”

She nodded. “Since you want in May’s pants.”

“Thank you, Nicole.” I replied bitterly. “Your turn.”

“Karate. Been doing it for about ten years now.” she gave me a small smile.

“Wow, that’s really cool.” I said, legitimately impressed.

She seemed happy that I was. “Oh yeah?” she asked.

“Yeah!” I replied enthusiastically. “I would love to do something like that someday.”

“Why don’t you join then?” she asked me. “The club has room for more. Plus it would be kinda cool to see you doing more stuff. Let me guess, you wanted to impress your parents with this whole student council thing?”

Yup, bingo. “I shouldn’t even be surprised, but how did you know that?” I asked.

She scoffed. “Do you honestly think you look like student council material? You look like the womb spat you out yesterday. No offense.”

Amazingly, I didn’t take any. I guess I was just used to it from middle school.

She stood up. “C’mon.” she started. “If you wanna learn stuff, why not now?” She walked to the center of the room. I followed.

“Learn what?” I asked.

“Well, karate.” She answered. She assumed a position where her knees were bent and she was leaning slightly forward. “See this position I’m making? Try to re-create it.”

I smiled slightly, and shrugged. Why not? I did want to learn, after all.

After we tried a few stances, she moved on to the hands and where they should be. I had to admit, she was a really good teacher. She spoke slowly and made sure I could understand everything she was teaching, rather than assume I knew what she was talking about. But she also pushed me, and knew I could do better than what I was doing. She really knew how to empower me.

About an hour in, we moved on to choke holds, which was the most difficult for me. For one, I was lousy under pressure and even though I knew what to do, piecing it together was difficult with an arm around my throat. For another, having a gorgeous girl’s tits pressed right up against your back could be a really distracting thing, especially since you knew for a fact there was nothing on underneath that button-up vest.

“Oh, come ON, Adam.” she said after the fourth time while I clutched my throat. “You know how to do it. You’re thinking too much. Don’t think, just do.”

“It’s freaking easy for you to say.” I retaliated. “This is my first time doing any of this.”

“I suppose I have shown you a lot of first times.” she winked at me, and grabbed her boobs in her hands. As soon as she caught me staring, she let go and added, “Now concentrate this time. Power stance, distraction, free the head, pin me down.”

I got back in position and she wrapped her arm around my throat. I bent by knees into the power stance she described, and used my free arm to hit her lightly in the stomach. I tried to position my arms around hers so that my head would be freed, but no dice.

“You were close.” she said as she released me. “You’re definitely improving.”

“Yippee.” I said, in a slightly raspy voice.

“You wanna call it quits for today?” She asked, with a hint of concern in her voice.

“Are you kidding?” I asked her. “I wanna keep doing this until I do it right.”

She broke out into a huge smile, and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. “That’s the attitude I wanna see, hotshot.” she told me. “You’d fit right in at our dojo. Now, your goal here is to free yourself, and you can only do that by catching me off guard. You’re defeating your enemy up here-” she pointed to her head, “more than anywhere else. Catch me off guard, surprise me.”

I shrugged, and she motioned for me to get into position. Once I was, she effortlessly put me into a headlock. Okay, focus, I thought to myself. Bend your knees and get into a powerful stance – check. Hit her in the stomach, not too hard. I always felt guilty doing that. I was raised to never hit anyone. But her instructions were clear, so check. Now came the difficult part. I had to free my head from her arms while she was recovering from the hit. But my arms were just too weak…

Suddenly, an idea hit me. I pivoted around where I was, which didn’t feel too good on the hold she had on my neck, but it did the job. I was now facing her. In the split second before I acted, she gave me a confused look, yet also trying to bring her other arm up so she could retaliate. Before she could, I grabbed on to both sides of her button-up sweater vest and force it open. A button flew off as both sides gave way, releasing her beautiful breasts.

She opened her mouth in protest, just as I pushed her forcefully onto the bed and jumped on top of her. My mouth found her nipple and angrily began to suck.

“Ooooh my god…” She moaned. “What the hell kind of karate move do you call that?”

I released my mouth from her nipple. “Were you caught off guard?” I asked her.

She laughed, then picked up her vest. “Man, I really liked this thing…” She said with a hint of poutiness to her voice. It quickly went back to moaning as I resumed my sucking, my other hand reaching over and grabbing her other boob.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, then sighed in bliss as my tongue began its gentle dance of love across her areola. Her hands became occupied with unbuttoning her pants, then shoving them down as she played with her noticeably oversized clit.

“I have to give you credit.” She said, still using her hands to pleasure herself. “You learn fast… And I’m not just talking about the karate.”

I could feel myself internally smile as I kept licking gently at her one boob, then suddenly took it into my mouth and began to forcefully suck. She gave a soft gasp.

At this point, my dick was aching in my pants, and noticing the beautiful teen pussy only a few inches away from it, moved on autopilot. Keeping my pants on, it moved right over Nicole’s pussy, and I used my free hand to shoo her hand out of the way. She moaned in a disappointed fashion, but that moan was cut short when I began grinding on her, my pants making direct contact with her pussy.

“Oh yessssss…” She hissed as she ground back. “What can… I do for you?” she asked me. “I want… to make you feel good too…”

I released her nipple from my mouth. “Making you feel good makes me feel good.” I replied. My mouth went to her other nipple, teasing and sucking away.

“Adam… You’re not like other guys.” Nicole said, breathing heavily. I’m not even sure if she knew what she was saying, or if her brain was trying without thinking to compliment me since I was pleasuring her. “You’re different. And I love it.”

Nicole certainly was a character. Before, she was all bold and manipulative. Be selfless in bed and suddenly she lost all control, like she was indebted to you. Not that I was complaining, I thought as I continued to grind against her.

I could feel the front of my pants getting wet with Nicole’s love juice and her moaning got more frequent, not to mention louder. I could tell from past experience that she was getting close.

“Adam, I…” she started, but I put a finger to her lips.

“I know, baby.” I said, releasing her nipple as I spoke. I never called her, or anyone, baby before. In the moment, it just felt right. “It’s okay. I want you to cum.” Cheesy, but enh.

She nodded enthusiastically and lustfully, lost in the moment. “Oh Adam…” she moaned, as her grinding became more desperate. “Adam… Adam… Aaaah!”

Her pussy noticeably ejected more fluid as she came, and her face was frozen in an ‘o’ shape. I held my position from grinding, which I could tell she appreciated. It seemed like right when she orgasmed, she preferred to move only to enhance the feeling, and it wasn’t like I could predict those movements, so I held still. She ground up against me for a little until she stopped, her eyes opening slowly. She smiled at me, a smile which was filled with a lot of emotion, and move her hand forward to touch my face. She never quite got to it, though, since her eyes wandered to my pants first.

“Did I do that?” She asked me, looking at the wet spot.

“It’ll dry in a bit, don’t worry.” I tried to reassure her.

“Damn…” She said, seemingly shocked. She then broke out into a grin and added, “I’m impressive, aren’t I?”

I leaned by head forward and slowly, sensuously kissed her on the lips. “In every sense of the word.”

She made a small smile before that smile turned sarcastic. “Suckup.” she teased me.

I laughed and flopped down on the bed next to her. “Do you need me to do anything for you?” She asked me, still slightly trying to catch her breath.

“Nah, it’s all good. I’m happy with just pleasuring you.” I answered, surprising myself to learn that I was being honest.

“Okay…” she said slowly, before adding, “I should have at least did the May voice thing again. Man, did that ever get you excited.”

“Yeah, about that.” I said, turning my body towards her. “Seriously, how’d you manage that? It’s not like you memorized every grade 9 girl’s voice just in case I had a crush on them, even if you are that good at imitating. Which I doubt.”

“Even if you are that good at imitating. Which I doubt.” She fired back at me, in a voice eerily similar to my own. It wasn’t at all perfect (after all, she was a girl and I, well, wasn’t) but the resemblance was amazing. “Nah, but the fact that you two were talking in the hallway after your homeroom and that you were acting like Dork of the Year around her really helped.” she added, grinning.

“Ah, so you’re a voyeur.” I retaliated.

“I do what I can.” she replied, giggling. “But yeah. I listened carefully to her while I walked behind you, seeing if I could do her voice. Figured it would come in handy.”

I chuckled softly. “Well, it certainly did…”

“By the by, how’s your nose?” She asked, grinning, referring to how I walked straight into a locker.

“Oh, shut up.” I laughed, punching her gently in the arm. Normally, I wouldn’t hit her, but she seemed like she could take it. We sat in silence for a bit after, until, without my brain’s consent, my arms went forward and pulled Nicole into a tight embrace. She responded with a non-sexual moan, a lazy yet happy moan. Her hands snaked down my sides, something I could appreciate until I realized she was fishing through my pockets.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked her.

She snatched my phone out of my pocket and broke away from the hug, giggling as she lay there on the bed, topless, her pants undone, and with my phone. “Speaking of May…” she added deviously, taunting me with the phone in her hand.

“It’s got a number code.” I told her, confident she couldn’t break in to my phone.

She looked me dead in the eyes. “What do you take me for?” She asked me. She turned her attention back to the phone, and started hitting buttons. Seconds later, she dryly added, “You got a text from your mom. She wants you home by supper time.” Oh my God, seriously?! She got in that quickly? “Oh, and what’s this? Something from May!” she hit the screen once, then grimaced. She passed the phone back to me. “I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t wanna fuck someone with grammar like that.” She made a motion like she was about to puke.

I looked at the screen. lol yeah! r u excited 4 drama??? After Nicole’s, shall we say, ‘conditioning,’ I couldn’t look at the phone without wincing myself. Oh, well.

Yeah, you? ๐Ÿ™‚ I replied, then turned my focus to my mom’s text. Thank goodness she said supper time, as I checked my watch and realized it was after six. My dad came from Hungary, and for some reason in Western Europe people just like to eat around the obscene hour of nine. I grew up used to that, and never really discovered how handy it could be.

“Are you gonna ask her out to the dance?” Nicole asked me, breaking me away from my phone.

“Huh?” I asked, turning back to her. She was now sitting on the bed, with all of her clothes on, wearing a black t-shirt that hugged her curves nicely now that her vest was ruined. How does she keep doing that…?

“It’s late October, dude. The Halloween dance. It’s a week from tomorrow. Are you gonna ask her out to it?”

Dances? Are you kidding? Back in middle school, I stayed away from those like the plague. The one time I was forced to go since the rest of the school did, I ended up hugging the wall where I could see every pre-teen I wanted try to awkwardly dance with any girl they clapped eyes on, hoping to get some some kind of kiss or more as a reward. It was a breeding ground for pre-teen hormones, and it was awful.

Nicole narrowed her eyes, seemingly reading my mind once again. “Oh, you don’t get to make a choice, squirt. You’re Student Council now. You have to go. Plus, Phil usually has jobs for the lower grades during dances, so you’re going.”

I sighed. “But I hate dances…”

“Then go with the right girl.” Nicole said plainly.

“Can I go with you?” I asked shamelessly.

Nicole’s first reaction was to give a small, confused smile and cock her head slightly. “I meant May…” she said slowly, a look of… something in her eyes. She recomposed herself and continued. “I’d love to, squirt, but our horny president himself asked me already, and I said yes. He’s still waiting on that kiss.” she laughed, then continued. “Look, just get a good date, and you’ll have fun. I promise you. Just do it.”

“But I suck at asking people out.” I whined. “Wait, have you blown Phil?”

“That was abrupt too.” She winked, but couldn’t hold back the disgust from the suggestion. “God no. Phil just has the hots for me. I haven’t done anything with him, and that poor bastard has been trying for two years. How’s that for an ego boost, eh squirt?”

She carried out the word ‘Squirt,’ then noticed my blushing. Laughing, she continued. “I’ll sweeten the deal. Get a date for the dance, and I’ll blow you after. Deal?”

I laughed. “If I got a date, what makes you think I’d need you for that?”

She laughed back. “Yeah, get May to blow you, then call me. She totally seems like the girl to get down on her knees on the first date.”

“Point taken.” I said chuckling. “Okay, deal!”

“Great.” She grinned.

“‘Great’? Maybe you should get with Phil. You’re starting to sound like him.” I winked at her. She looked at me in sarcastic disbelief before diving at me, pinning me easily beneath her.

“You are so getting punished for that, squirt.” she said menacingly. I knew she was kidding, but damn, she knew how to intimidate. I guess ‘getting with Phil’ wasn’t on the top of her bucket list.

Still pinning me, her expression softened and she leaned in, kissing my neck. The rest of her body deflated from its original position of power and eventually she just ended up spooning with me.

“What’s that for?” I asked her.

She lifted her head from my neck. “You didn’t ask for a reason the first time I showed you my tits, or blew you. Just roll with it.” Her head returned to my neck, nuzzling it.

“You’re very cuddly today.” I observed.

“Yeah, well. I like cuddling. Suck it up.” She retorted. I smiled, and my hand started absent-mindedly stroking her hair. She nuzzled up closer to me in response.

After a while of doing this, I realized I was almost falling asleep and had to get home. “What time is it?” I asked her.

“About 7:03.” she answered without pulling her head up from my neck, no hint of tire to her voice. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and sure enough, 7:03pm.

“How are you always doing things like that?” I asked her.

“Things like what?” her muffled voice answered me.

“Imitating May’s voice, reading my mind, knowing everything…” I trailed off.

“I’m magic, squirt.” she replied sarcastically.

“So you’re not gonna tell me?”

“Oh, I told you. Grade 11. I’ll give you two years, then you’ll understand.”

“I wonder where I’ll be in two years…” I wondered aloud.

“Me too, kid.” She answered me disinterestedly.

“I wonder if we’ll still be friends then…” My mouth spoke before my mind could filter it.

Silence poured into the air. Then I felt another kiss on my neck. “I hope so.” Nicole said softly. “But I dunno. But you gotta realize things. We’ve known each other three days.”

“It feels like a lot longer.” I told her.

“I know.” she answered softly.

I smiled to myself, then realized I would have to get home soon. I started to get up, and Nicole groaned into my shoulder, wordlessly understanding my intent. She clung to me as I got up, and used me to get on her own two feet.

“Thanks again, Nicole. For pretty much everything you did in the last three days for me.” I said to her.

“Hey, what else are friends for?” she asked me, smiling genuinely. She teasingly added, like an afterthought, “Oh, by the by, my parents are always home by seven.”

Oh shit. Oh my god. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” I asked her frantically as I turned white.

“Because knowing you, you would have clammed up and I wouldn’t have gotten to cum twice, that’s why.” She added, grinning deviously. I groaned and laughed at the same time. Nicole had a way with being honest, I’ll give her that.

After realizing that my backpack was still in her car, I made sure I had my phone and checked my pants. All dry. “Take care.” I said cheerfully to Nicole as I opened the door to her room, nervous as hell to brave her parents. As I took the first step down the stairs, I felt her hand in mine.

“Don’t worry, hotshot. I wasn’t gonna make you do this alone.” She said warmly. With unexpected enthusiasm, she then led me down the stairs, her hand still in mine. I nearly tripped.

Her kitchen and dining room were merged, so of course that’s where her parents would be this time of night, given the time when normal people have their supper. Nicole’s mom, identifiable by her long black hair, had her back to me, cooking something on the stove, and her dad was at the table, his head buried in a book. I could make out ‘Charles Dickens’ on the spine.

Once we were fully down the stairs and ready, Nicole looked at me and gave a small nod. I shrugged in response. Her hand in mine still, she coughed loudly. Her mom and dad, strangely, didn’t move.

“Hi mommy, hi daddy.” She enthusiastically chirped. “I thought I’d be polite and introduce you to my new friend, Adam Watson.”

Nicole’s mom turned around to face me, smiling slightly. It was interesting – in her face, she didn’t look all that much like Nicole, though it was obvious she got her hair from her mother. She approached me slowly and nodded. “Hello, Adam. It’s nice to meet you.”

“N-nice to meet you too.” I nervously sputtered.

“You seem rather shy.” She noted. “I wonder what happened to your earlier boldness, since you’re like a deer in headlights now. Did I mention that the walls in this house are paper-thin?” I heard Nicole give a frustrated sigh next to me, and a huge knot built up in my stomach. How long were her parents home?! I examined her eyes for answers. She was smiling at me, but the look her eyes was giving me could kill a man.

“Aaaaaanyway, thanks mom.” Nicole sarcastically said, pulling me away from her. Despite me falling out of her line of sight, her mom’s eyes stayed exactly where they were. “Dad, meet Adam Watson. He’s my new friend.”

“Take a number.” came the bitter, low, gravelly voice of her father. He didn’t even look up from his book, his greying, brownish hair as monotone as his reaction. This was doing nothing to help my nervousness. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I knew Nicole was, how shall I say, ‘experienced,’ but I never really thought about her parents and how I would seem to them. Before Nicole and I had our little talk this afternoon, I might have actually been a bit upset myself at this. However, all I could do at this point was awkwardly stumble out the door, Nicole in tow.

Once we were outside, I breathed in the cool night air a few times as Nicole plopped a hand on my shoulder. “Um, yeah…” she began. “Sorry about that. My parents kinda know I sleep around.”

“You don’t say?!” I practically yelled as I tried breathing steadily again, avoiding another panic attack. I used to get them really often.

“They’re like this with every guy, but every other guy has given them a reason to dislike them. They may like you, give them a chance.”

My stomach was doing backflips. Bring caught like that was like no fear I’ve ever experienced before. I wanted to apologize, I wanted to go back in history and leave earlier, I wanted everything but for what just happened to be real.

Nicole chuckled softly. “You’re a real mess, hotshot.” she said sympathetically, taking her hand off my shoulder. She went into her car and retrieved my backpack, and slung it over her shoulder. She then walked back to me and scooped my arm over her other shoulder, beginning to walk me back to my place.

“No, it’s okay.” I managed to say after we were about halfway there and I could calmly speak again. I hoisted myself off of her and took my backpack from her.

“You sure?” she asked me as she handed me my backpack. I quickly nodded. “Okay then. I’m proud of you, squirt.” She then kissed me on the cheek, and cheerfully waved as she set out back towards her house. I waved back as I headed home, still exhaling sharply.

When I got home, I dropped my backpack down on the floor, made my way to the living room, and plopped down on the couch, face first, groaning. Dad was in the room, watching the news.

“You’re an hour and a half early.” he said, looking at me. “If you had wanted, you could have stayed with your friend longer.”

“No, that’s okay.” came my voice, muffled by the couch. “I was really tired, so I decided to come home early.”

“I can see that.” He said, turning back to the TV. “So who’s the friend?”

Aw crap, here it came. The ‘Ooh, it’s a giiiirl’ moment. Unless…

“The name’s Nick.” I answered flatly. “Grade 11. Photographer. Really cool.”

“Guy or girl?” dad asked me.

Crap. I pulled my face out from the couch and looked up at dad. I sighed. “Girl.” I said, defeated.

Dad started waving his arms around in the air. “Danger Will Robinson, danger!” He chanted robotically.

“Dad, no offense, but could you start using references after the ’80s?” I asked him dryly.

“So, a girl in grade 11, huh? Hey, shoot for the moon.” he said. His eyes gleamed. They always did that when he made a particularly good joke. I think it was his version of smiling.

“It’s not like that. We’re never going to be a couple, dad.” I said, sitting up on the couch. “Just friends.”

Dad nodded. “Cool. Didn’t mean to intrude.”

“No worries!” I told him as my phone buzzed. It was Nicole. You made it home safe?

Nope, I died. I replied.

Oh well. I’ll give you a beautiful funeral. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As I texted her, I realized I’d been neglecting May, and checked my messages from her. There was one, sent from her about an hour ago. Oops. yeah totally, were gonna rock ๐Ÿ™‚

I shuddered at her grammar. Thanks, Nicole.


Actually, much like Nicole, I got to know May better through text. She was nowhere near as bold as Nicole was, but she made up for it with her bubbliness. She loved watching TV, and wanted to become a TV star when she grew up, which was why she wanted to take drama class. Unlike me, though, she didn’t particularly like Mr. Salvador. She didn’t dislike him, she just felt neutral. Nevertheless, she felt determined to really do well with this project, and I was behind her 100%.

Like me, she was an only child, and seemed to sympathize with my loneliness growing up, since she apparently was overweight when she was younger and got teased for it a lot. Now she was tired of the people who teased her only years ago asking her out and ‘drooling over her,’ her words not mine. In the back of my mind, I felt really guilty for liking her. I could see that if I truly wanted to win her heart, which I really did, I needed to prove to her that I wasn’t just objectifying her and liking her for her looks. Although I would have to prove that to myself first.

She was impressed with my grammar though. u talk really proper, i like it lol

Ugh. I think maybe teaching her wouldn’t go amiss. I chuckled to myself as I read that message. Nicole made a monster out of me. My laugh faded as I realized that wasn’t the only way she made me a monster. I wasn’t able to stop more fantasies of May brewing in my mind now that I knew what she would have sounded like giving me a blowjob. I imagined her kneeling before me, my cock right in her face as the took it in her hands with hungry eyes. Her impressive C cups jiggling slightly as she worked my cock back and forth in her hand, her eyes locked on mine for approval, before slowly taking me into her mouth. The warm sensation of her mouth, the way her eyes seemed to beg for it. How she would actually get turned on herself from sucking me off, until she could take no more and her hand would snake under her green dress she wore the first day I noticed her.

I shook the image from my mind. I felt terrible. I was totally objectifying her. I need to get to know her better before I have desires like that, I scolded myself in my head.


The following week flew by without anything of real significance happening. Mr. Carrozza’s class, to my surprise, was boringly easy. I was normally a bad student in the sciences growing up, and everyone else was still confused to some degree, so I guess I worked well with his teaching style.

Mr. Graves’ class was just about the same, though at this point most of the time in that class was spent chatting with Carson, who I found to be interesting in his own right. The guy had confidence some people could only dream about. I’m not talking the ‘swagger down the hallway thinking you’re the king of everything’ kind of confidence, that’s just sort of being a douchebag. I’m talking the type of confidence where you were absolutely sure of every action you did, every word you said, and you were never afraid to tell people you don’t care about what they were doing or saying. You were never afraid to have people judge you. I had to say, I admired him for that, and I envied him more than a little.

Mrs. Jackson’s class was the only one I really disliked. There was never really anything interesting to report from that class, and I found her cheerful outwards personality to be really two-dimensional, like she couldn’t be a teacher and a human being at the same time. I found out quickly that this would be a pet peeve with teachers. Not that I’d ever say anything of that to her face. I wouldn’t be able to.

Easily, my favorite class was drama. Mr. Salvador wasn’t teaching us anything this week since we had to practice for our pieces, but he still was around, looming over us, inspecting our work. Every so often, he’d stop a group practicing and give them his input, but aside from that, he made us rely on our own initiative to work. I was on to his tactics.

Despite seeing Nicole’s obvious softer side on Monday, on Tuesday she reverted back to her normal, sassy self. Luckily for me though, she was being true on Monday night and we still texted and hung out. Because of her busy schedule we could ‘only’ hang out on Wednesday and Friday that week, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. I guess for a social creature like her it wasn’t much, but I hung out more with her that week then I ever have with any friends in my whole life. On Wednesday, of course, things eventually and inevitably led to her taking her top off (with her excuse this time being how she spilled water on her top between rounds of Team Fortress 2 while I watched her play), me sucking on her nipples, and both of us on the bed, me grinding into her while she ground back and moaned my name. On Friday, though, curiously enough, we did absolutely nothing sexually the whole time I was there. I realize out of context it wasn’t that impressive or strange, but ever since I met her when we were alone we ended up having sex, and frankly… It felt really right that we could just enjoy an afternoon together as friends, without feeling an obligatory need to feed off of each other’s horniness. For our whole time together, we just watched a movie in her room, she taught me a few more karate moves, and we lay together in her bed, making small talk. It felt really right.

As the week passed, May grew her enthusiasm for our drama piece. It was really coming together, I had to say. She knew what she was doing, which really put me at ease. We had worked up a way that her knees could bend in such a way that it looked like something was making a dent in her, which meant I ended up playing the axe. I wasn’t complaining, it seemed like an easy thing to do. The hardest part was drawing out the motions and making the whole thing last five minutes, but May’s ideas about raising tensions with slow movements proved to be a good idea. On Thursday, we spoke with Mr. Salvador about using the lights, and he nodded with approval after we told him how we were thinking of using it. He then paged the office and asked them to bring in Zac.

Zac was a grade 12 drama veteran. A bit short, a tad on the pudgy side, but really friendly, or so Mr. Salvador said. From the moment he walked in to the aud, without needing an explanation, he climbed the ladder leading up to the lighting booth and told us to follow.

“So, what kind of lighting do you guys want for your performance?” Zac asked us once everything was booted up.

“Well…” May and I began together. We stopped, looked at each other, and she giggled.

“You can say it.” I said sheepishly.

“No, it’s okay, you go.” she offered.

“It was your idea, you say it.” I said back.

“No really, it’s fine, go ahead.” She replied.

“SOMEONE just tell me, please. I’m missing bio for this.” Zac interjected.

“Okay.” May, always the one to pipe up first, replied. “Basically we are doing a play- well, a short piece I guess, about a tree getting chopped down.

Zac smiled a warm kind of smile. “Ah. I did that in my first year too.”

“So we were thinking that every time our bodies collided onstage, there’d be a quick flash of red, then it would fade back to normal lighting.”

“Hmmm…” Zac hummed, hitting a few buttons. I looked out the booth windows to see other groups working on the stage.

“Like this?” Zac asked, as he lit up the stage in pure red. Many of the groups onstage audibly groaned and covered their eyes as the bright red lights flooded the stage. The lights only seconds after faded back into the original stage lighting.

“That would be perfect.” May beamed.

“Cool! When’s your performance?” Zac asked her.

“Monday, period four.” she answered.

“Alright, I’ll ask Mr. Carrozza if I can miss bio for a few minutes to help you guys.” Zac said, standing up. “And that’s every time you guys collide, yeah?”

“Yup!” I answered, nodding. Zac looked at me as if he forgot I was in the room. I didn’t blame him.

“Alright, cool.” he said, moving to leave.

“Thanks, Zac.” May said happily, giving him a squeezing hug. A knot formed in my stomach as I watched the two, and I could feel my knuckles clench as my heart deflated and fell downwards in my body. It was just a hug, but still. I could tell he was not used to hugs and just sort of stayed there as she hugged him, then started to move down the ladder.

“No offense, dude.” he added towards me as he moved down the ladder. “But one hug is enough.”

It was meant to be humorous, which I understand, but I still felt some sort of anger towards him. I don’t get why, he seemed like a perfectly nice guy, it was just… the hug, dammit. I wanted that to be me. I wanted May to hug me, I wanted to be special to her, I… I don’t know. It was hard to explain.

After he left, still in her bubble of giddiness, May danced over to me and gave me a big squeezing hug too. “And thanks, partner.” she told me as she hugged me. “This is going to be the best piece ever. He’s really going to like it.”

Trying to swallow my nervousness down, I added, “We make a great team.”

She let go of me and looked me in the eyes. “We do, don’t we?” she agreed with a smile on her face. We stood there in silence, not taking our eyes off of each other’s, before she added, “I guess we should get down the ladder. Not much to do up here, plus I bet Mr. Salvador doesn’t want us up here alone, huh?”

I’m sure that comment was innocent. Or joking. Or both, I bet it was both. She could never mean it like that, we were just friends.

She turned around and started to go down the ladder. I’m 90% sure it was my imagination, but I could swear I saw her bite her lip as she went down the ladder. I wasn’t even sure what I was seeing anymore. I peered down the ladder and there sat a naked May, looking up at me with that adorable smile, sitting Indian-style, playing with her pussy.

I shook my head to see May at the bottom of the ladder, smiling up patiently at me. Fully clothed. Yup, my imagination was definitely working against me.

As I descended the ladder, May’s smile was gone and her brow was furrowed in concentration. She looked absolutely adorable. There was no expression of hers that didn’t accent her adorable cuteness, and it was enough to make me want to grab her by the waist and kiss her right there.

“You okay?” I asked instead of doing just that.

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.” She replied. “I don’t think Friday alone is enough time to perfect what we have, we may need to spend some time out of school to get this just right.”

Oh god please, don’t say the morning. Please don’t say the morning. It’s true, I really liked May and would have done almost anything for her, plus I understand her desire for perfection, but I just couldn’t do mornings.

“How does Saturday sound?” she asked me. The first thing I felt at that suggestion was joy. I was getting a chance to hang out with May, of all people! My first crush! I was absolutely elated, and with my heart attempting to rise through my chest, I enthusiastically nodded.

Then it hit me. My parents don’t like driving, plus I was way too shy to ask them for rides, especially in this situation. They’d ask me where I was going, who I’d be visiting, then when they’d learn it was a girl, they’d just judge me, then remember that I was hanging with Nicole, twice by this point, and just judge me even more… Oh God.

Then it hit me… Again. Nicole. She was supportive enough of my crush on May to imitate her voice when she was blowing me, I bet she was supportive enough to drive me to her place too!

I pulled out my phone and asked May, as casually as I could, “What’s the address?”

Naturally, she gave me the address of somewhere close to school. It was a decent distance out of the way for Nicole on a Saturday, but it was about as far away as the school, so I texted her asking, with the address.

Banking on her saying yes, I tried to keep up my cool demeanor and said, “Cool. See you then.”

“…And tomorrow, silly.” she said, smiling.

“And tomorrow.’ I blushed. She giggled and bounced towards the stage, motioning me to join her. Just then, I felt a buzz in my pocket.

Sorry squirt, busy. Sucks to be you! read the message. My heart sank, and internally, I went into panic mode.

Oh my God, Nicole, I already told her I would!!! What am I going to do?! Now she’s going to be all disappointed in me!! I texted back, my fingers working up a flurry.

By this time, May walked back to me, slight concern on her face. “You okay, Adam? You look worried.”

I swallowed hard and looked up at her. “Yeah, it’s just… I can’t…” My phone buzzed in my hand again. I looked down to see another message from Nicole. Jeez, I can’t ever joke around with you, can I? I can totally drive you, ya dweeb.

I breathed a sigh of relief. God dammit, Nicole. I laughed internally, until May took me out of my trance.

“Can’t what, Adam?”

“I can’t…” I began, looking for a smooth way out. “I can’t wait to show this to Mr. Salvador. It’s going to knock his socks off.”

Booyeah. Hello, Doctor Smooth. As I came to realize, it wasn’t as smooth as I thought. The smile May gave me afterwards told me that she ‘knew’ it wasn’t that, and that I was hiding something from her, something which was distressing me. Well, she was half right, I suppose.

As I got ready to join her on stage and resume practice, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I brought it up to read another message from Nicole. Hey, you free on Friday? Oh boy, I thought to myself. More sex.

It’s actually kind of nice being wrong once in a while.


When Saturday rolled around, I got out of bed early, absolutely teeming with energy. I found out later she only wanted me there at 2pm, but still, I wanted to be ready. I wasn’t going to blow my chance with her. This was it. This was totally it. We were going to kiss today. We were going to have sex today. I was going to take her outside into the picturesque woods and declare my love for her.

…Okay, so I knew I wasn’t going to go that far, but my mind was still reeling excitedly with possibilities. May Stevens, alone together with me! I was as happy as a clam, and didn’t bother hiding it from Nicole when she came to pick me up.

“Holy crap, squirt, calm down.” She said, half-laughing when I jumped in the car.

“Let’s go let’s go let’s go!” I chanted, bouncing in my seat.

She gave me a look. “You’re cute when you’re pathetically smitten, you know that?” she asked me as we pulled out of my driveway and started driving to her place.

“Sorry I asked you to do this, I realize it’s out of your way.” I said sheepishly once I had calmed down. By that point, we were already on the road.

“Don’t worry about it. It would be kind of cute to see you two together.” she said, eyes forward.

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” I asked her. She kept her gaze on the road.

“I told you. I’m a no strings-”

“-attached, I know, but in the past. Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

She bit her lip. “Well, if you want me to be honest about it, yeah. Back when I was in grade 10. It was with this grade 12. He was an absolute asshole, but like I knew any better.”

“Are you okay now?” I asked, concerned.

She turned towards me with a sarcastic look before turning back to the road. “No, squirt. I’m dying. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think. Most people’s first romantic experiences end kinda ugly.”

I stayed silent, and she noticed. “Oh yeah. Spoiler alert.” She added. “Just don’t be the one to be an asshole to this kid. Alright?”

“I would never!” I fired back, insulted.

She smiled. “I know, but I feel like I gotta say it anyway.”

There was more silence before we spoke up again. “I’m guessing you lost your virginity to him?”

“Mm.” she answered, feigning disinterest. I realized I stepped into unwelcome territory.

“Sorry.” I said sheepishly.

“If you were sorry you wouldn’t pry.” she said sternly, yet with no anger on her face. She did well with concealing her more negative emotions, or so it seemed. Nevertheless, I felt really bad, and decided not to say anything until we got there.

“This the place?” She asked as we pulled up.

“I think so.” I answered as I undid my seatbelt. “Thanks, Nicole. I really appreciate it.”

She bent over to my seat and kissed my cheek. “My pleasure, squirt. Now don’t get sappy on me. Save it for her.” she winked and I smiled as I stepped out of the car.

As she drove away, Nicole rolled down her window and shouted, “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” I chuckled as I watched her speed away.

I rung the doorbell and almost instantly, May answered. “Hey there!” she said, smiling.

“Hey yourself!” I replied. “Ready to get to work?”

“Definitely!” she beamed, and headed downstairs. I assumed it was an indicator and followed her.

“So where are your parents?” I asked. After the incident with Nicole, I wanted to make sure I knew where the parents were at all times.

“They work weekends.” she answered. “They work a lot, and after I became a teenager they started working more. I don’t really see them that often, except around suppertime.” At the mention of suppertime, she adopted an embarrassed look and looked down at the floor. “Speaking of… I hate to be that girl, but is it possible you could leave by then? My parents are really strict, especially about boys. They don’t know you’re here, and they would never believe me if I said it was just for drama.”

From hanging out with Nicole so much, I didn’t have much of a filter left, and asked, “Why, do you have a history with boys?” in a playful manner.

She gave me a disappointed look. “No. I don’t.” she said simply.

All of the confidence in my voice melted away instantly. “Sorry.” was all I could say. I felt like an idiot. Two minutes in and I had already blown it. What else was I expecting?

“No worries.” she said, trying to shake off the negative emotion. “Anyways, let’s begin, huh?”

“Yeah, sure!” I said, glad to be off that topic. “Okay, so if I position my hands like this… There. Does that look like a better axe than the one we had on Friday?”


We worked for a solid 3 hours, before we decided to call it quits. By then, we had the whole piece committed to muscle memory, and trained our bodies to look like objects instead of characters. Mr. Salvador was definitely going to be impressed with us.

After we decided to call it quits, May exhaled and flopped down on the nearest couch. Too timid to do anything more bold, I just sat down on the floor. “I’m hungry.” she said after a few seconds. “Are you hungry?”

“Isn’t it suppertime soon?” I asked her, then realizing it meant I needed to go sooner.

“Not for an hour! C’mon. Want nachos?” She asked with a sweet smile. Damn, nachos?

“You bet!” I roared as I got up. She giggled and made an effort to get up, but then just crashed on the couch again.

“Aw, but this couch is so comfy.” she mock-complained, daring me to drag her off.

I called her bluff. “Comfiness can wait, you just offered Adam Watson nachos.” I told her, pulling her off the couch by her arm. She giggled as she was brought up, only to abruptly stop when I accidentally pulled her closer than I thought and we were suddenly intimately face-to-face. I could hear her breathing, and swore that she was breathing a bit heavier than normal.

“So, uh… nachos, huh?” she all but whispered. I nodded slightly. We lingered there for a few seconds after, then she broke away and walked upstairs. I followed, not daring to say a word.

I followed her into the kitchen, where she was putting some kind of cheese into the microwave. She then reached into a cabinet and pulled out a bag of nachos, popping the bag open.

“Want one?” she asked before diving into the bag herself and pulling out a few. I pulled out a few in turn. We sat down at the table and waited for the microwave to finish.

“Mind if I ask you a personal question?” I asked, not even knowing myself where I was going with this.

“I guess!” she shrugged.

“If you used to be overweight, how’d you end up looking like… that?!” I gestured towards her. “That’s a heck of a change.”

“I guess so.” She half-smiled. “When I was younger, I was a really bad eater. I only drank chocolate milk, ate a lot of sweets, didn’t really have a good diet. Mom and dad liked to baby me, so they didn’t stop it. Then around grade 3, people began teasing me, and… they really didn’t stop.”

She paused for effect, then continued. “Around grade 7, I decided I had enough. I stopped eating anything with sugar altogether, for a year. Even fruits. I drank water constantly, and started exercising, which was really difficult, but… It sounds weird, but I would have done anything to just get away from everyone being mean to me. I’ve said it over text before, but I didn’t have any friends, and you’re damn right I would have changed my body to stop that.”

That was the first time I heard her really swear, I thought as she continued. “Heck, I would have even moved to a different school to get away from it all.”

“Yeah, I know how you feel.” I said, not thinking.

“No, you really don’t.” May said defensively.

“Yes, I really do.” I shot back, a hint of anger in my voice. “I live in the next town over, and had to plead with my parents to go to our school instead. The reason I’m lonely, the reason I never had friends, is because I always got teased for being the shy, geeky, stupid socially awkward kid in class. I got bullied so much I stayed inside during recess. At least you could change your image. I got stuck never knowing what to say or how to say it, and I couldn’t get better. I just had to deal with it, that being me meant being a loser.”

May said nothing for the longest time, the hum of the microwave being the only sound in the room. After what seemed like forever, she slunk off her chair, walked over to me quietly, and embraced me in a meaningful hug. “I’m sorry.” she said, a sentiment that sounded like it took a great effort to say.

“It’s okay.” I replied, hugging her back. The hug felt tighter than our last one, with our bodies more pressed together. I could feel her heart beating through her chest, complimented by the sound and feel of her breathing. Slowly, the two of us turned our faces so that we were looking at each other, no words in our mouths but a million in our eyes. Still embracing, her eyes turned innocent yet determined as her face slowly got closer to me. I was nervous as hell, but swallowed down any chance of a panic attack as I followed suit, my face becoming closer to hers. I could feel the heat of her lips on mine as I realized how little space was between us.

DIIIIING! The timer on the microwave suddenly went off like an atomic bomb, and May and I pushed each other back instinctively. With a nervous cough breaking the silence, we became a mess of sounds.

“I.. uh…”

“The… you…”

“With the…”

“And… eugh..”

“Guh… ehrm… Microwave.”

“Right, the microwave.”

She slowly moved towards the microwave and retrieved the cheese. She put it on the kitchen table and we sat down and ate, making painfully awkward small talk all the way through. After we polished off the chips, the awkwardness was mostly gone, but we didn’t dare bring up what just happened for fear of recreating the awkward moment.

“Well, I think we’re all set for Monday. What about you?” May asked, stretching.

“I’m going to be nervous performing. Sometimes I get panic attacks.” I confessed.

“Don’t worry.” she said, giving me a reassuring smile. “We’ve practiced. It’s polished. It’ll all work out really good.”

“Really well.” I corrected her. She rolled her eyes and laughed.

A few seconds later, she looked at the clock and began to look down, the cogs turning in her head. I think Nicole was passing her mind-reading on to me.

“You want me to leave now, don’t you?” I asked her humorously.

“Oh Adam, it’s not like that.” she protested. “If it were up to me I’d want you to stay all night.”

“All night?” I repeated. She turned pink.

“You know what I mean.” she answered quietly. “But yeah, I’m sorry, but yeah. Thanks for making the trip, I think this practice was really worth it. I just don’t want to get in trouble. Sorry!” She dragged out the ‘sorry’ to make it sound like it had seven extra ‘y’s.

“I understand, it’s okay.” I said, moving in for a hug yet doubting myself. She seemed hesitant too, and we shared the most awkward goodbye hug in existence.

“See you on Monday!” She called out after me as I opened the door.

“Unless I text you first.” I smiled and held up my phone.

“Yeah, do that.” she smiled. I exited and shut the door behind me. Oh, right, text. I probably should have texted Nicole. Now I had to wait because she had no idea I was fini- Oh.

There she was. Leaning on her car, waiting for me, eating a green apple for goodness sakes. When she saw me, she barely acknowledged me. “Yo.”

I sputtered. I stammered. I stumbled. “Were you here the whole time?!” I asked her.

“Nope, I got here about five minutes ago, squirt.” She replied, calm as the ocean on a sunny windless Tuesday.

“Then how did you know that I would be leaving her house and you’d need to pick me up at this time?!” I asked her, before quickly adding, “Wait, let me guess. Grade eleven.”

“God, you take all the fun out of it.” she complained as she chucked the apple core into May’s family’s garden. “C’mon, let’s make like a stoner and blow this joint.”

I chuckled. “Was that one original?” I asked as I stepped into the car.

“I wish.” she replied as she started the car.

“Hey, I never really asked – do you smoke?”

“Me?” she asked. “Nah – my mind is fucked up enough as it is. You can smoke all you want but I’m not about that kind of thing.”

“That’s fair.” I answered. “I don’t.”

“I didn’t ask.” she told me.

“But you were thinking about it.” I replied.

She smiled slightly. “So how was the da-”

“OH MY GOD. I came so close, SO CLOSE to kissing her.” I started to rant.

She laughed out loud. “So she blueballed ya.”

“Not quite. Her microwave did.”

She thought about my answer. “Huh. Never heard that one before. Is there a story to that?”

There definitely was, and the more of it I told her, the wider her smile got.

“Ooh, so close, hotshot!” She said, half mocking me, half sympathizing. “Well hey, if she blueballed you like that and you’re pent up, I don’t have plans…” she trailed off.

“Are you just constantly horny?” I asked her.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out. Again and again and again.” she laughed at herself. “Now text your folks. It’s about 5:30. What do you say we spend some quality friend-to-friend time ’til about… eight?”

“Will your parents be home?” I asked her.

“Absolutely.” She said with confidence.

I sighed and chuckled at once. “Fine.” I told her. She cheered, and started rubbing my thigh as she drove. But my mind wasn’t on her, frankly. My mind was fixated on May.


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2 thoughts on “Being More Social – Chapter 3

  1. I nearly hate Nicole for ( hopefully just almost and temporarily) spoiling Adam for nice early romantic relationships ( btw if Nicole is 16 at G 11, he could be at G 9 just 14 and Nicole acting ilegally with an underage ). And I feel similarly about Adam for not adhering to concepts of fidelity and dedication to May. But I may be biased, being a European, not understanding the oversea concept of separation of sex and love.

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    1. Where I live, there are laws known as “Romeo and Juliet laws” that protect high schoolers of certain ages in consensual relationships. Your age guesses are correct but their relationship is not illegal. Just wanted to include that for the record.


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