Chasing Faith

It was too dark outside to see anything. All you could do was hear. The footsteps, the heavy breathing, the panic as the duo ran for their lives. Darkness was preferred – light meant flashlights, and that meant that the very people they were running from were catching up to them. They knew not where they were running to, just who and what they were running from.

After too long a time spent making their lungs bleed and legs beg for death, the pair saw no flashlight and heard no voice. Without a word needed, they slowed their pace, and eventually came to a stop, praising their lucky stars they were around each other.

They wanted absolute quiet so that they could listen to see if they were still followed by a stealthy stalker, but their breathing overshadowed their attempt to scan the surrounding darkness for an auditory clue. In the darkness, they could barely make out each other’s faces.

Chase was the first to be able to speak, after a long time spent breathing. “I need to sit down.”

Faith, still unable to talk, simply nodded, and the two collapsed where they were. Chase fell onto the ground and lay down, while Faith sat herself up against a tree.

“Do… you think… we could just… stay here for the night?” Faith panted.

No.” Chase sat up, running his hand along the ground. “We must press on and find a safer place before we sleep.” His hand came up from the grass and he rubbed his fingers together. “The grass is short. Cut. It’s being maintained by people. Wherever we are right now, it’s not somewhere people can’t reach.”

Faith was finally able to stop panting. Instead she let out a groan. “Fuck,” she muttered. “Okay. Just, please give me a few minutes first.”

“A few minutes,” Chase repeated. He looked in both directions, attempting to see something, anything in the darkness that would give him any more information than he had. “Do you know how long we were running? I think I might know the direction.”

“I wasn’t exactly counting the seconds, no,” Faith told him, half sternly, half playfully. “I was too busy running for my damn life.”

“I was there too, I can recall,” Chase replied flatly, still looking off.

“They were going to kill us,” Faith softly said aloud, mournfully.

“They still could,” Chase replied. “Especially if we keep talking and stop moving.”

Faith sighed. “Yeah,” she mumbled. She stood up, and tapped Chase’s shoulder to get him to follow suit. Wordlessly, the pair got up and scanned their surroundings for a few more seconds before Chase pointed in a direction and the two began to walk again.

Their first hour of walking was silent, until Chase piped up. 

“Are you feeling well?”

Faith chuckled sadly. “No worse than usual,” she told him. “I thought we would make progress by now.”

“We’re two individuals running from an organized system hell-bent on preventing individuals from running from it,” he replied. “Us… existing, that’s progress, and every day we remain here and alive is progress more.”

“Poet,” Faith teased him. She had always accused him of ‘talking more like a poet than a human being,’ and for some reason being called a poet was one of the few things that actually got under Chase’s skin, so of course she was sure to call him one often.

He shot her a look as they continued walking. She saw his expression and playfully mirrored it. At this point the sun was rising and the two could see decently around them, though they had no actual idea what time it was. They couldn’t risk wearing watches, in case they had something trackable inside them. At this point, time was an irrelevant concept anyway. ‘Man invented time, and what was left of man took time away from us,’ or so Chase had said.

“There’s a house up ahead,” Faith pointed out a few minutes later. “We could rest somewhere inconspicuous near there.” 

“That brings us closer to people that could turn us in,” Chase rebutted with a stern expression. 

Faith shook her head. “The authorities will be looking in places like fields and caves for us. They know we’re on the run now. They’re not going to check every single home, as long as we’re smart about it.”

“That sounds like we’re gambling on knowing the intentions of the enemy.” Chase replied, and Faith shrugged and smiled slightly, not arguing with that point at all. With a huff, Chase silently agreed, and the two scouted the rural property, finding the most dusty, untouched and unseen area outside the house to turn in for a quick rest. 

As luck would have it, the house belonged to what looked like some former hoarders – there was a barn on the property, one that had a room so dusty and overrun that it was clear no human had been there in years. As stealthily as possible, the pair made themselves at home inside, accompanied by the morning light coming in through the dusty, warped window.

Faith stared out the window, glancing at the countryside, the morning sunlight hitting her face. The sunlight made her Native American skin glow, at least to Chase. He knew that a mild-to-moderate manmade apocalypse wasn’t the time to develop feelings for anyone, but he couldn’t help what he felt for his fellow survivor. He put on a tough facade for her, but he knew that his heart jumped every moment her brown, bold, vivacious eyes rested on his. Every time her smile, blessed with a slight overbite showing her beautiful teeth with the slightest parting of her lips, showed the world its presence. The way her eyelids relaxed when she was truly content. Her freckles, each one representing another point on a list of reasons she should be adored. It would be irresponsible of him to show it, but she truly was his sunlight.

He knew he couldn’t compare, but genetics hadn’t exactly been unkind to him either. While his black hair had gotten a bit shaggier than his usual modest look given his last haircut was a while ago, it still framed his face well, and complemented his hazel eyes, the kind with a light brown that made people stop and stare at them. 

He found himself wishing, from time to time, that Faith would be one of those people to stare into them, for her to be like one of those girls from back home that fell in love with him purely due to his eyes. He’d take a shallow love over an unrequited one, any day, had their situation only been different. 

He was staring at her again. He shook his head and cleared his thoughts as her gaze turned away from the morning sun. “I used to love sunrises,” Faith mumbled, almost to herself.

“You can still love them,” Chase pointed out. “Perhaps now more than ever. Loving what we love and allowing our humanity to shine is perhaps what separates us from them.”


“I’m just saying…” Chase followed up with an exasperated sigh. He looked around the room. “We should be able to sleep there behind the table. Even if someone were to come in, they’d have to be actively looking for us to notice.”

“Which they could do.” Faith replied uneasily. “Do you really think these guys don’t have access to heat-seeking satellites or something?”

“I wouldn’t want to overestimate just how much of a nuisance we are to them,” Chase replied, the two of them making themselves comfortable on the ground. “Besides, if they decided to resort to that, they would have used them already.”

The two shed their outer clothing, used to being in a modest amount of clothing around each other. They used their clothes as bedding when they could. Any comfort was a welcome one to them, given the situations they found themselves in.

“What do you think they are prepared to do?” Faith suddenly asked.

“How do you mean?” Chase asked, staring up at the ceiling.

“The men last night… I’m ninety-nine percent sure they had guns,” Faith replied. 

“If they did, they would have used them. Same point I made earlier.” Chase shifted to look at Faith. “Are you scared?”

Faith scowled and laughed at Chase. “Am I scared? Bit fucking late to ask that, I’ve been scared for weeks. Now I’m just… numb.”

“Sounds like you’re not scared then.” Chase shifted back to look at the ceiling. He felt a bit bad being so callous towards her, but he was doing what he could to make sure ‘callous’ was the only impression she got from him.

“Y’know, for a poet, you’re really unemotional,” Faith told him, huffing.

“I’m not planning to publish my anthology anytime soon,” Chase simply replied.

Faith chuckled. “Yeah,” she mumbled. Silence filled the air. “If I’m bothering you or something, we could always go our separate ways.”

“What?! No!” Chase sat up. “We’re safer together. We don’t know who the hell else we can trust, we – there’s no way of telling who else could be on our side, or if anyone else is on our side in the first place!”

Faith gave a cocky smile. “Hey look, emotion,” she teased. “See? It’s not that hard to care.”

Chase said nothing for a bit. Eventually, he got up and walked over to the other side of the room, facing away from her and folding his arms.

Faith chuckled awkwardly. “I mean,,, really?” she asked clumsily. “I’m just saying, a-”

“I know what you’re saying,” Chase replied seriously, without looking at her.

Faith swallowed nervously. “You know, I was kidding, but this is kind of convincing me maybe we should go our-”

“I’m not upset.”

“Well, in traditional Chase fashion, it’s hard for me to read your feelings,” she replied softly. She got up and followed him, walking past him and looking him in the face, folding her arms to mimic him. “I can look after myself, you know.”

“Both of us are better off being assisted by the other.”

“Yeah, but…” Faith stared him in the eyes for a bit.

“I’m listening.” Chase replied.

Eventually, her soft expression turned into another scowl. “God, you really do have to be this hard-hearted stiff,” she scoffed. “You know, you don’t have to be an emotionless field marshall robot just to convince me you’re reliable. You could also act like a freaking human being from time to time.”

“I’m scared of guns too, is that what you wanted to hear?” he asked her, unfolding his arms.

“No! Believe it or not, no. I want to hear how you took a drama class or cried when your first pet fish died or some kind of proof you’re more human than the ones we’re trying to avoid.”

“We can’t possibly speculate on the humanity of-”

“Oh, shut up, poet.” Faith shot him a death glare and paced around him. “Do you think this is a video game stealth op mission? What could possibly be the reason for hiding your emotions in front of me? What do you gain from being seen as this emotionless cold war-torn man? Does it make this any easier? Does it give you pleasure? What?”

“Faith, where the hell is this coming from?”

Faith was trying to remain cool, but clearly something was going on below the surface. Whether it was something hidden in her words or a hatred of confrontation, Chase could see the beginnings of tears in her eyes. “It’s just… it’s just weird, you know? We’re supposed to be partners and it feels like you’re becoming more emotionless every day. So maybe I try to talk about more emotional stuff, and you just clam up, more and more. And how can we trust each other with our lives if we can’t trust each other with our feelings? Fuck, Chase… you don’t… god dammit…” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “I know it’s silly, and you’re gonna call it hysterics from our situation or something, but I swear, you don’t even look me in the eyes anymore…”

Faith was stopping to hide her tears at this point. Even Chase let emotion cloud his face. “Faith…”

“Just… tell me I’m imagining it. Tell me you… still care. We’re only getting to sleep by breaking and entering. We’re running for our lives and calling it a Tuesday. If we’re running together, I can’t run alongside someone who doesn’t care.”

“It looks like this is hitting you harder than-”

“Yes! Guilty!” Faith cried out in desperation. “What, are you the only one allowed to hide your feelings? I haven’t been okay in a long while, Chase! I’m not okay! I just want this to stop.”

Faith rubbed her arm along her eyes a few times. “Could I get a hug?”

“Absolutely.” Chase awkwardly held his arms out, and Faith eagerly entered them, the two sharing a soft, quiet hug, the only sounds that of Faith’s muffled sobbing. “I understand how you feel. It’s okay.”

“No you don’t,” Faith said in between sobs. “You’re a rock, I’m a puddle.” She sobbed some more. “How’s that for poetry?” she mumbled into his chest.

“You assume having an outburst like this is the only way of mishandling your emotions,” Chase said, feeling Faith’s warmth on him. He’d been doing well at avoiding her before this, but he realized only now he was doing too good of a job. She had felt neglected, and it was all his fault. His attempt to remain without emotional compromise and emotionally compromised her.

Chase could feel his emotionless facade melt away as the woman he was infatuated with held him tightly, and lifted her head to look him in the eyes. Her bold brown eyes met his, albeit with a layer of tears shielding hers. “What do you mean?” she timidly asked him.

Even her scent brought Chase closer to her, closer to heaven, than he felt comfortable being. He felt like his closeness to his sunlight was burning him – the same feeling that made him look away or respond with ice whenever he felt any kind of connection with her. But that kind of choice caused his sunlight pain, and he’d be damned if he was to be the raincloud that vanquished his own beloved sunlight from his earth. “I-”

“Is someone there?” an innocent voice called out to the barn from outside. The two immediately broke off the hug and made a mad dash for their clothes, too scared to even speak. Not long after they hastily got their clothes on, the door opened and a pudgy blank-faced man stared into the room. “What’s going on here?” he asked flatly. 

Faith wasted no time. She grabbed a wooden pole positioned against the wall and broke the window, trying to get as much of the glass as possible. Chase followed her lead only a second after, grabbing an axe and doing away with the wooden grill of the window. The man could only watch in bewilderment as the two madly destroyed the window and jumped out of it, with Chase going first and then helping Faith through it after.

“Which direction?” she asked frantically as soon as she was through.

“This direction. Move!” Chase pointed and the two began running, the man left behind no doubt calling the authorities by now. Faith couldn’t help but start to cry again as she ran, her emotions overwhelmed at this point. Chase dared not look at her, knowing that watching his sunlight cry too much more would push him to his own breaking point, a point he had been barricading to avoid and did not want to meet anytime soon. 

The barn, and any sign of civilization, was out of sight by the time they stopped running again. “I’m gonna vomit,” Faith panted. “We can’t keep running like this.” She braced herself against the nearest tree as Chase collapsed to the ground, unable to say anything.

“Are we safe here, do you think?” Faith asked.

“Who cares?” Chase found himself saying. An hour or so ago he wouldn’t have expected himself to say something like that, but given the circumstances, he gave himself permission to break.

Chase didn’t say much after that point. Time passed as it always did, and Faith disappeared once or twice to scrounge for any local flora that could be edible. Even if she found anything, Chase refused to eat.

“Not eating makes you a liability,” Faith insisted, showing her spoils in his face.

“I’m thinking,” Chase replied, turning his head away. Faith wanted to make a rebuttal to that, but thought better of it and turned her hand away.

After a while she opened up her mouth again. “Speaking of ‘thinking,’ what’s the game plan here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are we aiming to just avoid these agents forever, or are we waiting for a specific moment when they give up the chase? Are we looking to integrate back into society, if there even is one, or is this just Zombie Movie rules?”

“Zombie movie rules..?”

“You know, they run from the zombies whenever zombies are around. In Dawn of the Dead – the remake – I think they escape to try to get to some island, because I guess zombies can’t swim, or drive boats.” Faith looked down thoughtfully. “I guess at least some of these agents might have boating licenses. I mean, if we have a big enough target on our heads, they might even send helicopters. You know, the ones with the big searchlights.” She put her hands in front of her mouth to distort her voice. “Do not move. You are under arrest.”

Chase didn’t reply and turned away. “Well, at least I think I’m funny,” Faith mumbled to herself.

“You’re funny, Faith,” Chase grumbled. “I’m just thinking. I don’t think I have an answer.”

“An answer to what?” Faith asked, blank-faced.

“…Your question?”

“My question? Wha- oh, right. So I guess it’s Zombie Movie rules until told otherwise, huh?”

“We can’t be the only dissenters. If we travel enough, we might find other people resisting the change,” Chase thoughtfully pointed out.

“Oh, no way,” Faith instinctively replied. “If we’re talking about zombie movies, I know it’s a show, but ever seen The Walking Dead? More people means more opportunities to be betrayed, plus we know it’s not the white good-looking guy that’s gonna be stabbed in the back first by the new stranger to our posse.”

Chase slowly turned to look at her, a smile creeping across his face. “‘Good-looking’?” he asked amusedly.

Faith opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her mouth shut as her face got redder. In her flattest voice, she announced, “I am… gonna go look for more things to eat. Byyyyye!” With that, she took off and ran into the woods.

On the outside, Chase was still the calm one, still by choice. On the inside, his heart was probably racing as fast as hers. That was clearly something she hadn’t meant to say, he reasoned to himself. Or maybe it was and she was hinting at him? 

She took longer than usual to return, especially given the little amount of food she came back with (not to mention Chase, the pickiest eater he knew before The Event happened, would question everything she claimed to bring as ‘food’). It was pretty clear she didn’t take so long because she was busy finding food. When she sat back down she did everything she could to avoid eye contact with him, from studying the food to looking up at the sky to scratching the back of her neck to even playing, ‘Hey, what’s that over there?’

Chase, however, was not being so modest. If she was looking at him less, he was looking at her more. Way more. Was this what it was like when he avoided eye contact with her? Was this how it felt? More importantly, was she avoiding eye contact with him for the same reason…?

Well, if this was the effect he had on her, he could understand her snapping, especially given this was only a couple of minutes as opposed to him… probably since he found her attractive, which, go figure, was a fair bit longer than a few minutes. 

Internally, he worked up the courage to go forward and actually address her, before sighing confidently. “So, are we going to talk about it or not?”

“Huh?” Faith snapped to attention as if she’d forgotten he was there. “Talk about what?”

“You call me good-looking, seemingly by accident, then when I make a remark about it, you leave, claiming for an unrelated reason. When you come back, you do everything you can to prevent yourself from looking at me.”

“So?” Faith immediately retorted. “Didn’t we just have a conversation about how you don’t look me in the eye? Maybe now you know what it’s like.”

“We did, and I just want to hear why you’re avoiding eye contact with me, since I know my own reason why I avoided it with you.” Chase replied, his expression even. 

“You know, I didn’t catch that reason.” Faith told him with an untrusting face. 

Chase shrugged. “That would be because I never gave it to you,” he flatly replied. “But if you want it, so be it. I’ve been avoiding telling you this for a while now because I was worried that it would complicate things – though clearly we’re beyond that…” Chase’s eyes wandered away from Faith’s waiting face. As much as he wanted to be the mature one and talk about these things openly, he found himself too embarrassed to look into her eyes. “I’ve found that I’ve been catching feelings for you. I didn’t want to make things weird for you so out of your own best interest I’ve been keeping quiet and not letting it show, evidently a little too well. There. I said it.”

After a few seconds of silence, he gingerly panned his head back to view Faith, who was intently looking into his eyes and slowly shaking her head, a small smile on her face.

“You know, you’re a real dumbass,” she told him.

“Yeah,” he practically breathed, unable to get a read on her. 

“I’m not a little girl, you know. I can process and react to these feelings myself.”

Chase made a fumbling motion with his hands. “I just… didn’t want to foist such a situation on you in the first place. I wanted to make things as comfortable for you as possible.”

Faith nodded. “Well, thank you for telling me.”

“You’re welcome. So, it’s your turn to tell me why you were avoiding eye contact with me just now.”

Faith chuckled, still smiling. “What, you think it was the same situation?”

“I don’t know what situation it was. That’s why I’m asking.”

Faith chuckled again and bit her lip. “Hey Chase?”

“Yeah?” Chase’s heart was beating louder and louder in his chest.

“Can I kiss you?” Faith asked, her own nervousness evident in the smile on her face.

Chase found himself audibly panting. “Um, I mean… yes, of c- yes, you can.”

Faith shifted herself over beside Chase and planted her lips on his, hesitantly and nervously at first. As Chase kissed back, Faith shifted more and more of her weight on him. Before he knew it, Faith was on top of him, the two of them kissing in the grass like giddy schoolkids. 

Chase’s heart soared and flew above them in a victory dance that would shock and impress any such God that looked upon them. Faith’s lips were every bit as enticing as he’d hoped they’d feel. Even better than they looked. He could feel her heat radiating off of her as her kisses get more manic, more eager, more passionate for him. After they broke off their first kiss, she lazily opened her eyes to look into his. That look, that wanting smitten look, it was better than anything he could have hoped. The way she looked into his eyes would have brought shame to any of the high school girls that looked into them from back home. They couldn’t have even hoped to compare with Faith’s gaze. 

Not another word escaped the pair before they found themselves locking lips again, this time with even more passion from both sides. Faith’s tongue made the first move as she, true to her style, boldly and eagerly probed Chase’s mouth, which of course he gladly let her enter. Faith seemingly couldn’t control her movements – as her passion ramped up, her hands passionately, almost desperately grabbed bunches of Chase’s hair, and she began to squirm while on top of his body, at first seemingly positioning herself for comfort, though before long it was evident to Chase that she was grinding her pelvis against him, wanting him badly.

The duo eventually broke their mouths off of each other and spent the next few seconds looking each other in the eye, the who-knows-how-long period of sexual tension evaporating between them. “So… it’s safe to say you felt the same way…?” Chase clumsily started.

Faith laughed and nuzzled into his neck, giving it a kiss. “Oh my god, you fucking dumbass,” she laughed. “You should have said something as soon as you knew. Do you know how painful it was to spend all day with you, to sleep next to you, to watch you exercise-”

“You watched me e-”

“-just thinking, ‘he doesn’t feel the same way’? After all, this guy was Chase, he would have said something. He always has something to say, and if he doesn’t say anything about you, that must speak for itself.” She laughed again and looked him up and down, still on top of him. “You’re lucky you’re facing me this way. If you were facing the ground, I would spank you right now. We have so much time to make up for.”

“Why would I be facing the gr-”

“Shut up, poet.” Faith giddily fired back and locked lips with him, unashamedly grinding against him for all her worth, feeling his now-erect manhood rub back against her. Despite being connected at the mouth to her, Chase could feel Faith’s breathing and heartbeat quickening from the movements of her chest, the panting and sighing coming out of her nose, and even her shoulders moving in rapture, losing herself to the pleasure she was getting from – evidently finally – getting to make out with him. That said, he had to admit if he was on top of her, he doubted if she wouldn’t feel the exact same heavy breathing. This was seemingly both of their dreams come to life.

When they broke off their next kiss, Faith gave him a dozen little kisses on his face, and then told him breathlessly, “I want to go further. Is that okay?”

Chase was taken slightly aback, despite everything that had happened. “Are you sure? We only just-”

“I know. I just… I want this, so bad. Unless you’re uncomfortable with…?”

“No no, I’m, um, I’m fine. If you want it.” Chase nervously replied. “But, like, further how?”

Faith replied by starting to take her shirt off, still pinning him to the ground. Once she worked it over her head and tossed it to the side, she shyly held up her bra-covered breasts. “Would you like to see these? I know some guys don’t like tits and like asses instead…”

“I feel like that’s a false dichotomy. I can’t imagine why liking one means one has to like the other le-”

“Would you like to see my boobs, Chase?” she interrupted him with one eyebrow lowered.

Chase couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “Yes, I would,” he answered. 

“There we go,” she laughed with him. She straightened her back and reached behind her, fiddling with the latch as she bit her lip and didn’t dare break eye contact with Chase. Eventually, her bra fell and her beautiful breasts bounced into view.

Her proportions were just perfect. Her nipples, slightly larger than average, looked beautiful and inviting, each one clearly erect from her arousal. Chase would admit that rationally the urge to suck on human nipples made no sense, and yet here he was, staring her breasts down, both of them beautifully shaped globes of flesh, and he found himself saddled with the insatiable desire to take one of those into his mouth and do whatever he could to make Faith moan and squirm.

So that’s exactly what he did. Mere moments later he found himself to be the one on top of her, Faith’s hand grasping at the back of his head as he took one of her perfect nipples into his mouth and learned, trial-by-fire style, how to use his tongue to please a woman. Not just any woman, but the woman who had been on his mind all the time, the one woman he couldn’t believe he had the chance to grind on and please, Faith.

She was squirming and moaning just how he had hoped, her back practically arching in encouragement. Occasionally she would moan something, like a ‘yes, Chase,’ or ‘just like that,’ or ‘harder,’ and of course, he would take into account every little thing she said and use that to his fullest advantage.

Eventually, Faith couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck it, Chase, I’ve wanted this for too long,” she breathed. “You’d better tell me right now if you’re not ready to be inside me, because that’s where we’re going, and that’s what I want.”

Chase took his mouth off of her nipple, still grinding on her. “That’s what you want? Are you sure?” he asked, his own voice husky.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” she breathed back. “I’m having the clearest thoughts in the world right now, and I need you, badly.”

“What about protection? I don’t have a-”

“Chase, I don’t care.” Faith replied desperately. “We might never get our hands on protection. Right now I just want your hands on me. Do you care?”

“No, I don’t care,” Chase admitted. He slid off of Faith and stood up, taking off his shirt and pants. Easy peasy, given this was nothing new to Faith. It was what would come off next that would set a course for their relationship being different forever. Everything up until now could be laughed off if need be – him being inside her would be the true next step in their life.

And he couldn’t wait for it. Feeling nervous for the last time in a while, he lowered his underwear to the ground and kicked it off. Faith, now standing up, mumbled, “Wow,” as she herself stripped her pants and underwear. 

“Hope I’m not underdressed,” he kidded to cut the silence. Faith was still looking at his erect cock, hopefully mesmerized.

“I love it,” she mumbled to herself. Chase was relieved – before The Event, he had heard his more preppy macho friends talk about how girls preferred cut cocks to uncut, and while he always passed that off as weird dudes being weird dudes, he had always felt that little voice in the back of his head, insisting him it was true and he was inadequate or something.

He found himself speaking before thinking, possibly out of that lack of confidence. “It’s okay that it’s uncut?” he asked.

Faith gave him a weird look. “Why would that matter?” she asked him rhetorically. “It really just comes down to aesthetics. And to be honest, I kinda prefer them unut myself.”

“Cool.” he found himself breathing.

Faith shook her head. “You’re so silly,” she commented lightly, striding over to him. She too was fully naked now and her slit looked visibly wet, as well as absolutely inviting. Chase felt it rub against his cock as she pulled him into a standing kiss, their bodies shamelessly touching together and feeling each other’s soft warmth. 

Their tongues wrestled while their hands lovingly explored each other’s bodies for a while longer, before the two broke the kiss, at the same time, looking into each other’s eyes. They both knew what they wanted, and they were ready. 

“So who should..?” Chase motioned to the ground. Smiling, Faith pointed at him, and Chase nodded, strangely not feeling nervous. He thought he would feel nervous when the big moment like this came, but instead, he felt… oddly content. Like this was the right thing to happen. 

Chase lay down on the ground and Faith positioned herself on top of him, squatting down and rubbing her slit on his cock. At first contact the teasing and temptation made her visibly jolt slightly. “Fuck,” she muttered as her eyes went back slightly. “Oh my God Chase, I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.”

“Me neither.” Chase mumbled back, panting himself as she continued to rub herself against him. After they both felt ready, Faith spit into her hand, grabbed his cock in her wet hand and slowly covered his shaft in her saliva, looking at Chase, nodding at him. He nodded back and with another bite of her lip, Faith eased Chase’s cock into her waiting pussy, taking a generous amount of time to acclimatize to his size and sinking down onto his pole, occasionally bobbing back up and then down further to help coerce him inside, shivering when, at long last, Chase was fully inside her. 

“Oh my god, my sunlight, I’m so happy,” Chase found himself saying without realizing. 

Faith, on the other hand, was just beaming at him, content to stare at him; his face, his eyes, every emotion on his face. She practically worshipped this moment in her mind, realizing it was everything she had wanted for a long while, and while she wanted to ride him traditional cowgirl style, she couldn’t resist leaning down on top of him, squishing her boobs into his chest and covering his face in kisses as she lifted up her hips over and over, slamming her hips down on top of his and wanting more with every writhe.

The angle was a bit awkward at first and Chase had to give out one or two cries of pain in order to get a good angle but before long Faith was meeting his hips with hers and his cock was sliding into her over and over, their bodies meeting in the most intimate way. Faith could feel every inch fill her as her pussy became wetter and hungrier than she could ever remember it being. The two of them felt so right with each other, so satisfied, and yet, never stopping their hunger, wanting more.

Faith had worked the two into a rhythm and was bouncing herself on Chase’s pole, alternating between kissing his lips off, moaning towards the heavens and diving into his neck, giving him marks that were sure to last. Chase himself was utterly overwhelmed, his emotions going into overdrive as the subject of his adoration mounted and rode him like a wild animal in heat.

Faith kept up her rhythm, riding him as if her life depended on it, kissing him, accepting any kisses he had in return, and making the stimulation between the pair reach an eleven out of ten. Occasionally during her rhythm she would evidently hit the right spot and groan through gritted teeth, grabbing Chase’s hair with both hands and forcefully grind her crotch against his, grunting over and over as she rode out her high moments while impaled on him. 

“Chase, oh fuck, oh my – oh Chase…” she moaned, the agony and the ecstasy of their carnal act painted on her face. Chase could feel the pressure build up within himself, his grip on reality loosening as his mind became clouded with one thought – ‘I need to cum inside Faith.’ Not ‘I’m going to,’ not, ‘should I,’ ‘I need to.’

Of course, that didn’t override consent. “I-I think I’m going to c-cum inside you soon.” Chase barely blurted out, his poet persona evidently evaporating when he was in a flustered state.

“Fuck yes, good.” Faith panted like an animal. “Do it. Shoot your load inside me. I could fucking die, I don’t care. I just want this, I want it so bad.” Faith moaned out of control. Chase joined her in the moaning as the two, having their first orgasm in far too long, approached their climax together. It was as if the heavens themselves understood their situation and their long-delayed coupling with one another and allowed them their simultaneous moment in pleasure.

Chase cried out first, unable to see anything but stars and the Sunlight before him, his rod erupting with passion and lust for, as far as he was concerned, the only girl in the world to him. Faith joined him in moaning, no doubt able to feel Chase’s load gushing into her, filling her in the way she had secretly wanted and fantasized about for too long, her dream finally coming true as Chase’s spunk filled and satisfied her. The two collapsed to a heap on the ground, resting, panting and feeling the afterglow of being closer than they’d ever dreamed of being to each other. 

As the pair came to, there were no words, nor any thoughts of regret. At first, a small chuckle, then it grew. It grew and grew until it became a full-fledged laugh that the duo shared heartily, abruptly cut off by a passionate, tender yet animalistic kiss, one that lasted for well longer than most kisses last, with both of them loving every second of it.

After that moment, everything had changed in a good way for the duo. Their nights together were, instead of a brief reprieve from the chaos of their daily life, the reason they went through their daily life. Every morning was met with a kiss, and almost every night was met with a wild passionate round of their bodies meeting together, sometimes for the second or third time that day. Both of them found the other insatiable, which was surprising, as neither one thought before they had truly met the other that they had an above-average sex drive – and yet, even when they weren’t going at it, they couldn’t stop themselves of dreaming of the other, running over new scenarios and kinks in their minds, eagerly waiting for the sun to go down so they could make camp and fuck like the horny animals they were. Sometimes they couldn’t even wait for sundown, or to find a proper place, and whoever was hornier at the time would mount the other and do everything they could to please their partner until the two ended up sweaty, panting, still wanting more but physically unable to move, so happy with what they’d done and who they’d done it with. 

Eye contact was, needless to say, not avoided anymore. Every time the pair ran for their lives, they did it knowing what they were running for, not just what they were running from. Sometimes they liked to run just for the hell of it, hand in hand, knowing that they didn’t need ‘zombie movie rules’ or a clear societal structure to know they had a future ahead of themselves, together. 


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