Consequences – Chapter 6

There was no polite way to say this: Sabrina was kind of dense. For the next twenty minutes or so, she kept peppering me with questions that seemed to come out of nowhere, questions I thought she’d know the answer to.

Wait, wat do u mean ‘emotional or just sexual’

Which 1 did u expect me to want

An open relaatinship means u still only hav 1 gf, rite?

yea, so u just want us to kiss n stuff, rite?

Haha, ull have to find out what ‘stuff’ means ;)))

yea, I no 🙂 

Well, at least it seemed like a bullet dodged. She and I were on the same page. It took Nicole a long time to come back – long enough for Sabrina and myself to have the full conversation – but at least she came back with food.

“Knock knock!” she called from the hallway, approaching the room. “Are you decent? Reality’s arrived and she brought steamed veggies.”

“Of course I’m decent, you were still here when I got dressed,” I replied, watching her saunter in. “…’Decent’ means clothed, right?”

“You only dressed yourself after I left, dude,” she argued back. “And yeah, it does. I dunno, maybe you started sexting with Sab and starting JO’ing. I’m not your boss.”

“You… literally are,” I countered, taking my plate and starting to eat.

She smiled and took a bite, which led to a few of us eating without saying anything, though she had this serious look on her face as we ate. Once I finished, I finally decided to prod. “Something up?”

She was taken out of her concentration and looked at me. “Mm? Uh…” She mulled something over. “Yeah, actually. Why not? Is now a good time for a serious chat?”

“God dammit,” I bitterly and instinctively replied. “What did I do now?”

She chuckled. “Nothing! You didn’t do anything. I just… had an idea.”

“Okay…” I replied slowly and cautiously. 

“So, I was thinking that I’m, uh… not going to sleep with other guys for a while. I mean, I’m already not, by, uh, happenstance, but I’m gonna continue that way, at least for a bit.”

“Oh.” It was all I could think to say. I was really worried that Nicole was going to complicate things further or blame me for something. This was a nice surprise. “So, what, you want us to go solo? I can message Sabrina and-”

“Nope, nah. Have fun. Genuinely.” She saw my look and amped up her tone. “No, I mean it. Keep it going. If you cut her off now that’s probably gonna be Mixed Signal City, and you already ride the Drama-bus enough. Besides, it’s cute. I kinda like hearing about what’s going on there.”


“Naaah, it’s more like it’s a neat TV show, and I get to catch up on a rainy day or something.” She put her plate down on the floor and put both feet on the bed, hugging her arms around her legs. “It’s fun.”

I snorted. “‘Oh, don’t worry Adam, I’m not a voyeur, I just see people like playthings, like a sociopath,’” I mocked her.

“Yeah, there we go,” she agreed nonchalantly, and we both laughed.

“But… isn’t that going to make you uncomfortable? Like, not the Sabrina thing, the ‘not getting to be with other guys’ thing. I don’t even know if I would want to be with other g-”

“You dooo,” she sang. “I mean, if you don’t, then just don’t go for it, but don’t just decide that now, it’s weird.”

I waited. “So…?”

“So…?” she mirrored.

“Wouldn’t being monogamous with me make you uncomf-”

“Right,” she remembered with a nod. “Um, maybe? Maybe a bit. But…” She started playing with her fingers. “But I’ve clearly been hurting you a lot lately. I’ve been skewing shit a lot towards me, and it’s kinda clear that I’m…” She unclasped her arms and spun around, looking at the wall. “…Strugglin’. A little. So I think I need time to figure out my feelings, and doing this will just make shit worse.” Her voice was getting quieter. Weaker.

“Hey…” I said supportively, reaching out and supportively rubbing her shoulder.

She turned back with her trademark Nicole one-eyebrow-lowered expression. “Plus,” she added, clearly back to her normal voice with trademark Nicole bitterness, “Turns out I happened to fuck two exes of some overly jealous drama-magnet. One of the dudes I fucked, it was like the day after she broke up with him. So now she’s on some conspiracy theory bullshit, and at some point, you gotta look at men as a whole and just go…” She gestured outwards. “…Not worth it.”

“Apart from this one,” I couldn’t help but smugly add. 

She turned back to me again and smiled. “Yyyyup. Congrats, squirt, you are once again the only man in my life.” She gave me a quick kiss.

“Who’s the drama magnet?”

“Enh. Some bitch in your grade. She’s becoming real popular this year, but it’s so perfectly clear it’s just her looks. Like, just her looks. Total airhead. Derek ain’t worth the headache.” She stretched, then climbed onto the bed again. “Most girls are just possessive.”

“And you’re not like most girls,” I teased, joining her. 

“Bingo,” she agreed with a smile. Once I lay down beside her, she started kissing me slowly, then with more and more passion. I couldn’t even tell if it happened slowly or quickly, but before we knew it, we were tongue-wrestling with our hands roaming up and down each other’s bodies.

Nicole tastefully rubbed her hands up and down my chest and abdomen before finding my cock, still rock-hard and ready at attention. She broke the kiss and smiled at me. “Look at that,” she purred. “Ready again already.”

“Told you,” I teased. “Only girl in the world for me.”

She rolled her eyes, smile still evident on her face, and pulled her shirt over her head. Her big, beautiful breasts emerged, her nipples clearly erect, showing me that I wasn’t the only one ready for round two.

I didn’t need to be told. Not with Nicole. She was always ready for it. With no hesitation, I pulled her in and began to play with her nipples, flicking them with my tongue. She exhaled in happiness and put her hands on the back of my head, savoring the moment.

“I hope you know,” she nearly moaned. “That you might have to… satisfy me a little more on the regular now,” she said, as if it were a bad thing.

I took my mouth off of her. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“I’m just say-ahh…” she moaned, feeling me lightly bite down on one of her nipples. “I’m just saying… Who knows? Maybe I’ll tire you out. Maybe I’ll just fuck you to death.”

“It’s the way I wanna go,” I told her, standing up and working my pants off.

She smiled. “Shut the fuck up,” she murmured. She got up off the bed and grabbed me by the waist, smiling in this weirdly wholesome way at me before tenderly kissing me on the lips.

“Hey,” I mumbled, not knowing what else to say. My cock throbbed against her jeans. “What’re you doing?”

“I dunno. I just feel good right now,” she told me, kissing me again, slowly pushing me against the wall. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe being with one guy won’t be so bad.”

I smiled hesitantly. “But if you ever feel trapped or uncomfortable…”

“You’ll be the first to know,” she promised. “I mean, I’m me.” She thrust herself against me. I was still pinned to the wall, so all I could do was feel the tension, particularly between our crotches. “Odds are, I just keep craving change.”

“I’m kind of allergic to change,” I confessed with a chuckle. 

She found a lock of my hair and began to twirl it. It used to be shorter last year. I hadn’t noticed. “And yet,” she teased. Her hand traveled down my face, down my neck, my chest, my stomach, and eventually, my hips. She slowly wrapped her hand around my cock and began jacking it off. And even though this angle would have been awkward for most girls… I mean, she already established it. Nicole wasn’t like most girls.

She slowly began to jack me off, looking right into my eyes and cutely biting her bottom lip. It was kind of weird. She looked so happy, so cute. At that moment, I kind of forgot that she was two years older than me. So many other times, it was like anything I was doing, I was doing with an older girl. But now, it was like, for the first time, we were just… teens, sneaking away for a quick fuck together. It felt… weirdly romantic.

“Do you feel it too?” she asked quietly.

“I think so,” I told her. “Is it-”

“Ssssh,” she coaxed me gently, putting a finger to my lip. She was still jacking me off with her other hand. She certainly loved change. One moment, she could be this stone-cold sarcastic bitch, and in the next, a vulnerable shy little girl. I knew she liked her romance moments, but she didn’t get like this often. Hell, we’d only had sex a bit before, and-

She rolled her eyes and kissed my cheek. “You’re thinking too much again. I can see it in your eyes,” she said quietly. She let go of my dick and stepped back, almost looking nervous as she undid the button on her pants and slid them down her legs. “Tell me…” she said, but I didn’t hear the last part of her sentence.


“Tell me you lo- you know.”

I caught on. “You first,” I told her.

Her blush deepened. “Fine, tell me… you’re happy with me.”

I couldn’t help but smile again. “Hey Nicole,” I told her, bringing a finger to her chin and making her look up at me. “I love you.”

She looked into my eyes for a bit, and I could see her well up. She closed the gap between us, and with our height difference being small, I felt the tip of my dick rubbing against her bare pussy.

As she kissed me again, I could feel Nicole trying to maneuver her body so that I could slide into her while we were both standing, but unfortunately, gravity wouldn’t let us. After a few tries and a few groans of frustration from her, I took charge, grabbing her by the shoulders and gently moving her so that she was facing her wall. I got up behind her and pushed against her back with one hand while pulling her legs towards me with the other. She got the idea, moving her feet back slightly and arching her back, keeping her top half still nearly against the wall. Her back was arched, and her pussy was on full display, eager for me.

And I was so eager for her. I lined myself up with her, teasing her by running the tip of my dick up and down her slit. 

“Say you want it,” I grunted.

She looked back and arched an eyebrow. “I want it, dummy,” she moan-chuckled. “You don’t have to keep asking.”

“It’s cute,” I justified, slowly pushing myself inside her.

I could hear Nicole’s nails against the wall. “Fuckkkk,” she moaned, then exhaled. 

“Still bigger?” I taunted her.

“Well it’s not exactly getting smaller,” she panted. 

I laughed, grabbing her by the hips and slowly bottoming out inside her. It was easy; Nicole was already very wet for me.

I had made her wet. Nicole was never wet for anyone like she was wet for me. Tonight she proved that in so many ways. She was mine. 

Our bodies moved so desperately, wanting as much from the other as we could get. She made cute little desperate noises as I picked up speed, going faster and rougher with every thrust. She put her palms against the wall and fucked me back as best as we could, and neither of us could help being loud. Neither one of us wanted to contain it.

“Fuck… yes… Adam, fuck… God dammit, Adam… fuck…” she panted. “I… could never… get tired… of you… I love you. I love you so fucking much. Fuck…”

I grabbed her by the hair and pushed myself fully inside her, leaning my body in close. “I love you too,” I breathed in her ear cockily.

I could practically feel her melting on me. “Ungh…” she moaned incoherently, struggling to keep her palms on the wall without her arms collapsing. I wasn’t sure if she was cumming or just lost in the moment, but either way, I continued, enjoying the way she felt, the way every muscle of her vagina was made for me. It was like her whole body was giving me a massage. Every nerve was stimulated. It was like we were making a dance out of pure feelings. 

And I kept up a breakneck speed. “I might…” I warned her, grunting.

“Yeah,” she encouraged, barely able to talk herself. We both knew that once I could feel it coming, I had seconds, maximum. Sure enough, my palms joined hers on the wall as I leaned forward, giving a final shove and feeling the electric heat between my legs.

It was like my dick grew just a little more to fill up with cum before blasting – no, demolishing Nicole’s insides. I grunted and groaned, feeling myself release and release inside her. Despite going at it so recently, my cannon fired a full shot.

Even Nicole noticed. “Holy shit,” she murmured. “I guess impersonating others isn’t as good as wall sex, huh?”

“It’s because the sex… was… with…” I started to wheeze too much. I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Even though she was still moving her body in rhythm with mine, milking my cock a few more times, she turned around and gave me a sarcastic expression. “I swear, if that last word is ‘you,’ you cheeseball…” she warned. 

I gave a tired, bashful smile. “Hey,” I offered. “I am who I am…” I still kept breathing heavy.

“What, did you shoot out your spinal fluid?” she laughed, moving more forward so my dick could slide out of her. As it did, she winced and her eyes rolled up slightly. “Fuck me. God damn. I need to start measuring you or something.”

“You’ve had sex with half the school… come on…” I breathed.

“Yeah, and like no one in your grade is hung like you, it’s weird!” she protested.

I flopped down on the bed. “I bet you don’t think it’s ‘weird’ when it’s inside you,” I teased.

“It can be weird and hot at the same time,” she shot back with a wink, then looked off towards her door. It was still open. “Oh boy. Mommy’s not gonna be happy.”

“Yeah, she might know her slut daughter is having sex,” I joked.

“Hey!” she immediately replied, approaching the bed and smacking my thigh. 

I shrugged. “I’m reclaiming the word with you. It’s empowering! Own it!”

Her lips pursed annoyedly. “Yeah, because that’s totally how you meant it, bozo,” she shot back. “Plus, there’s a difference between her knowing I’m a slut and me rubbing it in her face. She’s gonna see this as that.” She sat down on the bed, still naked, putting her face in her hands. “Ugggh.”

“Hey, it’s not that bad.”

“Easy for you to say, you won’t have to deal with her when you leave,” she said into her hands. 

“Yeah, well…” I replied, looking around the room for a bit. I started monologuing about her mom and how she needed to give Nicole more space anyway, and it probably was a good few minutes before I realized a few things. One, I had been talking uninterrupted for a few minutes. Two, Nicole had just been frozen there, naked, face in her hands.

I paused, then paused for longer. “Nicole?” I asked.

No response.

I moved my mouth around in thought. Okay, so this was like that… thing. That Nicole-grabbing-the-steering-wheel thing. I reached forward and tried to stroke her shoulder, but as soon as my hand made contact, she moved away sharply and shook her head, face still in her hands. 

I moved back, puzzled. What the hell was I supposed to do? What even was this? I sat back in thought, wondering, then glanced at the door.

Hey, what the hell, right? It wasn’t like I was doing anything. I gently got up, closed the door, then stared at Nicole. She still hadn’t moved. Awkwardly, I got my clothes and put them on, finding hers and placing them neatly next to her. I then looked around her room, looking for something to do that wouldn’t intrude on her, and decided to look at the books on her shelf.

Nicole really couldn’t help rubbing in how smart she was. A Brief History of Time, The Panda’s Thumb, something called “Examen du Prince de Machiavel…” I found out that teasing her about her reading choices was a sore spot not too long ago, so I since dropped it, but I couldn’t help finding it a little funny.

I turned back to see her fully clothed, on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. I thought about calling to her, but she was still just staring, so I didn’t say anything. After a few seconds, she turned to look at me, and closed her eyes. “Thanks for getting my clothes, Adam,” she said softly.

I knew it was my turn to say something. But what would I even say? I didn’t know what was going on with her, and every attempt to either get to know her or assume I knew anything kind of blew up in my face. So, what else could I do? I opened my big fat mouth.

“Y’know, having these moods is one thing, but the thing that really lets me know you’re battling mental illness is when you actually choose to limit yourself to one dick to ride. I mean, for you, that’s boring.”

I wanted to have a joking voice, but to be honest, I was weirdly scared saying it. Nicole’s eyes immediately bugged open, and her eyebrows lowered, and for a second, I was worried, but luckily, she immediately started laughing. 

“Holy shit,” she replied incredulously, grabbing a pillow and throwing it playfully at me. “That’s the boldest thing you’ve said to me ever.”

“I was fucking terrified even saying it,” I laughed back. “I’m glad it worked though.”

“Enh, delivery needs work,” she replied, giving me a goofy face. “You didn’t need to tell me you were terrified. You looked like that painting The Scream.”

“You mean the…?” I put my hands on my cheeks and made an ‘o’ face.

“That’s the one!”

“I always called it the ‘Home Alone’ painting, because Kevin kinda does the same-”

Wham. Another pillow. “That’s so dorky!” Nicole laughed. I was so happy to see her like this. It didn’t take away from the bigger message though – Nicole went from this ‘never happening’ to it happening multiple times in front of me. I was out of my depth.


“She just freezes.” I froze in place to showcase what I meant. “Sometimes she’ll hide her face, or she’ll just stare straight forward, like a zombie.”

Sydney looked at Rick, at both ends of the hallway, then back to me. “I think we saw something like that once,” she admitted uneasily. 

Rick nodded. “It’s probably pretty common in people overwhelmed with stuff,” he tried to reason. “Like, Nicole has been super stressed lately.”

“Um, and battling depression?” Sydney interjected angrily.

“Yeah, but she’s been battling depression her whole life,” he replied as if it were obvious, with just as much anger. “So I’m saying she’s more stressed lately.”

“Still think she’s too good for a therapist?” I asked Rick. I couldn’t help it.

“Oh stop, I never said that,” he replied sourly. “I just don’t think that’s right for Nicole. She’s a free spirit. Some kinda stiff pencil neck who follows all the rules and expects her to say the right thing… what’s that going to solve?”

“They’ve trained for years to help these exact people with these exact situations,” I reasoned, remembering what Salvador taught me last year. “How much training do any of us three have? I don’t care if they’re too by-the-book, they wrote the book for a fucking reason.”

“Nicole is a perfect example of the type of person that proves how outdated those books are,” Rick argued back.

Sydney slowly closed her eyes. She probably would have rubbed her eyes to show her distress if she could, but that would mess up her eyeshadow. “Can we drop the dumb metaphors?” she asked. “So she’s seeing the school counselor now, right? Like, she hasn’t stopped?”

“I think so,” I answered. “I think-”

The swift opening of the door to Room 203 stopped us in our tracks. Almost like a cartoon, Nicole’s head poked out the doorway into the hall, clearly annoyed. “Can you three fuckin’ sluts quit making out for two fuckin’ minutes and get to the fuckin’ meeting, please?!”

“Sorry. We’re done here anyway,” Sydney quickly answered.

Nicole’s face instantly changed to a smile. “Perfect. Thanks!” Her head disappeared back inside, and the three of us barely exchanged glances before following her inside. Mr. Scott was sitting down at the back of the meeting, thrilled as ever with Nicole’s colorful use of language but not saying anything. Everyone else was weirdly attentive, more so than usual.

“So, as I was saying,” Nicole authoritatively said, pacing the room, “how do we even tackle something like grief in an assembly? We’re high school students. The two things we do are feel awkward and make inappropriate jokes about stuff. Neither one of those is great, so we need to send the message without making it too much or making it too cringy. That’s hard. We’re too much, and we’re cringy. Accept it.” She wrote a few points down on the whiteboard, something Nicole insisted the Council should buy this semester. “Students have lost parents, siblings, grandparents, loved ones. We don’t want to trigger them, but we want to awaken some sense of empathy in these sociopaths.”

Mr. Scott raised his hand. Nicole’s face went blank. “What, do we call them ‘people of ill will’ now or something?” she asked.

“No, I just want to point out that this is something I want the Council’s whole opinion on,” Mr. Scott replied. “Nicole and I can’t underestimate how important it is that if we do something like this, we want to make sure it’s as respectful as possible to those we’re honoring, and as digestible as possible to those that may not know what this is like. Does everyone get what I mean when I say, ‘digestible?’”

A chorus of weak ‘yes’s filled the room. 

“Good. So in that sense, we-”

A knock at the door made him pause. Megan was the closest to the door, so she got up to open it. She was blocking whoever it was at the door.

“Oh, hi Zelda,” she said.

Zelda? What was she doing here? Megan stepped back into the room to show off Zelda – dressed in a smart-looking dark blue blazer today, what a tasteful girl – who bashfully yet confidently waved to us. “Hello,” she awkwardly said. “I was told that Mr. Scott would be in here…”

“Ah yes. Um, this is a Student Council meeting, so I don’t suppose… is it urgent?” Mr. Scott asked.

“Oh, uh… nope, not really. I can wait,” Zelda replied. Her eyes scanned the room, fell on Nicole, and I swear I saw something pass her eyes. Fear, maybe. Her mouth moved on its own, but her eyes didn’t move. “I…”

Nicole was unmoved. “You…” she replied, exaggerating the exact tone and way Zelda said it. No one said anything for a few seconds, and Nicole gave that little squint she gave when she was curious about something. “Tell ya what. Chairs.”

“Ch-chairs?” Zelda asked.

“Chairs. The hallway doesn’t have ‘em. This room does. Feel free to sit down. If you wanna give your opinion on something, raise your hand. You can be like our international rep. Our lil’ diplomat.”

Zelda blushed. “O-okay…” she mumbled.

“There’s a seat next to…” Nicole scanned the room with her eyes, before locking onto me and giving a laugh. “…who else? Adam. Go sit next to him.”

Zelda moved immediately yet feebly, like she wasn’t in control of her body or something. As soon as she sat down, I whispered, “I thought you said I was supposed to be the diplomat.”

Zelda didn’t reply. I looked over and saw her breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling in her blazer. “Hey, you okay?” I pressed.

“Hmm? Oh, fine. Sorry. Just nervous,” Zelda whispered back. “Nice to see you again.” She looked over at Megan. “I didn’t even know she was on Council.”

“You didn’t? I swear we mentioned it,” I mumbled. In lieu of a reply, Zelda just looked at Nicole as she went back to her speech. Nicole was looking as passionate as ever, and more serious than she’d been in a while. I looked from her, to Zelda, to Megan. Megan was the only person who looked back, and she only shrugged.


Planning an assembly around a serious topic like grief was hard, so we spent most of the rest of the meeting planning it. Afterwards, Mr. Scott elected to stick around for the rest of the meeting, making sure Council ran smoothly. I couldn’t help but notice he was less strict on policing Nicole’s words and behavior during her own meetings than during his events. 

Once Nicole dismissed the room, Zelda pretty much immediately got up, wanting to talk to Mr. Scott, but Scott himself was locked in a conversation with Sydney about the Student Council’s budget. So instead, she hung around me, as did Nicole after a bit. 

“You were kinda silent today,” she noted, walking up next to me.

“Hm? Oh,” I noted she was talking to me. “Yeah, well, I’ve never really experienced anything like that. I don’t think I’m the right guy to talk to about this kinda stuff.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “We’re trying to make this assembly work for people like that, dummy,” she replied. “I know what grief is like, you kinda don’t. We’re a perfect team.”

“We’re a perfect team,” I said back with a smile.

“We’re a perfect team,” she said back flatly. “What is this, Meisner?” She looked at Zelda. “You were kinda silent today too, but hey, you’re not Council, so I’ll give you a pass.” She gave her a wink.

Zelda only stared at her, to the point where any smile on Nicole’s face vanished. Eventually, Zelda piped up. “Could I speak to you before I talk to Mr. Scott, please?”

“Uh, sure,” Nicole replied swiftly. “Should we go to the… ugh, this is why I told Scott I deserve an office. I dunno, I think Room 204 is unlocked. Let’s go.”

Zelda nodded, and before long, off the two went. Most of the other Council members had left by now, with Sydney being the last, leaving shortly after the two girls.

Mr. Scott looked around. “Oh, did Zelda leave already?”

“She’s in Room 204 with Nicole,” I replied promptly. “She wanted to speak with Nicole about something quick before talking to you.”

“Oh, okay,” Mr. Scott replied, happy to sit back down. “Thank you, Adam.”

Megan still hadn’t left yet, and walked up to me. “Hey,” she said, almost quietly. “How are things going?”

I shrugged. She hadn’t seen me at lunch since the first time we brought Zelda. “Things are okay,” I told her simply. 

“Only okay?” she asked. “How’s… Sabrina?”

She didn’t ask that too quietly, and when she did, Jarrod clearly noticed, looking blatantly at us, and doing a terrible job at pretending to look away when I caught him. I sighed. “Jarrod heard that,” I whispered without moving my mouth too much.

She shrugged. “He did see you kiss her, Adam,” she reasoned. 

“Yeah, you know what else he saw-”

“All the more reason why he’d stare,” she pointed out.

I stared at her for a few seconds. Eventually, she continued talking. “He’s been less present in our meetings ever since, you know.”

“‘Less present,’” I said, making air quotes. “He’s in grade nine. It’s not even his job to be ‘present.’”

“You’d know.”

“You’d know too!”

Megan turned to Jarrod. “Hey Jarrod, why don’t you join us?” she called out to him. Jarrod hesitated for a bit, then got up to join us. “How are things going?” she asked him supportively.

“Um, things are okay,” he replied weakly. He was like a lost puppy. Everything from his innocent brown eyes to his height screamed “insecure little kid.” I couldn’t have been this pathetic in grade nine, could I?

Megan turned to me, looking at me blankly. I sighed and looked at my shoes. “Hey Jarrod,” I began, hating every second of this. “I know… a lot has been going on lately, and I was wondering if there was anything you needed to ask me.”

“Um…” He didn’t say anything more.

“If you needed to ask or say anything, now’s the time,” I reasoned. I looked back towards Mr. Scott and Dave, the only two left in the room, and thank goodness, they were locked in a thorough conversation. I looked back towards Jarrod, who was fiddling with his hands.

“D-did… did I see you kissing that girl you were talking to at the dance?”

“Well, it depends on what girl,” I replied, dodging the question, scratching my neck and looking away. 

Adam,” Megan chided me.

“Oh, that girl,” I replied immediately, a faux lack of emotion in my voice. I hated this. “Yeah, I suppose you did.”

“So you and Nicole musta… broken up, huh?” He asked.

I hesitated. Was… was there a glimmer of hope in the kid’s eye? Did Jarrod have a genuine crush? I thought the guy was a bit clingy with Nicole at the party, but… huh. Well, good for him. The next boy in a long line of boys to have their hearts either broken or played with by Nicole. And hey, been there. 

That revelation almost stopped me from realizing I had to explain the intimate details of my love life to get Jarrod off my case. “Um…” Solid opener. “No…”

Jarrod’s face twisted. “No?” he asked, then turned to Megan. Megan’s face was completely blank. “So he’s just… cheating on her?”

“I’m not cheating on her, no,” I replied immediately. “Nicole and I have an… arrangement.”

“They both are allowed to have… to do things with other people while in their relationship,” Megan clarified further. 

Jarrod, ever the bad poker face, clued in to one important detail here. “Oh, so Nicole does stuff with other guys too?”

“Yup,” Megan clarified, thinking she was doing me a favor.

Thank you Nicole, for managing to make this way more complicated for me. “Actually, uh, Megan… a few days ago… she… she wants to take a break from the whole ‘other guys’ thing.”

Megan turned to me. “Nicole?”

I nodded.

She lowered an eyebrow. “Nicole Baker. Wants to take a break. From polygamy. Nicole Baker wants to be monogamous.

“It’s also, uh… ‘polyamory,’ I’ve learned,” I added, definitely pathetically. “Yeah, she… she told me last week.”

Jarrod looked from Megan to myself, over and over. “Do you two think I’m a complete idiot or something?!” He asked with anger I didn’t think he had. “You two can’t just keep throwing me around just because you’re older than me! Fuck you!” He went to gather his backpack. “I’m gonna find that girl from the dance, and I’m gonna tell her everything!” he promised, before storming out the room.

I sighed. That was going to be something extra on my plate. Still, I guess a few texts to Sabrina and I could douse that fire before he lights it. Mr. Scott and Dave were now openly staring at the two of us. “Are you bullying the new kid again?” Dave asked, ticked off.

“Again?” Mr. Scott and I asked in unison.

I shook my head. “I never bullied him a first time! He’s just pissed – ticked off, sorry Mr. Scott – because Nicole and I are together, and I think he has a crush, and he thinks he saw something at the Halloween dance when he didn’t-”

“Oh, you and that girl. Sabrina, right?”

Don’t you say it, Da-

“The one you made out with.”

I shut my eyes in annoyance. “Yeah, that one, Dave,” I replied. “I’m not cheating on Nicole, I-”

“Well, duh,” Dave replied. “She told me you two were open when we-” He snapped his fingers. “I probably shouldn’t… well, anyway. Yeah. I know for a fact you’re open.”

This was the fucking king of awkward moments, and Mr. Scott had yet to say a fucking word. “I have… no idea what to say here,” he admitted.

“Yeah,” I agreed, looking at the floor. 

“Um… everything’s okay? No bullying, just misunderstandings?”

“No bullying,” Megan promised. “Definitely nothing intentional. I feel bad that we hurt Jarrod’s feelings.” She turned to me. “But c’mon, Adam, you can’t expect me to pick up on your ‘Nicole is monogamous now’ lie and expect me to act natural.”

“It was not a li- I was telling the truth!!” I all but shouted. “She actually said that last week.”

“Really??” Megan was dumbfounded. “Wow, the only thing practicable about Nicole is her unpredictability.”

Right on cue, Zelda hurried into the room, immediately going to gather her bag, looking down as if to hide her face. 

“I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” she said in a rush. Her voice had a quiver to it. Was she… holding back tears? Mr. Scott tried to say something – anything – but Zelda ran out of the room before anyone could even react to her. 

Shortly after, Nicole emerged into the room. “Oh, wow, she’s already gone?” she noted.

“What did you say to her??” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Um, we had a private meeting for a reason, Adam,” Nicole replied, weirded out. “Why did you think I’d tell you?”

“When she came back in here, it looked like she was crying,” Megan replied.

“She was cr- ohhhh,” she murmured in realization. For her, the cogs were clearly fitting into place. “Oh wow. Huh. Context. Neat.”

Another awkward silence filled the room. “Well,” Mr. Scott began. “I’m… glad I stayed behind for this. I should go. Nicole, we’ll be in touch.” He quickly left the room.

“Did I miss something?” Nicole asked. 

“Can I ask you something personal, Nicole?” Megan asked.

“Megaderm, you can ask me anything your heart desires,” Nicole replied, going to pick up her stuff.

“I know I shouldn’t gossip, but… is it true you’re monogamous now?”

Nicole halted picking up her stuff and looked at me angrily. “Boy, you couldn’t wait to tell people this one, huh?”

“It was relevant, you have no idea how much shit you just missed,” I replied, turning around, hoping Dave would back me up. Nope, he’d left too. 

“Like what?” Nicole asked, still clearly pissed off at me.

Megan took over. “Jarrod saw Adam kissing Sabrina shortly after catching you two having relations in this room and asked him about it, so Adam was forced to discuss how you two are open, I had mentioned that you both had relations with other people and Adam pointed out how it was actually monogamous on your end now.”

“I think Jarrod has a crush on you and I saw how annoyed with him at the party you were, so I figured the first person who should know you’re not looking for another guy is him,” I added.

Nicole nodded thoughtfully. “Okay,” she said slowly, then turned to Megan. “What are you, Bill Clinton? Who the fuck says ‘relations’ like that? No offense.”

“We say ‘fucking,’ give her a pass,” I joked.

“Anyway, congrats, squirt. Against all odds, you’ve found the one context where telling Jarrod didn’t piss me off.” She slung her backpack over her back. “But also, no need to tell guys that in the future. Believe me, I can tell guys I don’t want to have sex with them by myself, thanks. I don’t need to tell people ‘ohh, I have a boyfriend’ to tell them to get lost.”

Megan grinned. “…Squirt?” she asked, looking at me, unable to hide her amusement.

“This can’t be the first time you heard that,” I protested. “So what’s the Zelda context, Nicole?”

She hesitated, running her tongue over her teeth. “I’d like to tell you, but…” She thought to herself, clearly mulling something over. “Hmm, nope. Sorry. This is definitely not something I can talk about.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Deadly,” Nicole replied without hesitation. “Maybe you can ask Zelda herself… to be honest, I dunno. I dunno what you should do. I’d leave it alone, but I say that knowing what I know.”

“You’re making this sound like a big deal,” Megan pointed out.

“I know, but there’s really no way to say ‘I can’t tell you’ without making it sound like that,” Nicole acknowledged. “It’s private. That’s a better word for it. Zelda and I had a chat in confidence, and-”

“And you didn’t think she’d cry about it,” I noticed. “Her crying was a revelation to you too, but somehow, it made sense once we pointed it out.”

“Yeah, well done, Hercule Poirot,” Nicole said with a nod.

“And she looked… scared of you today. Even though when you were first showing her around, she seemed perfectly comfortable with you.”

“Okay, easy there,” she warned. “Just ask her if you’re gonna do this, okay? Otherwise, you’re going to blow some shit out of proportion. Believe me, it’s lower-stakes than you think. It’s just private, and not my story to tell. We done here?”

I looked at Megan, who shrugged. “Yeah,” I concluded. The three of us left the room, and Megan headed the other way after a short goodbye.

“Sorry for telling Jarrod,” I admitted. 

“It’s cool,” Nicole replied. “Like I said, context helps. So much of this shit happens because of misunderstandings.”

“Tell me about it,” I replied with a chuckle, giving myself the silent mental reminder to text Sabrina before Jarrod found her. “He seemed pretty pissed at me.”

“Because I’m not sleeping around anymore?” Nicole scoffed. “What a worm.”

“No, because he thought Megan and I were lying to keep him away from you or something,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said. “Hey look, I just proved my point about misunderstandings.” We kept walking for a bit. “Still a worm though.” More walking. “I don’t like him.”

“Yeah, that came across.” I thought to myself, before a smile came across on my face. “Hey, can I ask something about your past exploits, without being jealous or creepy or something?”

“I dunno, can you do anything without being creepy?” Nicole smiled back. “Shoot.”

“So, Dave. How was he?” I asked.

“That came out too, huh?” she laughed quietly. “Uh, pretty good. Not bad at all, actually.” She went silent for a bit, then snickered. “You know how he doesn’t talk a lot and speaks in short sentences?”

“Ah, he’s quiet in bed too?”

“Complete opposite. Total chatterbox.”

We both giggled together, our hands finding each other and clasping as we walked.


Sabrina had her signature deer-in-headlights look on her face as I explained the whole Jarrod situation. I was missing lunch with the gang in order to meet with Sabrina, but this time, Megan was completely understanding. She promised to lie about it to Carson, because the less he knew about some of these things, the better.

“Wow,” Sabrina quietly said to herself, digesting what I had to say. The two of us were sitting in that little dead-end hallway outside the cafeteria, the only place where we could have privacy and still be okay to eat lunch.

“Yeah, this is why you shouldn’t think of this kind of life as glamorous, if I’m being honest,” I admitted. “It’s all really messy.”

Her head cocked to the side. “Yeah, but… it’s not really that different from what I said to you, like, when we first met.”

“Huh. I never really thought of that,” I admitted. “Yeah, but his thing was based on a misunderstanding, but… then again… so was yours. Yeah, good point.”

She gave me a half-smile. “I guess drama is drama is drama, huh?” she asked. 

“Yeah, but in Jarrod’s case, I think it’s safe to say Nicole doesn’t like him back,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but like, you don’t like me back,” Sabrina pointed out.

I paused. What? Didn’t she know that we…? Didn’t we settle this? “Sabrina, I thought I texted you about this. Our thing is only physical, right?”

“Right,” she replied, following along as if what I said was obvious.

“So what do you mean, I don’t like you back?” I asked.

“I mean like… wait, I’m confused. I’m saying, there isn’t a thing where we could like each other back,” she clarified.

“Oh,” I simply replied. I looked at her and she bit her lip and smiled. “What?”

“What what?” she asked, somewhat shyly, somewhat teasingly. “You were looking at me there.”

“I can stop looking at you if you want,” I joked.

“Nah, keep doing it. I like… ha, is it okay to say I like your eyes? Now I dunno what’s like, weird to say,” she laughed.

I laughed with her. “It’s okay to say you like my eyes. I like yours.” It was true. Sabrina was everything a guy dreamed of when he thought of a platinum blonde. A shy, cute, yet daring expression was painted on her face, as if to say, ‘who, me? I’m just this innocent little vixen. I guess you’ll have to make the first move.’ Her beautiful hair gave this shimmer every time she moved her head, drawing me in.

And I was being drawn in. Before I’d even realized it, I was moving forwards, my eyes locked onto hers. Her beautiful blue eyes. It was hard to know why I hadn’t seen it so vividly before – she was one of the prettiest girls in school. I could see why she was in the popular groups. She was a girl any guy would want. 

Soon enough, our eyes were closed, and our lips were touching. The movement was slow and delicate. I could feel every nerve in my body going off. Something about Sabrina’s kisses were so damn magical, like you’ve never had a real kiss before you’ve had a kiss from her. It was like I could feel pure excitement washing all over my body, all leading back to my lips. I could feel her. And I could feel her tongue taking initiative, teasingly rubbing along my lips. I think I even moaned a little when I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I felt a little self-conscious – guys don’t moan, do they? – but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, when she no doubt heard me, I could feel her arms on me. They started by clumsily moving up my torso, but as soon as they found my head, they were set. She was happily, almost drunkenly, moving her hands through my hair as we made out passionately. 

Soon, my hands followed suit, massaging the back of her neck.It was her turn to moan; she leaned into the kiss, clearly loving every second of the passion we shared. Our tongues were locked in a ruthless game of tonsil hockey. It was going beyond passion now – a hunger was awakening in us. A need. We weren’t just horny teens, we were becoming animals. 

It was clear she felt it too when we broke the kiss. She was panting heavily, a hunger evident on her face, her eyes glazed over with lust. “I need… we… is there a room? Somewhere we can be alone?” she managed.

I would have thought rationally about how risky it was, but fuck it, in that moment, I wanted it too. I wanted nothing more. Something about Sabrina had me under her spell. Today, I was a slave to my urges. “I have a key to Room 203,” I replied. And it was true, Nicole trusted me with one. A part of me felt ashamed that I was just going to use it for… these purposes, but…

But fuck it. I was horny.

Sabrina and I didn’t exchange any more words. We didn’t need to. I took her by the hand and led her to the room and unlocked it; no one was there, of course. It didn’t really have any use as a classroom, not anymore. Now it was just for Council purposes only.

“What if…” Sabrina trailed off as I locked the door again behind me.

“Only Nicole, janitors, Scott and me have keys. Janitors only come after school. Nicole doesn’t need this room today, I don’t think. It’s really unlikely something will happen. This is the best room in the school for this.”

Sabrina smiled slowly. “Okay,” she told me. “I don’t know how far I want to go, but… I really want to… I like kissing you.”

I responded by chuckling and swaggering up to her. “I like kissing you too,” I told her, before wrapping my arms around her as she stood, and continuing where we left off. This time, it was my tongue that would tease her lips. Now that I knew where we were at, I wanted to be the one to be bold. I kissed her, my tongue danced with hers, and as we kissed, my hands slid down her back and grabbed her cute little ass. God damn, it felt good to be open. I loved this.

It was clear Sabrina wasn’t expecting me to grab her ass. When she first felt it, she jumped a little bit, like she was freezing in place even while she continued to kiss me. But before long, she was kissing me with renewed passion, which I took as a sign. What started as me just grabbing her ass quickly evolved to her mashed against the wall, my hands behind her still grabbing her ass, with me grinding up against her.

There was no way she couldn’t feel me. I was fully hard, fully ready, fully eager to fuck her right here, right now, if only. What’s more, there was no way she couldn’t feel how big I was, and it was clear she liked what she felt. And there was no way I couldn’t feel how wet and eager she was in turn.

As she broke off the kiss, she looked at me nervously and bit her lip. “Wow…” she mumbled, then stole a quick look downstairs. “You’re, uh… impressive. Down there. You’re big.”

“So I’ve been told,” I cockily told her with a slight laugh. “Have you ever been with a guy?”

She was now openly staring. “Not all the way,” she almost whispered, still looking at my cock. Seeing her mesmerized gave me an idea. I took her hand at her side, and slowly, gently, guided it to my bulge. She gasped, but didn’t stop, as her hand came into contact with my dick print. “Holy shit…” she moaned quietly. I let go, and her hand remained, experimentally taking each finger of her hand and applying pressure. After, she started rubbing it up and down with her hand. The shy yet clearly experienced motions of her hand were wonderful, and my dick was aching to come out, but I was content to just make out with her some more, this time while she was rubbing my dick. Not to be outdone, I decided to take my hands and place them under her shirt, moving up her body until I was feeling her bra-covered tits. They were small and delicate, and clearly somewhat sensitive, so I handled them with care, as well as animalistic lust. What I would have given to rip her shirt off and maul her sensitive little tits, right there…

A loud noise took us out of our little moment. The bell. We broke the kiss and Sabrina looked at me. “Spanish,” she said quietly. I nodded.

Sabrina looked at me, then at my dick, its bulge still in her hand. She looked back at the door – no one could see in through the window at us even if they were looking for us. “How… how sure are you that people don’t come into this room to do things?”

“Pretty sure, I breathed. “Not 100%.”

“I’ll risk it if you will. How… close are you?”

“I…” I chuckled. I normally prided myself on my stamina, but making out with Sabrina alone pushed me to the edge, let alone this outside-the-pants teasing. “I feel like I’d blow my load if, like, the wind blew too much right now.”

“Okay,” she said with determination, nodding. “I, um… I don’t care if you don’t last long. I want it.”

“What?!” She wanted to fuck me, right here, right now?

“I want to suck your dick,” she affirmed.

I paused. That was something she wanted to do? “And do you want me to… return the favor?” I asked, hoping she knew the hesitation in my voice was due to our timing and not that typical boy thing where some of them thought performing oral on a girl was gross or something.

She shook her head. “I don’t think we’d have enough time. But next, time, yes… if you’d want that.” She stole another look down, and saw me throb in my pants. “I just really want to see it. And feel it. In my mouth. I… yeah. Want to suck your cock.”

I blinked. “Get on your knees,” I told her. She almost looked scared… huh, scared… as she sank down onto her knees, her face right in front of my pants. I intentionally throbbed it a few more times in my pants as a little tension breaker, though she only just stared at it. I guess it either wasn’t that funny, or girls didn’t know boys could do that on command.

Even though she was staring straight forward, I looked her in the eyes while undoing my fly, then my button, then lowering my pants and underwear slowly. She emitted a small, desperate sound when she saw my shaft emerge, then added, “Oh, fuck,” when it kept going and going. I never thought I was going to be one of those guys, but holy fuck was it fun being hung and watching these girls swooning over how big I was becoming. 

Finally, my whole dick emerged, bobbing and throbbing in front of her face. “It’s… so nice…” she said, mesmerized, as if she were hypnotized by it. She took it in her hand and started slowly pumping it, looking it all over. Finally, she slowly closed her eyes, and gave me a slow, solid lick from base to tip.

“Mmm…” she moaned, savoring the moment. She licked a few times more, before taking me in her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks, and beginning to suck me in earnest. Once she began to start developing a rhythm, she switched from looking straight forward to looking me right in the eye. 

It was true that I wasn’t going to last long at all. Daydreaming during first period definitely didn’t help. I began to groan and grunt more, but I all-too-easily forgot that only Nicole knew my patterns. Without clear warning, I managed a, “F-fuck!” and my cock fired its first shot right into Sabrina’s busy mouth.

Shocked by the sudden intrusion, she took her mouth off of me, but quickly recovered, jacking me off as the second, third, and fourth shots hit her in the face. She closed her eyes and her mouth, quivering, feeling my hot spunk cooling on her face. We’d really done it. Our second time kissing, and I’d shot a hot load all over Sabrina’s face. God damn, I was just as much of a slut as Nicole was.

I breathed a few times, taking in the sight of Sabrina’s painted face, before rushing to help her. Neither of us had a towel on us, so we ended up using the sleeve of my sweatshirt. It was gross, but it had to be done. I could rinse it before class, and it wasn’t like anyone would notice a damp shirt sleeve. “Thanks,” Sabrina exhaled as I cleaned off her face. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. “You, um, you cum a lot.”

“Not always,” I told her. “A lot of that was because of you.”

“Hot,” she whispered. “I knew I’d enjoy that. I don’t enjoy blowing most guys.”

“Most guys, huh?” I laughed. “How many guys have you blown?”

“Oh, I mean… I’m not a slut,” she replied, turning pink. “I’ve only blown, like, three. You included. But… yeah.” She got up off her knees, and even then, watched as I put my dick away.

I felt compelled to say something. “I’d better get to eat your p-pussy next time.” Huh. I didn’t have that much experience saying ‘eat your pussy.’ It felt weird coming out of my mouth.

She smiled shyly. “Yeah. Maybe I’ll do that again though, or something. I just really like looking at it. I dunno, maybe going slow was dumb. We can… you can… yeah.”

I laughed. “Let’s just focus on now, for now. We’ll meet up again later, but for now, we’re both late for Spanish. You go first, and I’m gonna go to the washroom to…” I gestured to my sleeve. “…Wash this. If anyone asks, you haven’t seen me.”

She nodded. She went to leave, but turned to me and added, “I really liked this, Adam.”

“I did too,” I replied genuinely. We smiled at each other. It was a sweet moment, until Sabrina went to open the door and just walked into the closed door since it was still locked.


I hadn’t really properly talked to Zelda since that Council meeting, and she wasn’t at class the next day, so I only saw her again the day after Sabrina and I hooked up. Frankly, I was relieved to see her in history class at all – I wasn’t sure if she was sick or getting deported or self-deported or something. Was getting self-deported something that even happened, or was it some Mitt Romney buzzword? 

“Hey,” I said warmly to her, sitting down.

“Hi,” she said, smiling back.

“You okay? I didn’t see you yesterday,” I replied, getting my book out of my bag.

She waved her hand dismissively. “Oh yeah, I’m fine,” she simply said. 

I clicked my tongue. I honestly thought she’d bring it up, but, guess not. “I meant about the stuff on Monday as well,” I clarified. “You seemed upset, and you ran out. I’m curious: what did Nicole say to you?”

She turned to look at me. She was still smiling, but now it was all for show. “Nicole didn’t say anything to me to make me upset,” she said. “I was just in a hurry to get home.”


“But what?” she interrupted, losing her smile. “That’s the whole story.”

I bashfully shrugged. “Look, just saying, you may the one who took cryptography, but I feel like there’s more to this here.”

Luckily, she rolled her eyes and smiled sarcastically. “I’m not a puzzle to solve, Adam,” she retorted.

“I can tell. You’re pretty unsolvable.”

“Stop!” she laughed, playfully shoving me, then settled in her seat. “Okay. I was upset. I just thought that the school would be more accommodating for me, that’s all.”

“…But if that were the case, if I were you, I’d want to talk to Mr. Scott even more after that,” I thought out loud. “Go to the highest authority.”

“Well, I’m not you,” Zelda said patiently. 

“Yeah, but you’re also not complacent,” I argued. “I feel like if something needs to get done, it’s not like you to just get defeated like that.”

Zelda exhaled, looking down at her desk. She slowly looked from her desk to me, her patience clearly thinning. “You need to learn how to let things go,” she honestly told me.

My mouth moved to formulate a response, but eventually, I exhaled too. “Yeah, I guess that’s true,” I admitted. 

Mr. Kovacs moved around the room, distributing our last tests to each of us. He visited Zelda and myself last, and when he put our tests down at our desks, he said, “Perhaps if you two paid attention more, you… ehhhh, would have gotten better marks.”

I picked up my test. 58%. Oof. It was still a passing grade, but since Council needed a 70 average, that may as well have been a 38%. Judging from the look on Zelda’s face, she didn’t fare much better. “I guess we do talk too much, huh?” I asked.

Zelda’s face was downright forlorn. “I guess maybe we should move desks,” she thought out loud. “I’d still see you at lun- well, some lunches.” 

“I’m not there at lunch every day either,” I pointed out, then looked around the room, observing everybody’s reactions to their tests.

Megan was beaming. “My first perfect test of the year,” she said proudly, then bit her lip in thought. “First and only, maybe.”

The cogs started to work in my head. Thinking quickly, I whipped out my phone and texted Megan. 

Yo Megan, how badly do you want to know what Nicole said to Zelda?

I got her attention and gestured to my phone. With a confused face, Megan picked up her phone. She read the message, then looked back at me, even more confused. She started typing on her phone.

um, I guess Im curious, why??

I stared at her response, then at her with a lowered eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and began typing again.

OK!! yes. I want to know. Whats your plan?

It was a lot to ask of her, but I could tell that Megan was every bit as curious as I was about Zelda, and more importantly, she was more tactful and more patient. Anything I couldn’t sniff out, she could. I typed out my plan – it was simple, in principle. Megan did well on the test, Zelda didn’t. Megan would spend lunch time tutoring Zelda for the next little bit, and see if she could find out tactfully. I supplied all the info I could – Zelda didn’t want to tell me, she denied being upset at first, and she said it had to do with how she was being ‘accommodated’ at school, but that could have been a lie. Megan looked over my paragraph-long message, nodding slowly as she went. Finally, she looked up and nodded at me, then turned to the still sorrowful-looking Zelda. 

“Zelda?” Megan gently called out.

Zelda put on her best poker face, her best “I wasn’t sad just now” face, and turned to Megan innocently. “Hm?”

“I overheard that the test didn’t go so well for you. If you want, since we’re having lunch time together anyways, we could go over history notes together, if you think it would help. I think I know Kovacs’ teaching style pretty well.”

Zelda thought to herself. “Where would we study?”

“Oh, just in the cafeteria, after we finish our food or something. We can just bring out our books and study,” Megan explained. Hopefully only internally, I frowned. That wouldn’t be the best environment for bringing out secrets, but maybe Megan knew something I didn’t.

“Oh, um…” Zelda awkwardly fumbled. “It’s just that I would prefer a quieter place to study. I always do all of my studying at home in a quiet place, so I’m kind of used to that.”

Here’s where I saw my opportunity. I hoped it wouldn’t bite me in the ass, but I subtly took my key out of my left pocket and waved it a little in the aisle between Megan and myself, all while raising my history textbook so that Zelda couldn’t see what I was doing. Sure enough, Megan’s eyes flickered down and she immediately caught on. “Oh, no problem… how about Room 203? It’s used as the Student Council office after school but people don’t use it during the school day. I think I still have the key.”

Zelda’s face lit up. “No one else uses it? You’re willing to do all that for me?”

Megan shrugged and smiled. “Yeah, of course! You’re a friend and you’re a friend in need. I’m just helping my neighbor, right?”

Zelda’s smile was enthusiastic, almost moreso than I would think. She must have really cared about her grade. Either that or she was just overcome with the kindness of this gesture. “Yeah, that would be great, thanks! I can start today if you’re ready.”

I clasped the key with my hand and gave Megan a thumbs-up. Her eyes flickered down. “Yeah, no problem!” she replied. 

“Cool,” Zelda said warmly and turned back. I turned my focus to Megan, who subtly grabbed the key and winked at me.

I was happy to help Megan, and I guess Zelda, with their respective endeavors, but… I better had been able to borrow my key back from time to time. I sure as hell wasn’t finished with Sabrina, and as much as I wanted answers, now that I had a taste, I wanted Sabrina even more.


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