Only If You Want

Had the schoolkids of Hazelwood High ever met Phil Love and Olivia Wilde, no one would have guessed that the two would be friends. ‘Incongruent’ didn’t do them justice – whereas Phil was a groomed, well-dressed, preppy fit Student Council President, Olivia was one with the shadows. A baggy hoodie, messy shoulder-length black hair and a quiet disposition was enough to suit her. The only thing she would ever be president of was Council of People Who Didn’t Want to be President of Anything.

And yet, in their final year, as if an act of divine inspiration, the two happened to click. It was nothing large at first – Phil was returning a textbook he had borrowed from the school library, when he spotted her sitting alone on the library’s barely-used couch.

Something about her struck him. He couldn’t see her face, but her body language was practically yelling, “Not interested.” She was hunched up, her relatively small frame contained in a much smaller shape than needed. Phil loved a challenge – perhaps it was the easily-seen lack of availability that made him want to try.

He may have been popular, but he was still in high school – new encounters were still slightly awkward for him. It took him several half-steps forward before he finally cleared his throat.

Then once more. She remained unmoved, not looking away from her book. Phil huffed inwardly – now that he began, he couldn’t back down, even though he had no clue what compelled him so strongly to do this in the first place.

“Nice book.” he began. “Carrie, huh? What’s it about?”

The girl was silent for a few seconds. “A girl with special powers that hurt people, which she doesn’t use until the people at her high school annoy her too much.” she said with a surprisingly low, surprisingly calm voice. She lowered the book, allowing her brown eyes to stare holes through Phil’s. 

“Woah.” Phil found himself muttering out loud. He ran a hand through his short red hair, almost nervously. As Student Council President, he was used to enjoying a position of inherent power over other students. Whenever he didn’t have one, he would seek one – it was pretty much his hobby. Having a girl, much less a girl who had a misleadingly cute and innocent face – beautiful brown eyes, black hair framing her cute, childish face perfectly, and what he bet would have been a beautiful smile – reject his advances was a new sensation to him. It was a sensation that only made him want to try harder. “Do you relate to the character?” he attempted to joke.

She shrugged. “A bit.”

Phil waited for her to elaborate, but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. “How?”

“She’s a shut-in like me.”

“A shut-in? You mean like shy?”

She put the book down. “I’m not shy. I’m introverted. I’m fine having this conversation and I’m fine being myself in front of you. I just like being alone.”

A beat of silence followed. “Am I intruding?” Phil asked, figuring he should at least be polite.

She stared at him for a couple seconds. “No. If you have nowhere you need to go you can take a seat if you’d like.”

Phil smiled to himself. To him (and he was willing to bet money this was true for her too), this was a game. A game he was all too happy to play. Wordlessly, he sat beside her as she resumed her reading. 

“So…” he began, noting he had a lot less confidence than usual. “What’s your name?”

“Olivia.” she replied immediately. 

“Olivia, great.” Phil nodded his head. “Do you know who I am?”

“How many times has ‘I’m student council president’ worked as a pick-up line for girls?” Olivia asked, looking him dead in the face. She then smiled sweetly, the first time she did so to Phil, sending a shiver down his spine. “Or is this purely a friendly thing that you do to guys too?”

Phil liked to believe he was a guy prepared for anything, but as he attempted to spill any of several less-than-truthful answers out of his mouth, barely any came. “N-no, it’s nothing like that.” he sputtered.

“Really?” she asked, challenging him. “You don’t just want me to go out with you or have sex with you or something?” She now had her book down and was intently looking him in the face.

Phil had no idea what to make of this girl. She wasn’t confident, she was just direct. If hey knew any better, he may have even said forward. “I just want to get to know you.” he replied, a little less confidently than he wanted.

“I’m sure ‘nice book’ tells you all about me.” she rebutted. She never scoffed, never spoke with a sassy tone, she just kept it even and almost monotone the whole time, whereas Phil was struggling to even approach the same level.

“Well, okay… What’s your favorite color?” Phil asked.

Olivia shot him a look. “Blue.” she replied as she got up. 

“Oh, do you have to go?” Phil asked, noting her sudden change as she reached for her backpack.

“No,” she replied as she left. Just like that, it was over. Phil sat for a while longer, collecting his thoughts. The whole school knew him, and appreciated him, and yet here she was. He reasoned to himself that she was part of the introverted community that didn’t care about the extroverts of the school – maybe even a kingpin figure in the introvert community. Presuming they had a community, if they could bother to meet up and talk to each other enough to form one.

Whether it was intentional or not, Olivia Wilde had now won over the interest of Phil Love. And Phil always got what he wanted.




Phil had finished up with everything he had to do that day, a bounce to his step. Things were going well in his life. He had recently gotten to go to the Halloween dance with his dream girl, and nothing was standing in his way, for once. He didn’t want to jinx things, of course, but then again, what was there to jinx? He was the top dog, the head honcho. There wasn’t a student alive in the school who had more power than him.

Phil opened his locker, absentmindedly whistling to himself. He checked his watch – 4:12pm. He let council off early today, knowing how much they’d appreciate it, and him. The council looked up to him, and liked him as a leader. Some days Phil was more humble, but god damn, it felt good to have power.

As Phil walked down the hallway, going towards the east exit, he noticed something odd. His whistling didn’t sound right. He stopped whistling while keeping up his pace for only a moment, to realize why – he was in the music hallway, and someone was in the main rehearsal room, playing the piano. Unable to vanquish his curiosity, he walked up to the room’s door and peered in through the window.

A girl was sitting at the piano, facing away from him, playing some piece he couldn’t recognize. He could recognize the girl though – Olivia.

The piece she was playing felt curious. Literally, if music could embody curiosity, this was the piece. A little bitter and sad, but mostly a feeling of unnerving atmosphere with a feeling to drive on. Each note felt surprisingly perfect, and each second would have pulled any on-listener into the song more. Phil found himself smiling at what he was hearing, despite it being muffled through the walls. He couldn’t help himself as he opened the door and entered.

Upon hearing the door open, Olivia abruptly stopped and whirled around to face him, an uneasy look on her face.

“Didn’t mean to startle ya.” Phil confidently remarked as he walked in, shutting the door behind him.

Olivia didn’t say anything. She just stared at him, her expression not changing.

“I take that silence as ‘I know students aren’t allowed to stay in band room after four.’” Phil broke the ice as gently as he could.

“Are you a hall monitor too?” Olivia finally said something.

“Nah.” Phil replied. “Besides, with the way you acted, I’d say no hall monitor has stopped you before.”

He was hoping Olivia would smile at that, but instead, she simply got off the bench and reached for her backpack.

“Hey, wait.” Phil interjected, taking a couple steps forward. “I, uh…” He waited until Olivia took her gaze from her backpack and stared at him. “I really liked what you were playing. What’s the name of the piece?”

Olivia stopped reaching for her backpack as her gaze fell back to the piano. “I haven’t given it a name yet.” she finally said softly.

“You’re kidding.” Phil replied, breaking into a grin. “You’re fucking kidding. You made that?! You’re talented!”

“Thank you.” Olivia simply said back.

“I know this kinda sounds strange, but would you… would you keep playing it?” Phil continued.

“Aren’t I not allowed to keep playing after four?” Olivia asked him, no trace of accusation in her voice.

Phil blew a raspberry. “Who’s gonna find out? Who’s gonna care?”

Olivia stood uncomfortably, before dropping her shoulders. “Okay.” she said, almost to herself, as she sat back down and began to play. A few notes in, she hit a wrong note.

Phil softly walked over to the stool near the drumset, conveniently close to the piano, and sat down. “Are you nervous?” he asked her.

“Yes.” she immediately replied.


“I don’t know what it is you want from me, and I’ve never played this in front of another person before.” she replied, in a mixture of timidness and aloofness. 

Phil opened his mouth to immediately retaliate to the first point, with something like, ‘What do you mean, what do I want from you?’ when he suddenly thought to himself. What did he want from her? He knew she piqued his interest, but that was before he got to dance with Nicole Baker on Halloween. Still, just one dance didn’t mean they were a couple… did he want to take a chance with seeing if he could do something with Olivia? He didn’t even have to date her or anything, he could just be open to her and ask if she wanted benefits later. He read somewhere once that shy nose-in-a-book girls were the horniest and kinkiest… a sex story told him that, but hey, why would they distort the truth?

“You’ve already played it in front of me.” Phil found himself saying. “I’d like to hear it again, is all.” He rediscovered where he was sitting and gestured to the drumset. “Hell, I could even give you a metronome if you want.”

“You play the drums?” Olivia asked. 

Phil nodded confidently. “Have been for the majority of my life. I assume you’ve been playing the piano for a while?”

Olivia nodded. “Since I was five.”

“Show me what you got then.” Phil challenged her, looking her straight in the eye. His foot found the foot pedal and he began to give her a 4/4 beat, at 100 beats per minute.

“That’s the exact time scale I was using for the song, wasn’t it?” Olivia asked him.

“If my ear is correct.” Phil nodded.

Olivia moved her hands to the keys, nodding in focus to the beat, and began to play again. This time, her work was flawless, and the anthem of curiosity filled the room. Phil felt it too – he was getting more curious for this girl by the second. As the girl played on, he felt himself getting more and more into the music – before long, he was humming his own parts to go along with the song. As he did so, Olivia’s eyes met his and she gave him a gift, something it was clear she didn’t give often – a genuine smile. It looked almost alien on her face, but Phil thought he preferred this new face he was seeing. Emboldened by her reaction, he turned his hum into a full-forced choral accompaniment. Phil wasn’t sure if his baritone was the best singing voice he had ever heard, but it helped that he was just going ‘ooh’ for a note, and not singing words. Besides, Olivia didn’t seem to mind.

Too soon, the piece had ended, leaving nothing but Phil and Olivia to stare at each other. Phil knew he was going to have to be the one to break the silence, when suddenly Olivia spoke up.

“Did you actually care about my music, or did you see this as an opportunity to talk to me again?”

“What?” Phil was visibly taken aback. “No, I absolutely am here for the music. I’m not like… I’m not…”

Olivia cocked an eyebrow. “You have some kind of interest in me.”

“No, no. I promise. I mean, I’m with someone else now. She and I went to the Halloween Dance together.”

Olivia tore her gaze away from him to look down at the piano’s keys. “How romantic.” she muttered, almost to herself. 

Phil chuckled, if nothing else, out of a lack of anything else to say. “I mean, I guess? I dunno, it’s…”

Without further warning, Olivia stood up from the piano and picked up her bag.

“Hey… did I say something wrong here?” Phil asked, almost exasperatedly.

“No, but I feel like you’re lying. I don’t really like it when people aren’t straight to the point.” Olivia responded.

“So what, you think I have this big crush on you?” Phil challenged her.

“No, but there’s something. Something hidden. And if you’re not going to be straight with me, I don’t see this conversation continuing.” Olivia said, a little quickly. 

Phil sighed, smiling to himself with indignation. “Alright, great.” he uttered. “Well, can I have the pleasure of sharing another conversation with you in the future?”

“Only if you want.” Olivia replied, almost out the door by that point. She was sure to turn off the lights in the room and shut the door behind her.

She was definitely a weirdie. But hey, that just made her stick out in Phil’s mind more. He just sat in the darkness, with the music still playing in his head, thinking to himself. 




Being a senior of status, Phil had a strict routine and strict methods of keeping up that routine, to make sure he always kept up his end of the status quo. This meant being polite even in the face of looking two-faced (unless he was sure he could get away with it) and keeping his allegiance to the other high-ups at the school.

This meant high-fiving or fist-bumping other higher-ups in the hallways as he went from class to class. This also meant he chose who to elevate, but he could only do so sparingly. Apart from avenues like Student Council, if the Student Council President gave anyone his time, that eventually meant his time would no longer be valuable. His popularity would diminish, and soon after, his reputation.

He wasn’t sure who refused to say hello first when he and Olivia passed each other in the hallways. All he knew is that eventually, after locking eyes in the hallway, one would look down, and then the other would follow suit. Phil never looked down, except now. At the same time, Olivia was queen of one group and one group alone – herself. She was a nobody, perhaps governed by nobody, but with no status. It was inconceivable that Phil would socialize with her at school, not when he had his more popular friends to socialize with. 

All of these truths were running through his head as he stared at the lunch table where Olivia Wilde sat, alone (though probably not lonely). He turned his head to face the lunch table where his friends sat – hooting and hollering. He gazed back at Olivia, and something snapped. The blatant energy of the student council table suddenly lost its appeal. It had no subtlety, no delicateness, no anticipation. Secretly hoping no one would see him, he swallowed his pride and approached Olivia’s table.

“Hey.” he said with warmth surprising him. “Can I sit here?”

Olivia looked up from her lunch with surprise in her eyes. “Uh, yeah.” she replied slowly, clearly caught off guard.

Phil broke out into a grin. “Great.” he replied as he took a seat. “I didn’t think you would say yes.”

“Why?” she asked, innocently enough to fool anyone. Phil knew her games by now.

He smirked. “Because, I was kinda stammer-y the first time we talked, and I feel like I just annoyed you the second time.”

“I wasn’t trying to be mean. I just didn’t think either of us would get much out of our conversation.” Olivia replied.

“Not one for small talk?” Phil asked, relaxing his posture and taking a hold of his burger.

Olivia shook her head. “If you told me something you never told anyone before and left, that’s a better conversation than small talk for twenty minutes.”

Phil stopped chewing and thought, mainly about anything he could say that was an absolute secret. A weird surge of adrenaline consumed him as he thought what many schoolboys his age was the unthinkable – he would be completely honest. Not like ‘honest,’ like actually honest. Not the honest people liked to hear.

Phil swallowed his bite of food. “I like a challenge.” he began, surprising even himself. “When I saw you there, at the library, hunched up like that, it only made me more curious. I’ve had my fair share of girls but more often than not they fall into my arms and spread their legs pretty well immediately. I kinda see it as a sport – y’know, ‘can I do it?’”

“What is ‘it’?” Olivia asked calmly, digesting his confession way better than Phil ever intended.

Phil shrugged. He now realized he knew the whole time why Olivia was such a stubborn image in his head. “Win you, I guess?” he answered.

“You’re avoiding the question by being vague.” Olivia pointed out.

“I want to know what it’s like to…” Phil gulped. This was it. “…have sex with a girl when she’s not just drunk at a party or really receptive to 2am Facebook messages.” That was the moment when he expected her to get up and leave the table. 

Olivia did no such thing. “There’s not that many of those.” she pointed out.

“I find my fair share. So, yes, you’re attractive to me. I’m not looking for a girlfriend though, I just… I just want you.” Phil was sure this was what every guy his age didn’t want to say to every girl his age the proverbial fuckboy was stringing along, and to be honest, this moment of self-reflection kind of frightened him. He knew everything he was saying was uncomfortably true – not just for her, but for an unfortunately large selection of girls at his school he was now almost afraid to look in the eye.

Phil expected Olivia to pause and give that dramatic silent treatment to him for a few seconds to fill the air, perhaps even leave immediately and completely emasculate him. It wasn’t often Phil gave all of the power in the situation to someone else, not the least of which to a girl, and most definitely not a girl nobody had heard of at the school. But instead, she spoke immediately. “So that’s what you want from me?”

Phil swallowed. He hadn’t been this nervous in a long time. “Yes.”

“And what can you offer me in return?”

Phil practically fell out of this chair. Again, the girl didn’t exude confidence in the slightest – she wasn’t teasing, she wasn’t toying with him. She was almost calculating.

Nevertheless, he tried to put on his confident face. “Well, I’ve never heard any complaints from the girls that I’ve been with. If you wanted to do this with me, I’d be down for anything.”

“‘Anything’ isn’t specific.” Olivia pointed out. “Do you have any kinks?”

Phil’s mind was racing, his heart beating. This girl had another level of experience, maybe even more experience than his own. He was rapidly losing the high ground, and unlike some girls that tried to take him down a peg, she wasn’t even openly trying to one-up him. She just had an uncanny talent for stripping away his exterior for the world to see. And he only could barely see it, but she wasn’t even doing anything to manipulate him – she was just asking him to do it to himself. He didn’t even want to dare asking the stupid question of ‘Wait, are you serious?’ or ‘Do you want to have sex with me?’ because knowing the little he did about her, that would be a one-way ticket to him losing his chances with her forever. 

“Yeah, a few. I really enjoy dominating – have you ever done real dom/sub stuff before? Like with rope?”

“Yes.” she nodded.

Damn, he thought. “It’s my go-to. I’m into a lot of the rough stuff – rope, choking…” Phil went on, not adding that these were mostly done in his head. He hadn’t actually had any true experience with rope, and only choked a girl once, but figured anything he could say to impress this girl, he should say.

“So you’re offering to have sex with me?” Olivia clarified, showing nothing on her face.

Just as Phil was about to say yes, a blaring sound cut into the conversation. The PA bell had rung to indicate students should be heading to their post-lunch classes. All around the cafeteria, students were getting up to go to classes. Phil’s eyes shot to Olivia, who was also putting her lunch back into her bag.

He was too used to these kinds of clichés as it was. Phil wasn’t going to let this girl get away that easily. “Hey.” he quickly piped up, laying a hand on her arm. “Stay. Let’s skip third period together.”

Olivia looked at him for a few seconds before a small smile (not one of happiness, more like a smile of confidence) crept up on her face. “Yeah, alright.” she replied, sitting back down. Phil promptly opened his bag and took out his chemistry book out.

“This way, it’ll look like we’re just studying together.” Phil reasoned. Olivia nodded, putting her arms down onto the table. “And the answer is yes. That’s what I’m offering. Do you accept?”

Olivia’s small smile returned to her face. “I do.” she replied in an even tone. “Are you saying we do it at school?”

Having sex on school grounds was one of those things that a lot of boys Phil’s age fantasized about, and even liked to claim they did, but at least as far as he knew, very few actually did. “Do you have a particular place you like to do it the most?” Phil asked, both genuinely curious and also trying to imply he had experience without necessarily lying.

Olivia’s trademark serious look returned to her. “I want you to take the lead.” she stated. 

“What do you mean?” Phil asked her, caught yet again off guard. 

Olivia held up her hand across the table in response. “Take me by this hand to the best place you know, then show me how much you like to take charge.” she replied simply, a little too simply. If Phil hadn’t known better, he would have said a small mischievous smile crept up on her face as he stood up and packed his chemistry book away.

On the outside, he was determined to keep his cool. On the inside, he was panicking. Even after he assertively took her hand and started to lead her out of the cafeteria, he had no clue where to go. Location after location at the school flashed through his head until he arrived at the one place he knew best, the one place he had the key to – the student council office, room 203. His hand drifted to his pocket to make sure – his key had been swiped once before. 

Still walking, he turned to Olivia and grinned. “I have a place in mind.” he told her. She said nothing, and only nodded, as the two made their way out to the hallway.

Phil was still more nervous than anything. This was a bit of a first for him. Plus, he was skipping. He would have had to come up with an excuse later. As he walked, he shook his head to free the clouds of doubt from his mind, and picked up the pace, his gaze falling to the floor.

“Yo, Phil!” Phil’s head shot up when he suddenly heard a voice calling for him, down the hall. His gaze met that of Matt Schneider, a preppy Grade 10 who shared a seat on the council. Out of instinct, Phil let go of Olivia’s hand immediately, and she almost fell to the floor.

Phil wanted to tell her he was sorry, but something made him hold his tongue as Matt approached. “Matthew, my man!” Phil welcomed him enthusiastically, completely switching gears. “What can I do for ya?”

“You know the fundraiser forms you’ve been looking to get?” Matt asked, a little smugly. “Guess who’s gotten them approved, stamped, and in your office?”

“No way!” Phil was completely into this conversation by this point. “How’d you manage that? You magic, bro?”

“I do what I can.” Matt replied confidently. “Anyway, I wanted to let off some steam and skip class this period, so since you owe me a favor…”

“You got it, dude.” Phil shot back, enthusiastically patting Matt on the back. “No problem.”

“Thanks.” Matt replied. He then turned his gaze to Olivia, then to Phil, then back to Olivia again. “Break a leg.” he said, winking, giving Phil his own pat on the back, then leaving.

Phil was chuckling to himself as Matt disappeared out of sight. “Sorry about that.” he said to Olivia.

“It’s interesting how you talk differently to him than to me.” Olivia noted, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, I mean… we’re both on the council.” Phil replied lamely. “You gotta keep up that image, you know what I’m sayin’?”

“What image do you think you keep up with me?” Olivia asked, almost challenging him.

Phil thought to himself, only staring at her, before he broke out into a chuckle. “I dunno.” he finally said. “You’re really hard to read.”

“You seem to care a lot about reputation with him.” Olivia observed. “With me, you’re like a whole different person.”

Phil started walking to the office, preparing his rebuttal, and gazed behind him to see an unmoving Olivia with an arm outstretched. Rolling his eyes, he trudged back to her, grabbed her wrist, and kept walking. “If you’re looking for honesty, I’ll give ya honesty.” he replied, a surprising amount of heat in his words. “If you want me to just be a pathetic guy looking for sex, fine, here he is.”

“I never said you were pathetic.” Olivia pointed out.

“You implied it.”

“I made you be honest with your intentions. You chose to add ‘pathetic’ yourself.”

Phil stopped walking. “What the fuck are you trying to say?” he asked, the heat in his voice building, as he took a few steps towards her.

“That you have to grapple with your own words, not mine.” she replied, not taking a single step backwards but notably not looking too confident.

Phil chuckled, then laughed. He backed away, his arms up in the surrender position. “You know what? I don’t need to have sex with you. I don’t need to prove anything to you.” he finally said. 

Olivia said nothing. She simply looked at him, waiting for whatever he would say next. 

“Oh, go fuck yourself.” Phil waved his hand at her in a ‘go away’ motion before stomping off. He would be out of her line of sight entirely before Olivia finally walked away herself.




It would take until the next year for the two to converse again. Of course, the moment of the botched quickie was in November, so it wasn’t that long a time, but when one is in high school, even the two months since the November interaction feels like forever, and indeed it did to Phil. 

Phil was gaining favor with the girl of his dreams. He had no idea how to proceed – let’s just say she was unpredictable to say the least – but at least he was getting somewhere. It was almost enough to combat his hatred of winter – the cold, the slush in the school hallways, the wind, the dead look to the trees, the fact that it only took until 5pm or earlier for it to get dark.

Still, he took advantage of the time he had in daylight. As a matter of fact, he got into the habit of ending student council early, letting the other council members off almost 30 whole minutes early, just so he could enjoy some more time outside. Whenever the council meetings were over he would almost run to his locker, get his stuff and leave.

And yet, he always took one particular route out of the school now – through the arts hallway. There was a part of him that kind of wished he would find a particular girl down there breaking the rules, though since their last time together, it didn’t look like Olivia was a fan of playing the school’s piano anymore.

A part of him felt guilty. Did he cause this? He knew he was kind of intimidating, especially since he had a bit of a reputation for making sure the rules of the school were upheld perfectly. He knew that if he could see her again, he’d want to straighten things out. He had time to think, and hey, he almost had a girlfriend now, so she could be sure his intentions were honorable.

Phil shook his head as he neared the exit for the school. He needed to get Olivia out of his head. He needed a topic. School spirit week? Nah, even the council couldn’t decide what to do for that, they spent most of the meeting bickering about it. There was no way he was going to make any progress on his own. 

Phil pushed the doors open and a cold rush greeted him in the most rude way possible. It wasn’t that the day was particularly windy – in fact, it was kind of nice how still the air was. At the same time, he just hated the cold. 

Something was off though. The winter normally had this staleness to the air, a kind of crisp smell. Phil didn’t smell the crispness. In fact, he smelled something quite different. A bit pungent, a bit sweet, but in a sour kind of way. A smell that he claimed to hate, but he knew it just made him curious: the smell of weed. 

Phil looked from side to side to see if he could find the source. Curiously, he couldn’t, so he began to wander, looking all around him. After all, students shouldn’t be smoking weed on school grounds, that’s just common sense. Eventually, he found an area where the walls of the school cornered in to create an alley in the turf. Phil raised his eyebrows – he had heard the school had a ‘smoker’s zone,’ dubbed by the community as opposed to the teachers of course. Phil found those teachers kind of backwards – he knew students were going to smoke weed no matter what, and that it was on the school to create a safe environment for it, not pretend it would never happen. 

But even as student council president, that was out of Phil’s jurisdiction. He wasn’t even sure if his own moral compass liked the fact that he planned to bust this guy for smoking, but he knew what the school’s law said. Taking a short breath, he walked confidently and turned the corner, only to be met face-to-face with a sucker punch.

A metaphorical sucker punch. As if the universe knew he was thinking about her, there stood Olivia. She was dressed in a baggy hoodie and slim jeans, her backpack was on the snow, and she was absentmindedly smoking some kind of joint, staring off into space. By the time Phil had regained his composure, she had noticed him.

Phil wanted to be smooth, to reintroduce himself and try to mend any past drama they had, but none of that went according to plan. “You can’t smoke on school property, y’know.” he firmly stated. “What you’re doing is illegal and it misrepresents the school.”

Olivia nodded, weirdly cool as a cucumber. “What if I wasn’t a student?”


“If I wasn’t a student, and I went here to smoke, would I be misrepresenting the school, or nah?” she clarified. “Because if the answer is ‘yes,’ then being on school property means you represent the school. It would suck if Hazelwood ever got ourselves a school shooter and they weren’t a student.” She took another hit before continuing. “And if I weren’t a student and you say no, you’re saying I wouldn’t be representing the school. Which means somehow there’s a moral difference between a dropout my age smoking right here and me. And that doesn’t seem very fair.”

This was, by far, the most Phil had ever heard her talk. “Look, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be doing it.”

“And you’re going to turn me in if I keep doing it?” Olivia asked innocently. 


“To whom?”


“It’s, what, past four? Basically all of the staff have gone home, hall monitors have too. Maybe the janitors are still around. Are you going to report me to the janitors?”

“Custodians.” Phil firmly stated.

“Huh?” Olivia looked at him, confused. 

“Janitors only clean. The people Hazelwood employs are custodians. They work with the heating, lighting, plumbing, and general well-being of the school. Calling a custodian is like calling a judge a small-time lawyer or something. It relegates their work.” Phil was good friends with a few of the custodians at Hazelwood, and always liked to make sure they were well-respected and well-represented.

Oliva broke out into a huge smile. “Alright, I can dig it.” she replied. “Want a hit?” She gestured the blunt towards Phil.

Phil had, up until this point, only had two experiences with weed. The first was with his older brother and his friends, and the second was when he attempted to roll and smoke a joint with his friend Jeff, and ended up canoeing it. At that point it was easier for him to just write off smoking and say he wasn’t about it, but he knew the truth. And the longer he stayed silent, the more he knew he was admitting to Olivia that he wanted to try.

Eventually, the silence reached a crescendo as a smile appeared on Olivia’s face, seemingly reading his own. Rolling his eyes, he took the blunt from her and wordlessly put it into his mouth. He may have cared about upholding the school’s rules, but he was also curious, and plus, even though he couldn’t publicly go against the rules, he also couldn’t look like a square in front of the school’s population.

Phil pulled smoke from the blunt into his mouth then passed it back, blowing the smoke out of his mouth immediately. Olivia started to laugh.

“What?” Phil immediately asked.

“You’re such a square.” Olivia grinned. “You need to get it into your lungs. Here.” She readied the blunt and gestured to him. “Like this. Think about taking a slow, deep breath. Don’t stop until you actually feel it enter your lungs. You should also get a little bit of normal air to mix with the smoke.” True to her words, she took a long, slow inhale, held it in for a bit, then released it. “Like that. Okay?”

“Don’t fucking call me a square.” Phil said with a little more hostility than he intended as he took the blunt, and tried again. He knew the next criticism was going to be the whole coughing thing, and he already got that out of the way with his brother – he focused on taking a small hit, nothing more than he could handle, all the while making it look like he was taking a much bigger hit. It wouldn’t have hurt to impress, right?

Olivia was certainly right – it felt a lot better. The second Phil exhaled he felt his whole world light up a little bit more. Those little black spots of stars clouded his vision – the kind he was used to seeing right before he passed out as a kid. He blinked a few more times, relishing the feeling of being lighter than he felt before, and broke out into a small smile, staring at the blunt. “Damn…” he muttered, loud enough for Olivia to hear, to her amusement. “…Damn!”

“Glad you came around.” Olivia replied, taking the blunt back for another smoke. The two smoked in silence for a little bit longer, eventually sitting on the snow with Phil feeling it more and more with each passing minute, though he didn’t know how much of it was just a placebo, or how much of it was getting the chance to reconnect with Olivia.

Again, he wasn’t sure if this was just his rush talking, but he knew it at this point – she wasn’t just challenging, she was cute. Phil had always liked the skinny modest girl look, and just as his own girlfriend had kind of nailed the look with a bit more ‘artsy chick’ and a bit more ‘prep,’ Olivia seemingly had written the book on mastering the look that drove Phil crazy. Even the warm stares she gave him while high sent a tingle down his spine. 

He cleared his throat, partially from it being sore from the suppressed coughs he got, partially because he knew he had to say something. “I’m, uh, sorry for how I acted.” he blurted out of nowhere.

Olivia just looked at him. “You mean asking me to stop smoking?”

“Well for that too, but just in general. The whole thing. The whole… y’know, the whole trying to have sex with you thing.”

“I didn’t mind you trying to have sex with me.” Olivia remarked.

“Didn’t mind.” Phil repeated, a small smile on his face. “Did you not want it?”

“No, I did.” 

“Then why didn’t we have sex?”

“You got angry and left.”

Phil paused for a second, staring at the wall. “Oh yeah.” he replied, nodding to himself. “Well, I was wrong to do that, and I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted.” Olivia replied, shrugging.

“Wow, that quick? You’re a lot more agreeable when you’re high.”

“What can I say, I’m easy.” Olivia mumbled, partially to herself, before taking another hit.

Phil paused. “You’re hard to read.”

Olivia blew out the smoke and broke into another smile. “I’m not sure.” she coolly replied. “I think I’m really easy to read and that throws people off. Most people… well, most people in high school don’t like being open.”

“How do you figure?”

“I dunno, it’s like they think it leaves them vulnerable or something.”

“And do you think it makes you less vulnerable, or more powerful?” 

Olivia looked at Phil weirdly. “Does it look like… when did I want more power?” she asked him. “I’m fine to sit here by myself. Like, forever. I can live on my own just fine. Power is for people who like attention, people who need their validation from others.”

“I think I know someone like that.” Phil nodded, smiling.

“Who’s that?”

“Nicole Baker. Do you know her?”

“School slut, right?” Olivia blew out another puff of smoke. “How ever do you know her?” she added mischievously, extinguishing the now-spent blunt.

Phil chuckled nervously. “She’s my gir- well, no, she’s not my girlfriend, but I think something is happening between us. I hope something is happening between us.”

“Are you a couple?”

“No, not yet, but I feel like-”

“Have mutual feelings been exchanged?”

“Well, no.” Phil admitted sourly. “I’m just… I’m just hopeful, okay?”

“Okay.” Olivia shrugged. “Just saying, if she gives it to you, it’s not going to mean much to her.”

“Watch it.” Phil replied, more quietly than he would have liked. “The goal isn’t even to have sex with her. The goal is to be with her, and make her mine.”

“Make her yours.” Olivia repeated to herself. “So, no more of those 2am Facebook messenger girls that line up for you?”

Phil could only lean back and chuckle nervously in response. “I, uh…”

“Dry spell?” Olivia asked humorously, smiling at him.

Phil smiled back. “Yeah.” He felt a similar rush he did before at the lunch table, a rush where her openness seemed to be contagious to him. “I feel like sometimes my reputation gets in the way. Like, ‘oh, here comes Phil, he’s the student council president, he knows everything when it comes to sex.’ It can get a little intimidating when you’re…”

“Inexperienced?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah. Double that when you’re dating… wanting to date someone who’s known by most as a slut. Because them, bam, it’s super cool that, like, she knows what she’s doing. But I don’t. You know? And to top it off, she says one thing and means another. She’s weirdly super open but super secretive, and it’s impossible to guess how she’s feeling a lot of the time.”

Olivia nodded. “I understand.” Silence filled the air, and partially out of obligation, she continued. “I don’t think you need to worry about impressing, I bet most of the time girls are as nervous as you.” Her eyes flickered down from his. “Well, maybe not Nicole, maybe she just finds sex boring at this point, but I’d find sex boring too if I didn’t find ways to just enjoy it.”

“How do you mean?” Phil asked.

“I don’t get off from sex.” Olivia openly admitted, her eyes coming back up to meet Phil’s.

“What, like ever?”

“Once or twice.” she shrugged. “Usually I just masturbate when I need to, and sex is just like an activity, having fun. My favorite part of sex is getting a guy to climax, so it’s like working towards a satisfying ending. And call me a Stepford wife or whatever, but I like pleasing guys.”

“Sucks that you don’t get pleased yourself though, huh?” Phil asked.

Olivia smirked. “If I didn’t know your intentions better, I’d call you a gentleman for thinking of that first.” she remarked. “It doesn’t really suck. Besides, if I rarely get off anyway, I might as well make the most of it in other ways. Maybe the guys I’ve done things with aren’t that experienced either.”

“I’d wanna believe I could do better than them…” Phil mumbled, mostly to himself, looking down.

“What was that?” Olivia asked. Phil looked back up, but never said another word, mouth open. She asked the question in her usual monotone voice, but Phil wasn’t sure if what he had just said was a faux pas or if she just didn’t hear him. Too afraid to find out, he didn’t answer.

Olivia took the silence as an answer and slowly, another smile appeared on her face. “Prove it.”

Phil couldn’t have heard that right. “Excuse me?” 

“You heard me.” Olivia replied, standing up, grabbing his hand and making him stand up with her. “If that’s what you want to believe, let’s put it to the test.”

Phil couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but knew deep down not only that he wanted this, but for how long he wanted it. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but open his mouth. “What about my girlfriend?” he asked meekly.

Olivia began to close the distance between their mouths. “I thought you said you didn’t have a girlfriend.” a mixture of smugness and pure seduction was written across her face.

Phil tried not to think about what she just said and how much sense she was making – it would have sucked if his mouth went dry at a time like this. Besides, as he had mentioned, he had his reputation to think about – he couldn’t show weakness, not now. Accepting the fate of the two, and giddy at the moment he wanted to happen for a few months in front of him, he grabbed Olivia by the waist and pushed her against the wall.

Olivia opened her mouth in slight shock at his actions, and Phil capitalized on this, pressing his lips against hers, both mouths slightly open. It was time to show her what he knew how to do. With one hand against the cold brick wall and the other gripping her waist ever so slightly tightly, he passionately pushed the full weight of his body against her. Internally, Phil smiled to himself when he felt Olivia respond by pushing the weight of her body back against his, the two becoming closer and closer together as she wrapped both arms around his neck, bringing him in as their tongues began to dance. 

But making out wasn’t what Phil had in mind. He knew Olivia wasn’t daring him to make her cum by kissing her. After a few minutes of passionate kissing with the two tongues never staying for long in its native mouth, Phil released his grasp on her body as well as her mouth, allowing her to breathe and melt into his embrace as he whispered in her ear, “So, you want to see what I can do?”

Olivia either was completely under her spell or really knew what to do in this situation. Looking up at him with doe-like eyes glossed over with lust, she replied, barely in more than a whisper, “Yes.”

Phil smiled to himself confidently as, never breaking eye contact with her, his hand reached down to Olivia’s pants and undid the button holding them up. Internally, Phil was absolutely terrified – he was the Student Council President, he was the role model of the entire school, and here he was on school property, outdoors where anyone could see, smoking pot and undoing the fly of another student. 

He couldn’t allow his mind to get clouded with such thoughts – he needed to be all charm and confidence. Phil hooked his thumbs into Olivia’s underwear and in one motion, yanked them both to her knees as he got down on his own, ignoring the snow’s cold sting on his kneecaps as he smiled devilishly, almost evilly at Olivia, glancing now at her naked exposed flower. 

Phil’s smile didn’t wane – Stepford wife is right, he thought to himself. She was clean shaven so perfectly that it was clear she had done it that very day. Whether it was just good timing or she was so into being smooth that she shaved daily was up to Phil’s imagination. 

She had every reason to be proud of it – Olivia’s Altar of Venus was certainly something to be worshipped. Even just looking at her slit made Phil want to touch and caress it, to find her most sensitive spots and make her moan, to insert himself inside her and claim her. But that would have to wait until another time, for now he had to prove to her, for the second time, that he was talented with the tongue.

Olivia’s hands flew – perhaps nervously, perhaps due to the cold – to her face as Phil slowly started, his tongue beginning at her also shaven thigh. His tongue trailed its way up, ensuring he slowed down at all the right points that would make her just want him more. And based on the suppressed sounds Olivia was making, this conquest was going perfectly according to plan. By the time that Phil’s tongue first reached its prize, he heard Olivia loudly and uncontrollably let out a breath of air with a quiet “Ooh.” Only not smiling due to his tongue being busy, he continued and began to drag his tongue across her slit, paying careful attention to what areas made Olivia moan the most or the loudest. He knew that his tongue would return here in time, and he wanted to make sure he had mapped her out so that next time he could be even better and impress her even more. 

Before reaching the clit, Phil’s tongue danced around it a little, in order to properly tease her. If he had any kind of handle on her personality, he knew Olivia would not be patient when it came to being teased, and sure enough, when he looked up, he found that her hands were now gripping the wall, with her breath coming out in frustrated pseudo-snarls and gasps that roughly translated to ‘please, no more, lick me already.’

Not only was Phil a good ambassador for his translating skills, but he also knew how and when to arrive in style. Employing a style he was proud to say he crafted, he first licked her clitoris by curving his tongue around it, giving Olivia a sensation they both knew she hadn’t felt before from getting eaten out. Olivia’s hands went from gripping the wall, to moving around erratically in front of her with no destination in mind, to settling on Phil’s head, grabbing his hair as he began to tongue her slit with determination and effort, knowing that he was impressing her. 

Encouraged by her moans and the way she was rocking her hips into his eagerly accepting mouth, Phil began to insert his tongue inside Olivia strategically, moving his hand to Olivia’s lower abdomen. Slowly, his thumb found her clit, and he began to rub her as his tongue danced a dance of love inside her, making her make sounds she wasn’t making consciously, all the while his own dick pulsated painfully in his pants. He knew that he would be winning her over soon, and when he did, he’d be sure to fuck her right after. Right here, against the school. Olivia would be begging for it, and it would be all thanks to him and his oral administrations. 

Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Just as he was getting to the point where he would need to come up for air afterwards, he felt one of the hands let go of him and tap him on the head. At first, Phil didn’t react at all, but a few seconds and another forceful tap later, he confusedly slowed his pace, and then stopped entirely. Slowly, he brought his head back and faced Olivia, his face no doubt soaked with her juices. He expected to find her panting and as glassy-eyed as ever, but she was instead remarkably well-composed.

Phil rose slowly, one eyebrow lowered, his knees suddenly feeling the full force of the cold, wet hell they had sat in for way too long. “…Hmm.” he finally broke the ice.

Olivia shrugged, then pulled her underwear then pants up. “I told you.” she replied coolly. “It’s nothing personal. I’m sure you were doing a good job.”

“Thanks.” Phil replied without meaning it. He knew that the anger he was feeling was irrational and that it was just as much not her fault as his, but… couldn’t she have tried to enjoy it a little bit more?

“Plus, not every guy will even do that. Most think cunnilingus is gross and just try to go for shoving their dick inside me. One didn’t even have the brains to make out with me first.”

Phil was beginning to feel a little better. “Sounds… dry.”

“Something tells me he was sick on Sex-Ed class day.” she quipped back, leaning against the wall. “So, why do you find sex enjoyable?”

“Well, I… uh…” Phil started clumsily. “I suppose I like the power that comes with it. I really felt like… I felt like I was in control down there, you know?”

“Mhm.” Olivia nodded.

“Even though I suppose from a bird’s eye view, I was the one on my knees and you were the one with your hands on my head.”

“Is a girl in power when she gives you a blowjob?”

“Point made.” Phil admitted.

“No, I’m serious. I’m asking you. Is she?”

Phil stared at her weirdly, but then thought about it for a second. “I guess it depends on the status quo of the situation. Like, if the guy is a nervous wreck but she reassures him she’ll take care of him or something, then she’s in control. But if he demands she gets on her knees then fucks her face…”

“Romantic.” she quipped.

“…then I guess he’s in control.”

“I like when a guy is in control.” Olivia added. “I just can’t ever ask a guy to be in control because then he’s not, you know? I think deep down all girls just are submissive and crave dick.”

Phil didn’t call himself a feminist by any means – in high school it was still considered a dirty word, after all – but even he knew that was going too far for him not to reply. “Yup, Stepford wife.” he joked. 

“That’s why I’m so open.” Olivia continued, ignoring him. “I might be the one to get him to say it, but I’m not going to ask anything. I want a guy who can say he’ll do this, even if he calls himself pathetic and doubts himself from time to time.”

“Oh, shut up.” Phil replied, annoyed at her words. “I’m not pathetic. I did a good job.”

“I’m sure you did.” Olivia replied with another shrug. “So, what happens from here?”

It was Phil’s turn to shrug. “I don’t wanna stop what we’re doing. Especially if it means I get to fuck you.”

Olivia nodded coolly. “You can use my body any time you want.” she replied with too little emotion. 

“I mean- I… I’m not gonna right now.” Phil stumbled to say. “Like, no offense, but after what you just said, I’m not in the mood.”

“Okay.” Olivia replied. “I wouldn’t like it unless you were really passionate anyway.” 

So, she wanted domination, did she? Phil did like a challenge. “Give me your number, right now.” he told her as he got out his phone. “When we’re next both on campus and I need a good hole to fuck, you’re mine. Got it?” he practically snarled, trying to catch her off guard.

He would need practice. Olivia nonchalantly nodded and told him her number. “I understand.” she finished.

Without another word, Phil tore his eyes away from her and walked away. He had finally gotten what he wanted, and more. And even though his life was potentially going in a new direction, Phil wasn’t sure if he wanted to squander this opportunity. 




One of the places that Phil felt the safest was his basement. Not safe from any threats or anything like that, safe from the expectations he knew people had of him. Everywhere else he had to be Phil Love, President of the Student Council, but in his basement he could hang out with a friend and just be another guy, hanging out with his friend, not having to worry about his behavior cutting loose affecting anything in his future.

Phil’s friend Jeff Swanson also enjoyed it for the same reasons. The two had grown up together but only really connected by high school. That said, they were so close by the end of their junior year that when Phil ran for President at the end of the prior year, anyone could have guessed he would be bringing Jeff on board. Jeff had Phil’s same concerns in mind, and the same reliefs about the basement.

“Bam! There’s one.” Jeff commented, showing Phil his phone. Phil looked over the webpage, a post from the BiggerThanYouThought subreddit, while Jeff just grinned. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Phil was in the middle of texting Nicole, but stopped to stare at the picture of a pair of what looked like E cups on an almost impossibly small figure. “Those have gotta be fake, bro.” Phil shot back.

“Look at the shape!” Jeff argued. “Fake tits don’t look like that. Look at the… uh…” Jeff held the phone back to his face to get a reference, then shoved the phone back under Phil’s nose. “Look at the curve!”

Phil laughed aloud. “The curve? Fuck are we in, grade school? You read that online?”

Jeff shrugged and brought his phone away from Phil’s gaze. “Say what you want but I think they’re real.”

“Yeah but neither you or I will actually get to see them in our lifetime.” Phil rebutted. “So it doesn’t matter. I’d rather get the real deal, that’s why I’m texting The Queen herself.”

Jeff lowered his phone in thought. “…Ally D. goes by ‘The Queen’?”

Phil chuckled to himself. Ally was known around the school for coming in at a whopping H cup. “Nicole, dumbass. I’m texting Nicole.”

“Well, you were mentioning tits. Ally has the biggest ones in the school by far, right? Nicole’s are, like, small compared to her.”

“You just call a girl with double D’s small?” Phil asked incredulously. “You need to stop watching so much porn, dude. I think it’s giving you unrealistic expectations of tits. You’re gonna expect ‘em to have E’s and suddenly C’s are like A’s. It’s like community college.”

Jeff snickered. “Nice. Either way, excuse me for liking ‘em big. How far have you gotten with Nicole anyway?”

Phil sighed and lowered his phone. Jeff’s smile got bigger. “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Jeff concluded, beaming.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying, man.” Phil protested. “Plus, taming a wild beast like Nicole is like impossible of impossibles. Look at this.”

Phil extended his arm to show the phone to Jeff, displaying their recent conversation history.

“Jeez, she’s blunt.” Jeff commented. “Well, that’s Nicole alright. What did you expect? You like ‘em blunt and raw.”

“Yeah…” Phil trailed off, looking at his messaging history and noting Olivia’s name also there, staring at him, daring him to make another move.

“Hey…” Phil started again, getting jeff to raise his eyes from the screen. “So, I need an opinion.”

Jeff promptly put his phone onto the nearby table and sat up, giving Phil his full attention. “Send it.”

“Okay, so you know how I have a crush on Nicole?” Phil asked, answered by a nod from Jeff. “And you know how we’re not actually in a relationship, like an actual one?” Another nod. “What if another girl actually gave me the green light? Like, she wanted to have sex with me too? Like, do you think there’s a moral issue there or…”

Jeff laughed out loud. “A moral issue? What are you, fuckin’ Ghandi? No, there’s no moral issue. If Nicole is too much of a bitch to actually admit she likes you back and start something, then you get to do the fuck you want.” 

Silence filled the air as Phil chewed on Jeff’s words, but Jeff continued anyway. “Look, did she say anything about it being official?” Phil shook his head no. “Right, so it’s nothing exclusive, she never said anything about being exclusive.” Phil shook his head again. “Well then there you go dude, nothing to it.”

“I mean, I never made it official in the first place either…” Phil pointed out begrudgingly. 

Jeff took a noisy bite of some corn chips he scooped up from the nearby open bag. “All the more reason why it’s okay.” he pointed out, mouth full. “If she’s the type that would get hurt from that, either she knows she should have made it official in the first place or she’s a manipulative controlling bitch.”

“You already think she’s a manipulative controlling bitch.” Phil argued. 

“Yeah, but you like her.” Jeff shrugged. “Friends support friends. You’re being a dumbass, bro, but if you think you’re in love-”

“I know I’m in love.”

“Alright, alright, if you know you’re in love, you’re gonna go for it anyway. But that doesn’t mean a man don’t have needs. If you’ve got side tail lined up, it’d be a shame to let it spoil.” He continued to take another mouthful of corn chips into his gaping mouth.

Phil slowly looked back down at his phone, nerves on fire. His inner moral high-ground character was doing battle with his innermost wolf on the prowl, and he knew which side was going to win. 

Yo. What do you think about going after you sexually but Nicole romantically? Like, is something wrong there?

Phil smirked to himself. The first thing he did to try and impress Nicole was to perfect his spelling and grammar when sending texts. Nicole used to be a complete bookworm and really loved when guys were articulate.

Almost immediately the phone buzzed with Olivia’s response. I don’t mind if you don’t

“Dude.” Jeff commented, reading over Phil’s shoulder. “You got balls just straight-up asking her like that. What’s she look like, do I know her?”

“Shut-in girl, goes to the library a lot. Black hair, brown eyes, kinda like one of those baggy hoodies…”

“You and the fucking black hair.” Jeff dryly retorted.

Phil didn’t respond, and put his attention back into the conversation with Olivia. Yeah? I think I want to try something like kissing her soon, but I also want to fuck you sometime soon.

A couple minutes went by, to the extent where Phil was getting nervous as to if he offended her or not. After a fair bit though, a different buzzing sound came from Phil’s phone. Puzzled, Phil picked up the phone to see Olivia sent him a Snapchat message.

“We’re in.” Jeff quipped, noticing Phil had Snapchat open. 

Phil rolled his eyes. “Dude, chill. It might not be-”

“It’s Snapchat. It is.” Jeff responded coolly.

“What do you think I should do?”

“If it is what you’re hoping, save it anyway, then ask after if she’s cool with saving. If not, apologize and tell her you’ll delete it.” Jeff explained expertly.

“And then I delete it?” Phil asked, then the two of them shared a laugh. “Alright, here goes.” On the outside, Phil wanted to appear as calm as a big blue ocean, but on the inside he was a little nervous. His thumb almost shaking, he hit the screen and the picture came up.

As if he should have expected anything else, the image definitely surprised both him and Jeff. The picture was exactly as shy as Olivia herself, which needless to say was not shy at all. It was a picture of her laying across her bed, her face conveniently out of the picture. She was laying flat down on the bed, with her legs in the air, pointing off in different directions, just barely obscuring her womanhood from the desperate eyes of Phil. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t treated to a sight of her beautiful, albeit moderately-sized, breasts. Her nipples, which would meet any man’s definition of perfect, stood proudly and practically cut into the air. It was clear that she was very turned on at the time of the video. As a nice little ribbon on top, her free hand was draped across her stomach, showing off her painted light blue nails.

Across the middle of the picture, nearly cutting off the view of Olivia’s breasts, was the usual Snapchat black bar displaying a message for Phil. I think you should do both soon

Phil’s breath was caught in his throat. She was downright beautiful, her body was amazing. He couldn’t help but just stare at the gift he was given.

“…Dude, save it!” Jeff ordered, snapping Phil out of his trance. Phil shook his head, hit both buttons on his phone, and saved the message. Immediately, he covered the phone’s camera with his hand, took a picture of the blackness, then added a caption. Sorry, is it okay if I save these?

“‘Sorry.’ You pussy.” Jeff laughed.

“I don’t wanna be a complete creep!” Phil protested. “Imagine if this got out, man.”

“It won’t.” Jeff assured him. On cue, Phil’s phone buzzed again and the eager duo hunched over Phil’s phone, eager to see the latest snap he received. 

This next picture was a mirror shot of Olivia holding her phone, with her body twisted around so that her panty-clad butt could be in the shot, as could a side-shot of her breast and her face (though as always, it was cut off above the mouth). Once again, her nipple poked out into the air in a clear state of arousal, and her free hand was trailing down her stomach, into her panties. If one looked closely, which Phil didn’t, they could see she was biting her lower lip in pleasure. 

Phil couldn’t help but chuckle at his luck when he read the caption. It’s all good. Save away.

Who was he to argue? Gleefully, Phil saved the snap, turning back to Jeff. “Hell of a girl, isn’t she?”

Jeff was grinning right back. “Yo, I didn’t get a good look. Would you please send those to me later?”

Phil laughed out loud and shoved Jeff playfully. “You got it, man.” he agreed. He turned back to his phone to see that Olivia had given up snapping for now and had sent him a regular text.

If she’s giving you enough signals, I say she wants it. You do you, try it if you want. Just don’t forget to have sex with me too.

“You don’t meet a girl like that every day.” Jeff admitted, still reading over Phil’s shoulder.

“Is she right though?”


“Do you think Nicole is sending me signals?” Phil asked him sincerely. “Should I go for her?”

“Oh yeah, she’s sending you signals alright.” Jeff replied. “‘Stop,’ ‘Ye be warned,’ ‘Beware of dog…’”

“Fuck off.” Phil replied, then silence poured into the room like water fills a bowl. “Fuck it. I’m gonna do it.”

“Yeah?” Jeff replied, a mixture of support and disdain evident in his tone.

“Yeah. By the end of this week, I’m just gonna spontaneously kiss Nicole.”

“Will this be before or after you fuck Olivia?” Jeff asked, smiling deviously.

Phil returned the smile. “Depends on when I see her next.”




In high school, spontaneous things happened all the time. The craziest of scenarios could be blown off with a simple, ‘Well, what did you expect?’ Enough events happened at Hazelwood High in particular to send the superintendent into a coma every couple of months. The low-level gossips might pick up the events and circulate it, sure, but unless something illegal was involved, it usually wasn’t enough to make the students truly care. 

But patterns, something happening consistently, that was what got the students talking. As soon as something happened more than once, that was when the gossip train really got its engine going.

Phil was all too aware of this factor, and yet he found himself enjoying the idea of not caring as he had lunch with Olivia again. His reputation, his prestige, his honor, it all mattered in little moments, but it was like he’d forgotten what those moments without felt like. Olivia, perhaps without even knowing it herself, gave him a bit of a break from… himself. And he liked that.

“So, did you end up kissing her?” Olivia asked nonchalantly between bites, looking down at her food.

Phil chuckled to himself, looking everywhere but at her as he readied his answer. They were far enough away from everyone else that no snooping ears could listen in on their conversation, though he still wasn’t quite used to this level of bluntness.

“I mean, do you even wanna hear about something like that?” he asked her, a mixture of shyness and slight disbelief in his voice.

“I asked, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but… it’s just weird since we’re doing stuff an-”

“We’re barely doing anything.” Olivia cut him off, no hint of annoyance or malice to her tone.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve been busy – and you’re out here asking about another girl, and what she’s doing with me.”

Olivia shrugged, taking her eyes from her food to Phil’s. “You seem to pine after Nicole, it’s an interesting story to follow. Plus, I find it interesting you want to make the girl famous for fucking anyone your girlfriend. You’re so into your reputation, and I feel like anyone who’s the boyfriend of her is going to turn into the school joke.”

“How do you figure?” Phil asked, leaning in, a curious expression on his face.

“Take the easiest girl in school, and give her a boyfriend. A, there’s no way in hell you’re going to make her stop having sex with other guys. A slut is a slut. B, even without you getting cuckolded to hell, which you will, guys will see a guy settling for the loosest girl in school.” She paused and gave a small smile. “Nice.”

“I don’t wanna sound like a, uh, a feminist or something, but I don’t see how that kind of thing devalues her.” Phil rebutted. “Or you, or me. Aren’t we doing shit on the side?”

“I apply the same standards to myself as I do her. I’m just honest about myself and how much I’m worth.” Olivia coolly responded. “That’s why I let you use my body anytime.”

Jeez, Phil thought to himself, trying not to let the surprise show on his face. This girl certainly was… extreme. “Well, great, looks like you two have something in common.” Phil joked. “Maybe if we all get comfy down the line, we could arrange a, uh, a threesome or something.”

Inevitably, every popular guy in high school ever made that joke to a girl when another girl was brought up. It was a classic move – bring it up as a joke, even though it wasn’t that funny, to veil the obvious hopeful seriousness and genuine attempt at such a request. Olivia, of course, could see right through Phil and his attempt, and in response, stared blankly at him until he coughed in discomfort.

He looked away for a few seconds, then realized how desperate he was to change the topic. “Yeah, we did end up kissing.” he admitted.

“Congratulations.” Olivia nodded. “So, is it serious between you two now? Do you want to stop our arrangement?”

“Huh?” Phil was surprised. “Didn’t you just point out that we haven’t done anything yet?”

“Yes, but you seem to want to.” Olivia answered. “I’m keeping your options open.”

“And what if we became a couple? Would you still want to fuck me then?” Phil challenged her.

Olivia never backed down. “Only if you want.”

Phil smiled slightly. Then it became a chuckle, then a full-blown laugh. Someone watching a documentary about Phil might have referred to this as the day he snapped. Something about his moral compass shifted, or at least he was aware of the shift that had been going on for a while, that day. “Fuckin’ no I don’t wanna stop.” Phil replied, his voice full of a new confidence he didn’t know he had. He hastily packed up his lunch, and motioned for Olivia to do the same. “In fact, come with me.”

Olivia had a curious look on her face, but swiftly obeyed. As soon as everything was packed up, Phil grabbed her arm and led her away from the lunchroom, down the hallways, away from prying eyes. No doubt someone had seen them, and no doubt Phil was going to be asked about her, but deliciously, he didn’t care. Phil had power. Phil had control. Phil had options, and fuck Nicole for making him feel like he had to bend to her will when she felt she didn’t owe him the time of day.

Phil’s hands were practically shaking as he unlocked the door to Room 203, the student council office. As soon as the pair were inside, he locked the door again behind him and turned to grin at Olivia, a very hungry grin. 

“So, you want to fuck a guy even when he’s in a committed relationship?”

Olivia stood there, unmoving, her facial expression not changing.

Phil didn’t care. “Stand there.” He pointed to a spot on the floor. Hesitantly, Olivia obeyed, walking over to the very spot at which he was pointing.

“Get on your knees.” Phil demanded. For a second, he swore he could see the makings of a smile on Olivia’s lips as she sank to her knees in front of him. Still smiling, Phil walked slowly over in front of her, and undid his belt.

“You can do the rest.” Phil commanded gruffly, and Olivia obediently nodded. With an almost teasing level of slowness, Olivia unzipped his fly, undid the button holding his pants together, and gently pulled them down to his knees. She paused slightly, looking Phil in the eyes for a few seconds, before pulling down his underwear too, making sure he could feel her sudden, heavy, lustful breaths on his cock. 

Phil chuckled slightly. “Are you gonna just sit there forever, or are you going to suck me off?”

Olivia’s dam was broken as she broke out into a full smile. “Thank you.”

Phil was slightly taken off-guard. “For what?”

“I just vibe really well with the roleplay of my feelings not mattering.” Olivia replied matter-of-factly as she gripped Phil’s shaft. “Gets me so hot.” She gave his cock an experimental lick.

This was new territory for Phil but he was game to play along. “Then I don’t give a shit about you thanking me, slut. I just care about what your body can do for me.” 

Olivia smiled at him again, this time mischievously. “Just trying to have some manners over here.” she replied. “Would you rather have silence?”

“In words, sure. I’m going to close my eyes and all I want to hear are the sounds of your mouth on my cock. Do I make myself clear?” Phil then closed his eyes and folded his arms, waiting.

“Crystal,” came the voice of Olivia, before Phil indeed did hear the sounds of suction, as well as the unmistakable feeling of a mouth on his dick. 

Olivia was, in a word, amazing. Other words came to mind, like ‘submissive,’ ‘extreme,’ and ‘confusing,’ but all that mattered in this moment was that it was clear she knew exactly what she was doing. It wasn’t just in the way that she used every technique she knew, but also in the eagerness with which she devoured him, the way she’d moan at the mere opportunity to please Phil. 

“You have such a nice cock, Master.” Olivia purred in between licks as she used both hands to appraise his manhood. “I can’t get enough of it. Please let me suck you every day, sir.” She went back to sucking him, using every part of her mouth to show Phil just how much appreciation she had for being his little blowjob slut.

Phil was positively drunk with power in this moment. Fuck Nicole for ever making him feel so small, he knew in this moment that if a manipulative bitch like Nicole wasn’t willing to get on her knees for him, he had a girl who was all too eager to show him what her rightful place was kneeling right before him instead. 

Each breath Olivia left on him reminded him of this fact. It’s like she was born to serve him, with the way she naturally and submissively got to work on him. Even though only a minute had passed, it felt like an eternity of having his cock worshipped by a girl who knew that he was a man worth worshipping.

One minute… that reminded him. Phil looked at his watch and discovered with dismay that they had less time left than he wanted. He cleared his throat. “Hey, Olivia.” he called out to her.

“Mm?” Olivia responded, taking her lips off of his shaft to look at him submissively, a far cry from her usual apathetic stare. She looked innocent, hungry… the right flavor of slutty for Phil. It was killing him to have to make this announcement.

“We’re, uh… running out of time. Maybe we should take a raincheck on this… slut.” PHil hated admitting it, but this dom talk was kind of new ground for him still.

“If you think we don’t have enough time, I’ll obey you.” Olivia replied submissively, getting to her feet, a small trail of saliva going down her chin. “It’s a shame though, I love that cock.”

Phil snickered a little in slight disbelief and power. “Back on your fuckin’ knees.” he replied hoarsely. “I changed my mind. You’re too much of an eager slut. I’m going to jack off all over your pretty, slutty face.”

Olivia gave another one of her big grins. “Yes, sir.” she replied submissively as she got back on her knees.

“And wipe that fuckin’ grin off your face. I didn’t say you could enjoy it.” Phil added, giddy with power and lust yet stern-faced. 

Olivia’s expression obediently changed from a grin to that of a submissive scared-looking ‘good girl,’ remaining on her knees. Phil grinned evilly at how perfect she looked as he began to stroke himself. 

Olivia bit her lip in a display of lust as Phil’s hand slid back and forth across his shaft. “You have such a perfect cock, sir.” Olivia practically panted as she watched him pleasure himself. Phil wondered if she had the urge to touch herself, and even if she did, if that was only for his amusement, but fuck it, this was pretty damn amusing to him. “Touch yourself.” he ordered.

To his surprise, Olivia went for her chest instead, seductively playing with her bra-covered boobs as she stuck out her tongue for him, giving him a wink as she readied herself for his load.

This was absolutely surreal to Phil. He couldn’t believe his good fortune in finding this girl. His smile widened as he realized two things – one, that she initially shied away from him and hard work always got Phil Love what he wanted, and two, this load was going to be a big one, and it was going to cover Olivia’s pretty submissive face as she played with her boobs. All to get him excited. She wanted his cum to paint her face.

Phil began to breathe heavier as he could feel his load coming on. Hormones were surging through him. He just wanted to pick this girl up and jackhammer her right there, not caring who watches. He wanted to do all kinds of dirty things with her, and he was going to do that, as many times as possible, as often as he could this year. He found his own personal slut, on top of having a potential girlfriend. His own personal slut, as well as taming the school slut to only want him.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Without warning, Phil’s breaths turned to slight muffled moans and he gave a grunt as his load unleashed. Luckily, Olivia was listening intently for his signals and was ready. Rope after rope of Phil’s seed painted her face, some ending up in her mouth, as Olivia graciously and submissively accepted Phil’s gift. Her eyes were closed in lustful delight as Phil watched, panting with horniness. The spurts subsided and amazingly, most of it actually landed on Olivia’s face or in her mouth, with only the last and smallest spurt landing at the top of her shirt. 

“Wow.” Phil breathed, breaking the silence between the two afterwards.

“Did you enjoy that?” Olivia asked, turning back into her aloof self.

“Like nobody’s – like you wouldn’t – yes. Yes, I fuckin’ enjoyed it.” Phil panted, catching his breath and enjoying his work. “That was amazing.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” Olivia replied, her cold tone tainted with a hint of pride, as she examined her face with her fingers. “Wow. So I guess she only kissed you.”

Phil lowered an eyebrow at her. Soon, Nicole would be his girl, committed only to him, and Olivia would knock it off with the jokes, so he elected against telling her off. He’d rather… show her off? That couldn’t have been right gramatically.

Phil glanced at his watch and made a nervous expression. “Hey, class starts in like two minutes.” he told Olivia.

Olivia groaned in annoyance. “It is going to take more time than that to clean myself up.” she commented, mostly to herself.

“Yeah, but…” Phil didn’t know how to bring this up without looking like an asshole. “I kinda need to lock up this room when it’s not in use. You know, school rules and all that.”

“Yeah, enforcing the school rules. Calling them custodians instead of janitors. I remember.” Olivia remarked. “Can you give me the keys then?”


“Just give me the keys to the place. I’ll lock up the room for you when I’m done cleaning myself off.”

“…And how will I get the keys back if you have them?” Phil asked as if she were an idiot. “I need to use these keys, you know. They’re not just for decoration.”

Olivia shrugged, wiping some semen off of her face. “I guess we’ll have to meet up at the end of the day then, won’t we?” A slow smile appeared on her face. Phil mirrored her smile as he wordlessly handed her his keys.




“Maybe if you weren’t an idiot, you’d see reason.” Nicole complained as she flopped down on top of Phil’s bed. Her long black hair completely covered her backside, and her beautiful face, as well as her piercing blue eyes, became hidden within Phil’s pillows.

“And maybe you should just put on a coat and enjoy winter for what it is.” Phil laughed, joining her, sitting conservatively on the bed. “Aside from that, good day?” He moved her hair to the side and started rubbing her back.

“Yeah.” she mumbled into his pillow. “Your mattress kinda sucks.”

Phil chuckled. “Then let’s meet up on yours.” 

Nicole’s face rose from Phil’s pillow to give him a smirk. “Ha ha, Mr. President. You damn near gave my parents a heart attack the first time you came over. I like them too much to want to see them dead.”

“I thought you said you didn’t like them.” Phil replied with confusion in his voice. “If you don’t wanna talk about i-”

“Oh, I don’t like them.” Nicole interrupted. “It just takes me a lot to want to see someone dead. Although your brother would be a good candidate if you wanna play hitman. My birthday is coming up soon.”

Phil laughed, but didn’t respond. He understood his brother and Nicole had a history, but he had a good relationship with his big brother, and wanted to remain Switzerland between them. Instead, he lay down beside her, his face level to hers. Eventually, a smile grew on his face.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothin’.” Phil replied softly. “Just… you’re beautiful.”

“Oh, am I? Thanks, never noticed.” Nicole replied with another smirk on her face. She hopped off the bed, leaving an unsatisfied Phil, cursing his instincts for not just going for it. He heard her scream and bolted upright on the bed, turning his head to see her looking in his bedroom mirror.

Nicole turned around to face him, her face a picture of absolute horror. “Fuck, Phil. I am beautiful.” she lamented. “What am I going to do?”

Emboldened and frustrated, Phil hopped off the bed, sauntering over to her and grabbing her by the hips. “I could think of a few things you could do. You and I.”

Nicole lowered an eyebrow and smiled at him. “Oh really? And what kind of pure activities do you have for a nun like me?”

Phil smiled in turn. “Maybe we could work on getting you outta that convent of yours.”

Nicole gave a scoff-laugh, rolling her eyes. Her eyes settling on looking at her shoes. “You’re cute.” she finally mumbled.

“What’s that? Nicole Baker, the school’s most unpredictable firecracker, finds me cute?” Phil responded, noting her smile getting bigger despite her still looking away. “I wonder how she’d respond to knowing I think she’s cute too. Or how I want her and only her. Or how much sense we’d make together.”

Nicole’s smile remained plastered on her face for a few seconds. She then blinked and the smile instantly vanished, and in one motion she pushed him away and sat back down on his bed.

Phil just stood there, his back against the wall from Nicole pushing him, looking at his hands in confusion. “I think I know why they call you ‘untameable,’ babe.” he joked.

“Sorry.” Nicole mumbled, all sense of humor lost in her voice. “I just… have a lot on my plate. It’s hard to make sense of feelings when my head is all… ‘Aaaaaah,’ you know?”

“Um, sure.” Phil shrugged. “What kind of shit do you have on your mind, do you wanna talk about it?”

“Well, there’s the Adam and Megan thing, that has to be addressed…” Nicole trailed off, as if it were obvious Phil knew what she was talking about.

But he didn’t. Adam and Megan were this year’s grade nine representatives for the Student Council, and were largely irrelevant figures in his life, outside of being his new recruits, or underlings. “The Adam and Megan thing?” Phil asked.

“You didn’t hear?” Nicole asked casually. Phil shrugged and Nicole shook her head with a ‘here we go’ brand of smile. “Well then strap in. So basically, The Meganator gets this huge crush on Adam. Adam acts like this huge fuckin’ idiot and I guess gets her to blow him in an empty classroom or something? And the-”

“Blow him?!” Phil interrupted incredulously. “Like, she gave him a blowjob?”

“No, she flew him to Austria. Yes, she gave him a blowjob, you dolt. Don’t interrupt me.” Nicole asserted. “So, like, she does it, so I guess both of them are culpable, but if you ask me, a guy that uses a girl’s feelings for him to get some action is a grade-A asshole.”

“Yeah. I mean yeah, obviously. Totally agree.” Phil blurted out with no hesitation. In his head, he was still stuck on how Adam managed to convince Megan, the picture of innocence, to blow him. 

“Yeah, you totally agree. Except when the guy is related to you.” Nicole added icily, sending a shiver up Phil’s spine. “So anyway, I guess Adam tried to hit on some other chick the next week. Megghead sees it and gets pissed, and it all became drama central. Half the school probably knows what went down at this point.”

Phil raked his hands over his face in annoyance. “God fuckin’ damn it.” he mumbled. “And lemme guess, it’s up to me to do something about this shit if they’re both on the council, huh?”

“It’s a pretty open-and-shut case if you ask me.” Nicole replied flatly. “Boot him. Give him the boot. He needs to learn his lesson, and plus, council is no place for a boy that’s not going to respect women anyway.”

“I mean, I’m just learning about this shit now.” Phil replied, still looking up at the ceiling. “I can’t make a judgment call based on something I just heard. I don’t want this turning into a gossip case where I accidentally turn the whole council against someone, especially if it was all a misunderstanding and Megan isn’t actually that mad or something.” He noticed Nicole flaring up and held up a hand. “Not saying she isn’t upset. Just saying I wanna hear it from her.”

Nicole folded her arms. “Fine, whatever, ask her.” she huffed. “She’ll say the same shit I’ve been saying this whole time. Plus, I have, uh, friends that know Adam. They say he kept doing this shit in junior high. This isn’t the first time he’s straight-up manipulated a girl.”

“Shit, huh?” Phil didn’t know what to say, though he was surprised. “The way he acts, you wouldn’t think he’s seen a girl before grade nine.”

Nicole shrugged with a disappointed expression. “I think… you know what your instinct told you about Adam? I think you were right.”

“I told you.” Phil replied, nodding. “It’s why I told you to stay away from him. You and him still friends?”

Nicole shrugged. “He’s just some guy. I wouldn’t say we were ever ‘friends,’ per se.”

Phil didn’t respond, as he was too busy on his phone. “There, just texted Megan to show up early before the council meeting.” he told Nicole. “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it by the book.” 

“Okay. I appreciate this, Phil.” Nicole told him, exhausted. “I’m glad you’re actually taking a stand for this shit. I’m gonna go get some water. Want anything?”

Expecting him to give a simple answer, Nicole got up from the bed and started to walk out of the room. Surprising even himself, Phil grabbed her by the waist as she walked past and locked lips with her. He could feel Nicole’s body tense up, and almost felt guilty for a second, but then her body relaxed as she began to kiss him back. After a few delicate and lengthy seconds, he pulled back.

“You.” he answered her cheesily.

Nicole looked at him with sarcastic contempt, but couldn’t hide how her heart was racing.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Phil continued.

Nicole’s eyes narrowed as she continued to stare at him, then suddenly, she launched on him, giving him another lengthy kiss, one she initiated this time. After a few more seconds, she let go. “There’s your answer. Now shut up.” she replied as she walked out of the room.

Phil smiled to himself. Things were falling into place. There was nowhere to go but up from here.




Adam Watson was that type of jerk. The first few times they met, Adam had managed to fool even Phil, but eventually, Phil saw right through him. Adam was the kind of new kid who didn’t realize he wasn’t entitled to everything. He was one of those guys that had a geeky charisma and obvious good looks, and pretended not to notice he had either. But he definitely knew. And he used those gifts to his fullest potential.

Dirty blond hair done up in a way that screamed ‘I’m indie but also kind of popular,’ a thin physique that was beginning to show potential from all those gym sessions he was doing, and eyes that could make any girl fall for him. But those same girls would come to hate those eyes, and if Phil wished one thing, he wished he knew what girls were falling for them so Phil could tell those girls himself to stay the hell away. Above all, Adam liked to pretend he didn’t know what he was doing, but it was oh-so-clear to Phil that Adam knew exactly what he was doing. 

As much as Phil disliked Adam on a personal level, this was a political matter, and he promised himself he would do everything by the book. True to his word, Phil met up with Megan and Matt Schneider (Megan brought her brother along for emotional support) right before the next Council meeting, where Adam would be, and got the whole story from them. Megan was shy about talking about how she broke the school rules, but Matt’s fury helped fill in the gaps. Megan was coerced, plain and simple. It wasn’t her fault, and like a good leader, Phil understood that.

As soon as Adam entered the council room, everyone noticeably changed. Phil couldn’t help but pause mid-sentence in his conversation with Jeff as he eyed Adam up and down. Adam’s eyes went from one person to another and Phil tried as hard as he could to suppress his smile when it showed on Adam’s face that he was caught. The consequences of his actions were coming back to haunt Adam Watson. Phil savored this moment like a fine wine.

Once Adam sat down, Phil knew the inevitable was coming, and figured he’d save the council the anticipation. “Alright, great, everyone’s here. Thank you all for showing up. Now, uh…” He paused, not quite knowing how to break this news to the group, even though every individual knew. “Before we start, I just want to shed some light on some new developments. I hate to bring public attention to this, but it’s important that we function as a team, and as efficiently as possible.” He nodded to the room, feeling his presidential energy asserting on the council. “Adam, we understand you’re having some personal conflicts with Megan Schneider.”

“Personal conflicts?!” Matt blurted out as he stood up. “The guy made her blow him, made her feel like a sex object after, then was caught by her doing the same thing to another girl just a week later! This is my baby sister we’re talking about here!”

Phil was fearing that. Matt’s fury was a helpful ally at times but now was not one of them. At the very least, now anyone who wasn’t aware of what was going on now knew. Still, there was only one president in the room, and he had to be an objective voice of reason. “Sit down, Matt.” Phil replied with authority yet annoyance in his voice. 

The thing Phil had feared became realized as he heard Adam clear his throat. “Uh, Phil, could I please set things straight for the record?”

Phil knew Adam would do this. Find an opportunity to speak and then charm his way out of the situation. Adam was a smooth-talker. It’s how he got in this situation in the first place, and Phil knew the type well. Like hell he was going to let Adam pull a fast one on him. “I can’t let you do that, Adam. If you want to work things out, work them out with her.” Phil responded with authority, pointing at Megan.

Adam didn’t let up. “But if you don’t let me explain, everyone here is going to judge us for things we didn’t do. They’re going to make up stories, they’re going to think we did things we didn’t, and think we are people we aren’t!”

If there was one thing Phil didn’t like, it was an aggressor playing victim. “Alright then. Great. You want to have the facts?” He calmly walked over to the table where Adam was sitting and put both hands down on the table, leaning in. Every council member – Nicole, Megan, Adam and otherwise – would now get to see that nobody fucks with Phil. 

“Let’s start with how you were in a classroom after hours receiving oral sex. Something both parties should know is against the rules!” Phil’s eyes went to Megan’s after that last sentence. Just because she was a victim of Adam’s didn’t mean she wasn’t disrespecting the council too. “Or how about how you didn’t check to make sure you knew what you were getting into. Or making her feel used afterwards, without so much as a ‘sorry,’ even after you saw her upset. Or not talking to her for a good solid week afterwards, not caring if she was still upset. Just as long as Adam Watson got his blowjob…” Phil trailed off, proud of how badly he decimated Adam.

Surprisingly, Adam didn’t back down. He got angry. “At least I asked for her consent before doing anything with her, rather than just doing whatever I want to Nicole without even making sure she was okay with it first!” he yelled back, right in Phil’s face. 

Phil’s right eye twitched as he processed the information. He couldn’t even focus enough to hear the gasps in the room. Adam knew about him and Nicole…? Worse, he accused Phil of doing something to Nicole without her consent. First of all, and Adam didn’t know this, that was a bad look for a son of the Love family, given Nicole’s history with his brother. Secondly… it was something Phil himself always felt paranoid about. He was kind of clumsy with Nicole and didn’t know what she wanted, and figured assertiveness was what she craved from a guy. She always seemed to like it, but there was always this voice in the back of Phil’s head telling him she actually disliked it, and disliked him too.

And today that voice had a name. Adam Watson.

“Yeah, I know about that.” Adam boldly continued. “I know all about how even though Mr. President is talking up quite a storm, he still can’t handle it when he doesn’t get what he wants, so he takes it, whether or not she’s okay or even comfortable with it.”

Adam was trying to reverse the roles, and instill doubt in the President. Doubt from others, or from Phil himself. And on the Phil front, it was working. Phil’s face was frozen in anger, but behind the expression, where no one could see, he was terrified. Not of Adam, of his own self. Did Nicole say something to Adam? Did he witness their first kiss? How did the worst possible person to know, the school’s newest girl-manipulator, get a hold on both this info and Phil’s biggest insecurity? Phil felt himself lean back, then painfully tore his eyes away from Adam, not able to face anything but the floor. He knew he had to speak, and the longer he stayed silent, the more true Adam’s lies would seem. “I-”

“What a load of crap!” came the furious voice of Nicole Baker, who stood up from her seat. Her eyes held fury, but then she looked at Phil, and with her eyes alone, told him one thing – it’s okay. Phil almost physically collapsed with relief as she continued. “Phil didn’t even need my consent. I was practically begging for it. This fucking dweeb here must have seen us and is now just twisting the facts.”

Phil felt like he’d ascended to heaven. Nicole was confirming she wanted it. He could never bring himself to ask her if what he did was okay, so hearing this confirmation was gratifying, validating, and ego-boosting, all in one. 

“So you and Phil are a thing?” Jeff asked from the back. His tone sounded neutral to anyone but Phil, who knew Jeff disapproved of their coupling. Phil concealed a smirk.

“Fuckin’A we are, Jeff.” Nicole replied, fist-bumping him. And now, the retaliation had failed. Sure enough, all eyes returned to Adam, though oddly, Phil couldn’t find the energy to speak. He was too busy thinking. Everyone else was riled up from the failed takedown of Phil, and spoke for him.

“So what do we do with this fuckin’ liar?” Jeff asked. 

“Why don’t we just, like, boot him out?” Natalie, the representative for the school dances, suggested.

“He yelled in Phil’s face. Highly unprofessional for someone who represents the school.” Eli, the treasurer, added. 

“I’m cool with kickin’ him out.” Jeff piped up again.

“As long as we’re all in agreement.” Nicole added, her tone menacing enough to slay the Gorgon.

“No. We’re not.”

Phil realized that was his own voice speaking up. Everyone turned to face him. Something, something deep inside Phil, compelled him to advocate for Adam. Maybe it was his deeply held belief that everyone bad could be rehabilitated, maybe it was the fact that he could see a powerful ally in Adam if only he won him over. Phil wasn’t entirely sure. He only knew that it felt right to do this. “Yeah, he did some bad things, but that’s only strike one. He was still voted by the school to be here, and I say we give him one more chance to clean up his act.”

To the best of his ability, Phil tried to give Adam some private advice with his eyes. I know what you did. I know who you are. Shape up and become a better person. Adam met his eyes, and Phil could swear he saw a response, something to the tune of, ‘Okay. I will.’ In the moment they had an understanding. Phil had caught Adam red-handed and figured out his true personality, and had told Adam to change. The rest was up to Adam himself. 

Jeff interjected. “I don’t think-”

“This isn’t up for debate.” Phil did not want to ruin the perfect opportunity he had to make Adam a good person again. “Just this once, this isn’t a democracy, because all of you would just vote him out. But I want to give him a second chance. Student Council is about improving the school. It’s not about preserving the good kids, it’s about changing the bad. Adam is staying. Just this once, as President I’m gonna make that an order, not a vote.”

Phil gazed towards Nicole, whose facial expression sat somewhere between fearful and baffled. Nevertheless, he continued. “And no one is to treat Adam badly in or out of council meetings for this. But Adam here is going to clean up his fucking act, and come back next week proving to us all why I wanted to keep him. Isn’t that right, Adam?” By the end of Phil’s speech, Nicole was giving him a small smile. She seemed… proud of him. She knew in that moment she could trust him.

He could barely hear Adam’s “Yes, Mr. President,” but was satisfied he got one. With a sigh, Phil moved back up to the front of the room.

“Great. As I was saying, Adam and Megan won’t be working together for the rest of the year. Blah blah fucking blah. We won’t discuss this point again. Moving on, Mack, Tina, do you have the reports for the extracurricular attendance?”

No one said anything. They still appeared to be in shock about everything that took place. 

“Guys.” Phil clapped loudly to regain everyone’s attention. “We’re still a council here. We’re still a team, right? Fuck the drama, fuck the bullshit, we’re above that. Let’s get some fucking stuff done and be the best damn council we can be.”

Nicole’s smile wasn’t small, or reserved, as she looked at Phil now.




“Man,vector quantities are some bullshit.” Jeff grumbled under his breath.

“Shoulda taken precalc, bro.” Phil whispered back, not turning away from his work. Cautiously, he gazed up to see Mr. Graves working at his desk, looming over the room. “I wish we got Sigorsky instead though.”

Jeff joined his friend in peering at the teacher. “Yeah, Graves is fuckin’ scary.” he agreed. “I can’t wait to get out of here.” 

“Got a party to plan or something?” Phil replied slyly, grinning at his friend.

“Speaking of, motherfucker, are you down or not?” Jeff impatiently asked him. “Everyone else told me they were coming like a fucking week ago. It’s literally today.”

“I’m not much of a party guy.” Phil almost whined.

“Unless it’s your own.”

“Unless it’s my own.” he agreed. “Look, I’ll let you know by the end of the day, okay? I gotta see if I got plans or not.”

“It’s fuckin’ Nicole again, isn’t it?” Jeff asked exasperatedly. “I warned you she’d be like this. She has you wrapped around her-”

“Mr. Graves, could you tell Jeff to stop talking please? I’m trying to focus on my work.” Phil interrupted him obnoxiously, addressing the teacher.

Mr. Graves looked up from his desk. “Jeff, stop distracting the other students. I’m sure you have more important things to do, unless you mean to tell me you’re already done.”

Jeff obediently didn’t respond, but gave Phil a death glare as he resumed his work. Around ten minutes later, the bell rang and the students immediately started packing up as Mr. Graves went over how important it was to keep working at home.

“Not cool.” Jeff grunted to Phil as he slung his bag over his back.

“I told you before.” Phil coolly responded. “Nicole is important to me. Accept it. I’ll let you know by the end of the day, alright?”

“The party is literally today.” Jeff rebutted.

“The end of the school day.” Phil clarified, whipping out his phone and texting Nicole. 

Hey princess ❤ you got lunch plans?

Yup. Sucks to be you. 

Nicole certainly did have a way with words. Phil frowned as he looked at his phone. Jeff gazed at the screen over his shoulder and laughed. “Must be true love.” he remarked.

“Fuck off.” Phil fired back. “Besides, I think she wants to go to your party too. If you want me there, that’s the best chance you’re getting.”

“Mm, use Nicole. I get what you’re saying.” Jeff nodded. “Oh wait, half the school has done that already. Thank fuck you haven’t had sex with her yet. Syphilis City.”

“Yeah, Jeff. Half the school has fucking syphilis. Get the fuck outta here.” Phil annoyedly responded, then waited until Jeff was out of the room. He changed who he was texting from Nicole to Olivia.

Nicole blew me off and Im bored. Council office?

Lol sure

Phil grinned as her message came up. He felt himself get hard as he made his way to the council office, and ended up having to stuff his hands in his pockets and walk to attempt to conceal his erection. Luckily, it wasn’t far from the math classrooms to the office.

By the time he got there, Olivia was already leaning against the wall. Without changing her expression, she greeted him with a peace sign as he approached.

And that wasn’t the only thing she greeted him with, if Phil’s nose could be trusted. “Are you high?” he asked as he unlocked the room, gazing nervously down the hallway. “Clear.”

“Yes, I am.” Olivia answered as she followed him in. He promptly shut the door and locked it. “I assume that’s not a problem.”

“I’m just surprised. It’s only been lunch time for the past few minutes.”

Olivia cracked a big smile, the kind she only gave him when high. “I skipped class to smoke.” she informed him. “I was kind of hoping we would get to do this, truth be told. I kind of really like giving head when I’m high.”

Phil didn’t know what to say. “Wow.” he eventually muttered as he assumed the position and started taking off his pants. “You’re wild.”

Olivia smiled at him, sinking to her knees and taking his rock-hard cock in her hands. “Mm, nice. You already think I’m wild when I’m sober, I think you’ll like me when I’m high.” With that, she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him for all his worth, adding a hand to his shaft and getting into the groove.

“I think I’d be okay with seeing that side of you, slut.” Phil barked at her, enjoying not only the physical sensations of her lips on his manhood, but also the craziness of the situation – the well-behaved Student Council President, getting blown on-campus by a high girl.

“I bet you would.” Olivia moaned in between licks. “I bet your girlfriend doesn’t get to have this cock as often as I do. Mmm, her loss.” She hungrily put it back in her mouth and continued sucking, lightly rubbing herself over her jeans.

Phil could do nothing but grin as Olivia worked her magic on him, sucking, stroking and worshipping his dick with a surprising amount of enthusiasm. It definitely seemed like being high made her horny. She popped her lips off of him and interjected, “Hey, sexy. Want to whip out your phone and get a few nice shots of me sucking your cock?”

“Are you fucking serious?” Phil asked incredulously. 

Olivia nodded eagerly. “I want you to treat me like a slut in every way you can. No need to ask me for permission about this ever again. Just photograph me like I’m your property. Because I am.”

Phil could do nothing but shake his head in disbelief. Olivia took her mouth off of Phil for a few seconds while Phil reached to his pants on the floor to retrieve his phone, but within seconds his phone was back in hand, and his cock was back in Olivia’s.

Olivia playfully and innocently looked up into the camera as Phil shot picture after picture of her on her knees, alternating between holding his manhood and devouring it, seeking any way possible to please him. Olivia was all too happy to pose as best as she could, trying to get her good side into the camera’s view as she sucked him off. 

“Mm, your cock tastes so good, sir.” she moaned after he snapped a few pictures. “I’m addicted to you.” She popped open her fly and began to play with herself as she continued to suck him.

“Keep going, pet.” Phil ordered. “We don’t have a lot of time left, lunch ends soon.”

“Mm, then give me a proper lunch, Phil.” Olivia moaned. “Jack off onto my face, paint me, treat me like your own personal cum bucket.” Obediently, she kept sucking him off while Phil considered the idea.

“Mouth off.” he ordered, and she gleefully complied, still rubbing herself as she shuffled back and let Phil grab hold of his dick, jacking off in front of her.

Olivia sat and watched, seemingly entranced, by Phil’s show. “Watching you jack off is so sexy,” she almost whined, moaning as she watched him. She bit her lower lip, she looked almost in pain in anticipation for Phil’s load to be blown across her face. “Hurry, Phil. Claim me, I need it so badly.”

Phil was jacking off so fast he could have given himself a skin burn. He was biting his own lip as he stared into her eyes and came closer and closer to the point of no return. His own grunts, mixed with Olivia’s moans, created a symphony in the room, and let her know exactly when the crescendo was coming. After a good minute of him furiously jerking off in front of her, Phil emitted a particularly loud, stutter-y grunt, and let loose his release, right onto Olivia’s face.

Olivia practically moaned in relief as the first rope hit her across the cheek. She closed her eyes as the next few loads hit her in all corners of her face. Around rope five, she chuckled. “Wow. You were pent up.” she commented, enjoying the feeling of his cum splattered across her face. 

“I haven’t gotten to do something like this in a while.” Phil admitted as his load subsided. “God damn, I wish Nicole would do something like that. I don’t get why she’s taking everything so slow and shit. She’s the fucking school slut.”

Olivia smiled and raised her eyebrows as she cleaned her face with her finger and tongue. “I bet she would want to do something like this with you. All girls do. She just needs some incentive.”

“Incentive?” Phil repeated, feeling his cock die down. “I don’t know about that. She just seems like she wants to take things slow. And I do not want to do anything with her that’s against her consent or anything.”

Olivia finished cleaning her face and slowly opened her red eyes. She chuckled clumsily. “I don’t think it’s against her will or anything. She’s just playing hard to get.”

“I dunno.” Phil replied uneasily. 

“Lemme put it this way: when you were assertive with Nicole, did it turn out well? Like, did she like it?”

Phil thought to himself for a bit. “Yeah…”

“Then keep going. Be fucking assertive. Girls love that shit. And if she doesn’t want your cock after you offer it to her, I’ll gladly take it. Just… just go for it.”

“Okay, fine.”

“Like, right now.”

“What, is she here?” Phil asked humorously, doing up his pants. He looked around the room comically. 

“Text her. Tell her you want to meet up and have sex with her. Be dominant. See how she responds. If she’s your precious girlfriend, worst thing you’re going to get is a no and an eye-roll. Plus do you want to be like this with her forever?”

Phil chewed his lip as he digested her words. Something about them felt… wrong, but the evidence certainly seemed to be in her favor. “Tell you what,” he finally broke the silence. “I’ll text her and ask her something… blunt. If she’s free and is down, I guess I’m fucking her. If not… whatever.” He pulled out his phone again.

Yo! So i was thinking… we could go to jeffs party,

 or we could go to my place afterschool and

 have a little party of our own. Which will it be? 😉

Olivia read the message over Phil’s shoulder. “Give her two options and both of them involve you. Nice.” She smirked at him.

Well, if you have a plan in mind, I guess I 

can skip the party, but it had better be a 

damn fun night. 😉

“Holy shit.” Phil breathed.

“Told you. Be assertive.” Olivia restated, adjusting her clothing. “So, are you going to fuck her?”

Phil grinned at her. “Want details?” he asked her.

She grinned back, making her way towards the door. “Wait until I’m high, but then, yes.” she told him flatly, despite her grin. Without another word, she left the room, leaving Phil behind, still staring at his phone in disbelief. He didn’t know what to make of Nicole, but he hoped that he was onto something with this new approach of Olivia’s. Realizing how late he was going to be, Phil quickly put his phone away and started to make his way to class as well.

On the way, he ran into Jeff, making his way to his next class. “Yo, got any news for me?” Jeff impatiently asked, making his way up to Phil. “Or do you still need until the end of the school day?”

“Jeff, my man.” Phil addressed Jeff with a pained tone. “I don’t think I’ll be able to make the party.”

“You fuckin’ suck.” Jeff replied bitterly. “I swear to God, if it’s because of-”

“I have family shit, thank you very much.” Phil lied, assertively putting his palm on Jeff’s chest. “I just got word. But I hope things go smoothly and all that jazz.”

Jeff shrugged, removing Phil’s hand from his chest. “I mean, yeah. Sucks you won’t be there though.”

“There will always be more parties, my man.” Phil told him, starting to walk away. “But hey, while I’m not there, you defend my fucking honor for me, you hear?” he added jokingly.

Jeff laughed, although he would indeed end up doing exactly what Phil asked of him at that party.




The good things in life can be fleeting, and hope can be a fickle friend in high school. As quickly as good things come, they can too go, and even though Phil thought he was immune to the fleeting nature of fortune, he quickly found out he was not. 

Nicole had broken up with him. Everything was shaping up so well, and Phil was finally figuring out how to talk to her, the kinds of things she liked, and even then… one day… something changed. Something switched off with her.

Phil was expecting Olivia to laugh off how the school slut had tossed him aside, but surprisingly, she didn’t. She only asked him to explain further, which was what led to the two of them, sitting in Phil’s basement, high as rockets. 

“Like flippin’ a switch, man.” Phil dryly commented. “She just up and decided, ‘hey, fuck you.’ I wasn’t even doing anything differently.”

Olivia sank down into her chair, her eyes half-closed. “I mean… if you weren’t doing anything differently, maybe that’s it. Maybe she craves a guy that changes as often as her schizophrenic ass.”

“That’s not what schizophrenia is.” Phil retaliated, looking at her sternly. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, are they called custodians too?” Olivia replied, cracking a smile. “Even when you’re high you’re uptight as hell. I bet you only did it with the lights off with her.”

Phil couldn’t help but laugh, but still tried to maintain his composure. “The lights were on.”

“So then maybe you didn’t fuck her hard enough.” Olivia boldly continued. “I mean, you two only fucked once, right?”

“What the fuck are you trying to insinuate?” Phil asked her.

“Maybe you’re a bad combination.” Olivia shrugged. “I’d say maybe you weren’t passionate in the bedroom, but I know that’s not true. Even though we’ve never done it in an actual bed.”

Phil chuckled in self-defense. “I think there’s more to relationships than just sex, Olivia. Maybe she’s just not ready for th-”

“Fuck, we’ve never done it at all.” Olivia interrupted, in her own little world, ignoring Phil’s tangent entirely. She turned to face him. “Are you over her yet, or is asking to have sex rude?”

“I dunno if I’m over her.” Phil replied earnestly. “I mean, we still did shit even while I was with her, so I’m not tied up about that.”

“Ugh, good.” Olivia exhaled, standing up and taking her pants and underwear off. As soon as they were off, she sat back in the chair and began absentmindedly rubbing her clit. “Go ahead, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Phil stared at her for a few seconds, his eyes going to hers, then down to her pussy, back to her eyes again. “God, you’re weird. I just meant I kinda got no closure from this whole thing. Like, I met her parents for God’s sake. You’d think that means something big. And everything felt so right and was going so well, and then, just, one day, like if it were random or something, she just woke up and decided, ‘nope.’ It’s fuckin’… bizarre.” Phil was staring off into space for most of his tangent, but by the end, he was just staring at Olivia’s masturbation.

Olivia, of course, noticed. “Hey, you can take your own pants off and join me if you want. It’s not weird.” 

It was said that boys were the ones with one-tracked minds, although to Phil it was clear it was more complicated than that. Olivia seemed to be… enjoying his situation. Taking advantage of his sexual situation, knowing exactly his position and determined to extract all the fun she could from it. That said, Phil couldn’t lie, he was having a boatload of fun with it too, and if nothing else, he was learning a lot from her, although he would never admit that. With nothing more than a shrug, Phil’s own pants came off, and he soon joined Olivia as the two sat in his basement, high, masturbating slowly, and talking about the kind of stuff you wouldn’t talk about while masturbating slowly.

“So, do you think you’re going to give up on her?” Olivia asked, rubbing her clit in slow circles. “I mean, this is a very ‘mixed signals’ situation.”

“Or a ‘red flag’ one, yeah.” Phil replied as he stroked his fully hard erection, leaning back. “But I know me, and if I know me, this’ll only make me try harder.”

“You get what you want, don’t you?” Olivia replied with a smile, moving her pelvis up and experimentally sliding a finger into herself. 

“I try to.” Phil honestly replied. “I see what I want, I fight for it. If I’m denied it, I fight harder. That’s what hard work does, it rewards you. Simple as that.”

“And what does fighting harder for Nicole entail?” Olivia asked, her grin never fading, her speed increasing.

“Hey, I’m not some sketchy master planner here.” Phil admitted. “I have no fuckin’ clue what it entails. I’m making this shit up as I go along. But I’ll get there.”

“In the meantime, can we assume you’re going to have eyes only for her?” Olivia asked, taking her finger out of herself and standing up. “You know, like being faithful and not fucking any sluts that ask you for your cock. Or practically beg for it.” She walked over to the nearest wall and leaned her arms against it, arching her back, giving Phil a view of her pussy from behind.

Phil smiled in disbelief. Olivia and he hadn’t had sex yet, and this was so… unceremonious. It felt like this was the type of thing that’s planned, or at least something he plans. He planned what day he and Nicole would fuck and ran throguh the scenario in his head a thousand times. But with Olivia… for a submissive girl, she sure liked to initiate. Phil felt like he was caught between two worlds. In one, he was the Student Council President, the guy so charming even the school slut fell for him, even if temporarily, the guy everyone looked up to. Girls were nervous around him, and he initiated the sex. But in this other world, this crazy world of Olivia’s, he was another badly-behaved senior, smoking and fucking on school property, jumping at every opportunity Olivia gave him to use her body. 

This time was no exception. Without so much as a word, Phil hopped off the chair and lined himself up behind Olivia, running his hands down her shoulders, his hands trailing down to where the shirt ended and he felt nothing but the skin of her hips. He gripped them as he pushed his own hips forward, enjoying the feeling of his dick sliding along her skin. Olivia moaned at the feeling of his dick touching her skin, even if he was constantly sliding away from her pussy as opposed to inside.

After a few seconds of teasing sliding and hip movements, it became clear to both parties that enough was enough. Phil took one hand off of Olivia’s hips to guide his cock to her waiting hole, her entrance, her womanhood. Her body almost shook with anticipation as she felt Phil enter her for the first time. Her body stiffened, then relaxed, as did Phil’s, as he slowly slid himself inside her, her wetness telegraphing how eager she was to finally have him inside her after all this time.

Her hands were desperately travelling the walls for something to grab and support herself, but she could find nothing, and eventually she resigned herself to her fate, leaning fully against the wall as Phil began to grip her hips and move back and forth. Phil made a mental note of how easily she’d accommodated his dick and how this was definitely not her first rodeo. Student Council President Phil probably would have spared a thought for condom use and asking formalities (like ‘should we move to a bed’) but Phil felt like a different person with Olivia. He felt like a mischievous delinquent, a bad boy. Bad boys don’t ask permission, or use condoms, and it was clear that Olivia wanted nothing more than a bad boy to take her against a wall in his basement while the two were high out of their minds. 

Who was Phil to say no? Phil’s hips began to rock back and forth, his hands firmly and assertively planted on Olivia’s hips, as he began to make good use of her. The sensation of Olivia gripping his shaft and milking his cock was complemented by the way the normally composed and almost conniving girl was reduced to a submissive, moaning, almost childish figure as she was shoved against the wall over and over. 

Phil couldn’t help but give her ass a firm smack as he plowed her from behind. “Moan my name,” he found himself grunting dominantly.

Olivia immediately complied. “Phil…” she breathed, her voice way higher during sex than it normally was. “Oh fuck, Phil, your cock feels sooo good in me.”

“Damn right.” Phil groaned back to her. “That’s my good girl.”

Phil was not willing to admit he didn’t have a ton of experience dominating, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t picking things up and learning them on the fly effectively. Every little moan and grunt Olivia gave him provided him with more examples of what to do, and every change in technique he tried was rewarded with a change in Olivia’s slight moaning that told him what worked and what didn’t. Phil was a magician, working his magic on her. Phil was a scientist, conducting his experiments on her. Phil was giving it every bit of effort he had, not even to please her, but just to possess and dominate her, and make her unable to think about anything but his cock drilling her. 

All too quickly, Phil felt something stirring. In Council President mode, he may have warned her about the impending end of the ride he was giving her, but fuck it, he wasn’t the Council President right now. He was a man, taking over his woman. He didn’t need to let her know when he was cumming, right? With increased exhales, Phil working himself up into a frenzy, pounding into Olivia over and over, mashing her against the wall until his vision began to blur with pure pleasure. He practically cried out as he felt his load get released – he was used to doing it on Olivia’s face, and now he had just done it inside Olivia. 

Olivia only realized then what was happening, and moaned in surprise as she felt his load filling her. She slammed her hips back against his as spurt after spurt filled her. She moaned and leaned her head back as she let her body succumb to the feelings Phil had already succumbed to a bit ago. The two eventually came to a standstill and stood there, breathing, Phil slowly softening inside her, until he finally detached from her and the two collapsed on the floor.

The two didn’t speak for at least a solid minute. Olivia was the first to pipe up, after a while. “Oh, and by the way: next time, you’re going to warn me when you cum.”

Oh. Phil misread that one. “Uh, yeah, sure.” he mumbled, still spent. The two lay there in silence for a while, enjoying the feelings, and knowing that they would be doing this a lot more over the coming weeks.




Phil liked to think of himself as a good guy. Most high schoolers would have dropped any and all communication with their girlfriends after they broke up. Most high schoolers, especially in his position of power, would spread rumors about her or punch a wall or something. Most high schoolers were shallow. Phil knew he was not. He knew that he and Nicole may have been boyfriend and girlfriend before, and hopefully would again soon, but for now, they were coworkers on the council – and if Phil had his way, they were friends too.

He certainly didn’t let the situation affect his trademark way of leading the Student Council to greatness. Even when things were at their most awkward (or at least when they felt the most awkward), Phil still ended Student Council meetings wirth a smile on his face and equal, diplomatic treatment to all members, including her.

“Great, that about wraps things up.” he concluded after a council meeting, then went about his usual end-of-meeting thanks. “Megan, good job at putting up those posters before the new semester. Eli, well done at staying in contact with Mr. Williams. Jeff, make sure to get everyone hyped for the spirit week coming up.” Jeff and Phil executed a definitely-rehearsed high-five at that, to show off to the rest of the council how school spirit was shown by them. “And to the lovely Nicole, great job at organizing the parent-teacher conference next month.”

He couldn’t stop himself from looking intently at Nicole, hoping for some kind of reaction. Nicole didn’t seem to respond beyond raising an eyebrow at him. Internally, Phil sighed – even if she didn’t like him anymore, which broke his heart, she could at least be diplomatic with him, instead of being so childish.

“Alright,” Phil elected to continue without dwelling too much on her, “Natalie, for next week you’re in charge of keeping out social media pages updated. And Adam, I expect a full report of what the kids around school think.”

Adam gave Phil a simple thumbs-up in response, no emotion on his face. Adam was only getting harder to read as time went on. Phil really wanted to believe in Adam, and really wanted to win over Adam. He wanted Adam to admire him, because at least morally speaking, Adam should have. It was hard to tell whether Adam had turned over a new leaf or not – shortly after Adam was chastised in front of the whole council, Megan practically danced into the council room and gushed about the over-the-top way Adam apologized. It was pretty damn clear to the entire council that she was flat-out lying, but as their private meeting afterwards concluded, no one in the council honestly believed Megan was lying because Adam made her.

Except for Matt. If there was one person that trusted Adam less than Phil, it was Megan’s big brother, for obvious reasons. He was still firmly in the ‘Let’s boot Adam’ camp, but surprisingly, even Nicole had changed her mind and wanted to keep Adam in and thought he was a good egg now. And Phil would never admit it out loud, but Nicole could sway a room, even against him. Once Nicole said Adam was trustworthy, it had ben decided. 

Every time Phil asked (and he asked often, being a paranoid man), Nicole insisted that she and Adam ‘weren’t friends, per se.’ And yet they were always chatting, leaving together, hanging out at the gym, doing everything together. Anyone who knew who Adam was assumed that he was Nicole’s boyfriend, and if the paranoid jealous Phil had anything to say in response, it was always a vehement, “No!” He knew Nicole and Adam weren’t romantically paired, and could guess that maybe she was giving him handjobs every so often, but… why? 

And why were they such a pair? Nicole was almost famous for barely treating her friends with benefits like actual friends. Despite being the school slut, there were a large number of boys that specifically stayed away from her because they knew they’d get feelings for her. Feelings she’d never reciprocate for any boy, except for two brothers. Jeff Love, Phil’s older brother, didn’t know what he had and disrespected her. And Phil… Phil still didn’t know what he did wrong.

The bottom line was, Adam was still conniving. Maybe he wasn’t flat-out emotionally manipulating girls anymore, but he still seemed like the same type of guy. And Nicole could always see through acts like that. How in the fuck could she stand to be around Adam?

“Cool, you’re free to leave. Great job, everyone.” Phil found himself saying as his mind continued to wander. He knew it wasn’t healthy to obsess over Nicole and imagine her with other guys like this, but he couldn’t help himself. He was still head-over-heels for her, and any wishes he had that she felt anything for him were always dashed these days, any time he tried to talk to her. What kind of friendship was he even trying to salvage?

Everyone in the council room quickly and quietly filed out. The Schneiders, Matt and Megan, were quietly talking to each other, Jeff started gathering some papers containing school info, and Nicole was… approaching Adam, playfully pinching his sides, giggling and talking to him as if she was having a blast. Phil almost felt physically sick, wondering if maybe Adam was doing something romantic with her. He wouldn’t be able to take that. Phil understood Nicole would move on, and quickly, but… not him.

Phil tore his eyes away from the duo and elected to help Jeff with the paperwork. The two mumbled with each other about next week’s meeting and responsibilities until someone broke into their conversation. “Hey, Phil?”

Adam’s voice. Phil instantly felt nervous, for reasons he couldn’t explain, but needed to play it cool. “Yo.” he replied, looking up from his papers. 

“I… I wanted to ask you about something. Advice for next year, that kind of thing.” Adam nervously continued.

If Phil wanted Adam to look up to him, whatever he was doing certainly seemed to work. “I’m flattered, my man.” Phil responded, unable to hide his grin from knowing he had Adam where he wanted him. “Shoot.”

“Oh, well, I’m actually kinda shy about it. I was wondering if we could have this chat alone.” Adam replied, playing with his fingers.

“Girl trouble.” Jeff snickered, and Phil joined him in his grin. 

“Thinkin’ the same thing, man. Thinkin’ the same thing.” Phil replied, bumping Jeff’s fist. That said, Phil thought it went a step deeper. Adam realized he was treating girls badly and wanted to run his situation by Phil. Maybe get some advice on how to be a better person. How could anyone be mad at that? Adam was trying to be a better person. Maybe he even wanted advice on how to court Nicole… and if that were the case, maybe Phil could give some… less-than-stellar advice. Just to protect Nicole from his type, of course. “Sure, buddy, no problem.” He cleared his throat. “Alright, everyone, skedaddle.” He saw that only about four people were still in the room anyway, but they all took the hint and left.

On the way out, he saw Megan waving to Adam. Adam waved back. Maybe it was her he was still courting. “Some girl, huh? Is she the girl you’re lookin’ at?” He then realized this was his opportunity to make sure Adam was, in fact, being a good egg and pressed further. “What’s your story with her anyway, weren’t you two together not too long ago? Y’know, after the whole… ‘in a classroom’ thing?”

“It’s a long and complicated story.” Adam replied, not taking his eyes away from where she was.

“That’s what they all say.” Phil replied, punching Adam in the shoulder playfully before getting up to close the door, allowing them some privacy. “So, what do you wanna ask?”

“Phil…” Adam began, only continuing once the door was shut. “I don’t have girl trouble.”

“Alright, cool, then school stuff?” Phil pressed.

“I lied. I don’t need advice.”

The words made Phil nervous all over again. He tried to keep up any semblance of a poker face, but the silence in the room clearly gave away his levels of discomfort. He chuckled in discomfort, trying to play it off as confusion. “So then… Why did you ask to be alone with me? Are you taking over the council or something?”

“I want to talk to you about Nicole.” Adam asserted.

This better not have been what Phil was thinking it was. “What do you mean?” He asked, his tone now no longer playing games.

“You two haven’t been really close lately, have you?”

This conversation needed to end immediately. “Adam, I’m going to be blunt with you: this is none of your damn business.”

“Nicole’s my friend.” Adam insisted. “I want to help you two sort things out.”

“That’s cool, Adam,“ Phil replied, his voice growing more tired, “but I really don’t want to have this conversation. Is that everything?” He began to make his way towards the door.

“So that’s it?” Adam asserted. “You’d rather be in this awkward situation and have Nicole want to leave the council, rather than stoop to my level and accept that a freshman might have some solid advice for you?”

Want to leave…? Phil froze. He really didn’t want to take the bait – it was clear Adam had not learned to be a better person at all – but he couldn’t resist. He turned around on the spot to face Adam. “This isn’t about you.” he found himself saying. “Nicole doesn’t want to leave the council, we’re just in a weird place right now.”

“That’s not what she told me yesterday.”

Phil couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. How was it this cocky little fuck seemed to know everything? Worse, he couldn’t help but get involved in everyone else’s business and play God, not realizing that anytime he himself did something, it was Drama City. He was just another freshman hypocrite, but he was scarier than that – determined to get what he was after, damn the consequences, and cunning. Well, he would just have to play Adam’s game, and he had to win. “And does she know you’re telling me this?” he asked Adam. “Would she be grateful to you that you’re talking to me about something she probably wanted to keep private?”

Adam didn’t respond. Hook, line, and sinker. Phil gestured with his hand for Adam to go on, and finally Adam admitted, “No.”

“So I don’t want this, and Nicole doesn’t want this. Sounds to me like it’s not going to be helpful.” Phil said, his tone reflecting he was allergic to Adam’s bullshit since the start. “I’m not the big bad guy you think I am. Whatever she’s told you, take it with a grain of salt, alright? Just let us figure it out with time. I know you starry-eyed freshmen think that the right words said at the right time will fix everything, but I’ve been around this school a lot longer than you. I know firsthand…” He then thought of many situations, including that of Olivia. “…some things can only be solved with time.”

Phil wasn’t an idiot. Adam didn’t come here to change Phil’s mind, he came here to gather information, probably information that even Nicole didn’t tell him. He didn’t want to admit to Adam that he wasn’t sure if the whole ‘Nicole wants to quit’ thing was a lie or not, but if Adam wanted information, Phil was actually happy to comply. But Phil was going to give Adam information and advice on his terms, and if Adam was smart, he was going to use this information and advice to make himself a better person, and hopefully, stay away from Nicole.

Armed with that motive, Phil continued, chuckling. “I actually used to be a lot like you, unless you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.” Phil admitted, remembering when he was younger and frankly, scummier. “But still, this situation won’t be solved the way you think it will. And don’t worry…” Phil knew he had to supplement this with lies somewhere, to deter Adam and let him know Phil knew he was lying. “…Nicole’s told me how she feels. Many times.”

Phil strategized further, noting Adam wasn’t saying a word. Phil sat back on the table he was leaning against, crossing his arms as if he were lost in a monologue. “Hell, did you know… Did you know my brother used to date Nicole?”

“Really?” Adam asked, shocked. 

Okay, so he didn’t know this. Phil thought. Play your cards right. “Yup,” he replied, shaking his head. “Apparently, he wasn’t the best kind of guy for her though. She wasn’t the same girl after they broke up. But after they did… She got this kind of confidence to her. It was like a side of her I never got to see before. Once I saw her come out of her shell, I used to ask her out, like, every week.” Phil couldn’t help but smile in the realization that he moved away from the lying and was actually trusting Adam with his own feelings. Hopefully, Adam would use this knowledge well. He knew he’d never forgive Adam if he didn’t. “Hell, before recently, I thought I finally got my chance, you know. But then… I dunno. She just kinda drifted away.”

“Do you know when she started?”

Phil shrugged, though something clicked in that moment. Adam knew something. It was time for Phil to extract some information, and play dumb. “Nope, not a clue.”

Adam shrugged in turn. “Well, I know that Nicole acts all tough and confident on the outside, but she’s kind of soft on the inside.”

“Yup.” Phil nodded. “It’s kinda cute when you have to work for it.”

“So maybe it was some kind of point of vulnerability for her, and you did something that’s totally alright in a normal situation, but she might have thought as uncomfortable.”

Adam’s face was full of intent. Whatever Nicole wanted this or not, it was clear he thought he was doing something on her behalf. Phil couldn’t help but bite. “Like what?”

“I dunno. Have you guys ever been in a really intimate situation?”

Phil cocked his eyebrow and gave Adam a small smile. Nice try, Adam, Phil thought. He wasn’t going to betray Nicole’s privacy to tell Adam Watson shit. “We didn’t take any pictures if that’s what you want.”

“Yeah, but sex can be a pretty intimate and emotional thing, and maybe Nicole was taking down her defensive walls when you guys had sex and something impacted her or something.” Adam threw out.

Phil couldn’t help but chuckle. Either Adam was playing dumb too hard, or he just was dumb. “Adam, I’d tell you to keep a secret, but this is pretty much public knowledge – Nicole’s known for never keeping her legs closed. I think we can safely say that if we did have some kind of misunderstanding, it had nothing to do with sex.”

“So just because she’s used to casual, emotionless sex means that she can’t have emotional sex?” Adam pressured.

Where was this going…? Phil realized only then he was made to discuss his sex life with a fucking freshman. “Adam, this isn’t really the conversation I want to have with you.”

“I know, just hear me out.” Adam said seriously. As if what he were saying was important. As if he had an agenda. “Was there a point where you guys were about to have sex, and she said no or something? I’ve heard from her that consent is really important to her, so that may be something.”

Phil felt a pang of fear he hadn’t felt since Adam challenged him way back at that infamous council meeting. Once again, Adam Watson was playing on Phil’s insecurity that he did something disrespectful when in reality, he had her best intents at heart. Adam was trying to make Phil doubt his own actions. Adam was trying to make Phil nervous. Why? “Where’s this coming from?”

Adam paused. “The kiss.” he admitted. “Your first kiss with her, the one I witnessed, she was initially uncomfortable with it but then started going out with you. Maybe that led you to believe that Nicole views initiative and consent in a way that she doesn’t actually.”

Phil had meant to ask Adam exactly what he saw and when but they were clearly too far along for it now. Uncomfortably, Adam had made some connections that showed he was even more conniving than Phil gave him credit for. If he was just that much more unambiguously evil, Phil would have considered him a true worthy opponent, and stopped at nothing to take him down. Maybe that day would arrive someday, but it wasn’t going to be today.

For now, Phil’s mind was a battlefield of what to say. Adam had truly rattled him. Yes, he was a bit… bold with Nicole, but that was Olivia’s idea. Was he going to talk about Olivia with Adam? Hell no. Was he going to talk in explicit detail about his past bedroom life with Nicole, in front of a kid? Hell no. At this point, Phil was exhausted, so at the risk of also convincing himself, he decided to cherry-pick the information he said from this point onward, and elected to tell Adam what he wanted to hear.

“Our first time… was kind of similar to that. Like, she was playing hard to get, so like you said, I figured, if it was good enough for our first kiss, it was good enough for our first time.” What he said wasn’t necessarily untrue, but there was a lot more context for it, like how he stopped at one point and asked Nicole if she was into it, and she replied, ‘yes, you dummy.’ For some reason, he felt it was… advantageous to paint himself in a worse light for Adam. He knew that if Adam heard Phil defending himself, Adam probably would have denied it anyway. 

That said, he knew what he was beginning to look like, and knew he couldn’t sway the narrative too far into ‘disrespectful.’ “But!” he continued, jutting a finger up into the air. “She didn’t say anything. She didn’t complain. And that’s how we first became a couple. So clearly I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

“Is that when Nicole started being distant?” Adam asked.

Phil did not like to admit it, but Adam hit a bullseye with that one. “Yes.” he sadly grumbled, then realized that, true to his fears, he was starting to look bad. He needed to make himself look better without admitting he twisted the truth only to suit Adam’s narrative. “Wait. Is this one of those bullshit stories where the girl wanted it but then after the sex she changed her mind so the dude became the bad guy? Because I am not a rapist.” He knew that maybe Nicole and he were a bad match, as painful as that was to know, but he also knew that he in no way was the bad guy. He even asked, he asked, if she was into it. Either Nicole had lied to him, which was impossible – he trusted that girl with his life – or Adam was making up shit for… some agenda Phil couldn’t figure out yet. 

“Don’t worry, relax.” Adam’s voice now took on a tone as if he was in command of this conversation. How cute. “I don’t think it was rape.” Because it wasn’t. “It was a misunderstanding though. It just makes sense that that’s what she’s upset about.”

A misunderstanding… now that was possible. Maybe there was a third option. Nicole wasn’t lying. She just got some kinda PTSD flashback from Phil’s brother while having sex. She suddenly felt uncomfortable and couldn’t be with someone that similar. “Maybe.” Phil found himself saying, his facade of feeding a story to Adam gone. The more Phil thought about it, the stronger and less of a ‘maybe’ it became. “But we don’t know that.”

“No, we don’t, but I mean, you want to be on better terms with her right now, right?” Adam asked him. 

Phil nodded. “Hell, I wanna be with her.” he couldn’t stop himself from saying.

“Well then maybe we can come to an agreement. I’ll step off and give you two that time you’ve been asking for if you communicate with her about that. I mean, if it was your first time, you don’t really know if ‘playing hard to get’ is Nicole’s style in bed, right?” Adam offered.

Cocky little fuck. It’s not like he knew her any better. And Phil was all too willing to learn exactly what Nicole’s style was, whatever it took. 

“Maybe from her point of view, it was a kind of rape.” Adam continued. That was the last straw. Phil stood up and decided, fuck it, no more facade, he was going to tear Adam a new asshole.

Adam got there first. “…Which we both know wasn’t your intent.” Phil narrowed his eyes, still angry at Adam, but regained his cool and remembered who he was. Student Council President. It was his job to be diplomatic even when the fucker didn’t deserve it. He sat back down.

Adam continued. “So in order for things to heal, you should straighten things out with her. You know, try to see things from her view.” Who the hell was he to tell Phil this? “Then afterwards, you won’t have to wait as long before getting to see her smile again. Doesn’t it kind of hurt seeing her happy with everyone but you in a kind of selfish way?”

Fuck. Another bullseye. “The kind of hurt you don’t even know yet.” Phil admitted.

“So will you talk to her? I mean, I want to see you two happy again. You can feel the tension between you two right now.”

With that, something shifted. He realized he had no idea what Adam’s intent was right now. There was literally nothing Adam could gain from this. Phil hated knowing that others saw how awkward the two were, and from Phil’s perspective, which he liked to believe was allergic to deception, Adam was offering him solid advice, or at least solid information, even if he was totally misinformed. But misinformed by what? The kiss he saw and his own intuition? Was Nicole feeding him lies, or at least her own misinterpretation? He knew this at least advanced his cause, and even though he spent half of this conversation seething mad at Adam, something for him switched at the last second, and he actually believed Adam was trying to set them back on course. Maybe even help get them back together.

Phil was standing up by now, and loudly exhaled. “Fine,” he admitted, walking towards Adam. “As long as you do two things for me.”


Phil had realized that even though he deliberately misled Adam, Adam could use what was done here to fuck over Phil. No way he’d let that happen. “One, I have no clue how good you are at keeping secrets. You can’t be that good since you went against Nicole’s word to tell me this. So maybe your promise on this is worthless, but I still want to hear it from you. Do not mention a word of this to anyone. As far as you know, this conversation never happened. A rumor of an alleged misunderstanding of a sexual assault could mean expulsion and a criminal record for me.”

Adam only nodded, and Phil felt a chill run through him. Phil’s words sank into Phil more than they did for Adam. Just to get the upper hand, Phil made himself sound like a criminal. He played with fire a bit too much. He made an internal note to never do that again and continued.

“No, I mean it. If I hear a word of this, nothing personal, but your life will become a living hell. I’ll see to it. I’m taking it on faith that you did this because you wanted to help me, but if you do anything to hurt me, I will not be hesitant in hurting you back. I’m a good guy, but I’m not that good. No one is. You have some serious dirt on me after I spilled my guts to you, and bad things will happen if you use this against me.”

“I promise.” Adam replied in a voice flecked with fear. 

“Great.” Phil replied, satisfied he had scared Adam into not being his liability. “I’m sorry, and no offense. It’s just, you know… not such a nice world out there.”

“I understand.” Adam nodded. “What’s term two?”

Phil didn’t understand what Adam was talking about for a second, then remembered. He got too caught up in his own tangent. “Oh yeah. Two, don’t do anything like this again. I’m big enough to admit it – you helped me see a few things. In a way I’m glad we had this talk. But in another, I don’t want to see you for a month. Don’t go sticking your nose into other people’s private business again, especially when it’s this deep, alright? Be a good boy.”

Adam nodded diligently.

“Great.” Phil sighed, exhausted. “Anything else or are you good?”

“I’m good.”

“Cool.” Phil couldn’t help but grin. “Next week’s report had better be fucking good for this.”

“I’ll try.” Adam smiled back warmly. If nothing else, even if they couldn’t work shit out personally, Phil was at least glad that Adam knew how to be professional in a work situation. Unlike Nicole.

“It’s all I can ask.” Phil replied. “Now get the fuck outta here, and have a nice evening.”

“You too!” With that, Adam gathered his things and promptly left, leaving Phil in an empty room with his thoughts. Well, almost empty – Megan apparently left her backpack behind. Phil made a note to take her backpack to the office’s lost-and-found, but he found himself unable to move.

This room had a lot of memories in it… The council, sure, but also his first kiss with Nicole, even if Adam was being a voyeur about it. Olivia blowing him countless times. The time Jerry White, his best friend last year, told him for the first time that he was gay, but he couldn’t come out until the end of the school year, followed by him crying on Phil’s shoulder for a good half an hour. Phil’s first time he admitted to Mr. Scott, the principal, that he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and how scared he was. There was a lot of history in this room, and in a few short months, Phil would just be… leaving it. Forever.

Phil had no idea how long he’d stayed in that room, but eventually he heard someone else enter. He tore his gaze away from the floor to see Megan shyly enter, only noticing PHil a couple seconds after.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in shock, then composed herself. “Hi, Phil.” 

“Hey Meggs.” Phil said as casually as he could. “Here for the bag, huh?”

“Yeah.” she merely said, picking it up. 

“Great.” Phil replied, not even bothering to get up. “You have a great night now.”

“You t- yeah, you too.” she timidly replied. She stared at him for a bit, then grabbed her bag, not as if she didn’t want to talk to him, but simply not knowing what to say.

She was almost out the door when something possessed Phil to speak to her. “Yo, Megan.”

“Yes?” she immediately replied, voice full of fear, obediently coming back into the room.

Phil couldn’t help but laugh. “Relax, relax, relax. I’m not gonna kill ya. What, do I seem that intimidating after this long we’ve worked together?”

Megan shrugged shyly. “It’s not that – you’re not – I’m scared of everyone. E-everything.”

Phil laughed again. “Sounds exhausting.” 

Megan cracked her first smile. “Sometimes.”

“Am I scary, Megan?” Phil continued, cracking a smile. “You’re a good third party to trust. We haven’t gotten to know each other that well yet. Am I scary?”

“N-no, you’re not scary, sir.” Megan replied diligently.

Phil emitted a chuckle. “I’m no ‘sir.’ I’m just Phil, man. I just wanna know how I come across to others. I just had a long talk and I’m… doubting things.”

Megan nodded. “You talked to Adam, didn’t you?”

“Not just a pretty face.” Phil dryly replied. “Now how would you know something like that?”

“I saw him in the main hallway. He told me my backpack was here. I could put two and two together.” she simply replied.

Phil couldn’t help but grin. “You’re smarter than you let on, you know that?”

“I don’t know about that.” Megan replied with a shrug.

Phil stared into her eyes. “Yeah, you do.” he accused with a smile. “You totally do. You want to look modest and look good for others, but hey, I can keep a secret.” Phil playfully looked from side to side and moved in. “You can run circles around people, especially boys, sometimes. Can’t you?”

Megan smiled her second smile, and this one was bigger and more genuine. “Sometimes.” she softly admitted. “Sometimes, yeah.”

A silence filled the room with Phil expectantly looking at her before she continued. “I don’t think you’re scary, Phil. You’re authoritative but it’s good for the council. You get a lot of stuff done.”

“Really? Thanks.” Phil replied, knowing he was good at his job already but also knowing responding with ‘Yeah, I knew that’ was douchey. “It’s not too much or anything?”

“No, it’s not too much. If people can’t handle you, maybe they’re just not sure of themselves.” Megan offered, growing a bit more comfortable.

Phil sighed and nodded a bit, giving a pause before he spoke. “Nicole and I aren’t tight right now.” he admitted. “She’s definitely sure of herself. She might be confused, but she might also really dislike me.”

“Why only those two options?” Megan asked quietly.

“Long story.”

“Oh. Well… I don’t know what to say.” Megan admitted.

“Yeah, fair enough.” Phil nodded.

“I get why you’d ask Adam about her though.” Megan continued.

“Oh yeah?” Phil sported another grin. “Why’s that?”

“Well, given they hang out a lot and are sleeping together right now, it just makes sense he’d know her well.”

Phil’s grin shortened to a muted, lipless smile. A pit the size of Kentucky formed in his chest, and his heart sank to his feet to accommodate the pit. He felt like throwing up. Adam Watson, that fucking cretin. So, he got to Nicole too, and odds are he and Nicole didn’t exactly start yesterday. He was being played. By Adam, by Nicole, by who knows else. “Ah. Well, um…” Phil fumbled.

Megan went white. “Oh no. You didn’t know that, did you?” she panicked. “I’m sorry. Um, can you forget I said anything? I didn’t mean to – I shouldn’t have-”

“Meggs, don’t worry.” Phil replied in a weirdly calm voice. “Yeah, I didn’t know, but like… whether I knew it or not, that’s something that’s happened. I could get angry about it or just accept it.”

“You still like her, don’t you?” Megan pieced it together.

Phil nodded. “And that fucking hurts, but that won’t change how I deal with her. If anything, that’s all the more reason for me to need to treat her better or something. You gotta… you gotta fucking seize the day, man. You know? Plus, now I know more. I gotta save her.”

“Save her?” Megan’s eyes went wide. “From what?”

“Meggs, what’s your impression of Adam?”

Megan understood immediately, clever girl that she was. “Adam is… treating her badly?” she asked, not seeming to be able to believe it.

Phil couldn’t help but laugh. “Meggs, do you remember the controversy that happened between you and him not so long ago?”

Now Megan wasn’t turning white, she was turning pink. “Yeah.” she mumbled feebly.

“You do understand that that was a really uncool thing for Adam to do, right?”

“But… but it was my fault.” Megan continued, just as feebly.

“Your fault…?” Phil trailed off. He wanted to press her further, but information was one thing… comfort was another. Megan clearly did not enjoy what was happening here, so he chalked it up to a sweet girl blaming herself (which was most likely what a lot of the past victims of Adam Nicole mentioned did) and moved on. “Whatever. Point is, yeah, Adam has… a history.”

“Really?” Megan asked innocently. “I mean he’s cute but I feel like he barely has any experience with girls.”

Phil gave a hearty laugh. “Yeah, he gave me that impression too. I think he likes to give off that impression to people he wants to fool.” He leaned in closer. “Us, Megan. Nicole too. A trusted friend gave me some dirt on him, and yeah, he’s done this before.”

“Wow. You wouldn’t think, Adam of all people…” Megan trailed off.

“That’s why they’re manipulators, Meggs. It’s the people you’d never suspect. If you knew immediately, they’d never get their way.”

“Yeah.” Megan murmured, now eyeing the floor.

“Just… keep an eye on Adam. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe keep your distance from him for a bit. Maybe in time he’ll change.” Phil continued, glad he was able to get through to Megan, even if it was later than he should have.

“Okay. I will. Thank you for telling me, Phil.” Megan replied obediently. 

That girl is not done getting thrown around by anyone that wants to use her, Phil realized in that moment. “And hey, Megan.” Phil called out to her, who was beginning to leave the room.

“Yes?” Megan asked, coming back inside. 

“You’re a real shining star. You need more confidence.” he let her know. “Don’t let people push you around. You’re a real special girl with a lot to offer the world. Don’t be afraid to, y’know, grab life by the horns. You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do lately? That one thing in the back of your mind you wanna do because you want it to happen? I say you should do it, as soon as you can.”

Megan smiled a big smile, a genuine smile, at Phil. “Okay, thanks, Phil. I will. I hope things with you and Nicole get better.”

“You and me both, chief.” Phil replied dryly. “Go on, git. I’ll see you soon enough.” With that, Megan left the room, and Phil buried his head in his hands again. 

So, Adam and Nicole. They were a thing. Knowing Nicole, her spontaneous nature, and her sex drive, he could guess they were a thing since before he kissed her. Phil was reasonably sure that while he and her were together, she didn’t cheat on him with Adam – they were pretty clear about the rules of their relationship, and even Nicole wasn’t that cold-hearted – but he could guess that was why the pair clicked so quickly. The school slut and the budding manipulator. Maybe that was why Nicole broke up with Phil, maybe it truly was nothing he did. Maybe she just fell for the male succubus – was there such thing as a male succubus? – and no connection with anyone else was as addicting as the toxic drug she was taking when with Adam.

And Adam… he knew how to play his fucking cards at fourteen. Securing an older girl? Shit, that was borderline taboo, it was so bold, even if they weren’t together (and if Phil could help it, never together). Phil was thinking so hard he didn’t even realize he was pacing the room until he caught himself nearly walking into a wall.

Phil didn’t really know what to do, so when he was out of his depth, he went with what felt natural – asking for help. He went through his phone. Jeff Swanson. That fucker never approved of Nicole and him in the first place, and Phil would never hear the end of it if he told Jeff that Nicole and Adam were a thing, possibly before and after they were even together. Hard pass.

Matt Schneider. He didn’t want to give him any additional fuel to throw on the Adam Watson fire – Matt seemed to have some kind of anger issues bubbling below the surface, and he had his suspicions that if Matt was pushed far enough and knew enough about his sister’s abuser, he’d actually be violent with Adam. Phil could never stand violence, and he knew that he could never forgive Matt if something like that happened. Too risky.

Jeff Love. His older brother. He’d gone to his older bro for advice before, but… it’s not like his brother knew Nicole well enough to comment on anything. At all. Truth be told, he sided with Nicole completely against his brother, but couldn’t actually go through with looking his brother in the eye and telling him he fucked up. The guilt and shame felt too much to accuse his own brother of something so heinous. 

Nicole Baker. Phil smiled to himself. He almost wanted to call her and be the bigger man, to apologize for not being even more considerate, even if he knew he did nothing wrong. He was almost there, almost ready to call her up and see if his own words could patch things up, but… not quite yet.

Olivia Wilde. Phil’s smile didn’t wane. Olivia had… a weird take, on just about everything, but sometimes he needed to live in a world other than his own. Maybe she’d know what he should do, and even if she didn’t, she’d certainly know another way to take his mind off of things. He called her up, putting the phone to his ear and waiting patiently, until he heard the standard ‘leave a message’ line coming from the phone. Phil hung up and stared at his phone for a few seconds, before opening up his messages and deciding to be bold.

Youre home, right? Im coming over. Got a lot on my mind and need to talk

Phil turned off his phone, gathered his stuff, locked the room and made a beeline for his car. Olivia of all people appreciated guys that made the first move so today, that’s what he was going to do. The cool air felt good on his face as he left the school out of the back entrance, towards the carpark.

Phil heard snickering behind him. “Got some boots to lick, Mr. President?”

Phil didn’t even need to turn around to know who that was. “Go to hell, Pierce.” he replied, not bothering to stop.

He heard Pierce approach him from behind. Pierce was one of those types – the bad boys, the edgy ones, the ones that thought smoking cigarettes and getting expelled from several middle schools was a badge of honor. “Wanna know what happened today? You missed something big. There w-”

Phil stopped to put a hand on Pierce’s chest. “No offense, Pierce, but I’m really busy, and I don’t give a shit.”

Pierce swatted away Phil’s hand in disgust. “‘Care about the students,’ my fuckin’ ass.” he grumbled, walking away. Pierce sometimes liked to corner Phil and talked to him about how the students of his school were actually delinquents and misbehaved and all that, but Phil knew that he was making the school better, not worse – jading him was completely pointless and didn’t help anything. Annoyed by the distraction, Phil made his way to his car and started to make his way towards Olivia’s house.

Phil had been there a few times before, usually to have sex or some kind of foreplay with her, and she gave him the open invitation to come anytime, so here he was, even if this wasn’t necessarily for the reason Olivia had in mind. 

He knew her parents wouldn’t be home yet but the door would be unlocked, so after giving a couple courtesy knocks, he invited himself in, and immediately heard the sounds.

He already knew what those sounds meant – he went to parties before, for God’s sake – but for some strange reason, he was dreading them. A repeated slamming, grunting, occasional high-pitched moaning. Olivia was having sex with someone. This should have been the point when Phil turned around and left, but consequences be damned, Phil pressed on, listening for the sounds and eventually finding her getting pounded in the living room, on the couch.

Phil didn’t know who the hell he was expecting – if it were Adam, he knew he’d have a heart attack on the spot – but from the back he discovered it was Thomas, the captain of the school’s Boxing Club. Even from behind it was easy to tell it was Thomas – Hazelwood was in a pretty white neighborhood, so there were only about seven male black students, and none of them were as muscular as Thomas. Phil knew he shouldn’t have, but he felt more than a twinge of jealousy. He clearwed his throat, the sound getting drowned out by the two fiercely fucking, and decided to roar, out of nowhere, “What the fuck is this?!”

“Woah!” Thomas immediately reacted by jumping up and turning around to face Phil, his hands covering his junk. His face instantly turned to one of confusion. “…Phil?”

“What the hell are you doing here?” Olivia asked, not even bothering to cover herself up.

Phil pulled his phone out of his pocket and dangled it in front of his face, as Thomas searched for his underpants and quickly put it on. “I sent you a text, I was in a bad place. Fucking this is why you didn’t answer me? Because you were getting some dick?”

“Wait, wait. You two aren’t, like, a couple or anything, right?” Thomas interjected.

“No.” both of the two said in unison. 

“Whoo, thank God.” Thomas breathed. “Glad this ain’t a… you know what? I’ll shut up. Don’t think this is about me.” He backed off.

“I didn’t message you back because I have a life.” Olivia pushed back. “I can’t be expected to always be on the phone for you.”

“I’d always be on the phone for you! I was in a real crisis. This was important to me. If you called me I don’t care what I’d be doing, I would have dropped everything for you.”

“Mad respect for that, but you can’t hold her to some crazy high standard just because you’re willing to step up to it too.” Thomas interjected again. 

Phil turned to face Thomas. “Can I help you?” he asked incredulously.

“I dunno. We’re all adults here. Thought I’d be part of this conversation.” Thomas shrugged. 

Phil ignored him and advanced towards Olivia. “You could have at least let me know you were banging someone else.”

“Why, felt like you were special to me?” Olivia fired back, getting up. “We established from the beginning that we weren’t anything but fuck buddies. Have you ever – no, you stay here!” She barked at Thomas, who had gathered his clothes and was trying to leave.

“Man, this shit is weird.” Thomas complained. “The fuck am I supposed to do? Sit and enjoy this?”

“Have you ever told me that you were sleeping with someone else?” Olivia continued.

“The only people I slept with were you and Nicole.” Phil yelled back. “And you definitely knew about her.”

“Fuck yeah, Nicole.” Thomas added with a grin. “Been there. She’s fuckin’ awesome.”

Both parties glared at Thomas, who shrugged and elected to look out the window. 

“I’m not your personal plaything, Phil. I-”

“You established this practically begging to make yourself my personal plaything. You asked me to use your body anytime. You can’t get mad at me for… for…”

Olivia gestured towards him, furthering her point. “Yeah, that was for sex. Now you’re getting mad because I’m not your personal advisor too. You need to handle shit for yourself. Our arrangement was good when it was just sex but maybe you can’t handle that. Maybe you need a break from me.”

“Olivia, for fuck’s sakes, I-”

“Talk to me later. Now’s not a good time. Just go.” Olivia asserted, leaving Phil staring at her.

Phil breathed heavily for a few seconds before jutting a finger up at her. “This isn’t over. We’re going to talk about this.”

“We’re going to talk about this.” Olivia repeated, nodding.

“Now’s not a good time.”

“Now’s not a good time.”

“Maybe I’m not thinking clearly right now.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re not.” Olivia nodded.

“Okay.” Phil replied, still with heat in his tone, but not really directed at anyone. “Okay, okay, okay.” he started pacing, before starting to walk out of the room.

“And sorry you had to see my dick, bro. That must’ve been weird.” Thomas dryly called out before Phil left. 

Phil made a shrugging gesture towards him. “Not helping.” That was all he said before he left the house and collapsed on the porch.

Phil remained there, holding his head in his hands for a few minutes before realizing he needed to get out of there. He promptly got in the car, drove home, and locked himself in his room, continuing to pace.

The more he paced, the more he thought, until he finally yelled out, “Fuck!” and punched a wall. Luckily he didn’t damage the drywall, though he left a small crack. He stared at it for a few seconds and then realized he was not okay. Olivia wanted him to figure things out for himself but it wasn’t weakness to admit he needed help. If the council was one person, it wouldn’t be as strong as it was. He needed to work with someone. He sat down on his bed, looked through his phone, and saw a familiar name. He stared at the name for a few seconds before spontaneously hitting, ‘call.’

The phone rang… once… twice… then finally, he heard a quiet, “Hey.” Nicole’s voice.

“Hey. Can we talk?”

“Yeah, sure.” Nicole replied in almost a whisper. “Lemme just… Hold on.” He heard a door opening and closing, then another. “Sorry. Had to go to another room. Someone was sleeping in my room.”

Phil felt a twinge of pain, though he wasn’t surprised at all that Adam was over, nor that he was the type to fall asleep immediately after cumming. “Yeah. Lemme guess, Adam, right?”

He heard her tongue click from the other end. “So.” Nicole’s full, dry yet serious tone greeted him. “You know.”

“Yeah. I know a lot.” Phil replied. “How long?”

“Can’t say exactly when.” Nicole replied. “I haven’t got the day marked on my calendar.”

“You wouldn’t need to. No lies, Nicole.” Phil knew about Nicole’s memory.

She huffed. “First day I met him, we fooled around. When he was campaigning for Student Council. We’ve been going at it steadily ever since. Except for a few periods, one was when you and I were t-”

“I trust you, Nicole.” Phil soothed her.

“Good.” Nicole replied flatly. 

“I thought you said he was a master manipulator, and he had his way with girls.”

“I was l- ugh… I was… It’s… complicated. There’s a lot of depth and backstory to this and I don’t wanna get into it.” Nicole uneasily replied.

“You know what that sounds like.” Phil noted.

“He’s not… treating me badly. He’s sweet. Really.” Nicole replied, not very convincingly. 

“Is there anything romantic there?”

“God no.” Nicole replied immediately, which gave Phil immediate relief. “He’s so far from my type it’s not funny.”

“So what, you’re keeping him at bay and preventing him from fucking innocent girls by keeping him to yourself?”

There was silence from the other end of the line. “Is that so much of a bad thing?” Nicole finally protested.

Phil chuckled. “It’s an unorthodox approach, but if it works. I just hope… I…”

“Yeah.” Nicole quietly let him know. 

“I just want you to be happy.”

“Yeah.” she repeated. No one said anything until she continued. “He’s a good friend too.”

“Nicole, you wouldn’t normally want to be friends with guys that manipulate young girls. The fuck?”

“I think… he has good intentions. Maybe I can save him.” Her tone was getting weaker.

“You’re going to get burned in the process.” Phil noted.

“Yeah, I’m going to get fucking burned.” Nicole’s tone was breaking down. “I’ve been fucking burned. So much shit has happened, Phil. So much. I’m scared for him, I hate him like half the time, I don’t know what the fuck is going on with my emotions, and I can’t even do council meetings without feeling sick to my stomach.”

“Yeah, I know you’re thinking of quitting.” Phil pointed out.

She paused. “How would you come to know something like that?”

“I have good intuitions.” he simply responded. “Nicole… did I do something wrong? I keep going back to our… our first time. And I-” Nicole started to say something but Phil keep going. “Please, please just let me finish. And I know I asked if you were okay with it but I can’t help but feel afterwards you regretted it, or maybe I didn’t do enough to make sure you were comfortable with it or with me, and maybe you felt like I was forceful, and maybe I was or something.”

Phil heard Nicole sigh in impatient anger over the phone. “Phil, you weren’t anything but a gentleman.” Nicole admitted. “But I… I dunno. I… fuck.” He heard her voice get weak and start to quiver again. “It just felt…. wrong. And I couldn’t bring myself to tell you how wrong it felt because I thought you’d think something was wrong with you. And I think somewhere along the way I accidentally convinced myself you were the bad guy and too forceful or something. I do that sometimes. I get too wrapped up in my own emotions and I just fuckin’ lie. I lie, Phil. I’m not a good person. I…” She wasn’t able to complete that sentence. She just started crying.

“It’s okay.” Phil repeated a few times into the phone as he listened to her cry. “Hey. For what it’s worth, I should have been more sensitive to your past and gone slower. I thought you enjoyed it when I asserted, but I think I took it too far. It was wrong, and I’m sorry.”

Nicole scoffed, sniffling. “I don’t fucking deserve you.” she mumbled.

“In the end, I’m pretty sure I was the one that didn’t deserve you.” he replied. 

“I really wish things could have worked out between us.” Nicole continued. “You’re going to make a girl really happy someday. I kinda wish I was that girl.”

“Hey, I just know you’re not, and I always just wanted to move on and keep going as friends.” Phil lied, knowing he wasn’t ever going to give up on being the one for Nicole.

Another scoff came from the other end. “You know I don’t like using the l-word, but if I were ever to use it, I would say it to you.”

Phil chuckled. “I appreciate the sentiment. But for now I’ll settle for you staying on council.”

“Of course I’m going to stay on the fucking council.” Nicole growled. “I’m sorry I was so childish. I’ll try to just… talk shit out with you in the future.”

“No matter how bad things get, we’ll just talk?”

“No matter how bad things get.” Nicole softly promised. “Apology accepted. And let’s hang out soon too. I just wanna… yeah. I wanna hang out with you again.”

“I’d really enjoy that, Nicole.” Phil replied warmly. “Thanks for having this talk with me. It helped a lot.”

“It helped me too.” Nicole replied.

“But… watch out for Adam. I still don’t trust him.”

“Yeah, that makes two of us.” Nicole replied, and the two shared a laugh. “I dunno how to feel about him. High school messes with the brain something fuckin’ fierce.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Phil replied, then let a pause fill the air. “Well, I’m sure you have a lot of shit to do. I’ll let you go.”

“Okay. See ya, Philly.” Nicole told him.

“See ya.” Phil replied, staying on until he heard the dial tone. Phil sighed again, and just stared at the wall. Things still felt… incomplete, but at least he knew now that the most confusing times between him and Nicole were behind him.




It was nice to dream, to believe in something. That said it was a huge mistake to believe in absolutes. Just as one should never say never, they should never say other absolutes – ‘always,’ ‘ definitely’ or even ‘absolutely’. It was nice to dream that Nicole and Phil were on better terms now, even just as friends, but the universe had other plans.

Phil had been accused of something. Something heinous. Something illegal. There was just one problem – he didn’t do it. He was hosting a party, a party his family was famous for hosting, when some freshman girl had cornered Phil and asked him for boy-trouble advice. Phil was never one to deny someone advice, even if it was a freshman – if he had it his way, freshman would never have been invited to his parties – and gladly invited her to his room where the two could talk. The girl started out sweet, telling him her story, but then as the story got more sexual, so too did the conversation, and then the advancements came.

Phil was reasonably buzzed from the alcohol, and given he and Olivia hadn’t met up in a while, he was sexually starved. He was weak, and when she got bolder, he decided to match her boldness, figuring he could chalk this up to a silly party fling. He was still respectful, of course – he confirmed that she wanted it and asked if she was sober enough to understand what they were doing – and before long they were having a good time. They had gone at it, fucking like rabbits for a few minutes, before the girl hopped off of him and said in her most sickly sweet voice, “Sorry, I just needed some leverage.” Phil was confused, naked, and on his back, wondering what the hell she meant before she stuck her finger down her throat to start producing tears. She then promptly picked up her clothes, put them on, and burst out of the room sobbing.

A pit formed in Phil’s stomach in that moment. No. No. He had heard about stories like this, but figured they were myths, or weird talking points for people that liked to deny that rape existed. Sure enough, the girl ran to the first people she found – which of fuxking course happened to be Adam and Nicole – and started making up a story about how awful Phil was to her. Worse than that, it seemed as though Nicole instantly believed her.

In any other situation, Phil could see why. In cases like this, it’s important to believe the victim. But she wasn’t the victim. Phil didn’t fucking do it. What the hell were you supposed to say at that point, when you had such a strong moral compass about these situations but knew her to be a liar?

The next few days were hell. Nicole refused to talk to Phil for a good week, and Phil almost got expelled. Amazingly, none other than Adam fucking Watson marched up to the main office the next school day and gave what Phil felt like was a pro-Phil testimony, and thanks to that testimony, Phil never got expelled. Phil officially had no freaking clue how to feel about Adam – at this point it was just Shrodinger’s Cat or whatever. Phil was both pissed as hell with Adam and fucking loved the guy, and could only tell you which of the two was stronger when someone asked. 

Still, it was thanks to Adam that, after the whole affair, Phil only went home for the day, his situation too volatile to have him stay at school. The investigation lasted a lot longer, and Phil almost got in trouble for their age gap even if she had consented, but luckily some bylaws or something saved his ass. In the end, due to lack of evidence, the case was dropped, and Phil was allowed to keep going to school.

But at what cost? Everyone knew the story by now. Nicole refused to look him in the eye, even during council meetings. Phil couldn’t even conduct council meetings anymore. He tried, but he kept feeling drained, dried up, out of energy. It didn’t help that his own council was split, seemingly down the middle, on who believed him. The only people he could trust in that council were Jeff, Mack, and weirdly… Adam. What a world. He even had a heart-to-heart with Adam after a council meeting. It was… mostly sad, but also weirdly nice.

That said, Phil had a target placed squarely on his forehead. Other than the specific few who knew him well and refused to believe he did assault that girl, the school avoided him like the plague. Maybe Phil should have been grateful he still was Student Council President, but he wasn’t an idiot – he knew those days were numbered too. 

Phil even found his own table to sit at during lunch. It was easy – whatever table Phil sat at, no one else would dare. Phil didn’t care. Phil was drained, emotionless, and broken. It would take a lot of guts, or someone who gave zero shits about their reputation, to sit with Phil at lunch.

And that person was all-too-happy to. A few days into the whole affair, Phil was eating his lunch when he heard a familiar voice clear her throat. Phil looked up from his food to see Olivia, no emotion on her face. “Can I sit here?”

Wordlessly, Phil gestured tiredly to the table, and Olivia promptly sat down. “Sorry I haven’t kept in contact.” she eventually said. “I’ve been busy.”

“Have you heard?” Phil immediately asked, looking up, waiting for her to just leave him too. “What’s happened. Have you heard what’s happened with me?”

Olivia looked up from her food at him. “Was this something I should have known?”

“If you don’t know it, you’re the only person in the school.” Phil let her know. “There’s a pretty juicy piece of gossip going around about me right now.”

“I don’t ever listen to gossip.” Olivia replied, taking a bite out of a peach she brought with her. “It helps when you have no friend circles to listen to anyway.”

“No friends, huh? What about Thomas? You two seemed chummy.”

“He’s like you. He’s a bit of stress relief I got on the side. Now he has a girlfriend, and cut things off with us. Some bullshit about being ‘loyal.’” She took another bite of her peach. “I wish more guys could be like you.”

“You may be the only one left in this high school who is willing to say that.” Phil replied, then paused, staring at her. At this point he really just didn’t care. “D’you wanna have sex?”

“Yes.” Olivia replied without hesitation. “Council office?” 

“Sure, I’ll meet you there.” Phil replied, gathering his stuff and getting up. The two knew the drill – he’d get there first and unlock the door, wait for her for a bit, and then she’d show up. Like clockwork, he went to the room, unlocked it, and went inside. Normally he’d just pull out his phone and wait, or maybe even pace due to his nervousness, but this time, he just sat down on a table. It only took a few minutes for Olivia to get there, and when she did, she gave him a playful scoff.

“Gossip hits you hard.” she observed.

“It’s a life-changer. Maybe even a life-ender.” Phil simply responded.

“That’s just short-sighted. It won’t follow you after you leave university. It’s not like you’re being accused of a felony.”

Phil maintained his stare with her until her eyebrows rose in shock. “Really?” she asked. “And did you do it?” 

“Nope.” Phil shrugged. “It’s just the way my life is right now.”

“Rough.” Olivia shifted where she stood. “Is there, uh, anything I can do about it?”

“I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do about it.” Phil replied. “Thanks, though.” It didn’t go amiss that that was the first time Olivia acted like a friend around him. Before, she was only hard to read. Now, she was… hard to read in a different way.

Phil hesitated for a second, but then advanced to where Olivia was standing. She was visibly caught off-guard – they normally began their sessions in this room with Olivia getting on her knees, or bending over a wall, but this time, taking the both of them by surprise, Phil kissed her. He grabbed her by the waist and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, then another one, and before either of them knew it, they were feverishly battling tongues and grabbing each other’s bodies all over the way clumsy passionate teenagers do.

Phil had a mess of emotions and hormones swimming inside of him and he knew this was the perfect way to let them all out. Olivia was practically asking for it anyways – she enjoyed being his toy, his cocksleeve, his own personal slut. Phil barely registered when he evolved from making out with her to mashing her against the wall, grinding his pelvis up against hers and placing his hand on her breast, squeezing roughly.

Olivia was enjoying him taking control, if her little gasps and moans were any indication. She surrendered herself to the situation, moaning away as Phil took control and let his hands roam freely over her body.

“You’re wearing too much, slut.” he eventually growled into her ear. Olivia looked back at him to see a hungry, authoritative gaze plastered on his face. She shivered. Obediently and eagerly, she tore herself away from the wall and stripped, getting rid of her shirt, then her bra. She started to take off her pants when Phil held up a hand.

“Stop.” he commanded gruffly, walking over to her. “I’ll handle that.” Sinking a little lower, Phil began to slowly take off her pants. Deliberately slowly. Teasingly slowly. Olivia stared at him, breathing deeply in anticipation, her nipples getting noticeably harder. As Phil leaned down, he took one of those nipples into his mouth, playing with her with his tongue. Olivia shuddered and leaned her head back, biting her lip at the sensation. 

Phil took his mouth off of her nipple. “You seem sensitive today.” he remarked, pulling her pants down. 

Olivia shrugged. “Yeah, I guess I am.” she replied flatly.

Phil chuckled and his eyes narrowed. “Then let’s see what I can do with that.” he added, wasting no time in pulling down her panties and flipping her around. Grabbing her by the hair, he guided her to the wall, where he mashed her body firmly against the plaster. “Tell me you want this.” he growled.

“Fuck.” Olivia muttered under her breath. “Please, Phil. I want this so badly. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to ram me until I can’t see anything.”

“Good girl.” Phil replied in a dominating voice as he angled himself up behind her. With his free hand, he rubbed her slit up and down, feeling her wetness for him and smiling at its abundance. He grabbed his dick with his hand, still slick with Olivia’s juices, and grabbed her hair with his other hand. He wanted to watch her eyes as he slid inside her. Angling his hips, he felt his head push inside her.

Olivia’s eyes closed and she gave a low, throaty moan as she felt Phil enter her. She leaned her head back, allowing Phil to pull on her hair more, as he gave a few experimental thrusts into her. Each thrust made Olivia gasp, her back arching. She bit her lip and looked behind her, smiling at Phil.

Olivia wasn’t the type to smile much. She smiled during sex when she was high, but this time she was stone sober. Phil found it odd, yet also somehow comforting. He smiled back at her, and couldn’t resist moving her hair and stealing a couple of kisses on her neck. Olivia responded with soft little purrs, as Phil slowly moved his cock in and out of her, again and again.

Eventually, the oddly tender moment ended and Phil retrieved his head from her neck area. He continued his assault on Olivia’s pussy, pounding into her fiercely and without mercy, grabbing at her hips. 

“Moan for me.” he demanded.

“We’re on school property.” she reminded him. “During school hours. You sure that’s a good idea?”

“I thought you didn’t care about the rules.” Phil countered, never stopping. “I’m already an outcast in the school. How much worse can it get? Moan. For. Me.”

Olivia snickered in naughty disbelief at Phil’s request, but her smug expression didn’t last when Phil gave a few deeper thrusts. She concentrated on what she was feeling, letting her head hang and biting her lips, before the first moan came through. It was as loud as her previous moans, but that one was just testing the waters. After that moan, it was like a dam had been broken, and soon, Olivia Wilde was moaning was alarming volume for two students fucking in a school space during school hours.

“Fuuuuck, Phil…” she moaned. “Fuck yes, Phil. Give me everything you’ve got, PHil. This is so sexy, sir.”

“That’s a good girl.” Phil moaned back. “You like this? You like moaning for me like a little slut, while inside the school?”

“I love it.” Olivia moaned back. “Make me your naughty little bitch, make me into your little cum-slut, fucking impregnate me for all I care. Just never stop fucking me with that big amazing dick of yours.” 

Olivia was now moving her hips back into Phil’s, matching his rhythm at a rate that impressed even the drummer himself. It was clear she was getting into this, and Phil knew once she started with that, he wouldn’t be able to last for long.

“Fuck, I… fuck…” Phil panted. “I’m going to blow soon…”

“Cum inside me, Phil.” Olivia panted back. “I want to feel every drop of it flow into me. Paint my insides, fill me up.”

Phil doubled his speed, closing his eyes, lost to his feelings. He thrust into her over and over with a force and speed he didn’t realize he had, practically going crazy and nearly blacking out in his attempt to finish inside her. All at once, the feelings culminated and Phil couldn’t think of anything but how amazing being inside Olivia was. He felt a churning, then a buildup, then a great release. Spurt after spurt filled Olivia as Phil slammed his hips into hers for a few more times. Olivia gave out a loud, drawn-out moan, feeling Phil’s seed filling her. She rolled her hips around, panting and purring, enjoying the feeling of filling up, and also enjoying the effect she clearly was having on Phil.

“Mm, nice.” she giggled. “That felt really good.”

Phil was still trying to catch his breath. “Yeah, it fucking did.” he wheezed. “You’re amazing.”

“You’re pretty good yourself.” Olivia countered. “I shouldn’t have waited that long to get back into contact with you.”

“Are we… good?” Phil asked stupidly. “Like, given how when I c-”


“Yes…” Phil trailed off cautiously.

“Yes, we’re good.” Olivia clarified. “Holding grudges is stupid anyway. And I… missed this.”

“You missed it, huh?” Phil grinned, retracting his cock from inside her.

Olivia gave a slight moan as she felt him retreat. “Yeah, I missed it.” she bluntly replied. “And I’ll want to do it again, as soon as you want.”

“Only if you want it too.” Phil joked.

“I always want it. And if I don’t want it, that’ll just make it hotter.” Olivia replied coolly.

Phil stared at her for a few seconds before shaking his head. “God damn.” he muttered.

“So,” Olivia tried to make conversation while gathering her clothes. “Is everything really that bad with you?”

“We’ll have to see how bad things get.” Phil replied, gathering his own clothes. “It’s pretty clear that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s gonna be more shit, man. There’s gonna be more shit.”

“Well, I hope it’s not too bad.” Olivia replied uneasily. “You seem to be getting a lot of shit. I think.. You should be happy.”

Phil smiled in a puzzled way at her. “Yeah,” he mumbled, trying to figure her out. “But whatever. We’ll see. If nothing else, I always have the council. They know what’s up. They’re loyal to me.”




There are four words in the English language that serve as both the most comforting phrase and the most haunting one – this era will end.

Even with the devastating blow to his reputation, Phil never thought for a second that his career as Student Council President would come to a premature end. He was still known as a great president, it was too late in the school year, and his people were loyal to him, even if the shallow student body reacted to any damning gossip as gospel.

He wasn’t even too worried when, an hour before his next Student Council meeting, Mr. Scott, the principal, approached him and let him know that the situation had gotten too public and something had to be done. Phil remained cool and calm as he and Scott discussed what would need to be addressed. Eventually, Scott told him that the council would need to vote on whether they could trust Phil to keep leading the council for the rest of the year. Phil immediately agreed, not that his agreement was needed, and Scott ended up going with him to the next council meeting. 

When the council members got there, they could tell pretty quickly what was going to happen. No one needed to say it out loud, but they all seemed to guess what was happening. Even though he had trust in his fellow council members, Phil found himself pacing around the room, fiddling with papers, even fiddling with his own hands, eager to get this stupid vote out of the way. 

Eventually, Mr. Scott cleared his throat and approached Phil, mumbling under his breath, “I’ll be doing the talking, if that’s okay. I’ll need you to only speak if I address you.” Phil nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation, and let Mr. Scott take center stage.

“Good afternoon, students.” he began. “Now, as many of you know, this council has had its fair share of disagreements and difficulties in the last few days. And as is customary in these sorts of situations, we like to leave it up to the people to decide these sorts of things once administration has done what it can. Now does anyone here not know about the situation involving this council’s president?”

A silence hung in the air. Phil wasn’t surprised. It was the council’s job to take the pulse of the student body, of course none of them would even have questions about the situation. 

“Okay.” Scott continued diplomatically. “So, in the past, the council has voted on whether they want to keep or dismiss the acting presi-”

“How can we be expected to have an honest vote if you won’t even release the findings of the police investigation?” Jeff angrily interrupted, jumping out of his seat. “If Phil is still here, that means he’s innocent. It sure would be cool if you guys would at least fucking say it!”

Phil knew that ‘dismissed due to lack of evidence’ meant jack squat, and even then, releasing the findings wouldn’t do anything but invade everyone’s privacy further. Those who believed he was innocent would say, “See? Lack of evidence, no evidence.” Those who believed he did do it would be disgusted the law didn’t do enough. 

“Jeff, your dedication to transparency is appreciated, it really is.” Mr. Scott replied. “However, police investigations like this one can’t be fully disclosed to the public. It’s just how it works. If there was another way, we’d be taking that option, but since there isn’t, a vote like this is the best thing we’ve got.”

“So are we voting on whether or not Phil did it? I’m confused.” Megan, the freshman, asked.

“Thank you for asking, Megan.” Mr. Scott replied as he turned to her. “Given the events that have transpired, you all will be voting today on whether you want PHil to continue acting as your Student Council president.”

“Even though there’s less than a month left in the school year, and changing the chain of command would make things worse for everyone at this point.” Nicole added flatly, never looking up from her camera. As usual, she was hard to read. She showed no real emotion on her face, though Phil could bet something was happening below the surface.

“Nicole, that’s enough out of you.” Mr. Scott replied swiftly. Phil couldn’t help but smile – Nicole and Mr. Scott never got along. Ever.

“Why? Because I’m right?” Nicole flatly replied. 

“Another comment from you and I’m going to ask you to leave.” he insisted. Nicole shrugged, still no emotion on her face. “Whether or not it’ll make things easier isn’t the question. You all have the right to voice your opinions on this.”

Nicole immediately raised her hand. Mr. Scott sighed and began, “Nicole, ple-”

“Isn’t there supposed to be another teacher here for these kinds of things?” Nicole asked anyway. “If we leave it up to you, and knowing you this’ll be a blind vote, how can we trust that you’re telling the truth? Not saying you won’t.”

Mr. Scott was unmoved. “Phil will be here. He’ll be able to see the results as clearly as myself.”

“So you mean Phil will get to see which of his friends are backstabbers firsthand?” Nicole replied dryly, still looking at her camera. 

Scott had enough. “Nicole, please exit the room. You’re not welcome in this vote.”

Nicole huffed as she picked up her belongings. “Systematically getting rid of the pro-Phil votes, huh? I’m sure this was the kind of democracy the Founding Fathers died for.” She quickly got out of the room, then Scott continued.

“Does anyone else take issue with the way this is set up?”

“I do like the idea of Phil not seeing the individual votes.” Eli began. “I think we all trust you to be honest, Mr. Scott, but perhaps it would be best if Phil didn’t witness this.”

Mr. Scott nodded. “Does anyone have any objections?” Once he didn’t hear any, he turned to Phil. “Phil?” he asked.

That seemed like permission to speak. “Yeah, it’s cool. I’ll go outside.”

“And…” Scott began. Phil turned around to face him, already near the door. “…If Nicole is out there, no arguing, keep it civil, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I got you.” Phil replied dismissively, leaving the room.

When Phil closed the door, he found Nicole nearby, leaning against the wall with one foot on the ground, the other positioned on the wall below her back. She was looking down at the floor in an uncharacteristically solemn show of emotion.

“Hey.” he threw out, walking to the other side of the hallway and sitting down on the floor against the wall. It took a few more seconds for Nicole to respond.


Her voice was clearly sad. Phil couldn’t help but chuckle. “Why are you the sad one here? Shouldn’t I be the nervous one?”

“You’re not nervous because you think the council is going to come through for you.” Nicole softly added.

Phil nodded. “I may have a broken spirit, but a good number of those people in there are loyal to me. Even if they don’t like me, they don’t have to. I don’t think they’re gonna throw me off of the council.”

Nicole looked up at him, her eyes misty. “Phil… I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

Nicole sighed. “The higher-ups in the council had a meeting… a secret meeting. A few resisted, but… they’re not going to keep you on.”

Phil’s heart stopped. “What?!” was all he could think to say initially. “A secret fucking meeting? What is… what even is that?”

Nicole could only shrug. “Even if I were there, you’d need both of the freshmen voting for you to save your position. And that’s if I was in there. I don’t think they’re going to vote for you. I failed you. I’m sorry.”

Phil did his best to digest all the information he was being given. “So what, you believe me now? You finally accept I didn’t fucking do this?”

“I don’t know what to fucking believe!” Nicole shouted in a panic. “I don’t know, Phil. I don’t fucking know. I want to trust you but I can’t not believe the victim.”

Phil started at her for a few seconds before hopping to his feet and grabbing her by the shoulders. “Nicole.” he began in a voice that he wanted to remain calm, but was quivering with emotion. “If she’s lying, and I’m telling the truth, then she’s not the fucking victim. I am. I don’t know how much you know about that girl, but remember what you know about me. I apologized to you because after our first time I felt I was too rough when I asked for consent. If it’s between me and that fucking bruja, why can’t you trust me?”

Nicole’s expression became more and more sad as she looked Phil in the eyes. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t do it.”

Phil’s eyes never wandered. “I didn’t do it, Nicky.” he softly said.

Nicole’s expression never changed, but a single tear travelled down her left eye. In one single motion she pulled Phil in by the sides of his neck and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

Needless to say, this was the last thing Phil was expecting, but as soon as he registered what was happening, he kissed back with passion to match hers. His hands went from her shoulders to her waist, and Nicole responded by grinding her pelvis up against his. Swiftly and suddenly, she broke away the kiss, lightly gasping for breath.

“I’m so sorry for my part in all of this.” she mumbled. “I’m going to make it up to you, any way I can.”

“…How?” Phil was still in a daze.

“No more lying about my feelings. You… you fucking deserve this. Have me. Use me. I do want you to be assertive with me, Phil. I want you, and I want you to be happy by any means necessary.”

“Nicole…” Phil softly murmured. “Where the fuck is this coming from? Are you sure?”

“Don’t… make me second guess it. Just trust me right now. This is what I want, I want to be used. I wanted this for a while and didn’t know how to say it, okay? I wanted you. Even if it’s not romantic, I never stopped wanting you.”

She paused, hoping Phil would say something, but he didn’t. She continued. “If shit like this is going to happen, I can’t just wait around and be coy or subtle. I just need to be direct and take advantage of how we’re still around each other while I still can. I want this, Phil. If I ever don’t want it… I dunno, we’ll come up with a safe word or something. I just feel so bad about all this shit and… this is the only way I can think to make it right. Please, Philly?”

“This is so much to take in.” Phil mumbled.

“Don’t think, just take.” Nicole mumbled right back, going in and kissing his neck. Phil, surprisingly, pulled her away.

Nicole looked him in the eyes, partially in surprise, then started nodding. “I guess now’s not the best time to be starting this.” she admitted.

Phil gazed back to the council room. Odds are the vote would end soon. “So, were you fucking with me?” he asked.


“Were you fucking with me to just segue into wanting me again?” Phil couldn’t help but chuckle. “‘Secret meetings’ and everything? Come on.”

Nicole’s expression didn’t change. Phil piped up again. “I mean, that just doesn’t happen.” No response. “Nicole, say something.”

Nicole approached him. “This is it, Phil. Someone’s going to come out here and tell you you’re no longer the president.”

But Phil was the president. All throughout this year, that’s who he built himself up to be. It’s how he identified. He spent his entire high school career being his best to represent the school. The President of Student Council was Phil. The two were synonymous. Strip that title from him and you may as well get rid of his name along with it. 

Phil was shaking. Who the fuck was he going to be after today? He found himself shaking his head in disbelief, when he heard a loud, muffled outcry of disgust from the council room.

“Th-that was Jeff.” Phil remarked in a panicked tone. There could only be one reason why Jeff Swanson was acting that disgusted.

Nicole bit her lip and nodded solemnly. She began to get blurrier. Before Phil knew it, tears were coming. Everything he worked for, everything he was… was it really coming to an end? Over something he didn’t do, orchestrated by someone he didn’t even fucking know? This wasn’t the world. This wasn’t how the world worked. This wasn’t… necessary. Someone needed to come along and fix this, this was just an error. A bad dream. Fucking something.

Phil had lost his balance and before he knew it, his head was on Nicole’s shoulder and he was crying. Phil didn’t cry. The sound of his crying was alien even to him. He couldn’t help but hug Nicole in support, not wanting to believe what was happening and just wanting her to save him from all this.

At some point, the door to the room opened. Phil hated crying in front of others, so he didn’t dare look back at the door to see who it was. Luckily, Nicole happened to be facing the door in the hug, so he felt her head life off his shoulder, and tell the person, “It’s okay. He knows.” A silence followed. “Could you give us a minute please?” Phil heard the door shut again a second later.

“Hey.” Nicole’s voice coaxed his head back up. She wiped a tear away from his cheek and smiled sadly at him. “For what it’s worth, from today onward, you have me.”

“A-as… as in we’re b-back together?” Phil managed.

Nicole grimaced. “No, not like that. Sorry. I can’t. I just can’t. Not with anyone. But you have me to use. Any way you like.”

Phil sniffled. “Any way at all?”

“Any way possible, girlfriend notwithstanding.”

Phil wiped his eyes and his expression turned serious. “So you were at this secret meeting?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry I co-”

“Shut up.” Phil replied, feeling another change in the wind.

Nicole’s eyes widened for a second, then realized something was happening. “Yes sir.” she said submissively.

“So you know who planned to vote against me.” Phil continued.

“Yes sir.” 

If Phil’s life could be ruined after being a good president by one stuck-up bitch and a few easily swayed comrades, then Phil had no friends, and at least wanted them to find out how he felt. “I want to take revenge on them. Every single person that voted against me.”

Nicole didn’t hesitate. “How?”

“We’re going to figure out a way to do that together. Aren’t we, pet?” This time, Phil was the one that grabbed Nicole’s neck and kissed her.

She was breathless as she replied, “Yes, sir.”




“Just like that?” Olivia asked him as she took the blunt back from him and took a hit.

Phil nodded. “Just fuckin’ like that. And even at that point, I could tell something was up. Nicole was gonna turn on me, I just knew it.”

“Then why’d you keep her around?” Olivia asked after taking the hit. “Wait… you said you kept her around, right?” She paused. “Yeah! Yeah. So why’d you do that?”

“I said I wanted revenge and I took it.” Phil replied simply, moving his head around excessively to feel his head move, something he found he did often when he was high. “Everyone paid.”

“Fuck.” Olivia commented dryly, forming a grin. “It’s like a mobster movie.”

“And I was the mob boss.” Phil grinned back. “But then, it was like… a few weeks after the vote, after Nicole helped me fuck over everyone who voted me out, after Nicole and I boned God knows how many times… she just fucking turns on me. Great. Great great fucking great.”

“What do you mean, turns on you?” Olivia asked.

“Like, out of nowhere, she just decides she doesn’t believe me anymore again and she hates my guts again and she probably invented more reasons to hate me. You know, like she did every time before, and admitted to it.”

“She sounds toxic, dude.” Olivia replied.

“Yeah, I fucking know that now. You know what? I think Adam curdled her.”

“You blame him for everything.” Olivia dismissed him.

“Genuinely. I called her out for having feelings for him and she didn’t even deny it. And I even saw h-” Phil hesitated.

“You saw…?” Olivia prompted him.

“Never mind. Anyway, I made her blow me for turning on me, and then I taught Adam a lesson for what he did to her. I put a good scare in him. I ordered Nicole to have a fight with him and ask him to resign as VP.”

“Shit.” Olivia remarked. “And I assume she did?”

“She did what she was told, but he never resigned. He was too young and determined and, hey, stupid. I actually had a nice chat with him after, and I kinda realized halfway through that conversation… I didn’t want Nicole.”

Olivia clearly wasn’t expecting that. She sat up in her chair. “What?”

“I didn’t want her. I think I didn’t want her from the moment she offered herself up to be used during the vote. It was just a nice distraction, but… I dunno, her offering herself to me like that cheapened it. It wasn’t right. I think at that point it became a power dynamic I was just trying to convince myself I was enjoying or something.”

“Looks like Adam helped you with something after all.” Olivia smiled smugly at him.

“Oh, Adam didn’t help for shit. It was just, like, talking to him, I realized that I loved Nicole, and she just kept flip-flopping. She wants to be with me, she doesn’t, she wants to be with me, she doesn’t. I don’t care if she realized it or not, that shit’s manipulative. Those fuckin’ two deserve each other.”

“Sucks that you put all that work into getting her for nothing.” Olivia remarked.

“Yes and kinda no.” Phil replied. “It sucks and all, but it taught me about what I didn’t want. In the end I was the one to tell her I never wanted to see her again. That was kinda justice. And dumbass Adam thinks I did it for him. I did it for me, son. Me.”

“And so ends the dramatic Phil & Nicole saga.” Olivia remarked with a fake British accent. The two looked at each other and burst out laughing. “And so ends high school, too. How’d your last exam go?”

“Great. Easy-fuckin’-peasy.” Phil replied. “Yours?”

“It was whatever. Odds are I’ll pass.” she replied with a shrug. “Where are you going after this, anyway?”

“Boston College.” he answered. “It’s not crazy far from here, so I can still probably visit a few times a year, but it’s not like I picked the local one like Peterson. Plus they never took back my scholarship. I guess since the case was dropped they couldn’t or something.”

Olivia nodded. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks.” Phil nodded. “What about you?”

“I don’t think I’m going to college.” Olivia replied before taking another hit. “Or community college. I think I’m just going to see where life takes me.” She paused for effect. “Though I would love to get out of my parents’ place.”

Phil nodded. “Great, great.” he mumbled, mostly to himself. “Well, I mean, uh… fuck. I mean, if you need a place, I can always look for an off-campus place, if you wanted to, like… be roommates or something.”

Olivia looked over at him and broke out into a grin. “Yeah?”

“Well, I mean, you’ve slept over a few times, so we can clearly live with each other and stand each other and shit.” Phil reasoned. “I dunno. It’s just a thought.”

“I think that would be really fucking cool.” Olivia replied, passing the joint back to Phil.

He took a hit. “Cool.” he eventually said. The two smoked the joint until there was nothing left, and once Phil threw it away, he just stared at her.

“What’s up?” Olivia asked him.

Phil didn’t reply. He wasn’t sure if it was the weed, or the exhilaration of being free from school, or even just being free from Nicole’s toxic grip on him. All he knew was that he was advancing towards Olivia, he was grabbing her hand to coerce her to get up from her chair, and he was putting his hands on her waist as he kissed her.

This kiss wasn’t an animalistic kiss. It wasn’t rough and rowdy and shared by two kids that liked to fuck each other. It felt like it was something more, something that he hadn’t felt in a long time. When the kiss was over, Phil and Olivia slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other… then kissed again. And again. For a few solid minutes, the kissing continued.

There was no authority Phil needed this time, no pretense, no roleplay. As she kiss subsided, the two smiled at each other, and without a single word, began to take off each other’s clothes. It wasn’t quick as if they couldn’t wait to fuck, and it wasn’t subtle as if they were in a school and couldn’t get caught. They were just enjoying each other’s company, in a way they had never even seemed to consider before.

Perhaps it was because Phil’s mind was consumed with thoughts of Nicole, or perhaps it was the realization that the two were adults now and could do what they wanted and chose, at the same time, to live with each other. Whatever it was, it made everything surrounding the situation just feel right. After the clothes came off, Phil embraced Olivia again and lightly kissed her jaw, then her neck, then her collarbone. Olivia moaned and pressed her body closer to his, not grinding on his pelvis, but just feeling his skin touch hers, enjoying the feeling of him on her, living in the moment. 

Phil guided her to his bed and gently pushed her so she would fall on top of it. He could see a look in Olivia’s eyes he recognized – vulnerability. She allowed herself to be used by guys before, but this felt different. Now she was letting him in. He wasn’t using her, they were enjoying each other. And Phil made sure to let her know with each kiss going up her body that he enjoyed and appreciated every inch of her.

Olivia bit her lip and softly groaned as she felt every kiss Phil laid upon her body. She felt almost shy, as if she wanted to shield her body, but also trusted Phil to… look at it. Was that weird? She didn’t know, and neither did he. But he knew how she was feeling. Somehow, the two were linked in this moment. It was only this moment that the two became linked, as if a weird spell was broken between them, as if a switch was flipped, but neither one of them was complaining.

Phil wasn’t gazing angrily or dominantly at her as he lined his cock up with her opening, he was smiling supportively. He felt kind of vulnerable too, giving this almost goofy smile as he lined himself up with her. She returned the silly smile, and the both of them realized they didn’t think they even had missionary-style sex before. He pushed into her and pressed his body into hers, enjoying feeling her skin against his as he grabbed her shoulders and moved himself as close to her as he could. He peppered her neck with small kisses, slowly moving his hips so he could slowly move his cock in and out of her. Over time she started to understand his rhythm and moved her own hips to match him, the pianist and the drummer making a composition together in perfect harmony.

Neither one of them had to say anything to the other, and the two enjoyed the comfortable silence, free of bullshit authoritative ‘you’re my plaything’ remarks and ‘yes sir’ submissive responses. The two worked together in their harmony, quickening along with each other, enjoying the effect they had on each other. The two began to moan together, not to establish anything but rather to vocalize their enjoyment. Before long, the two found themselves locking lips again, exploring each other’s mouths as they too explored each other’s bodies.

Phil felt more than pure pleasure coursing through him. He felt belonging, enjoyment, contentment, bliss. He began to realize Olivia’s scent and how comfortable he felt in her scent, the feeling of her skin and how unique it somehow felt, the familiarity of being inside her specifically. He knew he was feeling something, but it was only in that moment that he realized just what he was feeling. It was almost scary to him. How long had he felt this way? What should he do now? He wasn’t sure. He just knew that this felt good, and right, and that he should continue, not only for his own climax, but for her pleasure too, even if she wasn’t the type to cum.

That said, the universe surprises us with nice little events sometimes – whether they’re indications or coincidences, perhaps we’ll never know. After a few more minutes of passionate yet tender sex, Olivia began to make odd noises, noises Phil had never heard before. Her moans became gasps and she audibly cried out, in a voice Phil had never heard before, “Keep going. This exact pace. Please, Phil, please.”

Phil was all too happy to oblige and continued pushing himself inside her, over and over, feeling himself become closer to her than he had ever felt before. Olivia responded in turn, her gasps becoming more and more urgent, her body tensing up as if the sensations she was feeling were foreign to even herself. At the same time, Phil could feel a familiar building up in his own self, and while he couldn’t find the ability to make words, he grunted in a way Olivia would recognize and hoped it would be enough of an indication that he was getting close to the edge.

He didn’t want to interrupt whatever her body was going through, but Phil knew his own body well enough to know he couldn’t stop what was happening. Even so, he watched her body with dedication and complete fascination, watching her body lose itself to the feelings, with the feelings being more than just pure lust. As if the universe had orchestrated a sign for the duo, all of a sudden Olivia’s body tensed up and she emitted a low, guttural moan at the same time as Phil slammed himself against her and could feel his load building up.

The pair realized what was happening with each other as Phil started to empty himself inside Olivia’s pulsating, clenching walls. Phil had never felt Olivia clench against him like this and realized the impossible had been attained. Not only had Phil made Olivia cum, the two came together, at this specific moment of lovemaking. Phil and Olivia in the moment couldn’t believe their luck, but to anyone observing, it was clear that it wasn’t luck that made them cum together like this.

Phil and Olivia surrendered their bodies to the feeling of enrapturement, washing through them like a warm rush of happiness and belonging. The two were completely enveloped by their lust, but also by the feeling of being around each other. Phil’s arms couldn’t take it and his body collapsed on top of Olivia’s. Olivia uncharacteristically began to stroke his hair and kept encircling her hips, enjoying the feeling of Phil still being inside her even as her orgasm subsided. Eventually Phil lifted his head up enough to look her in the eye, and the two broke out into smiles and started laughing. After sharing a hearty laugh, the two kissed again, and then remained as they were, drinking in the moment.

To them, this moment came suddenly, but the more Phil thought about it, the more he realized this moment had probably been building up for a bit now. Or maybe it hadn’t. Truth be told, he didn’t know his own feelings, and truth be told, he didn’t care much. He didn’t need to know the exact history of what he was feeling to know that what he was feeling now was real. Slowly and gently, he removed himself from being inside her, collapsing beside her. Even in his state of exhaustion, he found his hand snaking its way over to hers and clasping it inside his.

He gently moved his head to face hers, then groaned slightly to get her attention. He wanted to ask if he really made her cum, but he didn’t need to. Instead, he broke out into a smile, and she smiled right back, with no hesitation. As she did, she squeezed his hand in hers. This all was happening so fast, so suddenly, so out of nowhere, and yet… both of them seemed to… like it. It’s like neither of them considered it until now, and yet when they did, the two made so much sense together.

This was it. This is what everything, a year of craziness, a year of heartbreak and unsureness, was leading up to. This was the moment he was going to dive, headfirst, into the rest of his life, a new chapter. “Do you wanna go out on a date sometime?” Phil asked, breaking the silence, enjoying the moment.

Olivia squeezed his hand again and smiled, enjoying him. “Only if you want.”


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