The Good, the Bad and the Molly – Chapter 3

An F. I got an F on my first paper. That wasn’t right. I spent a lot of time on it. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Could I have really screwed up that badly?

Maybe I should have checked my e-mail for anything Daisy sent me. This was bad. If it were any other time it might be fine but this was bad. We were maybe two months into the school year, and this was seriously going to weigh down my mark. A mark in a class where I needed a 70 or above, no questions asked. This was not the start I wanted to have with my junior year.

I was used to fooling people that I’m fine when I’m not, so getting around even a good actor like Chris was no problem for the whole time we were at the gym. I may not have been the studious nervous-to-fail two-steps-from-nerd type like Molly, but I cared a lot about my marks. The F ate away at me something fierce. I had to get an 80 on the three papers left in the course to break even, and knowing my prof, that was going to be very hard. One slip-up meant a mistake that was going to cost me an extra year. And more money than I had.

I trudged back to the house, the backpack weighing me down more than usual. Chris, as peppy as ever, practically skipped behind me.

“You alright, sweetie?” Chris piped up as we neared the house. “You’re not normally this silent.”

I chuckled. “Chris, you’re always so concerned about others. Relax, my back just hurts.”

Chris huffed. “Told you you should have just stuck with 140.” He told me. “You pushed yourself too far. Jerome gives the best massages if y-”

“Really, Chris.” I interrupted, my smile probably losing its warmness. “I’m fine. Thanks.”

“Okay.” He said hesitantly as he opened the door. He held it for me and I walked in, sighing as I dropped my backpack down near the door.

“We’re ho-ooome!” Chris sang to Guess Who.

Jerome emerged from the living room, the beginnings of a smile on his face. Chris leapt towards him and hugged him. “Hey, baby.” He greeted him sweetly. “We all set for tonight?”

Jerome smiled enthusiastically as he picked up a bottle from a nearby table. Smirnoff. “All set!” He announced.

“This looks like a celebration.” I joined in casually.

“It sure is.” Jerome said happily. “Everything got cleared up. Chris is moving in.”

“No shit?” I asked happily. “Way to go!” I hugged Chris supportively.

“It won’t be today, or even in the next week, but it’s all straightened out.” Chris told me, still in the hug. “It’s up to the landlord to give Jer Bear a date for me to move my stuff in. I’ll just have some difficulty getting my bed up the stairs.”

I scratched my head. “There’s only one room upstairs, and it already has a bed.” I told Chris slowly.

He looked at me with one eyebrow lowered. “And it’s not yours or Molly’s, genius.” He quipped.

“It’s time you knew. Chris and I are in a relationship.” Jerome chimed in with his own sarcasm.

“Yeah yeah, I know all that.” I replied, waving my hands around. “Don’t get jokey. But, why don’t you just get one king-size bed?”

Jerome and Chris looked at each other, then back to me. Chris shrugged. “We’re just not that kinda people, I guess.” Chris suggested.

“Okay.” I shrugged. “I’ll help with the bed. Keep in mind I can apparently only can bench 140.”

“Oh, you.” Chris smirked, then looked at the bottle. His eyes lit up. “Hey! Maybe you should have some! It might help your back.”

“Uh, no, it’s fine.” I mumbled, my head turning stormy with the news of the F resurfacing in my head.

“Oh, come on!” Chris begged. “It’ll be fun. Jer has another whole bottle! You should unwind.”

“Please, no.” I said seriously. “Maybe another time. I got stuff I should do.”

“You’ve got tomorrow off. Can’t it wait?” Chris begged.

“Chris, don’t pressure him.” Jerome gruffly ordered.

Chris sighed annoyedly. “Fiiiiine.” He moaned. “More for us anyway. Go do your work, stiff.” He sauntered into the living room. Jerome joined him.

“You wish I were stiff.” I remarked dryly as I walked past them.

“Ooh, highlight the homosexuality. Good one. Haven’t heard that a million times today.” Chris sarcastically called after me as I walked down the stairs. My slight smile I put on for them disappeared, as did any need to pretend to act happy.

I sighed as I sat down at my desk. Well, I thought to myself, I don’t want this to be a repeat performance. I threw my phone onto the bedside table to make sure it wouldn’t distract me, then I booted up my computer and began to work diligently on other assignments, not even bothering to stop and think until they were all done. Chris was right, failure was a powerful motivator.

But I didn’t need this failure. I didn’t need the pressure. Not just academically – I felt worthless. An F was a sign you didn’t know what you were doing, and I was confident. I fucked up, plain and simple. I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. I hated how that was a running theme in my life.

I came back to the world of the living once my assignments were done. I didn’t even want to look at the clock – I probably toiled hours away removing any excess stress from the next week. But those are small projects in small classes, I thought to myself. You fucked up.

Out of habit, I opened up my email. Still thinking about the assignment, I saw an email from Daisy. I opened it to see my paper’s text, with criticisms and notes jammed in every corner she could fit. At the bottom sat a footnote.

‘Given what the professor asked of you, you misunderstood the topic. Rewrite IMMEDIATELY – I can’t see this getting anything better than an F. Bye, Aaron.’

No words hit me. I just read. And reread. I was standing up. I was raising my hands. I was slamming them down on the desk, roaring out my fury before retiring to my bed, sitting down on it, collapsing into the best imitation of a ball I could muster.

A timid knock on the door was the next thing I heard. “What?” I barked. The door slowly opened, and yet no one said anything. I didn’t want to look up from my stomach. “What?” I repeated.

“A… are you okay?” Came the timid voice of Molly. She was home.

“What time is it?” I asked, my voice probably muffled considering my mouth was practically in my chest.

“10:32.” She answered quietly. I didn’t respond, and I could tell she let herself in when I felt someone sit down next to me. Molly’s hand snaked her way up my back, and began to rub it sympathetically.

“You want to ask me what’s wrong, don’t you?” I asked her after a while.

I could hear her smile sweetly. “You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want.”

I sighed and uncurled. “Nah, it’s really no big deal.” I replied. “I’m just a b-”

A loud text tone stopped me in my tracks. Most teens wouldn’t care and would just finish their sentences, but I really wasn’t one for texting. It was unusual for anyone to text me.

Molly looked over at the phone, still on the bedside table. “Want me to get that for you?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure, why not.” I replied in a defeated tone. She looked at me then, hesitantly, picked up the phone and gingerly put it in my outstretched hand.

I turned on the screen and opened the messages. It was from my dad.

Hey. How’s your mom? I need you at my place this weekend, no negotiations. You need to do some work for me. I’ll want to hear about your grades when you’re here, and I expect to hear good things. You know what will happen if I don’t. Dad

Molly read my expression as I read the text. “It’s your dad, isn’t it…?” She timidly asked.

My grim scowl turned into a happy grin as I faced Molly. “What, are you kidding?” I merrily chanted to her. “I love hearing from him! He’s my daddy after all! The guy who raised m- oh, wait, that’s not right.” I sarcastically pretended to be deep in thought as Molly’s expression turned to scared. “Well, at least he provided for me so I didn’t have to work throughout high school to – oh wait, that’s not right either. At least he believes I can achieve my dre- oh, right. Dang. Well, he loves mom. Oh wait, he doesn’t.” My voice picked up heat while keeping up the happy facade. “At least he loves me! Oh wait, he doesn’t! Well, maybe he can just GO TO HELL THEN!!” I yelled the last words at the top of my lungs and threw my phone at the wall with as much force as I could muster. I collapsed into a ball again and began to breathe heavily. After a minute, Molly’s arm returned to its sympathetic rubbing circle, but she was now shaking. I could feel her.

“I did not need this today.” I sighed as I tried still to regulate my breathing.

“W-what happened?” Molly asked shakily, bravely still trying to support me despite being downright scared herself.

“It seems stupid when I say it out loud.” I remarked, uncurling myself again. “I failed a paper. Like, straight F. I guess I misunderstood the content. It’s for my main class.”

Molly understood. I told her a lot. She understood what that meant to my average, and more importantly, what that meant to my dad. “I’m sorry, Aaron.” She mumbled, and I moved in for a hug. She gladly accepted.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.” I soothed her. “I’m fine. I just… I need to think of something.”

She broke off the hug. “You could lie.” She suggested shyly.

“Lie?” I repeated. “Dad knows when I’m lying. No, that’s not even an option.”

“Well, what else are we going to do?” She asked me sorrowfully.

“We?” I repeated again. “Molly, there’s no ‘we’ here. I’m the one in deep shit. I’m the one that fucked up here.”

“You don’t have to visit your dad.” She offered quietly.

“Oh, really?” I asked her, my anger still abundant within me. “And what else am I going to do? You know what he does if I disobey him.”

“Why are you shouting?” Molly asked me timidly, her body shrunken back. “I don’t like it.”

“Welcome to my fucking world!” I shouted. “This is what my family did to me. Maybe I’m shouting because I’m learning from daddy! Or maybe even mommy! Who’s your family, Molly? Oh right, they fucking love you. I’m sure it would be great to have a family like that, and a childhood free from shouting, but I never got treated to anything like that! If this is the worst amount of shouting you’ve ever experienced, count your fucking blessings! What do you have to say to that?!”

Molly never said another word. With lightning speed, she got up and bolted out of my room, her face in her hands.

My anger and guilt had their swords pointed at each other for a long while. As soon as I saw Molly run out, they began their battle. “Yeah, that’s right.” I weakly attempted to shout. “Leave.”

Guilt won the higher ground as time slipped by and what I had said in the heat of the moment sunk in. My own words crushed me as I fell back onto the bed, and began to cry. I would spend the remainder of the night there, not even bothering to stop either the tears or the thoughts that swirled around my head.


It felt pretty darn weird, coming into school on a Tuesday. Normally I never would have, but I had a pretty powerful reason to break tradition. On the way to university, I made a stop, and I was all prepared to face the day.

I checked my watch as I approached the lecture hall and sat back on a nearby bench. Soon, I thought as I nervously played with my hands. Very soon. I couldn’t recall being this nervous before. I never really had to be vulnerable before, and I wasn’t ready to lie to myself again – it was a little bit scary.

Suddenly, the classroom doors burst open, and out flooded a torrent of students. I eyed them carefully, but knew I could take my time – I was waiting for a certain someone, someone who was noticeably shy and reserved, someone who waited until the crowd was gone until she bothered to leave the classroom.

Every second made me more nervous than the last. If I wasn’t already hopped up maybe I might think she was on time, maybe even early, but when Molly finally emerged out the doors of her classics lecture hall I breathed a sigh of relief to myself. She shyly glanced around, her shoulders slightly hunched inwards, and began to walk down the hallway.

Swallowing my pride, I jogged after her, eventually catching up to her, matching her pace. When enough time had passed, I cleared my throat nervously. “Hey.” I piped up.

Molly turned to see me and stopped. I followed suit. “Hey.” She softly said.

“I did a real stupid thing yesterday.” I began. “I yelled at my best friend when she was only trying to comfort me. I lost myself. I let anger get the best of me.”

“Yeah, you did.” She mumbled, still a little uncomfortable.

I sighed. “I let my past get the better of me sometimes. I get caught up in the past a lot. I wish I had a better childhood. I wish I was a better person. I wish I was a better person for you.”

“You know that I didn’t have the best childhood either.” She reminded me, still a little distant.

“Yeah, I know.” I admitted grimly. “And I’m sorry. I wish I could change that. I wish I could go back and rewrite yesterday. Or all those other times I yelled at you.”

“I don’t like it.” She told me quietly. “I can forgive you when you yell at me. But I don’t like knowing it’s going to happen again and again.”

“I guess it’s like you said.” I said. “It’s something we’re both going to work on. Like it or not, we’re living under the same roof for the whole year, whether we’re friends or awkward enemies. I just hope we can be the former. You’re important to me and you’re a reminder of why I want to become a better person.” I got down on one knee, smiling, and reached back to a compartment of my backpack to retrieve a single lilac flower, Molly’s favorite. “I was an idiot, but I’m going to change that. I’m selfish sometimes, so I’m here to selfishly ask you if you’ll stick by me and be my friend. I promise in return that I’ll work towards making you happy and avoiding these events in the future. Your feelings matter to me, and I promise, I promise, I’ll be a better friend from here on out.”

By this point Molly was blushing, but if I knew her, not for the reason I’d hoped. Her index finger was nervously tapping by her side and she was looking left and right nervously. “You’re making people stare.” She shyly whispered. I looked around and sure enough, students were pointing and smiling at us as they walked by.

My smile got bigger as I stood up again. “Well then, perhaps I should go somewhere a little more private to have this conversation. Care to join me?”

Molly pretended to give it thought. “Well, it won’t be much of a conversation if it’s just you.” She told me, giving me a shy smile of her own. I happily gave her the flower, and she admired it in her hands.

“Cafeteria?” I asked her.

She shrugged. “Okay.” She agreed, and we walked down together and quickly found a table.

We didn’t say anything for the first few seconds. “…So?” I asked nervously.

She looked at the flower instead of me. “I still need to think about it.” She told me uneasily.

“Okay.” I weakly conceded.

She looked at me and gave me a big smile. “I’m kidding, you goof. I forgive you.”

“You’re vicious!” I accused her, a relieved smile on my face. “You can’t use your shyness against me.”

Molly gave me an almost uncharacteristic evil smirk. “Maybe I have all along.” She joked. I chuckled, and let silence fill the gap in between us.

“I’m still not completely comfortable.” She honestly admitted.

“Yeah, I figured.” I sighed. “I don’t mean to do it.”

“I know.” She softly responded, putting her hand on top of mine in support. “I just need to feel safe around you. I don’t want to think of you as…”

“Emotionally draining?” I cut in, giving a sad smile. She joined in with one of her own.

“I don’t like yelling.” She told me softly.

I chuckled. “Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of it either. What a hypocrite, right?”

She removed her hand from mine. “I appreciate you trying though.” She told me with a small smile. She brought the lilac to her nose and sniffed.

“You like?” I asked her, referencing the flower, a smile brewing.

“I love.” She answered with a smile of her own.


“I didn’t think you were gonna text me back.” Holly commented dryly as she sauntered up to her dorm room and started fiddling with the lock.

“I didn’t think you were going to answer.” I rebutted with a sheepish smile on my face.

She turned to me and gave a a small, devilish smile. “Why? Was it getting my name wrong or was it you telling me you love me then leaving in a flash like the Challenger?”

“I sure felt like the Challenger.” I muttered. “I didn’t mean to say… I mean, no offense, but like, I’ve been conditioned to say… Y’know…”

She got the door open and pulled me in by my shirt. “You talk too much.” She muttered sexily as she pulled me in. She moved fast and her lips went straight for my neck as her hands began to roam all around me, squeezing my butt playfully before moving to the front and rubbing my package with a passion reserved only for girls who needed a good deep fucking.

I quickly got into the spirit of things, following suit immediately. Turning my head so she could have better access to my neck, I lightly moaned as I felt Holly’s naughty, eager lips, then teeth, had their way with my neck. My hands travelled slowly, savoring the delicious curves of her body, until they reached her ass. I cupped her ass in my hands as I thrust forward, showing her how hard I was and how eagerly I wanted to ravage her tight little body.

Holly needed no further convincing. At first she broke away from our embrace so she could travel towards the bed, but I quickly caught her and shook my head no, a devilish smile on my face, as I started unbuttoning her blouse. In no time it was open, and her large, supple breasts, barely contained by her tight little bra, popped into view, giving a soft jiggle as they were revealed to the world.

I had to suppress a frown. Something looked… wrong. Incorrect. Keeping a poker face, I reached back behind her, not giving her enough time to properly discard the blouse, and undid her bra with one hand. Holly was visibly impressed, and her eyes were filled with anticipation, which quickly boiled to lust, as her hand made contact with my crotch again.

“Ooh, Aaron, you always know which buttons to push.” She lustily purred as she rubbed me, her eyes going from mine to my package over and over. Giggling, she brought her other hand to her bare breast, her blouse and bra now gone, somewhere on the floor. She softly caressed it as she added, “Do you like these buttons?”

My eyes followed her fingers, which were pinching a nipple on one of her large, smooth, oversized breasts. Oversized… that was it. That’s what was wrong. Her breasts were comically large. They had to be at least a D. On a relatively small frame, too… I didn’t say anything, instead letting my actions do the talking as I pulled my head down, shooing her hand away as I dived in and guided my tongue along her areola. Holly purred quietly and reached around my head, pulling me into her breast as I closed my mouth around her nipple, sucking vigorously. I worked her nipple with my tongue and lips, and occasionally sandwiched her nipple between my teeth and lightly sucked just so the sensation would be there without the pain. Holly loved the attention I was giving her, and loved it even more as my hand went to her mound and started to gently rub her. She was wet through her skin-tight sexy little pair of jeans.

She would have looked better with a smaller set of breasts. Something that suited her frame better. A nice B-cup would have looked perfect on her. She was too skinny, too. She looked anemic. It would have suited her nicely to have the smallest layer of fat on her frame – just enough to make her soft and smooth. It didn’t matter at this point though, considering I was through the looking glass. That became all too apparent as Holly, clearly impatient to get started, broke me off from her breast as she undid the button on her jeans. Watching me stare at her waist, she grinned as she turned around, slow and sexy, and stuck her ass out at me as she lowered her pants.

Of course she’s wearing a thong, I thought to myself. She was such a horny creature. “A thong, huh?” I piped up.

She looked around at me, still grinning. “Does daddy like it?” She asked me in a mock innocent schoolgirl voice. “I wore it to please him.”

I undid the button, then the zipper on my own pants while she was still looking at me. “If you want to please me, what are you waiting for?” I asked her gruffly.

Holly giggled. “Sorry, sir.” She naughtily yet obediently answered. She flipped her long brown hair and resumed her strip-tease, looking away from me again.

Her hair color didn’t suit her either. I squinted, trying to see what I wanted to. I cycled through a few colors in my mind before my imagination lent me red. She looked so beautiful with red her. Red hair and smaller boobs. That’s what Holly needed.

Her pants peeled away completely, revealing her beautiful ass to me, covered only in a thong. I reached forward and felt the soft, smooth skin of her ass.

“Hey!” She nearly barked, then smiled deviously. “No touching until I’m done teasing you.”

I blinked. She was ordering me around? She was ordering me around?! My hand left her ass, but returned promptly with a hard smack. Holly whirled her head back around in confusion to face me, to see the fire in my eyes. “Go faster. I’m waiting.”

Confusion, fear, and a clear new sensation of lust built up in her eyes. “Yes sir.” She finally mumbled. She, to her credit, didn’t try to make the rest of the tease any less sexy – just slower. Eventually, her pants were fully off, and she turned back around to face me, just wearing a thong, her eyes hungry for my approval.

In one motion, I pushed her back onto her bed and got down on my knees. Her bed was fairly far away all things considered, so she mostly fell on the upper part of her back. Before she had a chance to voice anything, I took her thong in my hands. It would have taken too long to work them down – I pulled my hands apart and ripped her thong, diving straight in to her dripping wet pussy. With one hand, I pulled her thighs apart and with the other I stuck one finger inside her as my tongue made circles around her clit.

“Fuck, you’re so dominant.” Holly panted as my tongue made her squirm. “That’s so hot.”

“You like it.” I tore myself away from her clit long enough to tell her.

“Mmm, yes I do, daddy.” Holly sighed as she cupped her breasts in her hands.

I squinted again. Holly’s red pubic hair looked so nice. I dipped a second finger into her as I enjoyed watching her writhe. I had to laugh internally – she was so easy to play, so easy to manipulate. I looked up her body as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She was still playing with her smallish breasts, her shy face smiling nervously down at me.

“Oh, Aaron, I’ve wanted this for so long.” Molly told me in between pants.

That was my own sweet girl. I so badly wanted to see her in pure ecstasy. I began to pull every trick I knew, trying to hit all the right buttons to get my darling to travel to heaven with my efforts.

“Oh, fuck!!” Holly moaned loudly, shaking me from my visions. I looked back up. Holly’s ridiculously oversized breasts were sporting erect nipples, hardened from her own efforts.  She was coming, and she was coming hard. Her body ground against my face as she enjoyed her moment of euphoria, with me helping her along the way.

She’s using me again, I thought to myself. This slut just got a free ride. That’s only reserved for one girl. Normally I was in the habit of reading a girl’s body signs to see if she’s ready for a round two, but in this instance I simply didn’t care. I wanted to get what I deserved from this encounter. I undid my pants and slid them off as I crawled over to her (an effortless task thanks to an ungodly amount of practice), aligned myself at her entrance, and slid in.

Holly’s eyes shot open and her mouth made an ‘O’ shape, with no sound coming out. With no fanfare I began to pump in and out of her, enjoying the way her body was heating up and the sounds my dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy made.

“Oh my god, Aaron, yesssss.” Holly hissed. “Use me. Fill me with that big dick of yours, daddy.”

I tried to ignore Holly’s blatantly obvious daddy issues as I quickened my pace, burying my head into her neck, giving her little kisses and bites. Her hair covered my face, and no doubt would have muffled my voice. I took advantage of the situation and moaned, “Oh, Molly, this is amazing.”

“Keep going, Aaron.” Holly encouraged me. “Faster.”

I grinned to myself. She couldn’t tell the difference. I closed my eyes and pictured what I saw that fateful Monday. Molly’s cute little ass. Molly’s innocent pale face, smooth and white with a small spatter of freckles painted delicately on her skin. Molly’s beautiful small tits. Molly on her knees before me, begging for my cock. “Oh, Molly…” I moaned again as I reached around her arms and pulled down on her shoulders, bringing myself even further inside Holly. I paid special attention to grin my pelvis against hers with every thrust, trying as hard as I could to touch her clit with every thrust without using my hands. Whether I was succeeding or not, my efforts were paying off and within a minute Holly’s breathing got heavier, her thrusts against me more desperate. I was nowhere near close, but that was fine – let the little slut have her fun, I reasoned to myself.

That thought resonated in me until I realized up until now she was having all of the fun. I gave a small smile when I realized just how overdue my turn was. No longer looking to pleasure her, I kept up my efforts, pushing myself inside her with full force, leaving her half grunting and half moaning.

I couldn’t keep myself from smiling. I was fully dominating the little minx, and just like before, she began to transform before my eyes. Her tits shrunk until they were small and beautiful as her hair ripened into these gorgeous red locks. I reburied my head into her beautiful hair and inhaled. She even smelled gorgeous, intoxicating… I just couldn’t get enough.

“Oh my God, Molly…” I moaned. “I love you so much.”

She didn’t say anything, and to my surprise, even though this couldn’t have been the best experience for her, she met my thrusts with her own, gyrating up against me, begging me to cum with her hips. All too happy to comply, I picked up speed and felt my muscles contract as my world lit up. I exploded, pulsating inside her as I shot off inside her.

“Ooh…” she purred as she felt me erupt. “It feels so good to have you fill me up, baby.”

I didn’t respond, and just panted heavily as I felt the ecstasy surge through my body. Eventually, I collapsed, exhaled one last time, and retreated from who I now realized to be Holly, flopping next to her on the bed.

“Sorry for… saying the thing again.” I remarked lamely after about a minute of silence.

Holly chuckled. “No worries. I know where I stand. It’s kind of fun to just be your slut, you know?”

I grinned at her. “You’re just saying that for me.” I told her.

“If I did, I would have waited until before you came.” she told me, smiling mischievously as she leaned over and sensuously bit my ear. “Or do you want to go for round two?”

I laughed. “I think I’m spent for now, slut.” I told her. I was halfway between enjoying this and crazily uncomfortable. I never called someone ‘slut’ casually after sex. I never kept in contact with any of my girls. Then again, no girl ever had the capacity to understand where they stood to me. Maybe I could use Holly to get used to a more long-term thing, so I could be experienced for Molly, I reasoned to myself.

I sighed. Listen to me, I thought. ‘Use Holly.’ I was despicable. I didn’t see her as a person. I saw her as a piece of sex meat I could take advantage of, just to get what I wanted, which I would never get anyway. I was scum. I never would want anyone to treat Molly like this. Why was this girl any different?

I was awful to her. I needed to let her know she was more than useless. She deserved that much. “I’m s-”

“Do y-”

We both paused. “Sorry, go ahead.” Holly offered.

“No no, you first.” I insisted.

“Well, I was just gonna say, if you don’t want to go again, do you want to stay the night?” Holly asked. “I could sure use a reminder in the morning that I’m just your little slut, that I exist to please you.” Grinning maliciously, she leaned in and started kissing my neck.

“You’re really trying to sell this whole submissive slut thing, aren’t you?” I asked dryly, enjoying the feelings she was giving me.

She stopped kissing my neck. “You like it.” She remarked.

“Well, it’s a really nice offer, but I’m afraid I have to decline. I have somewhere I need to be tomorrow.” I told her, getting up from the bed.

“I’ve heard that one before.” she told me, sitting up but not bothering to hide her naked body.

“Yeah, I know, but I’m being truthful.” I replied. “Believe me, I’d rather not go. And believe me, we will be seeing each other again. I want to see just how submissive my little slut can be.” I reached over, forcefully yet playfully turned her around, and smacked her now exposed ass.

“Mm!” She moaned. “I hope we get to see each other again, daddy.”

“Soon.” I told her, before putting on my clothes and exiting, leaving a charged Holly, who hadn’t moved since I gave her the spank.

Once in the dorm hallway, I sighed. I was officially leading a double life. I was living in two worlds, and I felt so strongly about both of them when they were presented to me. Enough was enough, though. I had to choose one or the other, or the complications would just get worse. After all, I couldn’t merge my two worlds and get the best of both… could I?


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