When in Toronto…

“And that’s it! That’s it! It’s over!” the commentator babbled into their headset. “The match goes to Klutz! I can’t believe it!!”

The cheering in the stadium was deafening, and yet still Kenneth Lutz couldn’t hear much. He was too busy coming back to reality and focusing on the fact that he needed to breathe.

For seven years Ken had worked his ass off to get to where he was now. Where he belonged. He had finally achieved his life’s dream – sitting on a stage, hearing people chant his name. For one glowing moment in his life, however long it would last, he was the biggest name in eSports.

Ken wasn’t thoroughly stupid. He knew that people saw him, at best, as a guy who was really good at a video game. He knew that being good at pushing buttons in a fighting game and narrowly beating other people who were basically as good at pushing buttons wouldn’t get him far. He’d have to go back home to his uncle, who was sweet but didn’t believe that eSports was a “real job.” He knew he would have to enjoy this moment while it lasted. In this moment, he had everything he had ever wanted – demonstrated skill, people literally chanting his name, power, and, odds are, money.

Of course, he didn’t have a girlfriend yet, but he was still working on that.

After taking his award, Ken said a few words to the crowd that were well-rehearsed and yet he never expected himself to be saying them, then quickly left the stage to reunite with his coach and his manager. 

At first he was grinning when he saw the duo. Trophy in hand, he upgraded his walk to a light jog, a sparkle in his eyes. Perhaps even a fire, eager for more. Unfortunately, his manager’s job always seemed to be the firefighter.

“Kenneth,” Christopher, his manager, began. Ken’s smile faded. His manager called him by his gamertag, Klutz, when he was proud of him. It seemed like the more awards he won, the less his manager graced him with the name he had earned.

The trio walked out of the stadium hall into a slightly more private hallway. “You were faced with just about the biggest moment of your career,” Christopher continued in his monotone voice. “Your ending speech could have really solidified your brand. And the speech you went with…” 

Ken wasn’t even going to bother staying on-topic. After all, the speech he gave was the one his manager made him memorize. “Sorry, did you miss the part where I won the tournament?!” Ken replied, anger boiling through his voice yet the smile returning to his face. He was panting in disbelief. “Right now, I don’t give a shit about brand, but the winne-”

“Well, that’s just it, Kenneth. You don’t care about your brand.” Christopher continued. “You do understand that the contract you signed states that…”

Ken tuned him out and turned to his coach, DisRupt. “Can you believe this guy?” Ken asked him, still panting.

DisRupt’s face was turned into a sorrowful grimace as he shrugged. “He actually kinda has a point, man.” he begrudgingly replied. “It’s not going to get any easier from here to keep your brand going. We talked about this – you kind of have to play the villain card here, man. Hype people up. Make sure that your next t-”

“Are you serious?!” Ken’s smile was now gone. “Okay, no, shut up. One, this was the speech I was given. If you two are seriously going to crawl up my as for following orders, you can blame yourselves for it going sour. Not me. If it even did go sour. Two, okay, two, like… I won! Can you give me a day without worrying about branding?! I expected this shit from you, Christopher. Like, I hoped not, but I still expected it. But…” Ken turned to face DisRupt. “Come on, man.”

Christopher was unmoved. “After your performance here today, you’re going to really need to try harder in the next few tournaments.”

“Try harder?! Am I invisible here? I won! I was the best. Yeah, I’ll try harder, but that’s to defend my title, and I just earned it. And by the way, I just earned it.”

Christopher sighed loudly. “Kenneth, your job is not to win tournaments.”

“Ex-cuse me?!”

“Your job is to get the name of Klutz to reach the people. Do you know what the Twitch demographics were like during the final match? This was the last watched final match in-”

“Yeah, you know, believe it or not, I wasn’t looking at the Twitch numbers when I was onstage proving myself to the world.” Ken countered. “I’m making a living, aren’t I? I’m keeping you two in it. Hell, I probably just got you guys your biggest paycheck yet.”

“With the way you could have extended the brand, and didn’t, I’d say you came closer to robbing us tonight, Kenneth.” Christopher replied sharply. “We have missed out on a great opportunity, and we’re going to need to take some steps to cover the ground we’ve now lost.”

Ken’s look turned incredulous. He just won. His friends should be happy for him. This almost seemed cartoonish. Not only were they this obsessed with numbers and money and marketing, but they were obsessed this quickly? They couldn’t let him have just ten seconds to gloat? This wasn’t fair. He turned to DisRupt, who was eyeing the floor. 

This wasn’t the first time Ken had to deal with his manager and coach acting like this; they had always been the more business-oriented types. He had just hoped that the duo had put that whole shtick in the past, or at least wouldn’t have whipped it out tonight. Unfortunately, as the two were demonstrating, he was dead wrong.

“Okay,” Ken’s voice got smaller, knowing he really only had moral ground on which to argue, which wouldn’t exactly get him far with Christopher, who had a mind of money and legalities. “So what happens now?”

“I’m thinking Klutz gets involved in a lot more local tournaments.” Christopher clicked a pen and wrote something down in his notebook. “It works with your backstory. You are from around here.”

“I’m from St. Catherine’s.” Ken objected dryly.

“To an international crowd, that’s basically Toronto. Anyway, I want you to let loose at these tournaments. Yell a little more, see if you can get into a shouting match with one of your fellow fighters. What’s that one guy, YelloJello?” Christopher turned to DisRupt, who nodded. “I think he’d be good for that. If we can push the narrative that you’re cracking after an international win, then all eyes will be on you.”

“Not happening. John and I are friends.” Ken stood his ground. “It’s fucking creepy and, um, kinda manipulative to orchestrate a meltdown. Besides, the only local tournament in this city is happening in two weeks, and regis-”

“You’re already registered.” Christopher interrupted, not looking up from his notebook.


“You’re already registered.” Christopher repeated, no change in his monotone voice.

“But that’s February 17th. I have plans with my uncle that day. We – we planned this like a month in advance. Why did I not hear about this?” Ken protested, feeling his blood run a little cold.

“I registered for you ahead of time. If you placed poorly here, dropping out of a later tournament dramatically would have been good optics.”

“Making me look like a crying child is good opti-”

“And if you won, like you did here, we wanted to keep the momentum going.” Christopher sighed annoyedly. “Of course, we were hoping you’d have come out of this tournament having performed better, but-”

“I’m going to be with my uncle that day. I promised him. Going to be with him means a lot to me.” Ken stood his ground.

“Bro…” DisRupt clearly interjected, sensing the tension building.

“Shut up.” Ken sharply retaliated. “This is important to me.”

“Sorry, but you’re not.” Christopher replied. “If I need to remind you, it’s in your contract plain as day that I am able to sign you up for any event I deem impo-”

“It’s in my fucking contract that you can override my social life with video game tournaments I don’t want to enter, where you guilt me into pretending to fight with one of the nicest eSports players I’ve ever met?!” Ken asked in disbelief.

“I’m not asking you to pretend.” Christopher clarified. “I want him to believe it too. If this ends up on his Twitter, there’s going to be a lot of people from his audience looking at you. There’s not a lot of cross-traffic coming from his circle, and-”

“You want people that don’t know me finding out about me as the guy that yelled at him for no reason?!” Ken was now shouting. “You guys are like, cartoon bad guys here! I’m not fucking doing this!”

“Bro, come on, we’re doing this for you. We want Klutz to keep on living, and sometimes…” DisRupt trailed off, gesturing with his hand. 

“Brands don’t last forever on their own. We have to do this, if you want a future in eSports.” Christopher added.

“I’m not a brand! I’m a human being!” Ken shouted.


“Shut the fuck up! I’m not your bro, I’m not your puppet, and I’m not coming to your damn tournament or picking a fight with nobody that doesn’t deserve it!” Before he knew it, Ken was marching right for the nearest door. Above it, the exit sign. 

Ken would have liked to say he was cool in these situations, but the same passion that brought him his victory also got him into trouble more often than not. Before leaving, he turned back around to face the two, and just started shouting, venting out his frustrations in a very immature and public manner.

“Fucking enough!”

“Go to fucking hell! Both of you!”

“Fuck you both! Fuck this place!! Fuck it all!!

One might have expected the duo to follow after Ken, but both DisRupt and Christopher had worked with eSports players before. They knew about the hissyfits, and they knew that, just like with children, they didn’t want to prove to Ken that his tactics could work. “You still haven’t collected your prize money yet.” Christopher pointed out. “And there will be people that want interviews. Remember th-”

“Collect it for me.” Ken replied, his shouting tone wavering. He knew that if he stayed much longer, it would turn to quivering. 

Before he knew it, Ken – no, Klutz, the newest eSports superstar, had exited the building, no doubt turning a few heads on his way out. As soon as he was out of the building though, he was no longer Klutz. The man facing the chill of the early February air was Ken Lutz, 24, kind of geeky looking (go figure), and possibly unemployed, depending on how well his manager would have taken the fit he’d thrown. 

As soon as he was out of Roy Thomson Hall, he just started walking. If this was the life for an aspiring eSports player, then he didn’t really want to be one. He wanted to be just Ken. He kept walking until he reached a familiar sight – a simple convenience store. He’d come here every so often for energy drinks or something like that whenever he was in the area, but ever since he came to Toronto for the tournament, something else about this place was on his mind.

He walked through the front door, a beep signalling to the cashier that he was entering. His eyes crept up from the floor to the cashier’s desk to confirm that she was working tonight.

Ken had no clue what her name was. He just knew he wanted to know. She was definitely older than him by a bit – he would have guessed around 28, 29 – but she looked that kind of older where you didn’t care. She wasn’t noticeably mature or anything, she was just… exciting. That kind of peppy where she probably had a super-serious childhood and wanted to make up for it or something. Ken couldn’t quite make out her figure from behind the counter, but he could tell from what little he saw that she was that kind of ‘skinny curvy’ that a lot of guys found attractive. And the most attractive thing of all, she remembered him.

“Hey,” she instantly said, breaking into a smile when she saw him walk in. “So did the tournament just end or something? How’d you do?”

They’d been talking here and there over the past few days. She was the type of woman that seemed to genuinely care about people and their lives. They instantly clicked when Ken actually answered her. Judging by the way she instantly engaged, he seemed to be the only one to actually respond.

Ken chuckled nervously in response, shrugging nonchalantly and daring to actually look her in her eyes. They were hazel, and very warm. “Who cares?” he found himself saying.

The cashier gave him a knowing smile. “Ah, so you lost, huh?”

“Something like that.” Ken replied. “I sure don’t feel like a winner.”

“Oh yeah, eh? Well, you’ll get ‘em next… year? Is this a yearly thing?” 

“What’s your name?” Ken asked out of nowhere.

It was the cashier’s turn to chuckle nervously. “Lauren,” she eventually said. Her shy smile complimented her hazel eyes. “My name is Lauren. What’s yours?”

“Ken,” Ken muttered. A few hours ago, he might have added his gamertag to his introduction, and seen if he could push his luck there. Not only would that clearly have not worked with Lauren, but he felt… changed. Reborn. He wasn’t Klutz anymore, and he was pretty sure he liked that.

“Ken.” Lauren repeated him, then gave a sweet smile. “It’s nice to meet you. Formally, I mean.”

Ken would have continued but an intrusive cough and the dark, cold stare of a balding man from a door behind the counter caught his gaze. It wasn’t staring at him, but Lauren didn’t need to turn around to know who or what it was. 

“Anyway, if you’re not going to buy something, you need to leave,” Lauren continued, using this authoritative tone that she clearly didn’t put a lot of work into. Her face communicated what she really meant, and Ken scrambled to make it look like he was at least interested in buying something so he wouldn’t face the stare too. Eventually, he settled on an energy drink and went up to the counter to pay for it.

Lauren rang it up. “They say these things are really bad for you,” she casually observed.

“Some things are,” Ken replied, looking off towards the now-closed door. “Is everything…? Like, are you okay here?”

Lauren gave a warm chuckle. “I’m fine. Things are just a little… tightly run here. That’ll be three thirty six.”

“Debit. Do you smoke?”

“Sorry?” The sound of the debit machine beeping filled the beat.

“Like, do you get smoke breaks?” Ken asked, gesturing out the front door. A few hours ago he wouldn’t have dared to be so bold.

Lauren followed his gaze outside, then gave a ‘fuck it, why not’ grin. “Give me a few minutes,” she whispered, then added in a slightly loud tone, “What happens on the job isn’t really your business. Is that everything?”

“Yeah,” Ken said softly, leaving promptly. He exited the store, popping open his drink, the caffeine probably not helping his nervous jitters. A few minutes, which felt closer to half an hour, fluttered by when finally, Lauren exited the store.

Ken’s assertion wasn’t off at all. Lauren had one of those bodies that no one would notice unless they were looking at her, but as soon as you noticed, you couldn’t see anything other than how attractive she was. She had that ‘stealth hotness’ that shy girls always seemed to have. An impressive bust size that hung nicely over a tight waist, a shirt that complimented every curve it gave, and a tight pair of jeans that complimented a nice set of hips to boot. Ken quickly exhaled in excitement at the sight of her body, but tried to cover it up quickly. Lauren seemed to not notice, and gave him a small smile.

“Hey,” she quietly said.

“Hey.” Ken chuckled. “So you do smoke.”

“Not really,” Lauren replied, pulling out a packet of cigarettes and sticking one in her mouth. “It’s just nice to get the time off.”

“Then why…”

Lauren winked at him, the cigarette remaining in his mouth, unlit. Ken smiled in understanding.

“So you like to break the rules?” Ken asked her.

“Only when the rules are stupid,” she answered. “Honestly? The place isn’t good. If the till doesn’t match the exact amount I report, they take it out of my cheque. I get in trouble if I lean against the counter, so I need to stand perfectly still for eight hours. People think being a cashier is easy, but there’s like a million things you need to always be keeping in mind, and a billion that need to get done. If you forget one thing in your shift, or if you’re not always working, you get yelled at. It’s like clockwork.” She exhaled loudly, with Ken nodding at her words. “What about you, what do you do?”

“I’m probably unemployed.”

“Probably?” Lauren looked at him in confusion. “What does that mean?”

“It means I think I was in a position kind of like yours, and then I just said ‘fuck it’ and decided to be spontaneous and give ‘em the finger,” Ken answered. “Life’s kinda fun when you’re being spontaneous. You should try it sometime.”

“How?” Lauren gave a sassy smile to Ken, keen to see where he’d go with this.

“You hate this job, right? Quit it. Find a better one. You could do better.”

“Aw, Ken, that’s sweet.” Lauren smiled warmly. “I already put in my two weeks notice though. I’m ahead of ya.” She winked at him. “Now I just have to ride it out.”

“Or you could just quit now. You don’t have to give your two weeks notice. That’s just a technicality, isn’t it?”

“I’d love to, but I can’t.” Lauren said.

“Why? Are you planning to become the manager?”

“Well, no, but it’s the right thing to do. The guy back there is already angry at me for quitting as it is. And I need to give two weeks if I want to put him as a reference on my resume.”

Ken thought to himself for a second. “But…” he began slowly. “You just said he’s angry at you as it is for quitting. And he gets upset at you for doing one small thing wrong on the job, like leaning. He probably won’t forget that as soon as you quit. It doesn’t look like he’ll say many nice things about you anyway, and you can put this place on a resume as a past place-of-work without listing him as a reference. Why don’t you just do that?”

Lauren stared at him for a few seconds, her eyebrows performing the world’s slowest dance. “…Huh,” she finally mumbled aloud. She stared him down a bit longer, processing what he said, and finally spoke again. “Being spontaneous, huh?”

“That’s what I said.”

Lauren narrowed her eyes at him as a small smile crept onto her face. “Would you… by any chance would you want to be spontaneous together?”

Ken’s heart leapt up about a foot, but he tried to maintain a calm collected face. “I’ve got nowhere to be, so if you want…”

“Okay. Huh. Okay.” Lauren took the cigarette out of her mouth and threw it in the trash. “Give me a sec. Stay out here.” She went back into the store, and Ken waited, nervously, for her to come back out.

She took a long time. Just when Ken was worried that she lied to him and just went back to her shift, she re-emerged, face flushed.

“Are you okay?” was the only thing Ken could think to say.

“I have… never actually let loose on somebody like that before.” Lauren breathed. 

“And how’d that feel?”

Lauren still wasn’t even looking at him. “It felt… good.” she admitted. “I want to continue feeling good.” She finally looked him in the eye and sported a smile. A smile full of relief.

“What, like tell him off again?” Ken asked as a joke.

Lauren gave a sympathy giggle. “No. I’m not working there anymore. I’m talking about… you know, spontaneity. I liked that, like a lot. What were you thinking of when you talked about being spontaneous?”

“I didn’t have a plan.” Ken shrugged. “You know, if you plan being spontaneous, you kind of suck at it.”

“Oh yeah, eh? If you plan it…” Lauren chewed on his words. “Let’s go to the LCBO.”

The LCBO was the place to be in Ontario if you wanted to shop for alcohol. Ken gave a chuckle in surprise. “The LCBO, huh? Okay. Sure.”

“Sorry, do you drink?” Lauren’s confidence waned.

“Hey, hey, no questions. Just spontaneity,” Ken soothed her. Lauren smiled and nodded, and the two went off in search of the nearest LCBO. Thanks to Toronto being a big city, and Lauren’s phone GPS, it didn’t take long at all to find one, and soon the pair were inside, comparing their favorite drinks.

“You’re buying a fair amount,” Lauren observed as they shopped. “Are you rich or something?”

Ken shrugged, a smile on his face. “Today I am,” he answered. “I got a fair amount today. At least, I think it’s still mine.” He started thinking to himself.

Lauren furrowed her brow in confusion. “You’re… kind of a mystery, you know that?” she told him.

Ken opened his mouth to speak, but nothing at first came out as he shook his head slightly with how little he had to say. “Honestly, I think I’m just figuring myself out now,” he said, adding another bottle to his basket. 

“Ha, I feel that.” Lauren replied. “I feel like I don’t know myself at all. You’d think by 33 I’d know-”

“You’re 33?!” Ken interrupted.

“Flattery will get you nowhere.” Lauren winked at him. “Anyway, by 33, I should have my life together. Have a place or even just a husband or something.”

“I mean, whatever. Live yo life.” Ken cheesily replied.

Lauren chuckled. “It just feels like I’m… behind. All of my friends are married. I don’t even have anyone. Like, I have my friends from high school, one or two from college, I live with my parents and my only coworker I see – saw – on a daily basis was my boss, and…”

“Yeah. I saw him. I get what you’re saying,” Ken finished. The two headed towards the counter and checked out.

“So what are we going to do with this?” Ken asked. “I should have led with this but I’m not really from here. And if you live with your parents…”

Lauren laughed at him. “Spontaneity,” she replied. “Follow me.” She walked with determination, looking eagerly at certain spots around the city as they walked, until they reached a street she seemed familiar with. She walked in between some buildings, Ken in tow.

She turned around to face him, gesturing around her. A smile formed on Ken’s face – he had no clue how repressed her life was, but she sure as hell was adapting to being spontaneous quickly. The two started going through their bags and pulling out the drink they wanted to start with – a tasteful cider for Ken, a Palm Bay for Lauren. The two found a way to keep the rest of their alcohol in Lauren’s satchel and made a toast.

“To…” Lauren began.

“To whatever this is. No expectations.” Ken suggested.

“Sure.” Lauren rose her Palm Bay to his cider and the two hit cans, then drank.

Ken winced. He was not going to admit this to Lauren, but he really did not have experience drinking. At all. He drank a lot less of his cider than he made it look like, and the two faced each other and grinned. They made small talk as they finished their drinks, Lauren finishing hers first and reaching in her satchel for another.

Hazel was his favorite color for eyes. Light brown, a hint of green, a lot of hidden mischief. Her smile, which would come out a lot as she spoke – nervousness, he guessed – was so full of passion. And the more he drank, the bolder he got, and he liked seeing that passion on her face.

“You’re cute,” he found himself mumbling after she finished a story about high school.

Lauren was about to take a drink, but stopped. “Oh yeah? I’m cute, eh?” she asked him.

Ken shrugged. “Yeah, I said you’re cute.”

“I dunno if ‘cute’ is the word young guys like you would say for an oldie like me.”

Ken chuckled. “Yeah, okay. ‘Oldie.’ Frankly, you look like three years older than me. Besides, I think the words you’re looking for are ‘elegant and mature.’”

“Oh shush.” Lauren replied, and the two shared a giggle. “I just…” she trailed off. Her shyness returned.


She took another large sip from her Palm Bay and loudly exhaled. “I dunno. I just never expected a younger guy to find me cute. It doesn’t happen, you know?”

“Neither does quitting your job out of nowhere, or engaging in public intoxication with a stranger, or throwing an eSports career out the window because your manager is an asshat.”

“Throwing your… what…?” Lauren repeated slowly. “I don’t get it, but okay. Well – wait. So you find me cute?”

“Maybe I do.” Ken replied teasingly. He knew he was starting to get tipsy, because he never ever felt confident actually flirting with women. “Who knows?” He winked at her. “And speaking of being bold…” Drink in hand, he started to walk out of the highway, towards the street.

“What are you doing?” Lauren hissed.

“I dunno about you, but I want to see the town.” Ken answered. “Let’s go take a look. You’re local, right? Show me the sights.”

“But we could get arrested for public-!” Lauren sputtered.

“I’m just tipsy, I’m alright.” Ken argued. “Cover your can with your hand, and if we see the cops we act cool.”

Lauren shook her head and chuckled. “You are so crazy,” she muttered, following him.

Off the pair went, beneath the grey sky, amidst the harsh wind and amongst the cream-colored buildings and dead trees. They kept wandering and drinking until they were surrounded by brick buildings instead. Ken had to admire the cool urban suburbs feeling after they escaped from the more downtown-looking area. Meanwhile, Lauren was reaching into her bag, pulling out a new drink for both of them.

She snatched his can, and her own, and pulled out a bottle of straight vodka. She poured about a cupful into each can, only spilling a little, and handed the cider can back to Ken, a challenging smile on her face.

Ken took one smell of the can and winced again. “Jesus,” he muttered.

“I knew it.” Lauren replied as she stuffed the vodka back into her bag and the pair  continued to walk.


“You’re a first-timer, aren’t you?” Lauren challenged him, confidence now in her eyes. Her voice was beginning to sound a little different too.

“Hey, I’ve drank before!” Ken protested, then looked into the can. “…just not this much. And not straight vodka.”

“Well, we forgot to pick up orange juice.” Lauren laughed, then looked around her. “Isn’t this part of the city sweet?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty fucking sweet.” Ken found himself saying. He kept moving his jaw around, or making weird movements with his face, just to test his muscles and see if he was getting drunker or something. 

“Come on.” Ken’s fascination with his face muscles was cut short as Lauren took him by the hand and dragged him onto the street. There was no real reason, she just wanted to walk on the street now that they were in a much less busy part of town instead of the sidewalk. Spontaneity, Ken guessed.

At this point, pedestrians were definitely giving them sideways glances as the duo walked down the street, occasionally daring to down a few sips of their straight vodka at a time (with Lauren being the more comfortable one doing so by a mile, Ken was still getting used to it). At one point, they heard some impatient honking from behind them and turned around to see a car wanting to get through. Ken quickly grabbed Lauren’s arm and guided the two of them to the side of the road so they car could pass, but was shocked to see Lauren shouting a few choice words at the car and giving it the finger. At first he looked around at his surroundings to see if anyone would react harshly to it, but when the two ended up locking eyes, they couldn’t do anything but laugh. This whole day was such a surreal day, a day of new things. Out of the ordinary was quickly becoming ordinary, and they loved it.

Eventually the road ended and the two came across some kind of area that looked like a small-scale business building or plant or something important. Important enough that it had a fence around it, and a booth for letting in cars, complete with one of those lowered bars that prevented cars from getting in unless you paid the toll. Lauren took one look at the area, grinned, and motioned for Ken to follow her.

Ken shrugged. It wasn’t like trespassing was going to be the worst thing to happen today. He quickly caught up to her and the duo started to explore all they could of the outside of this building. No cars were there and the doors were locked, so they could guess the building was empty for the day.

Ken and Lauren decided to slow things down a little and sat down in an area behind the building. Ken let his butt hit the tarmac, his back against the building, looking around for security cameras. Either he was tipsier than he thought, or he couldn’t find any. Lauren sat down really close next to him.

“So you’re kinda new to drinking, eh?” she asked him.

Ken shrugged. “I guess. I’m not really much of a partier. Not much of a social guy.”

“Oh yeah, eh?” Lauren nodded. “Why’s that?”

“I dunno. All I do for work is play the same video game over and over. And it’s not exactly a super-social activity. I guess I’m not that social to begin with.” He took another careful sip. “When you’re around others a lot, drinking is seen as fun. When you’re – when you’re by yourself, it’s just… seen as unhealthy.”

“Ha.” Lauren chuckled nervously. “I’ve drank alone more times than I’d like to admit. But I think this is more fun.”

“Oh yeah?” it was Ken’s turn to ask.

“Yeah. I think it’s kind of cool that if we’re being spontaneous, I can let loose and show a guy how fun it is to not drink alone.” She took another sip. “A guy that finds me cute.”

“So that lingered on your mind, huh?” Ken asked. He wanted to ask it in a suave tone, but the nervousness no doubt crept through his voice.

“Ha, maybe.” Lauren replied, turning to face him, a certain smile on her face. A silence passed by, then she spoke up again. “You know, I can be pretty level-headed when I’m tipsy.”

“I think I can too, yeah.” Ken replied. 

“But I think I can be a bit bolder too. Do you think you can be bolder, Ken?” Lauren asked.

“Well, I… I suppose I can’t really answer without experiencing it, huh?” Ken felt his heart beating faster. 

“So you don’t have much experience drinking… do you have any kind of experience doing other social things? Other stuff you might do at parties?”

“I haven’t really gone to parties much.” Ken answered quickly.



“So you haven’t experienced any kind of…?” she trailed off.

“I mean, if you have, maybe you’d be better at showing someone the ropes.”

“Haha, the ropes?” she asked, her smile widening.

“You know, if you’re the more experienced one, I mean, I’d like you to…”

The two faced each other. Lauren’s smile had faded. The two had lost their humorous tone. Lauren was breathing deeply, mirroring what Ken was doing. 

“You know… I think you’re pretty cute, Ken.”

“I think you’re… sexy, Lauren. Is that okay to say?”

She chuckled softly. “Yeah, that’s okay to say. I just… no one’s wanted me in a long time.”

“Well, now that someone wants you, what do you think you should do about it?”

Lauren answered that question by attacking his mouth with her own. Ken was improvising at this point, but did his best to keep up with the eager and surprisingly hormonal Lauren. 

There was barely any time at all that passed before the two were open-mouth kissing, not that either one was complaining. Each kiss had more eagerness and passion than the last, and Ken was very quickly picking up lessons from his eager, horny teacher. Pretty soon, Lauren had moved into his lap, wrapping her legs around his hips as the two sat, her hands on his shoulders, wrestling her tongue with his as if her life depended on it. Ken fought back with just as much passion and eventually wrapped his hands around her waist, much to her enjoyment. With every lesson he picked up, Lauren moaned her approval.

Eventually, coming up for air, the two detached mouths, with the both of them breathing heavily. “Fuck,” Lauren muttered. 

“What?” Ken asked her.

At first she seemed shy, but Ken asking her to go on and forcing her to think about the answer renewed her confidence. “I just… fuck,” she simply answered. “I just need this, so fucking badly.” She went back to attacking his mouth, with the surprised Ken just going along for the ride. She started to move her hips frantically against him, feeling like she was a silly stupid girl in high school all over again with how badly she surrendered herself to his hormones. Eventually Ken’s hormones got the better of him too as he moved his hands from her hips to her impressively sized breasts. Even with a shirt and bra on, Ken couldn’t help moaning into the kiss, not believing his luck. The cute convenience store clerk his was eyeing up just a few days ago quit her job to go day drinking with him, and was now going to teach him how to have sex. They were going to fuck, there was no doubt about that. 

He started to squeeze her boobs through her shirt, understanding when she winced and moved her head back slightly when too much was too much, eventually getting into a good groove caressing her breasts instead. 

Lauren was already lost to the pleasure and whether it was the alcohol or her hormones going crazy, she didn’t want too much foreplay to bog things down. Not caring about whether she stretched the shirt, she frantically reached below her neck, pulling her shirt and bra aside to reveal the most perfect nipple Ken had ever seen. Not only was it perfectly sized and beautiful looking, it was painfully erect and begging for attention. Lauren moved her hands to the back of Ken’s head and pulled him forward, selfishly and wordlessly begging for him to suck her.

Lauren almost felt self-conscious (when she wasn’t tipsy) about how sensitive her breasts were and how easy it was to get her going just by sucking on them. Even with Ken being a novice, she started moaning immediately, with passion and urgency to her voice. Electric pulses moved through her. She was more sensitive than she ever could recall being – certainly more so than her semi-weekly masturbation. She needed this, badly. She needed him to suck on her forever. 

She needed this release. She ground her hips against him with urgency, moaning his name and closing her eyes, surrendering herself to her base instincts and letting her body take over. A wet sport was beginning to form on her crotch, soon to spread to Ken’s with her body’s movements. She needed him, and she needed him now. And so help her God, nothing was going to distract from what she wanted to get from this.




Steve wasn’t exactly happy with his job. On a basic level, being a security guard sounded like a sweet gig. Watch over the outside of a stupid building, even when it wasn’t active, report any unusual activity, stop ne’er-do-wells – sure, he wasn’t a cop, and couldn’t exercise any authority in that way, but it was still sweet that he had any kind of authority. Besides, people usually just assumed he had the powers of a cop anyway.

One downside was, of course, that his job was usually really boring. Not only was there nothing to do, he had these stupid regulations that meant he was somehow almost never left with nothing to do, it was just boring things he had to do. Check in with this, make a report about that, etc.

The other downside was that the chain of command was ruthless. If his boss treated him like this, God help the boss’ wife. Either that or whenever the boss went home, his wife would beat him or something. That was the only explanation Steve could think of. Sometimes he just wanted to stick it to the boss any way he could – he had multiple daydreams starring himself where he told everyone above him to fuck off – but he knew with the other butt-kissers on guard patrol, everyone would throw him to the wolves any way they could if he stuck up for himself. 

It’s not like he had nothing going for him. He sometimes made the wrong decisions but he felt like people liked him. He didn’t feel like he did much in the looks department, but hey, he at least looked intimidating… maybe. Maybe not. It was hard to tell, he never got an opportunity to flex his muscles on any trespassers or ill-wishers of his assigned property. 

Steve wandered across the property, thinking to himself as he always did, when he heard a noise. No, noises. He broke into a light jog as he followed the noises, which began to sound like people talking – no, yelling? The thought dawned on him that a gang of ne’er-do-wells might be having a shouting match and could have weapons or something, so he tried not to make the sounds of his footsteps too obvious.

He should have patched in to his walkie-talkie, but protocol and real life were two different things. Especially since, as he got closer, it was clear that this wasn’t a gang dispute… this was a couple of kids that thought they could have sex in a public place.

He rounded the corner and glanced around to find, to his surprise, these weren’t hormonal teens – these were a couple of adults. A man and a woman. The woman in particular had to be at least thirty. He couldn’t see any nudity, but he could clearly tell the woman’s shirt was down and the man was sucking on her tit like… well, if he had to guess, like a virgin. Even so, experienced or not, the only times he’d ever even heard of public displays of affection like this didn’t occur with thirty-year-olds.

And yet here they were, grinding and writhing like they were still in high school, eyes full of lust for each other. Steve bet he was only slightly older than the woman, clocking in himself at around thirty-eight, and he kept following the rules. And for what? To be bossed around by people he didn’t like, to be the guy that had to break up people like this and answer like an obedient dog to his asshole superiors? Well, these people didn’t know he had superiors, and maybe he could have a little fun with that.

Steve assumed a standing position in clear sight of the pair and coughed loudly into his hand. The effect was immediate – the couple immediately dislodged from each other and stood up clumsily, the female more clumsily than the male, shifting her shirt back into position so that Steve couldn’t see anything. It’s possible they had been drinking too.

“What do we have here?” Steve asked the couple rhetorically. “A bit old for a couple of high-school sweethearts that thought they could fornicate on private property.”

The man – boy, really – cleared his throat and decided to speak up, evidently the more sober of the two. “We’re, uh, we’re sorry sir. We were talking and things got out of hand and we just, like, got carried away.”

“On private property?” Steve asked, looking around him. “This place is fenced, son. You two came here quite deliberately, it seems, to grind against each other and to… drink. You two do this often?”

“We… just met today.” The woman butted in. Judging from the man’s expression, he didn’t find that statement too helpful. Still, Steve’s eyebrows shot up. Damn, these two were ambitious. Never met before today? 

“What’s the story?” Steve asked.

The boy shifted. “Act-”

“I wasn’t asking you.” Steve butted in assertively, then gestured towards the woman.

“I never saw this guy before today,” the woman began, earning another look from the boy. “I was jus’ another boring person working my boring person job, feeling so out of place in my life, and he came from nowhere and taught me that, fuck it, life is life, and I jus’ wanna enjoy it. And if that’s a crime, you can arrest me for it.”

“Trespassing and indecent exposure are crimes, ma’am.” Steve pointed out. “And public intoxication.”

“Oh, come on, you didn’t see any nudity,” the boy argued. “The most you can say is it was crass, not illegal. What’s your badge number?”

Badge numbers were for officers, but clearly this boy didn’t see a difference. Steve thought quickly. “I can get it to you in writing in a second. What are your names?”



“Well, Ken and Lauren, I’m Steve. Do you two think it’s okay to do what you were doing here?”

“Yes,” the defiant Lauren spoke up. Steve was hoping for that.

“Well, if you think it’s okay, why’d you stop when I approached? You seemed worried, like you were doing something wrong.”

Ken’s expression became downright confused. Lauren didn’t look away from Steve. “Because law-wise-” Suddenly, she got elbowed in the ribs by Ken, who then whispered into her ear. Steve remained steadfast, able to guess Ken’s logic. “Because even though we weren’t breaking any laws,” Lauren began again, careful to emphasize every word, “you were here to tell us to leave, and we assume you weren’t here to watch us.”

Steve wasn’t sure what outcome he was hoping for here, but he had to admit, his job had become very interesting today. “And I suppose you want to leave here without being put in the back of a police cruiser.” He was lucky the two didn’t know that security guards had no police-related powers whatsoever, but some people really thought privately-employed guards were in the same league as the cops. 

“What do you want?” Ken asked apprehensively.

Steve’s grin got malicious. He was enjoying this now. “Keep going. As if I wasn’t here.”

“You can’t be serious.” Ken replied immediately. Lauren said nothing.

“I am serious.” Steve replied, a voice of steel. He didn’t mind admitting, he was a complete voyeur, and having power over these dumbos gave him an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. 

“It’s not like – even if… the mood’s gone now.” Ken continued to protest.

“Let’s ask Lauren. Lauren, is the mood gone? Do you still want to kiss Ken?” Steve asked. “Especially if it means you two are off the hook? After all, I thought you were into saying ‘fuck it’ and you just want to enjoy it.”

Lauren said nothing to Steve, and turned to Ken. “What do you think?” she asked softly, noticeably more sober but still in a bit of a state. 

Ken thought to himself. This was definitely weird, but he was just talking up a storm about spontaneity, and plus, he did really like her and didn’t want to ruin things, especially if saying no meant being arrested. He had to put on a show for her. “I don’t mind if you don’t.” he replied as casually and as suavely as he could muster. 

“I’ve never done anything in front of someone else before.” Lauren breathed. A few seconds of silence passed, as Lauren and Ken worked out their tensions in the moment with their eyes, their faces getting closer and closer together. Eventually, their mouths met, and they kissed, timid at first. As time passed they got bolder and bolder, and tried to push Steve out of their minds, and they made out, partially not caring that he was there, but partially trying to amp up their lust so they could please him and avoid getting arrested. 

Steve gave a low, throaty laugh as the scene played out before him. These two definitely had the hots for each other, and their tipsiness probably helped them get over their stage fright quickly. Despite their protests, inside of a minute’s time Ken was back against the wall, Lauren clearly taking the lead in furiously making out with him, her hands running through his hair, his hands finally accepting what was happening and grabbing her shapely ass. 

After a few more minutes of making out, Steve gave them words of encouragement from the peanut gallery. “You were sucking her tit when I found you,” he pointed out. “What, are you shy now? I want the full thing.”

Ken glanced at Steve in disgust, but Lauren leaned into his ear and whispered, “Is it wrong that this is really turning me on right now?”

Ken looked at her in shock. He had heard the suppressed ones were freaks and he could tell Lauren was definitely suppressed growing up, but she adapted to this situation a little too quickly. Still, he wasn’t about to both turn off a girl he had the hots for and also risk angering the guard, so when Lauren brought her shirt and bra down and produced the same painfully erect nipple, albeit with one or two fresh bruises from his suckling before, he eagerly latched on again, earning a hearty cheer from Steve.

Steve was definitely enjoying the show, but he also wanted to take advantage of the clearly immovable spot the pair was in now. Calmly, he took a few steps to Lauren’s satchel and inspected it, finding what he expected – alcohol. A fair amount of it. And whoever picked out the drinks had some good taste.

“Hey, Lauren,” Steve called.

Lauren turned her moaning into a distracted, “Mhm?”

“Can I steal one of your Palm Bays? I’ll pay ya back for it.”

Lauren was finally back to the pleasure she was feeling before and the surreality of the situation left her numb to any new shocks. “Go ahead,” she replied dismissively, going back to cradling Ken’s head and grinding herself up against him. Ken opened his eyes for a split second to take in everything that was happening – here he was, sucking the nipple of his dream girl, who he somehow managed to talk into quitting her day job, who then convinced him to day drink with her, as a security guard they both just met, engaged in public intoxication watching them. He was just about ready to surrender himself to the surreality of it all himself.

And things were far from getting back to normal. As Lauren’s hormone levels increased, so too did her boldness. Eventually she detached herself from Ken’s mouth long enough to work her shirt over her head, then undoing her bra, freeing her surprisingly large boobs to the harsh late-winter chill, not giving a care in the world. 

You could hear Steve mutter, “God damn,” to himself as she set the girls free, eager to get her other nipple into Ken’s waiting mouth. As the Palm Bay began to work its effects on Steve, he opened up a second (the last of the Palm Bays) without asking, and began to rub his crotch with his free hand, enjoying both the show and the rush of power it gave him. 

And he wasn’t the only one getting bolder. Lauren, still shirtless, was now moaning as Ken sucked on her beautiful breasts and eventually moan-whispered, “I want to suck your cock. Is that okay?”

Ken wasn’t sure how thrilled he was at the prospect of another dude watching him pull his cock out, but all things considered, he was very willing to acquiesce Lauren. “Yeah,” he groaned as he began to undo his fly and work his pants down. Lauren moaned her approval as she slunk down, her hands replacing his to work his pants down and fish his manhood out of his underwear.

Ken knew his cock wasn’t anything to write home about size-wise, but always thought of size as something people only obsessed about on the Internet anyway. Upon seeing the cock spring out of his drawers, Lauren closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip in approval. “I fucking love it,” she purred. “I need to have this in my mouth right now.” Grasping his cock with seemingly more experience than she let on, she began to lick and trace Ken’s cock with her tongue, giving it slow, gentle love at first, before her lust won her over and she was clumsily bobbing her head above Ken’s crotch.

Steve, not one to be outdone, had embraced his inner nihilist at this point, and had fished out his own notably impressive cock in turn, stroking slowly with one hand, holding his drink with the other. He was definitely enjoying this, and made a note of how much he enjoyed being the dominant one as he watched. Ken noticed Steve’s cock at one point, and froze in shock, but quickly looked away, because… gamer culture, “no homo,” etc.

Because this was Ken’s first time, he was going to blow soon, and the noises he emitted let Lauren know of that. She kept up her efforts, diligently thrusting Ken’s cock into her mouth over and over, and eventually Ken’s own lust won over and he grabbed at either side of her head and began to thrust his own hips forward, jamming himself into Lauren’s eager awaiting mouth. Before he even knew what was happening, Ken began to release loads into Lauren’s mouth, filling it up and nearly going faint from the pleasure of it all. 

Lauren was absolutely drinking in the moment, no pun intended, and had used her now-free hand to finger herself and enjoy the rapture of having the man who taught her how to be free let loose a load, possibly his first ever load released by anything other than his hand, into her hungry mouth. As soon as the spurts subsided, Lauren gently massaged his dick with her lips as he caught his breath and she felt his dick grow limp, then detached from his manhood, spitting its goo out of her mouth on the pavement. 

“Wow,” Ken breathed as he reeled in the moment, not believing what had happened. 

Lauren hadn’t stopped fingering herself. “That was amazing,” she moaned as she watched Ken goofily grin at her and pull his pants back up.

“Fucking amazing,” Steve echoed from the sidelines, still stroking himself to Lauren. Lauren turned back to him and noticed only then that he was stroking himself.

Lauren was a complicated woman. She liked to believe she could live free from baser instincts, but especially if she had alcohol in her system, she could be a bit of a slut ,and a size queen to boot. Of course, Ken felt kind of special to her, and nothing could take that away, but… right in front of her was a second cock, an impressively-sized one at that, and she felt almost ashamed for knowing it instantly… she wanted to suck that cock too. 

Lauren turned slowly back to Ken and stood up, giving him a soft, long hug. As she hugged him, she turned to whisper in his ear.

“Hey, I think we need some leverage in this situation. You… obviously you are special, but I think if I suck his cock, we might get out of this a little easier. I’m glad I got to suck yours first, but I think… I gotta do it to him. Is that okay?”

Ken wasn’t an idiot, and Lauren was tipsy so that helped; she wanted his cock too. Ken couldn’t help but get a small twinge of jealousy, especially given Steve’s size clearly won over his, but Lauren communicating that the two definitely shared a bond helped. This wasn’t a normal situation, and he had to act accordingly. “Yeah, good idea.” he replied, a tad uneasily. “Do it.”

Lauren broke off the hug but remained looking into Ken’s eyes. “This is gonna sound so weird, but… will you be my boyfriend?” Lauren asked him.

Ken definitely agreed – given what they just talked about, that was just about the weirdest thing she could have said. “We… can talk about that later,” Ken managed, the first few words finding difficulty coming out of his mouth, “but I think I want that.”

Lauren smiled, and turned to face Steve, who had stopped stroking and was busy finishing off the second Palm Bay. She cleared her throat. “Need some help with that?” she asked.

Steve nearly choked on his last few sips. He had to admit, this couple really turned the tables on him. That said, the woman was hot, and he hadn’t gotten an offer like this… ever. “If that’s what you want,” he chuckled, pumping his cock a few more times to emphasize the point.

Lauren was trying to tell herself the main reason for this was to guarantee her safety, but in the back of her mind she knew, this was what she wanted. Steve’s cock was thick, uncut, and had such a sexy shape to it. She wanted that in her mouth almost as badly as she wanted Ken’s cock earlier – and make no mistake, she still wanted that cock, many more times, later on. Sinking down to her knees, eyeing Steve’s cock up and down, Lauren took it in both of her hands, replacing Steve’s own hand, and began to pump up and down a few times before licking her lips and letting Steve’s cock fill her mouth.

As Ken watched his… girlfriend… take the other dick slowly more and more into her mouth, he didn’t want to admit it… he could see where Steve was coming from. Watching her take someone else, especially knowing that her taking this other man’s cock clearly did not affect how she saw him at all… it was sexy. Ken didn’t really realize, even when the two decided to day-drink, where today had taken him, and only now, now that he’d made a commitment to a woman seconds before she gave him a show with another man, a stranger… did he realize just how impactful today had really been.

Steve had been stroking himself for a fair while as he watched the duo, so as much as he would have liked to give a show of stamina, he was set to last as long as Ken, maybe even shorter. He knew the feeling, and had the courtesy to warn Lauren beforehand, as she kept up her efforts. Steve knew what he liked though, and shooed her mouth away with his hand. She got the message and remained on her knees as Steve pointed his cock away from her mouth, towards the building’s wall, and began to masturbate furiously. Ken did his best to look away, but Lauren remained eyes transfixed on Steve’s cock, her hand down her pants fingering herself. At long last, Steve emitted a throaty roar as she shot rope after rope of cum onto the building’s wall, earning a gasp and a sharp hand movement from Lauren, clearly enjoying what she saw. 

As the show quickly ended, Lauren turned to Ken and shrugged as if to acknowledge the craziness of the situation. Ken gave a “What the fuck?” smile and shrugged back, and the three exchanged no words as Steve did his pants back up and Lauren found her shirt and bra, and put them on. Ken, still with no words, pulled the vodka out of the satchel, and poured himself and Lauren a small amount. After staring at Steve for a few seconds, he offered to pour some in Steve’s can too, and Steve heartily accepted. 

All three of them drank in relative silence, one of them occasionally being brave enough to make small talk, though the nerves were cooled down as the next drink took effect. It was becoming clear to the trio that they weren’t just going to part ways so easily.

It was Ken who first acknowledged it. “So, what happens now?”



Sulman was already having, at best, a shit-tier day. Being a university dropout and living with his parents (who, of course, never shied away from reminding him that he was a university dropout) was painful enough, but then on top of that, in order to soothe his parents’ anger, he had to find whatever job he could. And unfortunately, since beggars can’t be choosers, that meant being an Uber driver. In Toronto.

He wasn’t the biggest fan of the city, and he didn’t like crowds even when he wasn’t working among them, but as is the case with many lines of work, it was the customers that truly made the job hell.

“Hello, excuse me?” the woman asked, walking up to his car, speaking into his open window.

Here we go, Sulman internally groaned. Even the way this woman walked was entitled.

“Are you my Uber driver?” she continued.

“Yes, ma’am, I am.” Sulman nodded.

“Well are you aware that you are five minutes late?” she pressured him.

Sulman lazily glanced over to his car’s clock. “By my clock, I’m four minutes late.” he began. “The traffic this time of d-”

“Sorry, sorry.” the woman interrupted him. “By your clock? So are you saying I’m wrong?”

“I’m saying that by my clock I was four minutes behind schedule, and I’m sorry ab-”

“Well are you aware that by Uber’s policy, I could cancel the ride with no penalty if a driver is more than five minutes late?” she pressed.

Sulman’s eyelids lowered. “You certainly could, ma’am.” he replied in his best customer service voice. “But considering that I’m here already, it would certainly make no sense to do that.”

“I’m just confused why you would get here late when I gave you a specific time – I have somewhere important to be, I’ll have you know – and then argue about it when I told you.” the woman continued, getting into the car. Sulman hit his phone’s screen a few times as she exasperatedly sighed. “Can you go please?! I’m already going to be late!”

Sulman punched a wall in his mind. “Of course, of course,” he replied, calm as a deep blue ocean. He was used to resolving things peacefully, even though he looked like everything a conservative would call ‘thuggish’ – dressing in a very urban manner, having a chiseled although shaven jawline, coupled with an intense brown-eyed stare, and a stylish haircut. And, of course, he was brown. 

He didn’t let any stereotypes get him down though. He rolled with the punches and found the peaceful, if meek, solution to everything. A few seconds of blissful silence ensued, followed by another frustrated sigh from the back seat.

“Not to drive the point home, I think I’m actually quite a patient person, but this really does show a person’s character, you know? I mean, if I could give you the specific instructions that I’m in a hurry and need everything to happen on time, I – well, I would have. You know?”

“I understand.” Sulman replied lazily. “That’s what happens in Toronto, I guess. Traffic.”

“Oh, I’m not talking about the traffic, I’m talking about the people. You really like to… I mean, no offense of course, but you really like to avoid taking responsibility, don’t you?” The woman laughed, but it was anything but a laugh anyone would want to join in on. 

Despite his tongue running over his teeth, wanting to help him spell out the words he really wanted to say to this customer, Sulman said nothing and kept driving. He knew that he had already started the ride, and he’d just have to grit his teeth and bare it. He knew as well as any other Uber driver to fear the dreaded one-star review.

“I suppose I shouldn’t expect any less when I got an Arab for a driver…” the woman went on, mumbling to herself.

Sulman’s eyebrows shot up. “That is my limit,” he said matter-of-factly, almost dryly, and pulled the car over. He hit his phone’s screen again and turned around. “Get out of my car.”

“But this isn’t my stop! Your phone isn’t wor-”

“Get. Out. Of. My. Car.” Sulman stressed. “I’m cancelling the ride, and I’m asking you to leave.”

“But why? For what reason? I didn’t do anything against the-”

“I am allowed, and encouraged, to cancel any ride at any time if I feel like the customer is being unfair. Look that one up in the terms of conditions or whatever.”

The woman scoffed. “You are so… rude!”

“It’s a curse, what can I say?” Sulman replied, turning around to the front of the car. “Have a nice day.”

“You should be glad you were even allowed to come to this country!” The woman rebutted. “The most despicable… I…” She kept grumbling to himself while Sulman just faced the front. Eventually he heard his door open, then close, as the woman walked away.

“Fuck!” Sulman angrily slammed his hand down on the driver’s wheel. It was so ridiculous. He was born in Canada for goodness sake. As long as he lived, he would never understand why people kept saying Canada was like the United States but “not racist.” He could deal with the rudeness of people, but these damn cartoon characters gave even ‘humanity’ a bad name.

After a bit, he lifted his head to look around. He had absolutely no clue where he was – he rarely actually observed where he was when he was driving, he’d just sometimes remember familiar spots. This location seemed to be a bit out of the way, with nothing extraordinary other than some kind of business building, with what looked like three people coming from it. A security guard, a nerdy guy, and some Plain Jane. 

All three looked like they were trying to play it cool, but it was clear they had been day drinking. Sulman didn’t really judge – he wasn’t allowed to drink because of his religion, but his friends would sometimes do some pretty crazy stuff at parties and things like that.

At some point, one of the trio (the security guard) had noticed him and was clearly walking towards him. Sulman let down the window again, and knew that his day was going to get a lot wilder when he heard the first thing the man asked.

“You free, bro?”




At first the trio was surprised at Sulman’s openness but they didn’t question it. As long as they didn’t throw up in the car, Sulman was happy to drive them wherever they wanted to go. He didn’t even need a destination up front, he seemed to just want their company, which was fine by them.

Of course, when the duo in the back stopped talking and started openly making out, Sulman realized he was in for a bit more than he thought. Steve caught him staring after a couple minutes and smirked. “Eyes on the road,” he quipped.

“Are they… always like that?” Sulman asked, not believing their boldness. He was used to parties, but there was a different atmosphere to parties. Doing this kind of stuff in public hit him a lot differently.

Steve shrugged. “Hard to tell, I just met them today.” He rolled his shoulders and reached into Lauren’s satchel, producing a bottle of vodka. A fair bit of it was gone. “They’ve had a bit of liquid courage to get them going,” he added, motioning to Sulman. “You down?”

“It’s against my religion. And I’m, y’know, driving.” Sulman motioned back to the road.

“Didn’t take you for the Puritan type,” Steve mumbled. “You may not wanna look back at what they’re doing.”

When Sulman looked again to the back of the car, he was thankful he was at a red light or he was sure he’d crash. Lauren had pulled Ken’s cock out of his pants and was moaning as she was sucking him, rubbing herself over her jeans in pure eagerness as she worshipped his manhood with her lips. 

“Holy fuck,” Sulman couldn’t help but moan.

Steve let out a laugh. “Yeah, me too when I first caught ‘em.” He poured some of the vodka into an empty Palm Bay can and downed it, then winced. “Fuck. Is watching people get it on against your religion too?”

“No…” Sulman softly murmured, feeling himself grow inside his pants. He kept watching the scene before him, transfixed, until a car honking its horn behind him snapped him back to reality and got him to drive.

Sulman wasn’t a virgin by any means but especially when you live with your parents, you don’t get too many opportunities to take a girl back to your place. As he drove, he became lightheaded with the sounds, sights, and even the smell of sex getting to him. Steve by this point was watching the couple with vigor and cheering them on, clearing more to Lauren’s excitement than Ken’s, though Ken was beginning to get a grasp on his power over the situation.

Ken had certainly found out through trial by fire that he was not the jealous type. Lauren sucking off Steve earlier meant nothing when she eagerly returned to suck Ken’s cock later, without even needing to be asked. He was in control, and he liked it. Hell, there was something inside his twisted little mind that realized he kind of liked ordering Lauren around to service Steve, even though Lauren had pushed it on him initially. 

His mind a little foggy from the alcohol and fantasy (and only realizing then that he hadn’t quite gotten to live it out from ordering Lauren to play with Steve), Ken made eye contact with Sulman, who was clearly watching them from the front, eyes full of disbelief and wonder. Ken couldn’t help from having a dumb crooked grin grow on his face when he realized the opportunity he had.

“Hey, Sulman – your name is Sulman, right?”

“Yeah?” Sulman asked hesitantly.

“You seem to – you have quite an eye on – on my girl here. How would you like to have your dick sucked by her?”

Luckily, Lauren had stopped sucking right before Sulman’s foot nervously hit the brakes for a split second, causing all four of them to be slightly hurled forward. Immediately, Ken’s eyes went to Lauren’s, asking her through the eyes if this sort of thing was okay with them. Luckily, Ken clearly wasn’t the only one turned on by the idea of Lauren being whored out – her eyes showed hesitation briefly, but as she warmed up to the idea, Lauren blushed and nodded, gulping nervously.

“Well, I… I mean… is that what she wants?” Sulman barely could choke out, as Steve started laughing again beside him.

“Yes, I want it.” Lauren confirmed herself, still blushing. Sulman didn’t quite know how to think about all this – as the sober one, was he required to say ‘drunk girls can’t consent’ or something? Was she drunk enough to not know what she was doing?

“Pull over.” Steve ordered, and, lost in his own mind, Sulman did that. As soon as he did, Steve exited the vehicle and opened Lauren’s side door. “Tag out, princess. Put your dick away, boy.”

“Fuck you,” Ken simply replied with a shake of his head as he zipped up his pants. Steve and Lauren swapped places and Sulman remained motionless, nervous, in the driver’s seat.

“So, Sulman, have you ever gotten road head before?” Lauren asked, giggly. She expected to be as nervous as him, but somehow, doing all of these naughty things in front of Ken, a man she suddenly now had every need to please, was exhilarating. 

“Um, no…” Sulman breathed. 

“Well you are today!” the ever-boisterous Steve roared, followed by a laugh. “Don’t keep the lady waiting.”

“Um, isn’t it kind of gay for dudes to have their cocks out in front of each other…?” Sulman added bashfully.

It was Ken’s turn to quip. “Yeah dude. There’s nothing more gay than getting your dick sucked by a girl. If you don’t want to have fun with her, just send her back here.”

“Tell you what…” Lauren slurred her words, pulling her shirt over her head. “Just start driving, and I’ll pull it out. Besides…” she added, taking off her bra and releasing her sensitive nipples to the world again. She moaned softly at the feeling of fresh air on her nipples before continuing. “The boys will be too busy looking at these. Isn’t that right?”

“Damn right,” Steve confirmed, staring away at Lauren’s gifts.

Sulman took a long breath before starting to drive. Life is short, he reasoned to himself, his panic only going down a little as he drove before feeling a hand on his fly.

Despite his nervousness, he knew to lift his hips to allow his pants to come down. Due to his nervousness, even with all of the sexiness happening around him, he was still flaccid, but that didn’t stop Lauren from marvelling at what she’d unearthed.

It was clear that Sulman was going to be the most hung one out of the three. She liked Ken’s cock the most, but aside from him, Sulman was clearly going to be one of her favorite dicks. She stroked, Sulman breathed, and his cock slowly came to life.

As he gained hardness, it surpassed six inches, then seven, then Lauren didn’t even care to watch it grow anymore. She wanted it in her mouth too badly. Too drunk to care about foreplay, she engulfed the cock into her mouth in one motion, causing another light foot-tap to the brakes (luckily not enough to make Lauren choke on the cock she was sucking). 

Steve was laughing in support of the scene unfolding before him. Next to him, Ken couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His own girlfriend was sucking off another guy with her tits out on display, and he fucking liked it. The only thing preventing him from pulling his own dick out and jacking off right there was the weirdness jacking off next to a dude would have made him feel. 

Over time, Sulman got used to driving with his cock being sucked, and eventually started making his own little gasps and moans, much to Lauren’s own pleasure. He wasn’t even paying too much attention to where he was going anymore – as far as he was concerned, he could crash right now and at least die happy – and as he dared to drive into more populated areas, he relaxed enough to bring one of his hands to the top of Lauren’s head, guiding her as she diligently and drunkenly bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

Clearly Steve didn’t have the same reservations Ken had, and by this point he had already pulled his dick out, pleasing himself to the scene Lauren and Sulman were putting on. As much as it would have turned Ken on to have more of an audience for his girlfriend, he was thankful the windows were tilted and this was the non-caring city of Toronto he was dealing with, as he mentally told himself ‘fuck it’ and pulled his own cock out. 

After a bit of time, Sulman couldn’t take much more and had the foresight to pull over at some ass end of town. He could barely put the car into park before throwing his head back and announcing wordlessly to the world that he was going to shoot his load into Lauren’s mouth. Lauren eagerly received, enjoying the feeling when the first spurt (and more afterward) hit her mouth, although her being drunk caused her to make a mess of it. After it was clear she wasn’t going to keep it perfectly clean, she opened her mouth for air, allowing the entire mess to pour out over Sulman’s dick.

Sulman motioned towards the glove department and Lauren complied, albeit after admiring the size of Sulman’s load pooling around his cock. She found some napkins and handed them to Sulman, who quickly and clumsily tried to wipe up his mess.

Lauren turned her attention back to the man of her desire. “How’d I do?” 

Both Ken and Steve had their cocks out at this point, and neither of them shot their load, but both were still casually stroking, appreciation on both of their faces. “Really well, babe,” Ken breathed. 

“Where the fuck are we?” Steve asked, noting the change in scenery. 

“I just pulled over somewhere no one would be,” Sulman reasoned.”I don’t wanna cum on fuckin’ Spadina.”

It was some kind of residential street, decently away from the stores and intersections they were at one point driving through, and kind of empty. “It’s kinda pretty,” Steve mused. “I’m gonna step out and get some fresh air.” He quickly made himself decent and opened the car door, with the other three following, grabbing Lauren’s satchel, knowing they were going to keep drinking as they continued their adventure.




At one point in time, most, if not all, of the comedy scene in Toronto knew Luna’s name. Thanks to some connections early on in her career, and then a few really well-timed television spots, Luna had quickly established herself as a late bloomer in the comedy scene. People didn’t care if she wasn’t exactly young; she was sharp as a tack and had the timing of a goddess.

But that was a decade ago. Even though Luna still had her trademark short red hair (albeit out of a bottle), spunky short body (to contrast her blunt delivery, anything for a laugh) and heavy makeup and noticeable jewelry, she felt further from the person she had been at the height of her career. To make ends meet, Luna found herself going to sketchier and sketchier bars (bars, not even comedy clubs, bars) to do sets to make ends meet. 

This particular bar was kind of sketchy to boot. It had its fair share of customers, but Luna never cared for the wood paneling with dim lighting. It made a place look… low-brow. Like anyone could make it there. And she did have to remember her roots, but… there was a line between remembering your roots and not growing beyond them, right?

She didn’t want to even acknowledge that maybe as she started pushing fifty that her comedy skills weren’t as good as they once were. Plus, it was hard to self-reflect when so many of the guys in her industry were such assholes to her.

And she meant all of them. Agents, club owners, fellow comedians, even her audiences. To them, she was some old washed-up bitty with nothing to offer. Which was ridiculous, since her bits still got laughs, she was still known and invited to places, just… treated like a monument to what she once was, not what she still was. 

“And he’s on the rug, going, ‘I can’t get up! I can’t get up!’” she nearly finished her bit in her classic dumb old man voice as the bar-goers laughed. This was always her most successful story, and right before she finished it off with the closing line, a heckler interrupted her.

“You used to be funny! What happened to you?!” 

It was one man. One notably drunk, sad-looking man in a sea of people who were laughing and offering appreciation for her. If she was a rational, mature creature she would have taken that in mind and not fed the troll, but quite frankly, no one ever got to where they were in the arts by being a rational, mature person.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” she approached him, donning a patronizing voice. “Did you prefer the old Luna? Did you maybe see me on The Comedy Network? Or even Yuk Yuk’s? Do you miss the Luna from 2006? You know, the one that was handed scripts and told to recite? I sure do miss 2006 too, and all of the rape jokes and political jokes I had to be told were funny, and tell to people I didn’t know, saying things I didn’t believe, all to get a reputation I didn’t ask for. Did you just expect me to not grow? To not become my own person? Am I even a person to you, or am I just a comedy dispenser, as long as you push my buttons just right?”

The bar had, at this point, taken on an awkward silence. Luna could read a room when it came to her comedy, but her face became flush with the realization that she just said everything she said, and she couldn’t tell if everyone was silent out of respect for her, or because they didn’t like what they had just heard. 

“Well how about fuck you, buddy? How about fuck it all?” Luna rhetorically quizzed the one man (who participated in the silent response) before awkwardly marching out the back door of the bar, her back hitting the door as soon as she shut it.

She squeezed her eyes shut for a good few minutes before deciding she needed a walk. The less people around, the better. 

As she started walking, she could feel the sadness melt away and fall off of her back, leaving her free. Despite being a fiery spirit, she never once made a case for herself and her inner thoughts and feelings, and venting them out, even onto some poor unsuspecting guy in an establishment she’ll never be invited to again, felt good. Really good.

As she walked, she couldn’t help herself from dancing from step to step with glee. The feeling of freedom wouldn’t last forever, so she wanted to enjoy it while she lasted.

A couple of minutes into her little dance-walk into nowhere, she came upon an interesting sight: four people sitting and standing against a car, just straight-up drinking. What’s more, one of them looked like a cop. As she kept walking, given they were the only five people there, inevitably the four saw her approach, and it seemed like neither party knew quite what to do or even what to say in response to the other.

After a while, Luna made up her mind. Fuck it, she’d been at Second City before – ‘yes and.’ She approached the four, one of which was drinking some peach schnapps, and outstretched a hand. “Yeah, let me have some of that too.”

The cop couldn’t help but laugh at her boldness as she took the bottle and brought it to her lips. Luna didn’t even need to hear their story to like this crowd, although they brought her up to speed with it shortly after.




“…In the car? With everyone watching?!” Luna asked in disbelief. She was drinking quite a bit more than them to catch up with them, though soon she’d be caught up.

“Well, it’s not like everyone actually saw, the car has tinted windows.” Sulman defended himself, which caused a cackle to erupt from Steve.

“Yeah, this guy was bashful as fuck about it. Meanwhile the cuck over here was the first one to suggest Lauren even go for it.”

“Fuck you, bro.” Ken blurted out. “Sorry that my girlfriend and I are comfortable with being open. You weren’t complaining when you had your cock in her mouth.”

“This is a cult. This is how a cult starts.” Luna mumbled to herself, taking another drink.

“Why don’t we fight for her then? Think you wanna step to this?” Steve drunkenly asserted himself. 

“Yo, bro, what’re you doing?” Sulman asked incredulously. “Is this fuckin’ kindergarten? Stop competing to impress people. Lauren clearly likes all of us, otherwise she wouldn’t have…”

“Sucked all three of you off.” Luna bluntly finished him.

“Yeah, that.” Sulman could feel himself turning pink. Steve stepped back wordlessly, keeping his eye on Lauren. Lauren herself was leaning against Ken, clearly feeling sappier than sluttier right now.

“I still can’t believe you found all that out about you in one day,” Luna told her. “It took me my entire career to realize that I was just accepting men I’d just met bossing me around,” she added with a sarcastic lilt to her voice.

Lauren, adjusting very well to her new fetish, shrugged. “It just feels good.” she simply told her. “I love feeling like I’m alive, and I feel alive with him. So why not do what he says?”

Ken smiled his drunken crooked grin. “Hey Lauren, flash our new friend.”

Lauren whipped her head to look at Ken, smiling in disbelief, before shrugging. She left her bra in the car anyway – all she had to do was hand her drink to him and lift her shirt.

“Cult, definitely a cult.” Luna mumbled again as she had a full view of Lauren’s perky, admittedly pretty tits. The breeze blew through and caused Lauren to quickly lower her shirt again, looking off at the sky. Almost on cue, all four of the others followed suit, realizing it was starting to get dark outside. 

“Is there a plan for what you’re going to do tonight?” Luna asked her new friends, awkwardly not knowing if she was now one of the gang or just an onlooker. 

Steve finally took his eyes off Lauren, eyeing up Luna for the first time. “Why, intrigued?” he asked.

Luna scoffed. “Yeah, right. Because you all would be interested in a grandma like me joining in, even if I was interested.”

Steve shrugged. “How old?”

“Pushing fifty. It’s impolite to ask, you kn-”

“You’re about as much older than me as Lauren is older than Ken over here, they seem to be getting along famously.” Steve pointed out. Luna looked at the couple again, lost to their hormones, lips locked and forgoing the drinks to play a ruthless game of tonsil hockey.

“Oh, are they into each other? Couldn’t tell.” Luna replied dryly.

“So, what do you think?” Steve asked, pressing the question, his grin growing.

Luna couldn’t help but laugh and bring a hand to her throat. “Are you serious? Are you all just looking for random people to join your little orgy or something?”

“We certainly would have to stop at some point.” Sulman pointed out. “We couldn’t fit a hundred people in the car.”

“How many could we?” Steve asked, craning his head over drunkenly to look at Sulman.

Sulman smiled, a little bashfully. “Maximum of five.”

Steve’s grin impossibly widened even further as he turned back to Luna. Luna sputtered a little, then turned to Sulman. Sulman gave her a polite smile and shrugged, not really sure how to react to everything himself. Luna turned to the happy couple, who were just as eager as ever to tune the rest of the group out and keep wrestling tongues. Eventually Luna slowly turned her head back to Steve.

“Well, I mean, if there isn’t a problem with… if the rest of the group is okay with… you know…”

“Let’s try this,” the ever-confident Steve slyly slurred, setting his drink aside and unzipping his fly. Before Luna could register what was going on, much less say anything, Steve had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking his impressive length. “What do you think?”

Luna, normally the first to have a quip ready for any kind of situation, was stunned. Was it his confidence? The blatant way this group of people were exposing themselves? She didn’t quite know, but as she set down her drink and timidly approached Steve, she didn’t feel like herself. She didn’t feel like Luna the pushing-fifty comedianne. She felt like a teenager again, feeling her hormones rising up and telling her, ‘See that cock? I want it in me.’

She sank down to her knees, hesitant and embarrassed at first, occasionally looking over at Sulman, Ken or Lauren for their reactions. Ken and Lauren were, go figure, occupied, and Sulman was watching intently, giving an awkward shrug when their eyes made contact.

Luna slowly turned her head back to the cock in front of her, close enough for it to feel her breath. She hadn’t sucked a cock in such a long time – despite a good amount of her sets being about awkward sexual encounters, she didn’t actually get around all that much. She opened her mouth and slowly accepted Steve’s manhood into her mouth, and as soon as she closed her mouth around it, she instinctively moaned. It just felt… good.

She grabbed Steve by the hips to stabilize herself as she slowly started to bob her head back and forth, getting reintroduced to the rhythm of sucking a cock. Memories from too long ago came flooding back to her and she was surprised to feel as good as she did from doing this – even though she was drunk, even though at least one person was watching her right now.

By the time she opened her eyes to look at the other three to see their reactions, it became clear the couple had taken note and not wanted to be outdone. Right there, leaning against the car on a public street, were Sulman and Ken, cocks out. Ken’s was being held by Lauren as she kissed her way up Sulman’s frankly huge shaft. 

“Take out your tits, baby,” Ken moaned as Lauren jacked him off. Still with her mouth on Sulman’s cock, she looked up at Ken and squinted her eyes as if to playfully tell him, ‘you devil.’ Then in one admittedly clumsy drunk motion, she took her mouth off of Sulman’s cock and worked her shirt over her head, discarding it next to her as she went right back to work, taking Sulman’s dick into her mouth and worshipping it eagerly.

Luna felt a little bad because, go figure, she hadn’t exactly dressed to be able to free her tits easily. Even if the blazer dress could come off with ease, she had a few more articles on underneath that made letting the girls free a difficult task. Not that she’d even want to, she realized, growing pink. She felt a little self-conscious with her sagging breasts surrounded by all these young people, even if she was indulging in the same things they were.

As she was sucking Steve off in front of her, she realized there was another way she could compete… and win. She wasn’t sure if this was the alcohol talking, but she kept sucking away as her brain formulated a plan on what she wanted to do. Steve’s hands grabbed the back of her head, encouraging her to take more of the cock in her mouth, his own disoriented moans encouraging her further and further. Finally, she released her mouth from his dick and clumsily stood up, leaning her back against the car much like Sulman and Ken as she hiked up her blazer dress.

“So, you really wanna get crazy?” she asked him with a smile, showing off her panties to him. Steve couldn’t believe his luck, almost salivating at the invitation. Even since the group had met up, no one had given quite an invitation as this horny stranger just gave him. He was in no position to say no. 

Assisting Luna with taking her panties off, then his own pants for good measure, Steve gave her his cockiest of grins as he gripped his shaft in his hand and slid the head of his penis over Luna’s slit, teasing her and taunting her with the object of her adoration.

Despite her age, Luna couldn’t believe the sparks that were going off in her mind at the minimal contact. It had been way too long. She was ready. Today was the day she was going to get a man’s cock inside her again. She was realizing only now that her body had wanted this for too long, and like Steve, she was all to enthusiastic to get started.

The other three had only noticed the pair taking things to the next level when Steve first started to push his cock inside Luna. Sulman was the first to notice, and his audible, “Woah!” got the attention of Ken and Lauren. Ken’s gaze was transfixed on the scene happening before him, but Lauren had gotten back up to standing at this point, looking at Ken and biting her lip.

“Would you want to… do that?” Lauren asked him shyly. Ken looked over at her, surprised but thoroughly turned on from watching the older couple start to fuck like they were nervous teenagers.

“Are you sure you want that?” Ken asked to make sure. Lauren nervously bit her lip again, nodding at him. Without another word, slowly, Ken leaned her against the car, unzipping her jeans and helping her lower them to the ground. As he lowered her panties too, Ken got his first glimpse of Lauren’s pussy, and just as he hoped, it was perfect.

Her pussy probably could have looked like anything and Ken would have still seen it as perfect, given it was hers. He couldn’t help but move his head forward, inhale her scent, and then, surprising even him, dive right in. Eager and ready for him, she was already wet, but the sudden movement caused her to almost fall over, only to be supported by Sulman. After stabilizing her, Sulman kept his hands on her, and took in the show he was being treated to, watching Ken eat her out for a few seconds, before lowering his head to her nipple and sucking it into his mouth. Lauren moaned shamelessly feeling the two mouths work their magic on her – Ken’s inexperienced yet eager mouth exploring her pussy, and Sulman’s surprisingly experienced tongue on her nipples. 

While this was happening, Steve was picking up speed as Luna began to get used to his size and allow him to slide in and out more quickly. She found herself moaning uncontrollably at the combination of the sensations she was feeling, the blatant display of sex going on around her and the alcohol heightening her tingling feelings and the fogginess of her mind in all but one facet – her need for sex. She threw her head back as she moaned, knowing she was just as on display as those three naughty kids, just as perverted, but finding herself not caring.

Lauren had to brace herself against the car with one hand and grasp the back of Sulman’s head with the other, she was so stimulated. Ken was a fast learner and even while drunk, could figure out everything he needed to do to make Lauren feel like she was about to cum. (Either that or she was so drunk and so stimulated that she was just that easy.) Unable to stop herself from what was coming soon, and unable to articulate any of her words better than she did, she breathed, “Inside me. Now,” to Ken. Ken snapped to attention, his tongue still hanging out of his mouth as he stood up and ditched his own pants, finding the best angle to align his cock with her pussy. Thanks to the efforts of both himself and Sulman (who was very turned on himself and mindlessly grinding against the side of Lauren’s hip as he sucked on her nipple), Lauren was incredibly wet, and Ken found himself slipping inside easily, not really realizing this was the moment he was losing his virginity, on the cold streets of Toronto on a public street.

Not too far away cars were whizzing by not knowing the carnal public display going on behind the Uber car on the street behind them, with two horny drunk women getting their brains fucked out, moaning for more. Lauren and Luna were moaning and grinding against the cocks fucking them like they were in heat, with Lauren aided by a talented tongue dancing across her breasts and Luna eventually aided by Steve’s lustful mouth not being able to hold back and making out messily with her, the two lost in their drunk passion.

Ken, the inexperienced and unready for his new adventure, was the first to cum, having barely announced it before his pants turned into moans and he felt his climax release and his load shoot inside Lauren. He was drunk, so he didn’t as much feel the load build up as he did its release. Lauren was the only one more taken aback by his sudden explosion than him, and not knowing until the moment how to react, she just took the load and felt her own self let loose, climaxing right after him, moaning her lustful appreciation to the lonely Toronto street.

As Ken backed off and Lauren sunk back, slowly rubbing her pussy, Sulman unlatched from Lauren’s breast and turned his attention to the other couple, sliding his hand up and down his generous shaft as he watched the two with more stamina fuck like rabbits. Having been stimulated from grinding against Lauren, he ended up being the third to finish, letting loose a stream of jizz that landed near the feet of the older couple. He felt his back hit his car as he tried to regain his breath, as the older couple kept going strong.

The three got to watching and occasionally cheering for the last two, with Sulman having regained his vigor quickly and masturbating himself to the scene. In the meantime, Lauren was finding her clothes, putting them on bashfully. Ken was just in awe at the two, still fucking, Luna having lost herself in the heat of the moment and the air of spontaneity, and Steve of course along for the ride.

Eventually, even Steve’s stamina ran out and he gripped Luna’s hair roughly. “Do you want it inside of you?” he breathed fiercely and boldly to her.

“Fuck yes,” was all Luna could moan. Steve picked up speed, ramming himself in and out of her, making Luna unable to speak or think of anything but Steve’s manhood splitting her in half before Steve ran his pole in, deeper than before, depositing his ample load inside her. Luna practically squeaked in hoarse lustful pleasure as she felt his seed fill her up, and the pair stayed like that for a good few seconds before Steve withdrew himself from her and promptly lost his balance, falling over.

“Shit,” he mumbled to himself as he attempted to stand, the alcohol combining with his spent situation to make him disoriented and weak. The three others couldn’t help but laugh as Luna remained there, still recovering from the pounding she took. Eventually she too came to her senses and made herself decent, along with the others. By this time, it was already sundown, and even though four of them were drunk, the five of them knew they were cold, exposed (no one made it clear they’d seen the five, but they were still out in the open) and, above all, hungry.




The five sat, facing the window outside the shop, arms on the counter as they ate their shawarma. Sulman recommended the place, and as is usually the case with drunk people, when the sober friend suggests a type of food to go out and eat, every drunk friends would immediately realize that’s the one food they’re absolutely craving. The other customers could probably tell they were drunk, and the man who took their order could definitely tell they were drunk, but hey, it was Toronto, nobody batted an eye.

The five had spent the rest of the day drinking and seeing if they could find any other crazy stunts to pull. It helped that they now had what looked like a man of the law with them. If things got into the worst case scenario, he could act like he was placing them under arrest, shuffle them off to a place no one could see, then they could share a laugh together.

Steve was cool. It was clear that when they would part ways, Steve would never see most of them again, although it kind of became clear that he was more than willing to remain in contact with Luna. It didn’t quite look like they were going to be a couple or anything – even if Steve wanted that, it was clear Luna didn’t – but from the outside, it looked like they would maybe be friends, maybe friends with benefits. 

Lauren and Ken on the other hand wanted to go steady, but they had no clue how that would go. Hopefully well. On their first date they’d gone day drinking, got caught, Lauren blew him with another man watching and then blew him, then picked up two strangers and had their fun with them. It wasn’t all peaches and cream for the couple – Lauren had, rightfully so, condemned Ken for cumming inside of her without permission and had a stern conversation with him in front of the others about how serious that can be and respecting her boundaries. Ken was drunk and in a public place, so he made the decision to just hang his head an accept being chastised.

Sulman, definitely the odd man out in the five, just accepted the night as what it was – a crazy ride in an up-until-now mundane life. As little as this night would likely affect his long-term life, it definitely taught him to not get too caught up in pleasing a system that drove him to not only be bored, but also persecuted and belittled for things he couldn’t help. If life threw shit at him, he could always say ‘fuck it’ and leave what he wanted to behind. He wouldn’t have minded if the others wanted to keep in contact, but he was also okay with letting things be too.

Luna was the most perturbed at how the night had gone, even though she was the last to join in. She didn’t know what had come over her, and despite agreeing nervously to keep in contact with Steve, wasn’t sure how she was going to feel when she woke up the next day. Regret? Eagerness to continue? The unknowing nature of it all rattled her, especially since she was so accepting of continuing her life up until that day, even if it was on a downward spiral. Change, admittedly, was scary to her, and maybe the rest of these kids could adapt to it easily, but she didn’t have that kind of mental luxury.

The five finished their shawarma and wandered about the city, only noticing then how late it had gotten. Ken only then realized his phone was dead and his manager – or perhaps at this point, former manager – had probably been trying to contact him all day. He didn’t even know where he was going to get back to. Or how, or even who. He could maybe ask to stay with Lauren, but… her parents… that wouldn’t have ended well.

When they got back to Sulman’s car, he had a great idea for helping the night end with a bang, quite literally. Being known as ‘the friend with the car’ to a few rowdier types, Sulman had all kinds of junk in the trunk of his car, and with a short explanation, when the five reached his car, he opened the trunk and pulled out a single firework. 

The reaction was positive across the board, and after a bit of driving around to find a space open enough (which was probably on private property, but no one really cared at this point), Sulman set up and launched the firework, which lit up the sky with an explosion of red and green flares. Lauren clung to Ken’s arm, drunkenly enjoying the moment, and Ken got to enjoy for a second too, before promptly throwing up on the ground next to them. The others were quick to clean him up and get them all in the car leaving – odds were someone would have been sent to investigate the firework going off on someone’s property soon, and Steve could only do so much.

The hours flowed by as the five drove, walked, and adventured all across Toronto. Before they knew it, dawn approached, a familiar blue light of early winter morning washing over the city. All was well and regular in the city, except for a group of five former strangers, hungover, sleep deprived, feeling too awkward to say goodbye and leave each other, and to move on from their night and go on with their lives – aimlessly wandering around the city, not sure of what was to come next, but knowing that even with their wicked hangovers, they would never have traded anything for this experience together.


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