Chapter 16 and Beyond

When Chapter 15 popped up not two weeks after 14 was published, more than a few people seemed relieved. Wow, this amateur author I enjoy is publishing more frequently now. Maybe things are going to go back to the way they used to be, awesome. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay the case for long and while this hasn’t been the longest break between chapters, this has been the most silent I’ve stayed between chapters.

The reason behind this is pretty simple. I ran out of money.

I had a pretty privileged upbringing so this kind of thing has never really happened to me before. I had to face a lot of hard truths in the past few months, the biggest of which being this – at this point in time, my dream of becoming a teacher is going to need to be cut short. Maybe it’ll happen in the future, but I need to wave goodbye to the notion of being the cool early-to-late-twenties teacher who is still somewhat in tune to the youth of today. Right now my life is going in a direction that goes against my plans that have been consistent for the better part of four years and… well, that’s just a little bit scary.

Since mid-high school, that was the goal for me. Now, that goal is over, a least for now. In a weird way, I’m almost grateful. It’s a humbling experience, and it’s made me think about what things I have left to fall back on. One of those things was a pledge that if I didn’t make it into teaching, I’d go into a partnership with a close friend of mine who helped set this website up. He and I are working on some endeavors of his right now. Mostly they’re silly YouTube videos and non-serious things, but in a way, it’s kind of nice.

Another thing was my writing and its following, or at least, what’s left of it. Economically, buying a domain and setting up this website now when I arguably have the smallest following I’ve ever had since I started is the most stupid thing I could have done. However, I’m not doing this to capitalize on my popularity or anything. I’m going, instead, to start over. I had an alright following at one time doing what I only later discovered was my favorite thing – telling stories, even if they’re erotic ones. If I could make it happen once, I could make it happen again. If I can’t be a teacher and I’m too poor to continue college, what’s stopping me from pursuing writing? I don’t have much to lose. That is why I’m starting this now. I want to see what I can do with this. Maybe it will remain a hobby and I will just end up doing retail jobs my whole life. But maybe, just maybe, this could take off. One or two people have suggested Patreon before, something I’m looking into (although my partner makes YouTube videos about gaming and I write erotic stories, kind of difficult to find a harmony between the two). Maybe I could sell other stories I create, although that would make it difficult to sustain a living, plus I don’t want to cut off content from you all, since you’ve supported my writing for a long time now. I just don’t know.

Speaking of things I don’t know, I can’t predict the future. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll see a story from me every week or every month. What I can promise, though, is that I won’t stop. To that end, another big reason I set up this website is this blog. This website has three ultimate purposes: 1, posting my work here a week before anywhere else, 2, to keep my work safe in case other sites shut down/boot me out, and 3, this blog. I pledge that once every week while I’m still writing, as long as I have internet, I will update this blog. Maybe an entry will be a single sentence. Maybe it’ll be a long-ass story like this. Lord if I know. All I know is, I’ll be updating it.

(I say ‘this site,’ although I’ll be posting this to the AFF forums as well, as well as other blog entries until I feel secure about using the site.)

If you are reading this from another source and want to read Being More Social chapter 16, it’s on the website under ‘stories.’ I hope you enjoy it. It was weirdly tough to write, although hopefully that gets easier in the future. I hope you all enjoy the website and the new direction I’m taking. I’m sorry that I’ve been bad at producing on schedule and for my poor communication. I’m not asking you all to be as eager as if I were publishing weekly, but I do appreciate that you’re still reading this nonetheless. I’ll talk to you next week.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 16 and Beyond

  1. It’s understandable that personal problems would be the cause of your slow updates to the stories. I commend you on the maturity it took for you to admit your reasoning behind this as well. As long as you keep us updated on how everything’s going, I’m sure we’ll all be able to deal with it.

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  2. Been here since the first chapter of BMS and I’m way too invested into this story to stop now lol. Patreon might be something you should look into as you can give perks for people who donate a certain amount of money. Either way people will still be here no matter what

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