I Need to Think of Better Blog Titles

It’s been a long week. Tiring. Rough for my self-esteem. I have to adjust to the best of my ability to my new life and surroundings. I feel silly complaining at all considering on a whole I’m still insanely privileged, but there you go.

I think this blog will be a short one. There’s not much to say. I’ll have more for you next week. I made leaps and bounds in chapter 17 yesterday. I wrote 4000+ words just in one sitting. That’s getting rare for me. I understand that chapter 16 was far from my best, or so I’m told. I take this in stride, and I hope that 17 makes up for it. I personally think it does. So far, I feel decently confident with it.

That’s really all I got. Not all of my blog posts have some deeper meaning or go on for days. I’d rather put that energy into writing what you’re all here for, the story. I’ll talk to you all later, and the chapter’s coming out relatively soon.

2 thoughts on “I Need to Think of Better Blog Titles

  1. hey
    i love your work… been a fan since the first chapter.
    idk if my feedback is important or anything but i think you started this chapter very good and it got better and better up until the point where adam starts investigating why carson is sad… i just think it’s kind of out of character for him to do that but then again you created these people and you know better how they think and what they would do.
    i hope you keep up the good work
    big fan of yours from across the earth

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    1. I thought it was possibly the best chapter to-date. The Carson Investigation was a great fit, because it was clear that Adam was less concerned about Carson, but was really on a May-only witch hunt. Adam sees that May is only chasing Carson to piss Jenna off and destroy what little civility Jenna has for her brother. Really, going back out with the cunt who knocked-out you sister? When as the popular guy, he could instead make her a complete outcast? Adam sees the evill in May and cant tolerate her anymore.

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