Chapter 17

It’s here, but it’s a little late. I’m going to go ahead and blame my life going in unexpected directions and me adapting to it, rather than me being lazy or whatever. But, hey. It’s there. It’s out. Chapter 17 is here.

I understand that chapter 16 wasn’t my greatest. I’m hoping that Chapter 17 makes up for that. In my opinion, it’s a better chapter. It introduces and references a few elements that I hope entertains you all, and leaves you itching for more. Especially the ending. There were a few risks taken with that, so I hope it pays off in the end.

December will be decidedly less hectic than November so I will make sure to have another chapter out before the New Year. The story is, at this point, wrapping up, and I’m really excited to start new stories and have you all along for the ride. I can only hope that the stories give you all joy and smiles (if not the occasional twinge of desire and spurt of sadness every once in a while). It’s been a crazy ride so far. Still, no sense getting ahead of myself.

If you’d like to reach out to me privately regarding the chapter, feel free to email me at Otherwise, the comments here, the AFF forums and Twitter all work dandily. Thanks for sticking with me so long. I hope you enjoy/have enjoyed chapter 17, I appreciate you all.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. I didn’t have any problems with ch16, I’d be glad to reread and discuss it here or in private.

    I’ve also learned to stop apologizing for not being on schedule. I think it’s better to just say “I’m working on it” than to make promises and then fail to come through. I am bad at being on time. My boss complains and I think, “I’ve been late for 30 years, you expect me to change now?” Anyway, just let the readers you haven’t forgotten them and you’ll get things done when time permits and when you’re satisfied. Of course, I’ve been absent from my publication site since July, but I have been working, sometimes a sentence a day!

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  2. AAAAH! THE FUCKING ENDING MAN! lol Jesus, every chapter is such an amazing fucking read that keeps me glued to my phone until the very last word has been read. And you then decide to top it off with the biggest cliff hanger yet! Damn man haha bravo! Bravo! I’ll be excitedly counting the days down until the next chapter!

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