Down to the Wire

So, here we are, two/three days before chapter 19 is due to be released. Can I do it in time? I hope so. If not, at least patrons aren’t losing money. I’m glad that if I was to commit to a system like this, at least it’s fair. I could go on and ramble about […]

Planning Without Planning

After this blog is updated I’ll be sure to update the list of my Patreon supporters. If you’re reading this and you’re a patron, thank you so much. Be sure to check your messages on Patreon to follow through if you want to be thanked as anything other than your Patreon name, or just email […]

Sorry About That

BMS’ story has been updated on AFF, SOL and Tablo if you prefer reading on those websites. As I mentioned a few blog posts, I like schadenfreude. In a way, the feedback I got from several people in regards to last week’s chapter were encouraging. “It made me sick,” “What the fuck,” “It was heartbreaking,” […]

The Biggest Update Ever

Clickbait-y title, right? Please do me a favor and read this. Right now it’s coming on 6am. That’ll mean I’ve been awake for 22 hours. If my blog seems at all jumbled or weird, that’s why. The good news is, Chapter 18 is finished! I’m definitely happy with this. I know I should be selling […]