Sorry About That

BMS’ story has been updated on AFF, SOL and Tablo if you prefer reading on those websites.

As I mentioned a few blog posts, I like schadenfreude. In a way, the feedback I got from several people in regards to last week’s chapter were encouraging. “It made me sick,” “What the fuck,” “It was heartbreaking,” etc. In a weird way, I’m glad so many people had such strong emotional reactions. If I’m going to make a bold move like that in the story, I infinitely appreciate that I didn’t half-ass it and people were still affected. That means a lot to me.

At the same time, I understand this hit home a bit too hard for some readers, and I’m sorry for that. I completely understand the negative feedback from some of you (no death threats though, I’m almost disappointed). Some of you have grown so close to Adam or Nicole it feels like they’re real people. Others have been in a similar situation and can empathize with Adam. No matter what your reason, if you’re hurting because of that, I’m sorry. I suppose it’s a good thing BMS has 20 chapters and not 18, huh?

After chapter 20 is finished, I’ll be moving on to different stories but I am planning on another story, a ‘grade 10’ chapter of Adam’s life. It’ll have different themes than just learning to grow up in high school – it’s a little more difficult to write in that way, even in concept form, so I can’t say when I’ll feel confident enough to start writing it. In the meantime, I’ve put off GBM (the Good, the Bad and the Molly) for far too long, so I’ll be picking that story back up.

I’ve also started to dabble in smaller stories. People who follow my Patreon (you know, all one of you) know of a working title of a smaller story (as in a story that doesn’t have chapters). As the story’s concept comes to fruition, I’ll be sure to update the Patreon blog to better include the plot, so that’s a reason to support me I guess. I’m still blown away that I even have a Patreon. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Alex_209. I never thought I could even start anything with my writing, and your support warms my heart.

Is that everything? I think it is. If I missed anything, feel free to pipe up in the comments or something. I hope you all have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Sorry About That

    1. You are immensely kind, thank you. This gesture warms my heart. On Patreon we sent you a message about the details of how you would like to be referenced, feel free to check out that message at your own leisure.


  1. Guess i’ll take third then, but jesus Bashful, the heart strings are being pulled way to hard.

    Been a fan of BMS for a long time, and have got really invested with the characters, and just like the other readers, it was heartbreaking to see chapter 18 have that twist. Didn’t see it coming, and eagerly waiting chapter 19 to shed some light on things and ultimately make them right again. And i cant wait until The good, the bad and the Molly gets updated again, even in the first 4 chapters, i feel like there is so many ways you could go with this, especially with how chapter 4 played out at the end.

    I’m a firm believer in hard work pays off, and you my friend have put in some hard work to deliver us a fantastic read month in, month out (we wont talk about the chapter 12 waiting time) and here’s hoping you keep going upwards.

    Looking forward to the next one,


    (Just going throw my 2 cents in, I feel like you could be gearing up towards Adam telling Nicole and it all going pear shaped, potential for a phil/nicole and megan/adam ending as you talk about doing a grade 10 sequel, and for some reason, I feel like chapter 20 may not have the goody ending that i’m still hoping for. But I also could be, and probably defiantly am reading to much into it.)

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    1. Romances are supposed to be “Happily Ever After’ or at least ‘Happily For Now’ to appeal to the readers, but when you mix it in with teens it’s just as much or more of a Coming of Age. In my story the guy who tells it is older, but he’s much later than Adam at having to mature. I really have no idea right now what’s up Bashful’s sleeve for the ending, but expect anything. I will confess that I will not finish my story in a traditional fashion, and was told on a mainstream writing blog that my finale idea was refreshing. I’m confident Bashful won’t let us down.

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      1. I would like to point out that my biggest priority isn’t ‘not letting you all down’ as it is ‘telling the story as it exists to me.’ I think pointlessly going against expectations can be as dangerous a writing tactic as pointlessly following expectations. If the story has a clichéd ending, would that be letting people down? If so, why?


  2. What I was trying to say is I trust you, and it doesn’t need to end in a cliched or expected manner.

    I’ll be satisfied if it makes me cry – but that’s just me. (and I can cry for happy things as well as sad)

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