Planning Without Planning

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Things have become insanely real for me at a quickening pace. It would be difficult for me a year ago to believe I’ve dedicated myself to updating BMS every month, or that I have an official website, or that I have a Patreon with people willing to support me. It’s almost scary to think that the possibility of Tweed and I actually living out our plan of creating our content for a living is possible. Not probably, but possible – that alone gives me enough inspiration to try.

With that, though, comes a bundle of more unpleasant things, like expectations and planning. When I started out, I just wrote what came to mind for the heck of it. Some people wanted me to write quicker, sure, but there were no real expectations like there are today. If I actually did die after publishing BMS chapter 2, the most people would have lingered on the subject of myself was about a week, maximum. Now, if I suddenly died or dropped off the face of the planet… I can’t even find an ending to that sentence in my head. The website, the readers, the patrons, the story… The story needs to end. I don’t want people to not know how Adam’s story ends, especially when it’s so vivid in my head. (FYI, it most certainly doesn’t end in BMS, as I said earlier, there will be a sequel.)

I’m trying to make everything as organic as it was when I started, but that’s naive of me. Everything I do now as Bashful Scribe is planned. Every title, every first name, every plot point, every mere mention of something in the story now alludes to something else. Story points lead to story points, writing a chapter creates unanswered questions which creates demand for another chapter. I’m not sure how planned a person I am, and interestingly, the more spontaneous I try to be, the more I appear to root myself. If I didn’t enjoy writing erotica, this would scare me. Since I love telling stories and making characters come to life, it excites me. The planning, not so much.

The end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 represents a big step for me. I wrote from Summer 2014 until around November 2014 and then dawdled until around November 2016. Then, I did what I should have done a long time ago and took a deep breath, stepping into the darkness of the unknown. I’m coming to like the volatile and unexpected nature my life is taking now that I’m taking these risks – it makes its planned nature bearable. A special thank you goes out from the bottom of my heart to my new patrons Mark Rubin, T Mutter, Michael, and Joe Long (the same Joe Long from my Friends page!). Once again, especially if you’re a $20 pledger, please get in contact with me (through Patreon or otherwise) so we can discuss your perks/rewards. And to all reading this, whether you pledge or not, you support me every day by reading my works and cheering me on, and I owe everything to you all. Thank you.

One thought on “Planning Without Planning

  1. Hello bashful, as a long time reader since your first day of posting being more social on sexstories (dot )com I just wanted to say that I love your writing and look forward to reading it every chance I get. I even open up this website on my phone every day looking for more information incase you release a chapter. However come February 6th that will have to stop for a few months as I’m shipping off to airforce basic. Once I do get out of basic and tech school however I do plan on becoming one of your patrone, your story has been eye opening and life changing and I would like to give you the chance to continue writing once I have a steady paycheck. So I hope you are still here and still writing in six months, because I know I will always be back to read more.

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