Are You Comfortable with Change?

I hope to God you are. My flagship story is coming to a conclusion this month, so I’ll have to be changing one way or another.

Hey, all. I hope everyone reading this is doing well. I finally updated the other websites and updated the Patreon because Tweed wouldn’t. As mentioned, this week got rocky for me, but I don’t really want to discuss that.

Instead, let’s discuss something you’re all here for, the stories. As I mentioned, Being More Social will end this month, almost definitely. When that happens, I’ll most likely re-enter The Good, the Bad and the Molly and finish that story, then I’ll plan for what happens after that closer to when it happens.

My stories are usually rooted in reality. I like relatability. People have found relatability to Adam’s awkwardness, to Nicole’s grief, to Megan’s secret feelings and even to Aaron’s anger management issues. Some people find the appeal of my stories there. They appreciate a story that, when written properly (and let’s hope that I do), could have actually happened in real life. I guess that’s the niche I built, fantasy stories that aren’t just a ham-fisted power fantasy of acquiring mind control powers and fucking 50 people in the same hour. To me, power fantasies are just dull. Once you read them, you’ve read 1000.

And yet… That’s why I got into writing erotica in the first place. For the second time in my writing ‘career,’ I find myself drawn into what I’m supposed to dislike, falling for the seduction of the low-hanging fruit (first with writing erotica, now with desiring to write more… detached erotica). I’d like to experiment a little, to this end, and practice writing the unreal. This would mean themes like mind control, supernatural beings, etc. I hope this would be okay with you all. Some of you, I know, would prefer if I just stick to high school stories. I fear that if I keep doing the same type of story for too long, I’ll get bored and stop writing altogether. I’m very fidgety. I’m imperfect, I guess. Surprise, huh?

I’m not really looking for a democratic vote on this, mind you. This is basically a heads-up for the distant future. If you like the bizarre, the unreal, then perhaps this is good news. I’ll still have my writing style and will try to make the stories as real as appropriate, but I also can’t help but feel that nagging feeling that my writing is, as of now, stagnating. I’m not getting better. And if I’m not getting better, I may as well attempt something new.

I’ll hopefully talk to you all next week. Have a good one.

One thought on “Are You Comfortable with Change?

  1. Keep in mind that erotica, even the Skinemax toned down version with real plots, can be limiting. You don’t have to write about sex (even if an occasional facial is appropriate for the story). You’ve mentioned a theme of how people communicate and used public speaking as a plot element. That can be explored outside of erotica. Find an idea you love that tells something you think needs told. You’re a good enough writer to keep our interest.

    Here’s a blog post out this week that explores the idea of telling an original story.

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