Fantasy vs Fuckery

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After this blog is up I’ll be sure to update the Patreon blog. Sorry for the sparse updates, I’m still only learning how to juggle this many responsibilities. Believe me, there’s nothing I’d like more than to solely focus on writing. I can’t tell you how many times I felt inspired to write a part of chapter 20, but meeting with my landlord or something had to take priority. Being an adult with responsibilities sucks, I don’t know how the lto of you do it.

Fantasy, as I alluded to in my previous blog, is something I’d like to take a stab at doing. It’s no secret that the beginning of Being More Social started out more realistic, then got more cartoonish as it went on. Some characters got more realistic as they experiences actual moments of humanity. Perhaps you think this of Paul, or Nicole’s parents. But my friend and one of my greatest critics, Jashley, argues that I’ve made the character of Phil simply unbelievable as a real life person. This is indeed possible – I’m by no means a perfect writer. If nothing else, though, I view this as a sign that I should, after all, go into more fantasy-inspired writing.

“But wait, Bashful. That doesn’t make sense. What does that have to do with anything?” It has a surprising amount to do with it. Yes, I equated writing a character poorly for a realism-inspired story to writing fantasy. Did I just imply fantasy is always written poorly? Not necessarily. But they are in different camps. You simply cannot equate a character written in a fantasy story to one written in a real story. Imagine if the character of Legolas from Lord of the Rings was written into The Fault in Our Stars or some contemporary teen work – the character would seem out of place and thus, poorly written. Interesting, isn’t it? When I first had this epiphany, it was frankly groundbreaking to me. Characters on their own aren’t good characters – half of them are great because of their environments.

A lot of my viewers like Nicole as a character. Imagine her in a medieval fantasy. Suddenly she looks kind of stupid. Or how about in a Kubrick movie. Doesn’t work. Characters need a nurturing environment to make them flourish. Maybe this is writing 101 to some of you out there, but this is something I had never genuinely considered. And yet, this all makes perfect sense. I came up with characters like Nicole, Mr. Salvador, Molly and Chris based loosely on stereotypes I knew. I added a trait or two to their characters, gave them a mannerism or two, suddenly a person emerged. Then my imagination took these characters, notably in an environment where they would reasonably be, and the proverbial play of the stories I wrote began.

I rag on bad erotica a lot of the time, and a lot of the stories I point at with anger can be tied to this. Most interestingly, this also highlights a trump card. When stories highlight that their characters are losing control of their reality in response to their hormones, I’m more comfortable with a story being sex-centric. There was a story I read back before I was even of legal age to read those kinds of stories (I’m not going to say I was 13, but I was 13) and it featured this long bus ride to a county fair or something. On this bus ride, all of the kids, who seemed to be around high school age, eventually went into this orgy. I don’t really remember the rest of the story – it wasn’t really well written, and the rest of the story isn’t significant to the point I’m making. At the time, the bus scene really bothered me. Did this actually happen to high schoolers? I didn’t feel like it did. But why would this story do that then? Just imply that this was normal? (Give me credit, I was 13 at the time.)

I now understand the story was fucking with me. Having sex-centric characters in a non-sex-centric environment. (And no, a sex-centric environment can’t just be ‘a place where people have sex a lot because that’s what they do’) is anti-fantasy. Fantasy stories have strange and inhuman characters exist in strange and inhuman environments. This can be anything from ‘classic’ fantasy, like dwarves and elves existing in magical caves and forests, to a sex-obsessed people living under a spell by some horny wizard. The latter is as much fantasy. We accept that people don’t just break into orgies at random places. So as much as I grit my teeth at mypenname3000, his work ‘The Devil’s Pact’ does a good job of justifying his fantasy elements… some of the time (sometimes some characters are still sex-obsessed just… because). Notably, the work ‘Melissa the Virgin’ does a good job of never outright saying that everyone in the universe of the story has been conditioned to obsess over sex over a period of generations, but implies it. Could be written better, but hey. The work ‘Fertile Valley’ has a bizarre take on this fantasy element of sex obsession. The recent work ‘Kyle Roberts Hypnotherapy,’ which I have more than a few complaints with, does the job of fantasy well, taking note of the loss of reality. These are all examples of sexual fantasy, where the characters are inhuman in their sexual appetites because of their environments.

Those were fantasies. The stories that do the opposite are stories where characters in normal situations having extreme sexual appetites for zero reason. As mentioned, these are anti-fantasy. That bus story, as well as stories like ‘Staying Close to my Sister and Mom,’ and hey, y’know what, like 90% of all incest stories, have characters that inhumanly give in to sex, usually taboo sex, with little-to-no objection that would occur in reality. So, with the little fame and power the Internet grants me, I’d like to coin a term: Fuckery. There are fantasy stories, and there are fuckery stories. Stories where characters are not in their proper fantasy environment, just a regular high school or something, and they happen to have orgies with their teachers or something because they were bored and/or horny, or, God forbid, because that student was the ‘alpha male’ (you can fuck off right now with that crap, you might as well title your story ‘I can’t write character motivation for shit,’), those are fuckery stories. Anytime a story makes you sit up and think, “Well, this is unrealistic,” without your next thought being, “But there’s mind control, or an alien spore, or stockholm syndrome, or _____ that justifies it,” congratulations, you’re reading a fuckery story. And hey, I’m not here to debate whether these stories are fun to read or not. That said, I imagine at least 90% of people will agree with me when I say, I don’t get invested in them. A good number of the people reading my stories want to read my next chapter, they want to know what happens to the characters. I consider that the biggest honor I could receive from a reader, especially an erotica reader. Are you really going to tune into Incestuous Harem’s Chapter 14 or some shit after you blew your load to chapter 13 just so you could find out what happened to Zoe or something? Of course you won’t. You read that story to get off. And you know (or at least I hope to god that you know) those types of characters don’t exist among us in real life. I mean, let alone incest being something that doesn’t happen nearly as often outside of as within (which is disturbing in and of itself but that’s my personal bias), you have the extra level of nymphomaniac, to nymphomaniac who is okay sharing a guy with like 8 other girls, to all of these girls obsessing over the male lead for no reason other than his fucking looks. Way to make your scrawny 13-year-old reader feel insecure, or make your 17-year-old buff reader wonder what he’s doing wrong since every woman in his life doesn’t look at him that way. All of this could have been solved if you had a sex-centric environment and narrative, but nope, you had to leave in the ‘this could have totally been a real story’ hook, again for no fucking reason. Also, ‘Incestuous Harem’ has a delightfully racist way of always referring to token Asian characters by drawing attention to ‘slanted eyes.’ Nice. Just kill the subtlety and say ‘zipperhead’ next time since you’re gonna be that outwardly racist. Just calling it like I see it.

Well, this went from personal blog to writing lesson to rant really quickly, didn’t it? If you take one thing from this, let it be that characters need to reasonably exist in your environment. Be aware of how reality works. Orgies with siblings and dogs and shit happening every day don’t exist in reality. Once you learn that, you have two options: challenge yourself to write a realistic story with believable characters and events that make your viewer feel like it could happen to them, or set up your universe to justify this sex-centric nature. Maybe you just read these blogs to know when BMS is up or because you’re bored, or God forbid you think I know what I’m talking about, but to the aspiring writers out there, you have ability. I believe in you. Know what kind of story you want to write. Write a realistic story or write fantasy. Just don’t write fuckery.

5 thoughts on “Fantasy vs Fuckery

  1. “Orgies with siblings and dogs and shit happening every day don’t exist in reality.” – LMFAO! I fucking knew it! I know the fucking bus orgy story! God that story was hilarious. Also, completely agree. I get so excited to read your story and it has nothing to do with getting off, just want to read your story. I’ve read every chapter at least half a dozen times. Hopefully there’s a way you can make it into a small book one day. I’d buy it.

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      1. Given the subject matter, I think the content is too dangerous to make a book without legal troubles. At least with my current legal knowledge, I’ll keep it online & free.


  2. I read a similar story to the county fair one, or perhaps it was the same story and I’m just remembering a different part of it. But the basic plot was that on the long bus to the county fair, the narrator sat at the back of the bus with a gorgeous blonde and her dog. I know there was bestiality in it as well as lesbian action but I can’t remember an orgy. So it may be the same story. Either that or bus rides to the county fair are a much more common setting than I imagined haha.

    And I’ve definitely been the scrawny 13 year old, and then the buff 17 year old. I don’t know how some guys have a different girl every week, maybe my standards are just high.

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    1. That’s the same story, correct. I think that ‘new partner every week’ thing is possible, but A, it happens at least after high school, and B, it happens to people who are upfront about just wanting sex, and most importantly, C, those people get rejected a lot but go for quantity over quality and rejection doesn’t bother them. My issue with these stories is not necessarily that the protagonist gets a new partner every week, but rather that every girl in a story is unjustifiably drawn towards the male protagonist for no real-feeling reason. If every sex story was written like this (and it’s fair to say like 80% of them are), boys will grow up insecure wondering why they’re not like this if that’s so commonplace, and girls will grow up believing they exist as a side character to boys. Lose-lose. (This is just my perspective on it, of course, nothing concrete or anything aside from opinion.)


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