Change and Why I Hate It

Okay, I don’t actually hate change. It’s a necessary component and theme to my stories and without change I’d still be on fighting for the top spot on the ‘last 30 days’ list beside ‘Me, my mom, the Dalmatian and President Nixon Chapter 35’.

There is something to be said about that though. As many of you know, I ultimately left that site due to it updating its age restrictions to be 18 (from 16, and before that it was 14. Technically speaking BMS was illegible from whenever Megan first entered the picture sexually).At the time of my leave, I remembered people saying, “Don’t leave. You could always change the story. Adam could be going to university instead of high school.” I never really explained why I didn’t do that, and since I have nothing cool to report this week, I may as well.

The suggested change, to me, was more than ‘it’s the same story but different age.’ In fact, more to the point, because the age changes is why the story can’t be the same. Being More Social, in itself, is ultimately a coming-of-age story. In a hypersexualized sense I wanted BMS to reflect how I felt growing up in high school, how I looked up to certain people only to adjust to the notion of them being my equals, how when I had a partner I felt like a sex god when I could please them, but felt like trash when I did the slightest thing wrong (because hormones make you feel like chipping a nail in high school is the equivalent of killing your parents).

Adam is naive not necessarily by nature but as a result of his age. Over the course of Being More Social, he slowly grows out of this naivity. This couldn’t be achieved if he were 18, or at least to the same degree. Adam’s parents treat him like he’s 14. His teachers talk to him like he’s 14. Really, some of the decisions Adam makes are that of a 14-year-old. I had no desire to manage to keep Being More Social on that website if it meant Being More Social lost what made it its own story. In a stupid analogy, imagine if Lolita’s publisher asked to make the little girl 18. In the same vein, Being More Social is all about what happens when minors have sex. They make stupid decisions, they’re immature, they’re rash, they’re bad at handling their emotions. The only people I’ve seen in university who are that bad at handling sex and life decisions are drama majors. (Couldn’t resist.)

Speaking of, I’m going stir crazy without having some sort of institution to regulate me. People really don’t teach you in university what to do *after* university. I should probably get back to work. I’ll talk to you again next week. Until then, have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Change and Why I Hate It

  1. This is spot on.

    Over at the blue site there was some twit who was apparently a lesbian living in Europe and every story she wrote was some fuckery who’s plot was ‘every woman who never knew she was a lesbian immediately laid down and had me eat her pussy as soon as I entered the room.’ Oh, and she hacked her vote totals.

    Anyways, I understand that the site could set whatever rules they wanted as far as age, but my stated opinion was that it was horribly executed. (And yes, those who implemented it should have been horribly executed.) (For example, I did a fanfic of Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle that never mentioned their ages, and it was deleted because in one place I used the adjective ‘young’)

    So I was debating this woman on the message boards when she did make an astute observation – that my story wouldn’t make any sense if the love interest Hannah was of age. As Bashful has described here with Adam, I based Joe on myself as a dreadfully shy virgin attending college who hits it off with a much younger member of the opposite sex. The theme is about how he’s a late bloomer while at the same time she’s starting too young. He stumbles his way through coming of age while she’s a 14 year old 9th grader (a little lingo from the states) who’s hanging out socially with 16 to 21 year olds who are into sex, booze, drugs and rock & roll. (I did increase her age by one year when I started the rewrite.)

    These are not stories about sex. They’re about growing up. (I will end mine ‘Happily For Now’, but I will make sure to torture my characters as much as possible along the way. Bad things happen. Hopefully you’ll cry reading it as much as I do writing it.)

    PS Although I did collect a handful of screenshots at the blue site whenever my story was ranked #1

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    1. You’re talking about Anna Siciliana, right? I don’t recall her stories ever having to do with an age controversy…


      1. Yeah, that’s her name.

        Her stories were fine age wise, and she was on a mission to make sure everyone else’s were too. After one of my chapters was deleted I removed references to age and reposted. She claimed on a forum that I simply reposted without any changes which was not true. That’s likely when she pretty much said that it didn’t matter, she knew how old they were even if I didn’t say, because my story wouldn’t make sense if the girl was 18.

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