Second Wind

I’m really glad that I’m a more easygoing person than the hothead I was in 2014 that reacted to the slightest criticism with anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still really easy to bait and if something unfortunate happens to me, I’ll make a lengthy blog post explaining my opinions and why I think I’m […]

Back to School

As mentioned before, as of next week I’ll be back to school, a few days after I write my next blog. When I left school to focus on actually making rent and all that jazz, I was weirdly optimistic and assumed that maybe I could make it on erotica and work, and didn’t need school […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Democracy (Patreon Update)

Hello, all! The newest chapter of The Good, The Bad and the Molly is now up! It only took 5 or so months this time. That’s better than my previous time, which clocked in at over two years or something similar. Here’s hoping the time in between chapters continues to get smaller. Speaking of releasing […]

Pedophilia in the News

Firstly, before I get to the main topic, I predict that the next chapter of GBM will be done this week. It will for sure be done within the next two, however I’m hoping that I’ll have enough time this week to polish and perfect it enough to be able to make it available to […]