[New Story Posted!] Not Who You Expected


So. Hi. After like a month of inactivity, I’m back, and I dropped this bomb on you. Never say I’m predictable.

First of all, sorry about the absence. I really wanted to get this piece done for the end of July, but then I just couldn’t find a way to do it, then I got this weird paranoid episode where it felt wrong to post any blogs without having this thing done. If I worried anyone, sorry about that. But hey, oh my god, a new story! And it clocks in at nearly 40,000 freaking words. That would be why it took so damn long.

So, what’s today? Thursday the 22nd? Right, okay. So a good few readers are probably thinking, “Oh, okay, cool, a new story. But it’ll probably take him another few months to get GBM Chapter 11 out.” Well, let me throw a few more surprises your way. Starting now, my Patreon is going to charge monthly instead of per work, and GBM Chapter 11 will be coming out in two weeks exactly, on September 5th. Bam. Hard date. Write that one into your calendars. Bashful Scribe is back, baby.


I had wanted to write this story ever since around late 2017, after Being More Social was finished. In my head I had always known a few of the details that came out in this story and this story alone, and in my headcanon, had known Olivia existed even while writing BMS itself. I realized only after BMS was finished that she as a character never got to see the light of day, but also was aware she never crossed paths with Adam, so I couldn’t shoehorn her into that story. So, years later, this expansion to the story was born.

I also wanted to write it so it would serve as a standalone and hopefully that was accomplished, but that’s not up to me to decide. Ultimately, I hope that most of the readers of this story have read BMS so they can enjoy seeing a few characters in a new light.

Phil was cartoonishly evil by the end of Being More Social. Why? Because both Adam and Nicole hated Phil. We sometimes have that happen to us in life – people become evil not necessarily because they are, but because we want them to be, and see their worse actions as who those people are. I wanted to tell this story to explain Phil’s side and was interested to see it not only outlined a few of Phil’s more positive moments (as well as more negatives, like him blatantly cheating in a monogamous relationship over and over), but it also cast both Adam and Nicole in a negative light, which I never intended to do so blatantly. Still, it was gratifying, since I knew that Phil saw Adam as a manipulator and came to see Nicole as toxic by the end of BMS anyway. God, it’s hell inside my head sometimes.

It’s easy to read a book and say we know this one character because we saw them from one perspective. This story, I hope, serves to undo that. Unfortunately I had to weigh in on the he-said-she-said of Phil VS May to tell his side of the story, which was something I never wanted to do – I always liked the ambiguity and the possibility of both parties being the evil one being relatively equal – but I couldn’t have told the story without it. That said, it’s still not as black-and-white as some of you may be tempted to think…

Either way, that’s just me rambling about this thing I wrote. Point is, whether it’s a tack-on for BMS or its own story to you, I hope that you enjoy it, and I look forward to writing and presenting more stories for you all while 2019 is still here. Once again, I’m sorry for the radio silence leading up to this story’s release. I hope you enjoy the story now that it’s here. As always, if you wish to give any feedback of any kind, you can always email me (bashfulscribe@gmail.com), comment below, or do whatever the heck you do to get in contact with me otherwise. Thanks for reading not only my stories, but my blogs too. You all mean the world to me. I’ll talk to you all next week.

6 thoughts on “[New Story Posted!] Not Who You Expected

  1. It was good to see a Adam and Nicole again. But best part of the blog was that you’re back into writing! And i really hope you would write sequel to BMS sometime in future.

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  2. Finally read story and this blog. Very interesting. Raises a few questions about Adam, and rather more about Nicole who definitely does not come out of this well (in my view). Glad for Phil that things work out better for him than BMS suggested, but does not seem to fully explain the rather weird dom/sub conversation that Adam overhears towards the end of the saga (but does anything really get explained in real life? That’s where novels are – usually – different!).

    Anyway, story works well – it was only when Nicole appeared (for a second time) that I was convinced it was ‘in the BMS universe’ as they say, rather than being very economical with character names. Whether that means the whole story works wiithout any awareness of BMS, only someone who hasn’t got that awareness could assess, I think.

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  3. I just finished this and i must say tow things,
    The first one is that this story only raises more questions about nicole and her toxic and unrelatable character and about her motivation and what drives her actions,
    The second one is that i read ‘breath’ and ‘only if you want’ back to back and i can’t help but wonder if the manipulator in the breath is none other but than our own mey Stevens…
    Anyway i realy think you should do a piece on nicole and actually im realy looking forward to it…
    Love your stories…
    A fan from a land far far away, iran.

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