Courage & Change


This past week I published The Good, The Bad and the Molly chapter 13 to other websites, including As I hinted would happen (and indeed does happen to seemingly every upload I make there now), it was hit with a wave of about 30 downvotes in hour one of its upload. For all I know it still boasts an impressive 10% rating on the website. I accepted its fate and decided not to bother checking in on its rating anymore – I only have one vote to my name even if I wanted to fix it, and even then, voting on my own story? Seems stupid. I already know how I feel about it. We all like to believe we’re our own worst critics but if I thought the chapter deserved a 1/10 I wouldn’t have bothered releasing it. Naturally, this is incredibly discouraging.

That’s one person though. It’s so easy to get discouraged over one person’s actions, even if it is using a website to make me feel like the whole website is against me. It really isn’t. From the same website, a new reader found me this past week and took the time to email me letting them know that they appreciated my writing and wanted to get back into writing their own self. That is such a gift to give a writer. Not even just “I like your story” (which is already wonderful to hear), but also, “I’m getting back into writing, I’m inspired to write.” I love it, L-O-V-E, when my readers and community like creating their own stories. As discouraging as the story above was, this one email was balancingly encouraging.

There’s, sadly, no real solution to the above story. The best remedy I have is limiting votes on that site to registered users, something I don’t really want to do because it also silences and punishes readers who want to voice opinions. However, at this current point in time it seems as though accountless users already are silenced by the fact that one user skews the votes so far in one direction or another, so maybe after I finish GBM and the problem persists, I’ll consider it. I’m open to other opinions and suggestions, of course, in case it feels like I’m missing out on something obvious here – something I haven’t ruled out. I’ll talk to you all next week.

4 thoughts on “Courage & Change

  1. I’ve used that site for a couple of years now and have explored most of what its had to offer. It’s a toxic community for a reason, the reason being is that almost all the authors there are crap writers. They have to resort to short stories because they can’t maintain a plot or even create one and every character they create is artificial. Trust me when I say the only thing they’re fucking is stupid (pardon my language). And I’m normally not one to go on some long rant like this but it’d be devastating to see you go. I’m not ready to have an aneurysm reading their crap.

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    1. I’m not going to leave the site anytime soon if that means anything. I’m not ready to say the writers there suck. Even if they do short stories, knowing my style of going on and on I couldn’t do a short story if I tried.


  2. Personally I love you work, and though does have an extremely toxic community it has allowed to to find writers such as yourself and i’ve grateful for that at the very least.
    I also just wanted to say i think you inspire a lot of people to write, including myself.

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    1. I am so glad to hear you’re inspired to write, and am humbled to hear I’ve inspired you. If you ever finish and publish any written work, please do let me know about it.


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