[New Chapter Posted!] The End.

Tricked ya. I do that sometimes. Of all of the stories I’ve written, the one I was sure I was never going to touch again was this one. As much as I love an open-ended ending, I didn’t really want to do that. This story was incredibly sad, too sad as some readers occasionally pointed out, […]

[New Chapter Posted!] The End?

Today, the final chapter of The Good, The Bad and The Molly has been posted to this site. Those who hated the story, rejoice! I’ll be working on another story, anything that isn’t that, soon. This means Season 2 of my writing will be opened up to all of my patrons, and this also means I’ll […]

Lighten Up

Newest chapter of GBM is coming out this upcoming week, hopefully in the Thursday area. Also, content warning, I’m going to get a bit dark and personal in this blog, like I sometimes do. A reader got in contact with me in the past week and made the request, as politely as they could, for […]

The Difficulties of Being Invisible

One of these days I’m going to run out of needlessly dramatic names for my blog titles. From this point forward, along with my blogs, I’ll be putting a weekly update on Patreon saying a new blog has been written. I avoided over-posting to Patreon every time a new blog was written for fear of […]