[New Chapter Posted!] The End?


Today, the final chapter of The Good, The Bad and The Molly has been posted to this site. Those who hated the story, rejoice! I’ll be working on another story, anything that isn’t that, soon. This means Season 2 of my writing will be opened up to all of my patrons, and this also means I’ll be releasing what Season 4 will look like to $5 backers. This also means that all patrons will now get to vote on which piece I write next, so if you want to have your say in what I’ll be writing next, time is of the essence.


It was difficult writing the end of this story. Over the course of writing this story, as it so often is the case for whatever reason, I experienced either firsthand or secondhand a few of the events of this story. Nothing regarding the non-consensual sex, in case that need be mentioned, but it felt like this story wouldn’t have reached an immediate conclusion without someone walking away. I would have had to portray gradual healing, and while that’s the more realistic option for the real world, it’s not as fun to read. Plus, frankly, I don’t trust myself enough as a writer to portray that completely accurately and respectfully to all parties.

I think I’ve mentioned before that as I write characters more and more, I begin to both care about them as if they were my own friends, and dislike them. And wow, there was never a bigger case study than with this story. I knew I was going to dislike Aaron, but I was surprised with how much I ended up disliking Molly. I guess it’s true that those you put on a pedestal can really disappoint you once the charm wears off. Plus, it didn’t help that, as mentioned, a few of the things in the story ended up happening to me. I wonder if Molly was made as a more unkind character because of the people I happened to associate with at the time, or… if the opposite was true.

At any rate, the end of this story means the birth of new ones. As mentioned in my previous blog (I believe), most of the new stories will be decidedly less sad, which is good news for those of you that weren’t a fan of my more disturbing stories. Keep in mind that doesn’t necessarily mean things won’t get disturbing at all – we all know how I can be – but I trust those kinds of twists will happen in moderation. For now, I hope you like whatever it is I write next, as voted on my you all. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the production of this story, and I hope you all enjoyed it. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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