Writing for Long-Term Goals

While emailing back and forth with another erotica writer this week, I’ve made another discovery about my writing that relates both to my love of longform writing and why I am not that good at shortform writing: I like to write stories by including clues to set long-term plot points up. The first step is […]

On Style and Expectations

During a back-and-forth email I got from a reader this past week, at one point they humorously suggested that people expect nothing but sad erotica from me at this point and that if I ever released a more ‘classic stroke story’ people might think I was abducted. I laughed at first, then realized how true […]


The latest Patreon poll ended in a tie, and in the end, I decided to go with a standalone story to help with the transition into other stories. When in Toronto will just be its own story without chapters, unless something truly unexpected happens while I write it. Going from one story to another is really […]

Thoughts on the Epilogue

The poll on what I write next will end after two days. If you’re a patron, there are still two days left to make sure your opinion counts! Right now there’s a tie between A Deal’s a Deal and When in Toronto… As mentioned previously, if there’s a tie I’ll choose which of the two to write if […]