The Difficulties of Being Invisible


One of these days I’m going to run out of needlessly dramatic names for my blog titles.

From this point forward, along with my blogs, I’ll be putting a weekly update on Patreon saying a new blog has been written. I avoided over-posting to Patreon every time a new blog was written for fear of spam, but the last few patrons to depart from my Patreon cited lack of communication on Patreon as a reason. If I was wrong about my approach I’m all too happy to correct it. As well, this raises an interesting point about my visibility.

I’m very bad at using Twitter. I think I’ve legitimately tweeted three times in the past six months unless I was updating my viewers on a new written piece. Given this, I honestly don’t expect people to check my Twitter much. And given that, I honestly expect anything I do tweet about to go relatively unnoticed. Compared to, say, these blogs, they’re more… invisible. I also sometimes post to a forum on, a subforum I created called The XNXX Author’s Lounge. But this is connected to a very particular site, and I don’t post often to boot, and if I’m allowed to let a little human venting through, sometimes the stuff I do post there is largely ignored only to be called deep when someone else posts the exact same sentiment a bit later. I think it’s safe to say that in the grand scheme of things I’m pretty invisible there too.

Given this, I can understand if patrons on Patreon think I communicate too little. The thing that baffles me is that I write a weekly blog. Out of everything I could be accused of, “communicating too little with my readers” came across as unexpected. I’m not willing to say these patrons were incorrect and just didn’t know about my blog because, number one, multiple of them cited the same reason, and number two, they can’t possibly not know about my blogs and this website – every time I post a new chapter, this website is what I post to. If they were upset because they thought I should be communicating more and didn’t know this blog existed, I should think they wouldn’t have known where I was posting the stories themselves either.

I have to ask about my visibility at this point. Is it fair to expect communication to come from a specific source? Is my own website somehow invisible to my own followers? I don’t expect many people to come out to my blog section and entertain my incoherent ramblings, but I thought that the majority of my readers knows it exists. Maybe that’s my fault for presuming. Of course, the patrons could be referring to me making chapters too slowly instead, but there’s another option for ‘the creator wasn’t making enough content’ or whatever, and plus… we all know my reputation for how quickly I finish chapters. I’m happy I’ve been able to commit to getting a piece out a month as it is.

I certainly would prefer patrons get what they want, so like I said, I’ll be updating my Patreon with a several-sentence update as well as a notification of a new blog post, every week. If you’re a patron and you hate this news, let me know immediately and feel free to give me your own feedback on what might work. I’m here for you all. I’ll talk to you all next week.

2 thoughts on “The Difficulties of Being Invisible

  1. I don’t get people its not hard to hit the tab that says notify me of new comments via email and it also has another tab that says notify when a new post is posted. Good luck people are so impatient nowadays

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    1. I could have also read this situation incorrectly, of course. Perhaps there’s something else I could have done to better communicate with my readers.


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