The Drum Room

“How do you plan out your plots? How do you make everything fit together nicely?” I really don’t. After posting When In Toronto to some other websites, a couple of authors from those sites got in contact (or in some cases, re-established contact) with me to talk about writing, advice on writing, etc. It was, in […]

Do Something

It’s super hard to make a judgment call on what’s needed in a situation outside of writing, as I’ve learned in this COVID19 havoc. I like being a writer because I can release a finished edited product to the masses having thought and written it through. I kind of wish I could just write and […]

Puzzle Pieces

This week I finally got something so minor it was almost silly confirmed for me – Only If You Want still works as a story if the reader hadn’t started reading Being More Social. Completely trivial in the grand scheme, but given I wanted it to work on its own I  was happy to see […]

Bashful Scribe the Voyeur

After I finish this blog post, I’ll put my poll up. Patrons will have their pick of what smutty story I write next. Huzzah! Democracy in action. Now, let’s talk about the story I wrote. Something that kind of bothers me is a signature style, kink, phrase or anything else that immediately identifies an author. […]