Strange Times

A lot has been going on behind the scenes in the last few months. If it weren’t, I definitely would be more along with my erotica. At time of writing, I work in the health industry in Canada, and one can imagine the hell that has been raised, particularly in the last few weeks, in the health industry.

I often feel this need to constantly be doing above average in my online work. To me, I reason a few things. I have a Patreon that pays me monthly, so I need to constantly update and bring out new content if I want that model to survive, right? Well, it turns out, maybe not. I’ve only recently been beginning to accept that I might have this people-pleasing thing. In the past I made a hard commitment to not locking my stories behind a paywall – I don’t want people that can’t afford to pay for luxuries to be locked out of reading my stories. That seems unfair. “Only the rich deserve to enjoy stories!” I get that’s a hyperbole since a lot of erotica writers sell their stories for about $5 maximum, but still, I’d rather be on one end of the extremes than the other.

I was feeling guilty the other day since my IRL job was taking hold of my life and I wasn’t likely able to finish an erotic piece inside of September, and I wanted to keep myself to one piece a month. Another erotica writer, a friend of mine, runs a patreon page that charges for every 10k words we writes. He pointed out to me that Teacher’s Threat, my last piece, nearly came in at 30,000 words, and that combined with my other pieces I’ve released recently, I was actually undercharging for the same amount of words as he put out, despite any months without new pieces. I’m not oging to lie, I had never really thought about it like that, and that kind of thinking broke me and my worldview on my writing a little.

So, for once, I’m not going to have an apologetic tone. We live in strange times, and I’m still working when I can on my erotica, but that’s when I can. There’s a pandemic going on. That said, I have a feeling people are going to like my next piece. I’m certainly having fun writing it, when I can get around to it, when I’m not running around a crumbling world seeing what I can do to pick up the pieces. I’ll talk to you all next week.

One thought on “Strange Times

  1. Well said. It’s obviously hard balancing your multiple commitments and ‘obligations’ – to your casual fans, your patrons and your work – but this entry shows that you are definitely taking the right approach. I enjoy your writing and can’t wait for the next piece – except of course I obviously can, and must.

    Keep going, be strengthened by the knowledge that there are a lot of people who appreciate what you can do, but don’t be burdened by that knowledge, and continue to put your priorities where they belong, as you clearly are.

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