Bashful Scribe Made Mistakes

^ Are you ready to see this graphic for the next ten blog posts? Yeah, me neither.

Voting for the next story is still ongoing, but, go figure, the votes for Mutual Benefits have a clear lead over the others, so in the spirit of the election, I’ve decided to prematurely declare it the winner until told otherwise. However, good news, I won’t be attempting voter suppression and doing anything illegal to make sure the thing I want to win wins, so I won’t be entirely like the current state of the USA.

When I was writing Mutual Benefits, I chose first names easily – what felt right to choose, basically. Last names, believe it or not, are the things I put a little more effort into – I want them to carry some sort of meaning, even if it’s silly levels of blatant (such as naming Phil Love fucking Phil Love). With Mutual Benefits, I wanted to go over these names afterwards and write the story first, and oops, I forgot to replace all of the names when I edited the story. Both Taylor and Mrs. Li had my old placeholder names in at least one instance.

So, thank you to my eagle-eyed reader Andrew for catching these errors, they’ve been fixed. Apologies to thsoe who read my story and had to witness my gold standard editing in action. I’ll try to be more diligent in the future. I’m glad to hear that a good number of people have liked the story from the feedback I heard so far! I’ll be sure to keep at it for you all. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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