And a Happy New Year

2020 has been, largely, a year of disappointment. It seems only fitting that the year had to end, for me at least, with me getting COVID, not being able to see my family, and feeling too sick to even concentrate on a screen and work. Often the biggest things that normally get between myself and my writing are my job and my family, and of course when neither are in my plans, I’m unable to stare at a screen for too long. Typical.

I did say that I wanted the chapter (as well as the edited version of The Good, the Bad and the Molly) to be out before 2020 ended. I’m still going to attempt to work on both for tomorrow, but I highly doubt either will come out before the beginning of January. As always, when a month is predicted to be fruitless, patrons don’t pay a dime – that’s a promise I plan to keep. Even if by some holiday miracle a new chapter or something comes out next month, December is, of course, completely free.

(So by the way, if you were hesitant to support me on Patreon because you didn’t want to be paying for nothing, just keep in mind that I won’t ever charge my Patrons for a fruitless month. My luck of consistency has made me much more invisible on the internet than I used to be so I should get used to advertising myself like this.)

On a personal level, I’m not doing all that great, and life kinda sucks right now, even before I got COVID, but I’m not writing this to make a pity party. I’m just giving you all the update and all of the perspective necessary to help everyone stay on the same page here. I do feel guilty and bad for not getting the writing out on time, but I guess that’s 2020 for ya.

And hey, we’re all going into 2021 now, aren’t we? People seem to be in high spirits about making “2021 a good year.” I’ll make sure to put my best foot forward and make 2021 a good year too, for all of you. I’ll talk to you all next week.

4 thoughts on “And a Happy New Year

  1. Hey Bashful, you look like you urgently want to bring out the next chapter, even though you have covid.

    I’d rather have a late chapter, than a chapter that you are not satisfied with. Please take care of yourself Bashful!

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