Commissions are Open

So now that I’m working on my second commission story (I’ll leave what the first one was up to your imaginations), I’ve decided to open the floodgates and say, to hell with it, commissions are now officially and publicly open. You’ll see a page all about my commissions on the top bar used to navigate the website. If you’re interested in getting a story made, written by myself, check it out!

Now that my stories are reaching more viewers and a couple of people are reaching out asking whether I take commissions, I figure now was the best time to set it up. As well, if both the Patreon support and commission interest grow, I might be able to make enough to be able to work less hours in my IRL job, which means more time spent writing and creating for you all. That’s the dream, so, fingers crossed.

With that, a small Q&A related to commissions:

Q: So, you’re taking commissions now. Does that mean Patreon votes won’t matter since you’ll be writing different pieces more and more?

A: Firstly, especially in the beginning, I doubt I’ll be getting that many commissions. It would be nice if I did, but I’m not expecting too many. It likely won’t be enough to cause a problem. Secondly, my primary goal is still to bring a chapter of the main story I’m working on at least once a month. My free-to-read stories, and my Patreon supporters, come first. Commissions will come second. I will be realistic and communicate to any would-be-customers whether I’m able to take on a commission or not, based on how far along I am with my current chapter of, say, Mutual Benefits. No matter what, I will still be doing one non-commissioned story/chapter a month.

Q: What does the pricing system look like?

A: The page will answer it to an extent, but largely, for $75 USD, I’ll write a story that is at minimum 5000 words, but could be more, depending on how I feel out the story. If it needs 7000 to effectively wrap up the story, I’ll make it 7000. (We all know how amazing I am with brevity.) For $150, we guarantee my story will hit the 10,000 word mark, though it likely won’t be many more than that. If you want a story that’s longer (anywhere from 12k words to however many you want), that requires both more time to write out the words and also a longer-term commitment keeping the lore in my head and also writing it over the course of a longer period of time. It takes both time and mental energy to write longer pieces in an uphill battle, so longer pieces will have to be negotiated individually. If you want to know what lengths look like for a story of mine, the commissions page outlines the length for a lot of my stories as examples.

Q: If I don’t commission you, will I see any changes as a regular viewer?

A: Ideally, the only change you’ll notice is that I’ll post slightly more stories. This will not cut into my time spent writing my regular stories, and as mentioned, I will know when enough is enough and close commissions if I get too busy, if I even get to that point.

Q: Why do you charge as little/much as you do?

A: I anticipate either of this question coming, so I’ll answer it here. I charge as much as I do because it feels right. I don’t have “professional” experience writing, so I don’t feel comfortable charging too much. As my craft evolves and I get more experience, maybe that’ll change. If anyone out there feels I charge too much, all I can say is I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m charging about one-and-a-half cents per word, and when looking into erotica commissioners, the usual rate was, at minimum, 2-3 cents per word, capping out at a crazy fifteen cents per word. Granted, a lot of those writers specialize in flash-in-the-pan 500-1000 word stories, which I’m likely incapable of writing. It’s not my style, and it wouldn’t be what anyone commissioning me would likely want, so I’m compensating for it. However, in terms of rates, I’m confident in knowing that, as it is, I’m selling myself short as it is. It may change with success.

Q: Do you consider this selling out?

A: No. I’m aware that the image of the selfless online creator doing it purely for the love of the craft is a romantic one, but attempting to make it as non-commercialized as I can has led to me having to have an IRL job I don’t much like in the first place. If I played my cards better, I could be writing full-time. At the end of the day, I do need money for rent and food, and the Patreon support has been a huge help, but I want to get the ball rolling a little more. This was, to me, the best way to go about doing that while remaining loyal to the idea of never locking my writing behind a paywall. I never want someone to not be able to read one of my stories for the crime of being too poor. The fact that poor people are left out of so much in society is, in my opinion, evil in the first place. I refuse to participate in that.

Q: Do we get to read commission pieces, or will they be private?

A: I predict most pieces will be public. I know a few people prefer stories written just for them so, one option in my commissions is that customers pay an extra $200 and the story is purely theirs. This is to accommodate these people, but I think a majority of people will be okay having their story made public.

Q: How do I go about commissioning you?

A: First thing to do is read the page I have set up. It contains my rules upfront, so you understand my boundaries, but also contains a lot of the prompts and ideas you should have when commissioning me. Then, send me an email at with the word ‘commission’ somewhere in the subject line, along with the information for the story and what kind you want (e.g. “I want a 5000 word story about <my idea>, here are <the details I thought up>, can I commission you to write it?”) I’ll likely say yes (and even if I say no to commissions at the moment, I’ll ask you to hold onto that idea [unless I refuse to write it, details included on my commission page] until I can accept commissions later), and we’ll negotiate a timeline with a set deadline. Then you pay me half of the money upfront, and I begin. You’re allowed to revise it up to twice when a version is complete. Upon completion of the piece, you pay me the other half and I give you the finished piece.

Q: What happens if you accept half of my money upfront and never end up finishing the piece?

A: I want to say “I can’t see this happening” since I take money deals very seriously, but “that wouldn’t happen” sucks as the answer for a Q&A. Let’s say my computer spontaneously melts and I can’t access another right after accepting the commission. I’ll communicate the problem to you immediately and issue a full refund.

Q: What happens if you’re a bit late finishing my commission?

A: Depending on how late, I’ll likely offer you a reduced price. If I anticipate that things are too stressful for me to complete a piece on time, I’ll likely communicate that to you beforehand. I want to build a reputation as trustworthy, so I hope this scenario won’t happen in the first place.

Q: Can I commission you to write me a story about Adam/Nicole/Quinn/etc?

A: I’ll likely refuse. I have an idea of where those characters end up, and I don’t want to disturb the canon like that. I’m protective of the characters I create, I guess. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Do you have more questions for me? Feel free to ask them in the comments, and I’ll answer each one to the best of my ability. Again, if you’re a regular viewer, nothing has really changed. I just want to see if I can get some momentum going with my writing, and get more stable work as a writer, while hopefully bringing more stories to you. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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