[New Piece Posted] New Ground

I’m more nervous posting this week than in my working memory. Even when I start new stories, I can take comfort in knowing it’s my usual wheelhouse of “young adult slice of life” stories. That’s my genre, and that’s my comfort zone. It’s always good to break out from one’s comfort zone, but it still begets nervousness.

I was commissioned to write a few chapters of a high fantasy story where the protagonist, used to present day life, finds themselves in a new world. (That’s not a spoiler, in case you’re worried, that’s just the premise. The ‘falling into a new world’ thing happens within the first sentence of the story.) It still contains a lot of the tropes and beats of my stories, both the good and the bad, but overall, I just hope you all enjoy it. It can be found here.

I’m going to keep this one short since I have a lot of work to do, both in terms of my erotica and otherwise. I will say that for now, due to taking both this story’s continued existence and another commission under my belt, commissions will be temporarily closed. As always, this doesn’t affect my pledged writing of one chapter of Mutual Benefits (or whatever Patreon patrons vote on) a month. Thank you all, and I hope the story is enjoyed. I’ll talk to you all next week.

3 thoughts on “[New Piece Posted] New Ground

  1. Thank you. Interesting story: not really my taste or genre so I’ll refrain from criticisng what I don’t understand, but kudos to you for branching out and expanding your market. Hope the sponsor likes it.

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    1. Sponser here. I loved it! You know it’s a good story if you want to keep reading past the end. It’s what motivated me to commission a continuation.

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  2. Yes Yes Yes! Your story reminded me of why I liked the Fantasy genre so much. I had forgotten about it, and now today I binged the Succubae seduction lol.
    Also I remember you liked Whitewalls’ work, yeah that was pretty cool too.
    Didn’t understand the Lord’s Hands and Vessels properly.
    Great first chapter and I’m pretty excited for what’s to come!

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