A Whole Month

I can sometimes be a sensitive person, and in particular, when things in my “real life” get hard, a lot of my walls come down. I just want to say upfront that this week’s topic is largely a complaint that likely doesn’t mean all that much to me when I’m doing okay, but weighs on […]

[New Chapter Posted!] Calling It

There are slight spoilers in this blog for Mutual Benefits Chapter 19. Be sure to read the chapter first. I felt oddly relieved when people started correctly guessing the “twist” in Chapter 19 of Mutual Benefits. I used to think that the worst kind of twist to have in a story is one that everyone […]

Representation: Imagining VS Listening

My apologies for being absent for a little bit. Job hunting had to take precedent and I wasn’t home for a lot of last week. Telling stories is a lot of fun. Among other reasons why, because we get to make up characters that never were. Sometimes these characters are very clearly based on people […]