[New Chapter Posted!] Calling It

There are slight spoilers in this blog for Mutual Benefits Chapter 19. Be sure to read the chapter first.

I felt oddly relieved when people started correctly guessing the “twist” in Chapter 19 of Mutual Benefits. I used to think that the worst kind of twist to have in a story is one that everyone saw coming, but in my years of writing, I’ve discovered there’s a much worse twist to write: a twist that absolutely no one saw coming.

My stories are kind of complicated, especially for sex stories. There are layers of details, conflicting POVs that betray different outlooks, and foreshadowing that clearly reads differently the second time you read it. No doubt anyone reading Mutual Benefits start-to-finish after the release of this chapter are going to notice a few lines in completely different contexts.

I’ve noticed that on occasion, I drop a development in the story that makes sense to me since I keep in mind all of these different clues and hints, but to most viewers, the story gets kind of muddled and confused. I’ve since grown to appreciate and love the cliché in a way, because at least then, the reader understands what’s happening, even if in some cases that’s because it was made painfully obvious.

A few commenters, on this site and others, guessed correctly what Morgan’s secret was. If you want to find it out, it isn’t that hard to guess. I think me from when I started writing this story (late 2020, jeez) would have hated having a twist that people actually saw coming, but I’d rather some people guess than a lot of people be confused. That likely is just a bit of the old ego getting in the way of enjoyable writing.

I definitely also get some details wrong (like, for example, Milo giving Quinn his phone number twice, oops) and still make some developments a little too esoteric sometimes. It’s a good goal to keep in mind as I start my next longer-form story. And speaking of…

Mutual Benefits has one chapter left. Both because it’s the end of the story and because I have half a month left and if all goes well I might be able to finish in time, I will not run a poll for the next Patreon chapter, and instead will rush to finish Mutual Benefits. I hope the ending is satisfactory or at least enjoyable, and if not, hey, I’ll have another story and another chance to get it right afterwards. As always, your enjoyment is the reason I write, so I hope that the adventures of Quinn and his friends have given you some joy, sadness, anger, interest, and… whatever other responses an erotica story could possibly give you. I’ll talk to you all next week.

4 thoughts on “[New Chapter Posted!] Calling It

  1. I would say your stories are less predictable, more complex and layered, with less obvious twists than at other writers. I usually like it, except the moments I hate it :-), thinking cliffhangers should be a crime, punishable by forced writing a “nicer” story. I think your approach “some may see it coming” is good one.

    I kind of saw that coming – referring to my comment at the prior chapter – but decided not to see it, giving Morgan “benefit of doubt”, while we are at “Mutual benefits”. In my opinion “Not to trust is bigger shame than being cheated.”. Sometimes I hate being right, foreseeing crushing aftermath of spying action. OTOH, I liked Quinn and Tee finally doing it, but only if it alone does not lead to painful ending.

    For some reasons, it would be both acceptable and enjoyable ending for me, if Quinn reconciliates with Morgan, or if ends up with Taylor. I would be sad if he ends alone, but considering leaving for college after summer, seems not to be so big deal.

    I do not envy US/CA senior high schoolers the prospect of break ups because of parting their ways to different places to study. Living in a small country has the benefit long-distance relationships are not really long distance.

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    1. “but considering leaving for college after summer, seems not to be so big deal. ”

      I think Poutnik makes a very good point there. This is wonderfully high drama but it is high school drama, and a frustrated love affair at this stage doesn’t have to ruin anyone’s life. Having been at school what feels like hundreds of years ago, and at a single sex school at that, I’m pretty sure that the great majority of leavers were (like me) almost totally inexperienced at any thing more than a few PG fumbles. (No? Just me?)

      Anyway, I really hope that when Quinn comes to look back at this stage of his life he can feel lucky that he has had the privilege of intense relationships with two pretty excsptional girls, as well as a more casual ‘with benefits’ connection with a third (have I forgotten any?). Putting that together with nerd-level diploma levels has to be a result, as they say.

      P.S. Bashful: there seem to be more mistypings than usual in this chapter. I could highlight some in track changes if that would be helpful, but it’s your story.

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  2. Antiproton says in his Discord that a good twist should have been foreshadowed, causing the reader being disappointed with him/herself for not seeing it earlier.

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