[New Chapter Posted!] The List

Consequences Chapter 8 is here! Right at the last minute, as always… I sound like a broken record when I say that certain months are hard on me, but along with erotica, I work the equivalent of one and a half full time jobs (60 hours) per week, which is why I don’t really get to increase my output often. The few months where I get to publish two pieces is usually the product of my work having a malfunction that necessitates me not coming in, or me taking vacation days and using them to write. Writing is fun, but it is still work.

I imagine a few readers are going to read this chapter and laugh to themselves about the hyperbolic places I take high school life. Being More Social is already full of this. Dramatic moments including illicit sex in classrooms, fights in the parking lot, shouting matches… To an extent I want to revel in this. I definitely want to emulate reality but I also want to play around with it. If every aspect of my stories could work with the real world, they wouldn’t be fun to read, so I have to make my choices.

During this chapter, one of those seemingly silly hyperbolic devices includes Athena mentioning a list of the boys she’s allowed to talk to in her school, due to Jason’s jealousy and trust issues. Believe it or not, this isn’t a hyperbolic, larger-than-life scenario, at least to me. I had a girlfriend in high school with huge trust issues that did the exact same thing, down to a physical list of the girls I was allowed to talk to. It shouldn’t matter, but for the record, I never cheated on her or did anything similar to incite this incident. She just had her own hangups, and of course, we’re allowed them in high school. I won’t pretend the experience was fun for high school me, but hey, that’s high school for ya.

Astute readers will pick up on how this not only explains Adam telling Athena how unfair this is – definitely my subconscious talking to myself – but also a small reason why my works always seems to focus in on poly life and the ethics of non-monogamy. While I was growing up and in high school, I read a lot of erotica. I want to state again that I can’t recommend that those under eighteen read it, but I’m aware they’ll read it anyway. I’m aware that a lot of writers want to write about someone that has a lot of consequence-free sex with a lot of people, usually some male character that everyone loves. This to me is kind of boring and predictable, but it’s also a little… irresponsible. I have definitely lost female friends in high school specifically for emulating the behavior of the high school protagonists I read about in sex stories. Of course, I was an idiot to look up to them and presume I could emulate their behavior with good results, but socially awkward teens are idiots.

So I want to make Adam a somewhat unlikeable or at least flawed protagonist, and I also want to have my stories be exaggerated and fantastical yet bring in some of the more plausible or real things that happen in high school. I want to give readers, possibly more sheltered readers, a look into the bizarre yet very real world that had, for example, a girlfriend that gave her boyfriend a physical list of the girls he was allowed to talk to. In this case I genderbent it, but it’s still a fascinating wrinkle. I also tried to make Athena more aware of why Jason’s like this, but I also make that aspect exaggerated in my stories – all of my characters are more self-aware than they should be. I find that makes characters more fascinating to write, although they tend to exposit more and tell the audience how to feel (I’m still working on that).

I’ve had a few philosophies on writing over the years, but my current one, and one I’ve had for a while, is this: I create characters with specific traits, let them all live together in my imagination, then I write down how they interact. That’s my story. I don’t plan plots, I plan characters. At the end of the day, we write about people, don’t we? That’s what I find most interesting and wonderful, at least. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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