Fake Rape Versus Fake Fake Rape (Rape Fantasies Part II)

Yup, another part two. I’m going for a theme thing.

Given all that we’ve established last week about the themes of rape, we’ve only covered some of the coverage of rape in erotica. I personally concluded that it’s okay if taken mindfully, which some of you can, of course, disagree with. That is fine. At the end of the day though, unless it’s based on a true story (and I hope not), these depictions are fake. As well, CNC is fake. It’s not actually non-consensual, it’s a roleplay, a fantasy. You’re pretending something horrible is happening for the thrill and rush of it (human beings are weird). With this in mind, does it take things to the next level of fake to depict CNC in erotica?

“Seriously? I waited a week for this post?” Hear me out. This seems like a weird inconsequential topic, but it relates back to something I’ve been considering for a while. When you write about non-consensual sex that ‘happened’ in the world you’re creating, there’s one degree of the fake to this story – it’s a fictitious story. You’re highlighting an event unfolding in a fictional world.

This is where it gets interesting. When you depict CNC, there’s two degrees of fake to the story. Number one, it’s a fictitious story, but number two, the people in the story are knowingly faking the rape. That seems small, but it’s huge, because at this point you’re not writing for the audience’s rape fetish, you’re writing for the characters’ rape fetish, and the audience become voyeurs to what these people enjoy instead of an event. It’s more character-focused. I remember a section of ‘I Lust My Sister Meridian’ on sexstories dot com or something like that where they roleplay rape, a CNC scene. The characters, in the story, are enjoying themselves, with a rape fetish still being fulfilled in the story. Ethically speaking, it’s a better depiction than actual rape. Yeah, it feels less real – there’s another whole degree of separation. It’s also, however, more interesting to read, because it tells me more about the characters. Let’s say I read a story about a girl named Lisa. If I’m reading a story about her getting raped, I know she has genitals and doesn’t enjoy this. If I’m reading a story about her CNC roleplay, I learn about her fetish and know she’s enjoying herself. Not to kink-shame, but it’s a better outlook in general to want people to enjoy sex than to want them to have a traumatic experience. You can still satisfy a rape fetish while having that outlook – all of the people into CNC I know get that same thrill and rush, but all of them think rape is abhorrent.

All of this translates to my fascination with characters rather than events in sex stories. Sex happening to a person is not as interesting to me as a person’s individual sex and how it changes things and how their growing taste and relationships impacts the sex. If you’re more interested in the events, I can see how a CNC scene could come across as silly, but I also think I’m not the erotica writer you’re looking for. If that’s you, kudos for reading through this whole thing, though I imagine reading my work might not be as enjoyable as the works of others. Thats why it’s so important to diversify one’s reading – I’m not talking having to read Pride and Prejudice or anything, even reading an abundance of different erotica can expand your worldview. It’s fun to ask why events are included in stories, and whether they’re servicing events or characters. It’s also super interesting to see whether events in sex stories have one degree of fakeness or two – it genuinely impacts the story, and in terms of non-consensual sex, it severely impacts how the audeince’s rape fetishes get satiated. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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