To Be Continued

I honestly can’t remember if I revealed what happened with the last Patreon vote, but it ended in a tie between two stories – The Good, the Bad and the Molly Chapter 7, and a standalone story called Only If You Want, as seen in the graphic above. It looks like only one is a […]

The Agonies of Continuous Online Writing

I’m hoping to have my next story out by next week. I can’t guarantee anything, as school not only is back in full force, but as well, harder, given I took the first threeish years of my degree then left, so now that I’m back… Year four with no preparation. Insert joke about having anal […]

The Joys of Continuous Online Writing

Hey, everyone. School is annoying. At this point, the newest chapter of GBM has been out on public-run sites for a fair bit now, and I’m always surprised by the kindness of the reception. In comments, reviews, and emails, I feel likat readers and fellow writers are more unafraid of getting connected with an erotica […]