The Agonies of Continuous Online Writing


I’m hoping to have my next story out by next week. I can’t guarantee anything, as school not only is back in full force, but as well, harder, given I took the first threeish years of my degree then left, so now that I’m back… Year four with no preparation. Insert joke about having anal sex without lube here.

Speaking of sex (I know, I’m the king of segues), it’s very interesting to take in all perspectives when I update a sex story. On one hand, it’s an absolute joy, which I covered last week, but on another, there are a few pains and annoyances, which I would like to cover in the interest of perspective and fairness.

Those that have known me for a while know that I tend to bounce back and forth between cheesy optimism and blatant cynicism when it comes to erotica. I’m both cheering budding writers on, and asked to critique their first work where I essentially shred them to pieces. When one is in such a fortunate position as myself, it’s super easy to be positive and thankful to the wonderful people supporting me. Genuinely, you all reading this are lovely and I’m quite grateful you’re all here.

On another, there are downsides to writing continuous work. When I first released Amy’s Fantasy, for instance, I got an angry email from someone who let me know they had been waiting for months for a new chapter of The Good, the Bad and the Molly, only to be met with a ‘subpar stroke story’ and that this wasn’t what he gave me his time for. From his perspective, that’s valid, and I can understand that. From mine as well, the best I could do was shrug. I write what comes to me. I’ve tried to make this a bit fairer with my new Patreon voting system, and hope that you all consider that a good mix of democracy and my own free will. Honestly, if that person was a paying patron, I also know that email would have hit me a lot harder.

That’s one of the pains of continuous writing – the trap. If you start something, you have to finish it. Sometimes people get super impatient too. I remember when Being More Social was still available on, one comment said something like, “When a writer starts a story, they promise to keep updating it so that they don’t leave the audience hanging. By not updating your story in two weeks, you’re being disrespectful to your audience and I’m officially boycotting this story.” Poor guy. I genuinely hope he boycotted me if two weeks upset him that much, because my sixth-month absence would have given him a heart attack.

This sucks in a lot of ways. I feel guilty when starting a new story now, even if my mind is brimming with new things to write about one particular story I haven’t started yet. As well, if I have writer’s block with GBM, tough, that’s what people want. I have to throw away what I want for my customers. If I was doing this for a living, that would make sense. And I may well approach that reality in the future. And yet… it’s expected of writers who do what they do for free, as well. Doesn’t that ever seem… odd? And yet I feel it too. If Erotica_Writer666 put out seven amazing chapters of Fucking Across America, and I want chapter 8 super badly, then I’ll feel incredibly disheartened when they release an entirely different story instead. “I didn’t want this, I wanted more Fucking Across America! If you had all this time to write this, why didn’t you write more Fucking Across America?!”

That brings us full circle – not only do you feel guilty for writing something different, sometimes people just don’t appreciate either how long breaks are between writing chapters, or they tell you your next small piece is worthless because it’s not more of the same story they love. Sometimes people even don’t like the new direction your story takes.

Sometimes adding a new chapter alerts people to a story they find out they hate entirely. When I posted the latest chapter of GBM to, someone new read the whole story and promptly downvoted all six chapters. Which, again I stress, is their right – the voting system is there to let the people speak, not just so egotistical authors can get validated with endless upvotes. Plus, the story is, in its unfinished state, kind of morally questionable. The next few chapters in particular bring it to light in one way or another, but for now it’s kind of rape-y, which I know I myself would question. Look at that, you all have more patience with my writing than I do.

That said, there could be a billion downsides and I wouldn’t change what I do. It’s too lovely being here with you all and doing what I do. I wouldn’t give it up for the world, the good and the bad. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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