To Be Continued


I honestly can’t remember if I revealed what happened with the last Patreon vote, but it ended in a tie between two stories – The Good, the Bad and the Molly Chapter 7, and a standalone story called Only If You Want, as seen in the graphic above. It looks like only one is a continuation of a story, but in fact both are, as one is a direct next chapter whilst the other uses characters from another story.

This is a kind of experiment I’m working on. Number one, it’s my way of attempting to bridge the gap between my love of chapters in stories and my love of standalone stories. Number two, there was a side of a character I never got to portray initially and I always felt the character was a little underdeveloped, so this is my way of getting to tell their story so at least a larger extent. And yes, I’m being intentionally mysterious for a reason.

Frankly I don’t really have much more to say – I’m halfway through what I’m writing now and want it to be finished soon, so I’d rather be working on that right now. I won’t reveal just yet which of the two will be coming out soon, but I do sincerely hope you all enjoy it when it does come out. Thank you all for being such amazing readers. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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