[New Chapter Posted!] Pacing in Advance


As always, I’ll be talking about the newest chapter in this blog post, so there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the newest chapter yet, go read it and then come back here. I can wait.

I felt weird and guilty making such a drastic shift in GBM Chapter 9. We went from ‘she’ll never forgive him’ to ‘she wants to bone him’ within a chapter. Given we’re creeping up on the end of the story, the pacing shift seemed appropriate, but I didn’t really convey the passage of a long period of time as well as I could have. Lesson learned.

Another part of that weird shift in Chapter 9 was the weird moral shift Molly had. In my head I knew while writing her propositioning Aaron that she was falling apart and was also turning to alcohol and basically making a bunch of fucked-up decisions, but that revelation had to come later, after the fact, so that the reader and Aaron could experience the ‘oh my god, this has another layer to it’ revelation at the same time. After all, the story is told from his perspective.

The trouble was, without knowing that revelation was coming, the chapter on its own kinda looked… sloppy. At least to me it did. I wasn’t a big fan of it in a vacuum. I’m excited the story took a took, any turn really, so that it wasn’t ‘guy essentially rapes girl and denies it to himself chapter 8’ but it came with its own set of challenges.

I’m definitely excited for the future. This story is on its last few chapters, and the other piece coming out will be a standalone piece. Season One is nearing its end. Soon, Season Two will rear its ugly head around and we’ll have more stories. Woohoo!

Also in the realm of exciting news, I now have a Discord! If you’re a Patron, I posted an update on Patreon about how to claim a role in the Discord. There’s a lot of cool things there, such as an update channel, a place to talk to myself and other erotica writers directly (Some cool cats like MojaveJoe420, Melanieatplay and Sage of the Forlorn Path are there) and other awesome stuff. If you want to join, it’s available for all patrons, including the $1 tier. If you’re a Patron, come on down and join, there’s plenty of room.

Okay, that’s enough advertisement for one week (and yes, this counts as this week’s blog). I’ll talk to you all next week.

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