If It Works…

Teacher’s Threat has been published to my Patreon for the $5 tier payers! If you’re interested in getting a polished .pdf of the story (and virtually all of my other stories), feel free to check it out on my Patreon and consider supporting me.

Speaking of, I’ve been very lucky lately in the word getting out about Mutual Benefits and people flocking not only to my stories on such sites as Literotica and StoriesOnline, but also my Patreon. Over a period of two months, my financial support doubled and then some. If you’re a patron of my work, sincerely, thank you. Your generous support is how I make my rent and afford to eat.

This isn’t the first time I saw a wave of support. In late 2018, I republished my first story, Being More Social, to Sexstories and got a huge wave of support and interest, especially since the entire story was available on my website and only the first five chapters were available on other sites. That’s, clearly, not true in this case, although I will wait until I finish the story here to publish any chapters to Sexstories since it worked out so well the first time.

In late 2018, my patronage and views surged, and then faded over the subsequent months. Unfortunately, this was hardest period of my life mentally – I went through a lot of life changes, lost a few people dear to me, found comfort in someone who wanted me out of the picture by any means necessary so they could snag my ex (which was the inspiration for Breathe, and sadly, I only slightly exaggerated in that story), etc. So over the next few months, I barely published anything. A lot of people that just found me quickly became disillusioned with me and my work, and promptly pulled out. And they were definitely in the right to do that. My biggest hope when I saw the newest outburst of support was that such a situation wouldn’t happen again. It’s not often people get chances like that twice.

It’s worth noting that I published a few stories that were minor hits in the meantime. Teacher’s Threat and When In Toronto got good reception, but apparently, nothing hits an awaiting audience harder than a multi-chapter adventure. “If it works, keep that in mind,” I guess. I’ve been kind of cynical of the idea of writing my stories for online fame or Patreon support solely – my primary goal here is the love of the story. It’s just interesting seeing the same situation play out more than once.

This time I’m in a mentally good place and want to keep this momentum going, and see if I can ride this out enough to make writing erotica my full-time job. That would be really something, and that would also mean more stories for you all. I’m not going to presume it’s going to happen just because I wish for it though, and I included this blog post to make people aware that me having a big Patreon base (well, “big,” around 30-40 people) has happened before, and didn’t end well, for transparency’s sake. It’s wonderful to have more people reading my stories and blogs again, and it’s wonderful to get this kind of chance to bring my stories to more audiences and spark more joy. That’s worth much more to me than money could. I love creating for you all. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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