[New Piece Posted!] No Rush

Apologies for the radio silence this month. Every month I think I’m going to catch a break and then it doesn’t end up happening. However, I have good news for you – number one, a commissioned chapter for a new story, Final Answer, has been posted. You can find it under my stories or by clicking the link provided. I’ll talk about it in a bit.

As well, I have finished Worlds Apart Chapter Three – it’s being looked over by the commissioner as I write this – and I expect to finish Consequences Chapter 7 at some point later on tomorrow. If all goes swimmingly, that’ll mean two pieces posted this week and another posted next week. The reason that I felt too guilty to blog (because let’s be honest, it takes inside of half an hour if I’m focused) is that I keep telling myself that if I have time to blog, then I should be finishing my main writing instead.

I’m definitely overwhelmed and amidst another bout of burnout right now, which may sound ridiculous if you see my work as just the stuff I put onto this website, but I find my life getting busier and busier all the time. My new years resolution this year was to take on less work in projects outside of erotica, and accepting that I’m human and that every time I take on more work in one area, other areas of my life suffer.

So, Final Answer. It’s a story that was commissioned of me, and to be honest, the initial parameters of the pitch gave me the vibes of “I like Being More Social and would like to see something similar to it, please.” However, they gave me the idea of an extracurricular and also gave me a lot of creative license, so I ran with it in a few ways. I’ll talk about the other ways in a future blog post, but in a similar fashion to Mutual Benefits, the first way was that I slowed down the necessity for sex.

I’ve talked before about how if you have a chapter posted on an erotica website, it has better have sex in it. Posting a whole chapter without sex, even if it includes some erotic dialogue, isn’t enough for a lot of people. Most people don’t go to erotica websites for an interesting read; they want to get their rocks off and leave. This is a valid way of using these websites, and I made this website in acceptance of the fact that my writing is an outlier in this way.

Even so, I tend to rush how quickly things turn to sex in the face of reality. Frankly, every single one of my stories does this, and while one can argue it’s a fault of the medium of erotica, it’s also because I like to lay groundwork early on in a character’s relationship. I’m, strangely, a little impatient to get to the sex from some points of view. Rarely do characters know each other for long periods of time before getting into the sex.

In this way, I’d like to play around a little with the formula. It’s possible I will end up just making another clone of my other works, but again, I tried to make a few changes. It’s clear chapter one didn’t have sex, and frankly, it’s possible that chapter two won’t either. I know my readers are very accepting of the fact that I’m a bit more of a “slow burn” writer that actually writes classes and small talk into scenes, but I also want to test the parameters of the buildup. In one way I’ve been doing it my whole erotica-writing life. IN another, it’s something I’ve barely done at all. It all depends on perspective.

I had a lot of fun writing this commission. I always love writing pre-existing dynamics (you may have noticed I also did it with Student Council and other groups), and this piece was no exception. I don’t know when its chapter two will come out, as I’m pretty booked both with work and with my writing, but I will do my best to get it out as expediently as I can (key words, “I can”), and I want to write what the story is and take full advantage of the fact that I’m on my own website and I don’t have to write a quick-to-the-sex story. There’s no rush, and even if there is, there’s always my other stories to enjoy, right? I’d rather write something even moderately different than write the exact same story over and over, which is a problem I suspect I and many erotica writers already have. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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