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Not too long ago, I got an email from a really awesome reader who expressed to me that the emotional content of my work really impacted them due to their own experiences. In the interest of respecting confidentiality I won’t say too much more, but they concluded that they appreciated Being More Social but not The Good, the Bad and the Molly because they were getting ‘rape-y’ vibes from it. To him, it was going a bit too far, which is fair as an outside observation. For those of you that are keeping up with the series, it was rape-y for a long time, and there was that nice ambiguity of ‘well maybe Molly always wanted it and maybe she’ll be pleasantly surprised or maybe she even planned it to happen.’

Chapter 8 is out, and as a fair number of you have read, nope. She never knew about it. When he told her, she felt violated, because that’s exactly what it was. Sometimes we read rape fetish stories because we have our own little fetishes, like consensual-non-consensual stories and things like that, but now that this particular chapter is out, I can reveal that it wasn’t planned as that – it was planned as a subversion. A story that told the story of a rape, not as a fetish but as what it actually is and can mean for a lot of people.

I like to subvert with my stories. Being More Social started out and the tropiest story, and turned into a very serious story about genuinely difficult situations happening to high schoolers. The Good, the Bad and the Molly was my next step in that. Something I noticed about reading rape fetish stories is that the audience for those stories like to downplay the emotional horror of such an event, and sometimes like to deny that it could even be rape at all. A good number of my own followers, perhaps even you reading this, believed that Molly had to have known this was happening. A few of you sent me emails asking when Molly was going to reveal that she knew the whole time. This story was meant to subvert that way of thinking.

Non-consensual sex isn’t fun. It’s a horrible, traumatic experience. It’s only natural that many readers read it and invent other possibilities. I think some people call that a ‘belief in a just world.’ To many, this story is now ruined. It’s legitimately a story that contains a horrifying experience. A lot of readers aren’t going to like that. To those that aren’t, I understand. Reading it back hurts me too. I don’t know why I decide to mix smut and tragedy so often, but I guess that’s what I do.

If this story has now gone too far for you, I understand, but I couldn’t just pretend everything was okay in this story. To many, the many who thought this story was trying to excuse a rapist especially, this story was already very dark and it was already clear Aaron was a rapist. These events happen in the world. It seems only right to portray this correctly and identify in my stories something we think is hot in porn stories, such as a girl giving blowjobs in her sleep, actually has horrible consequences to it.

Obviously, stories have room for fantasy. Sexsomnia (which I didn’t just invent for the story, by the way,) is incredibly rare, so the odds of it happening in this story is slim. A 12-year-old genius? Really unlikely. Hell, the story is going to continue, even though in 99% of scenarios, the story would have ended at “and she was happy to have me out of my life, and I learned to live mine without hers. The end.” If I truly wanted to go for one hundred percent representation of a guy raping a girl and her reacting (and have that be the only real event of the story), chapter 8 would have been the last chapter. I’m not sure how long GBM will run for if we’re being honest, but I know that there’s at least three more chapters to it.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed/enjoy the story. I’m sorry if my work is upsetting or triggering in any way, I’ve been told it’s not easy to read if one is prone to getting upset easily. In one way, I’m sorry, in another, it’s good to know my writing impacts you and you respond to it. Truly, that means a lot. I hope that you continue to enjoy my written work. Thank you very much to all patrons, you’re making a huge difference to me in making sure I have money for rent and food and can actually afford to take the time to write chapters monthly. It means the world to me. I’ll talk to you all next week.

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